Nat resignation coming?

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Trevor Mallard reports being asked by a press gallery member if he knows which Nat is about to resign. Trev doesn’t know. But there are a few choice candidates:

Chris Finlayson and David Carter are both in hot water today. But my money would be on Georgina te Heuheu. The dodgy deal whereby a previously unheard of organsiation called Pacific Economic Development Agency got $4.8 million in an untendered contract in the Budget.

Yesterday at the post-Cabinet press conference, John Key seemed to have no idea about this issue. It looks very murky.

27 comments on “Nat resignation coming?”

  1. True Blue 1

    Who the hell listens to anything Trevor “Tiperpig Daffodil” Mallard has to say.

  2. Who the hell listens to anything “True Blue” has to say.

  3. Parliament is like a sieve. News like this leaks with no problems.

    Te Heuheu’s head could be on the chiopping block. The whole deal with PEDA is really strange. There was no contestible process and the deal looks like a private one. Russell Brown reported that PEDA has links with future National MPs Inga Tuigamala and Michael Jones. It is also based in Onehunga and I wonder what links Peseta Sam Lotu Iiga has to the company.

    It looks like the use of Parliamentary Services money to fund the National Samoan campaign. And they bitched about the pledge card!

    There is a certain smell emanating from it and I am sure we will hear more.

    • MikeG 3.1

      “The whole deal with PEDA is really strange” – That’s an understatement, after all it got into the Budget. Doesn’t the Minister of Finance know what he is doing… oh yeah.

    • Marco 3.2

      Actually your right, it is based in Onehunga I remember driving past it not so long ago. Fairly dodgy looking building close to the motorway off ramp from the airport.

      The Pacific Business Trust would be a more reputable organisation (based in Otahuhu) to give that sort of money to.

  4. toad 4

    Peseta Sam Lotu-Iiga?

    He’s the local MP for where this outfit is based. PEDA lists as one of its Associates a company called Taropages Ltd. He advertises on their website and they advertise on his.

    Commercial advertising on an MPs website is an interesting issue in itself.

  5. I haven’t heard anything . . .

  6. Bunji 6

    Trev’s post said about a parliamentary resignation, rather than a ministerial one. Maybe I’m making too much of a distinction, but I was wondering if with PEDA Sam Double-Dipper might’ve dipped too far?

    Speculation is fun!

    captcha: yes!

    (as I understand it Inga & Michael are rapidly distancing themselves from PEDA and the smell that surrounds it)

  7. Santi 7

    What about Smith, the crazed Greenie? It would be a dream come true.

  8. Puddleglum 8

    JK? With such an aspirational fellow you never can tell when he will start looking for more mountains to climb (in a single leap).

  9. peter 9

    PEDA details.

    Address Details
    Registered Office
    Shop 3, 2 Pearce Street, Onehunga,
    New Zealand

    Address for Service
    Shop 3, 2 Pearce Street, Onehunga,
    New Zealand

    Directors Notification of director appointment(s) pending
    Name Date Appointed:

    AIAVAO, Ulafala 01-FEB-2010
    440 Hillsborough Road, Lynfield, Auckland

    Share Parcels

    Total Number of shares 10,000

    Number of Shares 10,000
    Shareholder(s) PEREIRA, Anthony Joseph Moli 28 Seacliffe Road, Hillsborough, Auckland

  10. gobsmacked 10

    Who’d be dumb enough to give money to somebody dumb enough to call their outfit “Peda”?

    Headlines waiting to happen: “Peda files claim, supported by National …”

  11. toad 11

    Speculation over at Red Alert that Lockwood is resigning to take up a diplomatic posting.

    And that often Speaker is the consolation prize for a potential cabinet minister who has become a liability [small hands and dirty bums, in Lockwood’s case]

    And that on that basis Tolley will be the next Speaker.

    Heaven forbid!!!

    • Isn’t there an IQ qualification for speaker, like over 80?

      • coolas 11.1.1

        If Tolley did get the Speaker’s job my concern is she’ll charge Parliamentary Services for the litres of botox it’ll take to keep her face from falling apart. Could blow the debt to crisis.

        • Anne

          😆 😆


            Someone else suggested Lockie Smith will retire and be replaced by Peter Dunne. It would allow Dunne to ‘go out in style’. Funny thing, I have never associated Dunne with style. Not even a hair style. A hair cut maybe.

  12. coolas 12


    On Morning Report Te Hue Hue sounded like a Monty Python skit.
    [audio src="" /]

    “our main brief … is to be a conduit between private identities and Government and to leverage outcomes for Pacifica communities … they (PEDA) were they ones who’ve been engaging with various ones of us since the job summit last year and because we discerned that in terms of that market place, the Pacific private sector, that this group appeared to be the ones most geared to help us deliver on certain economic objectives”

    I kid you not. Word for word. Surely it’s Georgina who must go for gross misconduct with the English language.

    • Anne 12.1

      Talking of language. I had Nat Radio on today and heard a piece of an interview that had been recorded the previous day. It was in ‘chinese’ and I vaguely wondered what was going on? It then dawned on me it wasn’t chinese at all. It was John Key.

      I kid you not. It was that bad.

  13. tc 13

    “John Key seemed to have no idea about this issue”…..and plenty of others his wrecking crew are toiling over.

  14. Pat 14

    Sam Knowles resigns. In other news, Trevor Mallard is checking the batteries on his chinese whisper machine.

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