National’s reshuffle

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So Simon Bridges had the chance to show leadership yesterday, cement his leadership of the National caucus, reward on talent and hard work and seek to unite a caucus that clearly has a few problems.

How did he do?

He bombed it.

For instance how did he treat arch rival Judith Collins?  Not only did he refuse to consider her for finance, which she has shown some commitment to, and let Paul Goldsmith leapfrog her into the number 3 position but he also took away from her responsibility for infrastructure and gave this to Goldsmith.

Sure Goldsmith has performed adequately against Shane Jones but this is against Shane Jones.  Goldsmith is a personality free zone that National relies on to lose the blue ribbon seat of Epsom.  The rationale is that he is that unlikeable committed tories will hold their nose and vote for David Seymour.

Surely Collins could have been appointed shadow Attorney General, the other portfolio that Adams relinquishes.

And what about Todd Muller who has been talked about as a potential leader and who has the most difficult job of bringing National to a sensible position on climate change?  He remains at number 31 although he picks up forestry from Alastair Scott.

The resignations are bombshells and the reshuffle will make things worse for National.  

Mike Hosking (yes you read this right) sums up the situation well:

Opposition must be miserable. But the trouble with Adams and Scott both bailing is the message it sends.

Every time Bridges says, “We are in this”, you’ve got retirements that say, “No, we are not”.

What we know generally is that good organisations recruit well. People like to be on a winning side. Positivity breeds positivity. In other words, the queue to get in should be longer than the stampede heading out.

Most of those who have already left National – or already announced they intend to leave – did so immediately after the election. To leave it until now you either have health issues, you’re 71 and over it, or (if you’re Adams at 48 and Scott at 53) you’ve worked out the pastures are greener on the other side of the fence.

This all adds to National’s ongoing problems. Their leader, their numbers, and now their retention of talent. They simply don’t look like they’re on a roll or anywhere close to it. They don’t look like the home of the winners.

The push for Chris Luxon from a Christchurch based source looks like it may not have been so random.  I wonder if he is contemplating setting up residence in Selwyn.

I can’t wait for the next poll …


61 comments on “National’s reshuffle ”

  1. Observer Tokoroa 1

    Knockaby Nat Babies

    The Opposition came into this Parliament waving their shirts and skirts over their heads, because they thought the Coalition was as dumb as a Nelson Nick Smith.

    Hopeless Winston, Hopeless Shaw, Hopeless Jacinda !

    Typical National. Typical Herald. Typical Corin Dan. Blustering Bully Hoskin. Fool Farrar.

    But No. National is swimming neck high in their own stench, miles from shore – like so many dead fish. The biggest dead fish of all John Key, reminds me of Auswich- not Parliament.

    All National Pollies live for Greed. As does all Scum. Good Pollies live for the People.

    By By National – back to your Stench holes.


    • James 1.1

      “Hopeless Winston, Hopeless Shaw, Hopeless Jacinda !”

      you got got that part right – If only we had a better leader for National to hold this hopeless government to account.

      • I feel love 1.1.1

        If only… but you don't.

      • Observer Tokoroa 1.1.2

        Oh James

        Go back to sea. You are part and parcel of National.

        Please get out of our road.

        • Peter

          I don't follow things closely enough to get the reference "Go back to sea." Is that something to do with being on the Titanic?

      • woodart 1.1.3

        love it! blame all your problems on simon….. he isnt the messiah, but he also isnt leading a team of champions ,or a champion team, or leading a team with a champion cause. face it james, leading a team of duffers on a fools errand is bloody hard work, and with supporters like you, isnt worth the effort….

    • Rapunzel 1.2

      With all the talk of why and what this typw of MP is moving on to – especially given past references to Adams and the vageries of "irrigation" schemes perhaps this story of how much a long term past National MP really "cares" about NZ producers sheds some light.

      The past MP in question is Phillip Burdon and he and his company actively work against the best interests of his competitors and misuses the term "New Zealand" to brand cheap and it would seem inferior products by labelling them "New Zealand" only a small technicality that is being used reflects that claim.

      So much for the mindset that claims to support NZ growers and value added exports and products for the local market.

      • I feel love 1.2.1

        The "National MPs can get real jobs unlike Labour" trope wears a bit thin when you find out what kind of jobs the Nat hacks get into, real estate, dodgy bankers, PR, their practice of the fine art of bullshit serves them well.

    • michelle 1.3

      plus 100 Observer Tokoroa they are drowning in their own stench

    • Gabby 1.4

      Browneye gets furrin affairs. Finland is overjoyed.

  2. Muttonbird 2

    In the media Bridges claims National is the party of talent.

    If that's the case, how did they end up with Bridges as leader? Did no journalist think to ask him that?

    After all, over 95% of the country disapproves of him as a potential PM. That is a fact.

    • alwyn 2.1

      If it is a "fact" I am sure you will be able to produce some evidence.

      I've never seen a poll that asked such a question but I'm sure if it is a "fact" you will be able to tell us about it. Polls asking whether you would pick A or B are not in that category. After all they showed for nearly 10 years that Key was preferred to anyone that the Labour Party could display.

