National’s New Plymouth candidate quits

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National Party’s New Plymouth candidate Clem Coxhead has reportedly wanted to be in politics since he was nine years old. Earlier this year he won a hard fought and sometimes bitter internal selection process. Puzzling then that he’s now abandoning the candidacy citing “work commitments”.

The Taranaki Daily News has been informed that “business dealings in Australia” might be the real reason and that Clem’s “decision” to step down as candidate might not have been quite so much his own idea as that of National Party officials.

28 comments on “National’s New Plymouth candidate quits”

  1. Sounds a bit like Brenden Sheehan’s decision to me…

  2. I’m no fan of Brenden (he’s too rightwing for my taste) but he had real family reasons for standing down. I see from the article Clem was a Lib campaign manager – hard to stay clean doing that…

  3. Monty 3

    If the guy has been involved in dodgy business dealings then of course he should not be a National Party MP. – Seems much beeter suited to the Labour party.

    Of course National will have a large talent pool to call upon, and the way we are polling, we need to ensure that every MP standing in a seat is top quality and clean, because come November, it is likely that all of them will be in the house either as an electorate MP, or even a list MP.

  4. Pascal's bookie 4

    Monty, what do you think about Terry Heffernan?

  5. g 5

    Well, luckily we will not have two MPs with the name Clem!

  6. burt 6

    It’s OK for National to do this. Tane justified this sort of behaviour on this thread: Nandor to stay in Parliament until election

    It’s just disappointing to see Ward putting his own selfish interests ahead of the party’s.

    It would seem that Tane’s words of political wisdom apply the same to Coxhead. However Coxhead is clearly more of a team player and just got on with it.

  7. Tane 7

    Burt, don’t misreprent my position. You know better than that.

  8. burt 8


    Could you please clarify your position in terms of hopeful’s or incumbents stepping aside in the best interest of the party. What circumstances (other than which parties are involved) make it OK or not.

  9. Tane 9

    Frankly burt, if you can’t see the difference that’s your problem. I’m not going to waste my Sunday explaining the obvious to you.

  10. burt 10


    No need to explain the obvious, it explains itself. It’s OK for your political of choice but not OK for parties your don’t support.

    I didn’t ask you to explain it, I just pointed it out, that was until you said I misrepresented you. I still don’t think I did.

  11. ‘Sod – I know the official line was that Brenden was pulling out because of family illness, but don’t you think the ugly debates he got into on blogs under his own name might have had a teensy bit to do with it? After all, he was making bullets for his opponents to use left, right and centre.

  12. peterchanel 12

    Getting back to New Plymouth … the local Nats branch has been taken over by a bunch of malcontents obsessed with fighting moves by the New Plymouth District Council to return its leasehold lands in Waitara to Te Atiawa (the dodgy purchase of the lands by the Crown sparked the Land Wars in the 1860s).

    So far these people have lost two court cases against the council. In the meantime, they’ve been causing ructions at the Nats branch leading to the resignation of some high-profile members, including the candidate at the last election.

    The whole Waitara leasehold lands issue is a fascinating story and I’m surprised there hasn’t been more national (with a small ‘n’) interest in what’s been going on here.

    Some interesting info on the NPDC website:

  13. HS – Brenden is too much of an egotist to even realise the blog stuff might be disadvantageous to him and to be fair it wasn’t that much of a big deal given the provocation.

    Burt – you are truly a tenatious moron.

  14. Blar 14

    Sod bro, what does tenatious mean?

  15. ak 15

    (yes, sod, I’m shocked and stunned…even this fossil has heard of a longhair rock n roll band called the tenacious beatles or something)

  16. Yes even I misspell words occasionally. Mostly when I’m criticising others for their stupidity. Ironical huh?

  17. Blar 17

    Ignore that question. I consulted my OED and it means Sod is an illiterate tard.

  18. So Blar – what other handle to you have? Usually it takes a while before I attract that kind of bile from the impotent right so I’m guessing you’re Trent? Maybe PDQ? Maybe Rich Prick? Oh no, hold on him and PDQ are the same person. You’re not Prophet are you? Or maybe Bevan? Ooh… ooh… If you’re Bevan then say hello to your mum for me bro…

  19. This guy probably has skeletons and was asked to stand aside when they became known. No biggie really. At least he did not start a flame war with the number 3 blog in the country and make a complete and utter fool of himself.
    With the large number of new national MP’s likely to be at the trough by xmas I am sure there will be a few numpty’s slip through the vetting to give you guys some big juicy targets to attack during your decade in the cold.

  20. What is it with the constant references to commenter’s mothers Rob? Has yours turned the tap off or something?

  21. Ah yes – the number three blog. What faith you show in your stat-fiddling master, Bill. I’ve never been able to figure out why an intelligent and successful man such as yourself is so content to be the pet of a man whose life is nothing but a series of embarrassing failures…

    Care to elucidate?

    edit: I make mum jokes because you lot are such mummy’s boys…

  22. Oh, I thought the mum jokes were because you are a mother ******.
    I can see your comment about me being successfull and intelligent means that you still have no idea who I am 🙂
    As for the stat fiddling comment.. You could be right. Maybe Tim Selwyn is really whale oils gimp and is lying in his charts for his master?

  23. Oh I’m a bad mutha fucka, bro. Have no doubt about that.

  24. I have never doubted you rob. While we are discussing candidates suddenly withdrawing. Any idea when the Kate Sutton story is going to break?

  25. Blar 25

    Oh don’t be silly sod, I mean tard as a term of affection. I’m just joshing.

  26. So now you feel an affection for me? So quick with your emotions bro. So were you the double standard? Or maybe Insolent Prick? Nah – prick wouldn’t use the term “joshing” and TDS wouldn’t back down so quick.

    But I know you bro and the more words you use the closer I’ll get…

    Oh and whatever happened to to Insolent Prick anyway? He’s just kinda gone and as far as I can tell he’s not renamed. Perhaps he’s finally caught some lag. I hope for his sake it’s in the secure wing…

  27. Blar 27

    So sensitive sod. I was only kidding in the first place.

  28. barnsleybill. If you’re talking about something you heard from that disgusting Whaleoil, I wouldn’t be holding my breath.

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