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A Colmar Brunton survey out yesterday showed that by a two to one margin Kiwis believe Bill English has acted wrongly and his credibility has been damaged by the housing scandal. English is becoming a drag on the government. That’s not going to change while there’s still no admission of wrongdoing, no enforcement of ministerial standards by Key, and plenty of questions still to be answered – like the ones Trevor Mallard has raised at Red Alert:

  • How can he repay money from a trust that he has no interest in? (and, if English is know admitting to having control of the trust, what lies has he told the public and Parliament?)
  • Why did he use a trust lease device to attempt to collect even more than he had been?
  • Does the trust that he until recently had a beneficial interest in still lease a house to the Crown which he lives in?

I’ve got one more to add. Why did English, twice, claim that his pay-back of his year’s rorted money does not set a precedent for other ministers? It obviously does, so who was he trying to protect?

Update: The Dom raises another question – “Mr English quit as a trustee in January at least two months later than he had previously disclosed. Asked about the discrepancy, Mr English said he had been busy after the election preparing a Budget in the face of the global recession. He refused to elaborate on why he quit as a trustee”

17 comments on “More questions for Double Dipton”

  1. labourarelooosers 1

    Blinglish has been a complete tosser.

    [lprent: If you have a point then express it. Don’t just scrawl bad graffiti. Your last few comments have just been troll lines. ]

  2. Ron 2

    Bill lied. He’s gotta go.
    Notice Espiner pretty much defending him in the face of an angry PHenry this a.m.. I don’t think we can rely on Espiner to follow this one through.

  3. Tigger 3

    My question is: how far back does this illusion of Bill as a Dipton man go? This from the National Party’s candidate bios back in 2002.

    Hon Bill English Constituency and List Candidate
    Bill English, 40, is New Zealand’s next Prime Minister. He has been an MP since 1990. After gaining his B. Comm from Otago and a BA (Hons) in English Literature at Victoria, he went mixed cropping and sheep farming in Dipton. He was Minister of Health from 1996 and Minister of Finance and of Revenue in 1999. Bill English and his wife, Dr Mary English, have six young children. He keeps fit by running and playing for the Parliamentary rugby team, and has recently tried boxing.

    So we get NO mention of his years in Wellington. They make it appear he went from Uni to farming to Parliament.

    I suggest this explains it all. He desperately wanted to retain his appearance of being a good old country boy when that life is well in the past. He attended boarding school in the Hutt Valley remember so even his teen years were not that rural… Hence the whole Dipton story. It was all to evoke a ‘simple Bill’ lie.

  4. labourarelooosers 4

    The only problem with that logic Ron is that most of parliament then needs to go.

    Blinglish should resign as deputy leader, for the good of the National government.

    Goff should resign and form a centre centre party with Blinglish.

    Goff is more proficient at expense account mngt after years of jet setting on the public tit and could advise Bill.

    • Zetetic 4.1

      the word is ‘teat’ – ‘public teat’.

      And Goff was minister for foreign affairs and trade. unsurprisingly, being the country’s head diplomat involves a bit of travel.

  5. outofbed 5

    If claiming the allowance was keeping the family together
    Are we to assume that not claiming the allowance means that they all have to go their separate ways?

  6. Tigger 6

    Another question – why do so many of the media outlets keep leaving out the ‘I blame the system’ remark from their reports today…?

  7. Pat 7

    Phil Heatley has moved his young family from Whangarei to Wellington. If Phil is still an MP and/or Minister in 10 years, his kids will be at High School in Wellington. Won’t he end up being in the same position as Bill English?

    Therefore, at what point does Phil Heatley’s Whangarei home not become his home? Presumably it has already happened.

  8. Adrian 8

    Dead right Tigger, more bullshit. He went to boarding school at 12 I think, then varsity and Treasury, he’s never been a farmer, that’s one of his brothers, who in fact has been in the ” family home”. What I want to know is that if he has claimed $20 for an XTRA hours cleaning at the Wgtn house, and at his insistence the miserable $11 an hour for those who clean his office has been frozen for 5 years, who’s been pocketing the balance of 9 bucks, is he now quilty of skimming as well as scamming? And just how many hours are we mugs forking out for, for people who can’t clean up after themselves?

  9. outofbed 9

    Yes eight people living in the house, and not one of them cleans?
    I’m glad my 3 didn’t know that 😉

  10. Craig Glen Eden 10

    The line that National runs “We are all just like you guys just another Kiwi guy /girl in the street” Is one of the biggest lies of the many that National tell.

    Many of them are Boarding School brats for a start and have had their lives financed by family trusts.
    The trust is another family member that finances education and every thing else.
    Ask the bloke in the street if they have a family trust and I bet I know what the answer will be, “Yeah Right”.

    English will have to go or risk being a Lame Duck Deputy Prime Minister.

    Keys up to his eye balls in this to, Mr flip flop will one day soon do one flop to many!

  11. Ianmac 11

    When my two youngest sons were at varsity they amassed thousands of dollars of debt from student loans. They could not gain a Student Allowance because our income was too high. I wonder if the eldest children of a highly paid minister could go to Varsity on a Student Allowance, because the parental income is hidden in a Family Trust??? (I really have no wish to involve the English children in this but just asking hypothetically.)

  12. Ron 12

    It would make an interesting list:
    schooling, porfession, income – of all the Nats..
    The problem is we live in such an aspirational sopciety that making amillion out of the misery of others isn’t a black mark in many NZers’ books. Nor is the elitist lifestyle that many of the Tory leadership lead.
    Too many New Zelanders WANT that lifestyle and would walk over their mates to get it. I blame the ’80s.

  13. John 13

    The fellow’s dishonest, should go

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