      That was right from the time he became National Party leader until he retired from the job. I don't think it really meant that less than 30% of the population really thought that Helen Clark was doing a lousy job in the middle of 2008. They just preferred Key at the time.

      Alternatively during Cunliffe's time (remember him?) he often had nearly 90% of the public who preferred someone else. Even a hardened old cynic like me wouldn't say that it meant 90% of the people disapproved of him. Again, the vast majority just preferred Key.

      • Drowsy M. Kram 2.1.1

        I agree with Alwyn – stop dissing Simon. He's been in parliament for barely a decade; give him time to 'find his feet' (at least one might be hiding out in Simon’s mouth). laugh


      • Muttonbird 2.1.2

        The polls tell us less than 5% of voters prefer Simon Bridges' as PM. They generally have a margin of error of 3% so it could be as low as 1.5%.

        That is getting into Simon's Mum, Dad, family and friends territory. 🤣

        No, the polls are what we go to for information and that information says over 95% of voters don't like the idea of Simon Bridges as PM. You can't escape that conclusion.

        So again, how can he claim National is the home of talent when the opposite is demonstrably true?

        Also, amazing that I’ve got you talking up David Cunliffe now! 🤣🤣

        • alwyn

          You can't come to that conclusion at all. It is a totally different question.

          Suppose I gave you a question that asked.

          Would you prefer to be given, without any strings attached the amount of $1,000,000 or $100,000. I am pretty sure the answer would be that 100% preferred the million dollars and that 0% would choose the $100,000.

          That is the type of question they are asking about the preferred PM. It does not mean that nobody would accept $100,000 if offered. That is what you claiming when you say that 95% of the voters don't like the idea of Bridges as PM.

          The question asked does not justify the conclusion you are trying to make.

          David Cunliffe? Who was he? That is why I was asking if anyone remembered him, apart from featuring in the history of the times in the stuff in Wikipedia.

          • McFlock

            Ok, so there is a possibility that more than 5% of NZers would be chill with Bridges as PM if nobody else was interested in the job.

            Upon those Atlassian shoulders the 2020 Nact govt will be borne…

            • alwyn

              I much preferred Stephen Joyce for the job. I thought he was by far the best qualified.

              On the other hand I don't think even the charisma of the current PM will be sufficient to get the current Government back in the clear, and continuing display of total ineptitude being shown by the current collection of fools. If Twyford retains a place in the Cabinet after Thursday it will demonstrate the total futility of this mob.

              That, together with the failure of either New Zealand First or the Green Party getting to 5% will doom them. We don't, quite, have a Presidential system where only the leader counts, despite the attempts of the left wing loonies in the MSM to try and pretend it is.

              So no, I still think that the next 16 months of failure, on top of the 20 months we have already had will doom the CoL.

              Rather like the 1957-60 Nash Government or the 1972-75 Kirk/Rowling lot.

              • woodart

                good to know you are a positive chap. and so open-minded…….

                • alwyn

                  Of course I am positive and open minded. That is why I always give credit where credit is due.

                  Chris Faafoi appears to be doing a good job. There you are. I have given compliments to all the competent Ministers in the CoL. Are you not impressed with my generosity?

              • observer

                I agree that we don't have "a Presidential system where only the leader counts". We have party votes, of course.

                But portraying this as something new, from Ardern or the MSM, is simply false. If you can stomach it (and I won't blame you if you can't) then watch the National (sic) campaign launch in 2008:


                Nothing – and I mean nothing – from Ardern has ever been anywhere near as bad as that. Note the total absence of any other National people anywhere in the video. "Team Key" was the brand, a personality cult to make you puke your porridge.

                If National don't like it now, they have only themselves to blame.

              • Blazer

                'I much preferred Stephen Joyce for the job. I thought he was by far the best qualified.'

                Presumably you have a very high opinion of …Zoologists.

        • Dukeofurl

          Margin of errors are different when you are talking 5% , its likely to be less than 1%

  3. marty mars 3

    The cads have been reshuffled – still the same old short changed deck.

  4. ianmac 4

    "But the reality is that I am a really, really strong leader and the reality is that I am spoiled for talent because the reality is that Labour is a tired incompetent party whereas the reality is that we have a vibrant reality party with reality forcing us to choose from a dynamic bunch of reality aware candidates. Why we believe that the reality is that by 2026 we will have a realistic chance of winning an election. Really really reality."

  5. Kevin 5

    Surely Collins could have been appointed shadow Attorney General, the other portfolio that Adams relinquishes.

    Collins should be kept well away from anything to do with the law if past experience is anything to go by.

  6. roy cartland 6

    Well the National party is a party of the selfish. The only work any of them will do for others is in service to themself. And the only way the selfish can be made to work "together", if that's what they actually did last term, is by having a leader than they can fawn over in hope he throws them a bone.

    Of course they'll go starry over Luxon. They're kind of like a party of gollums.

    • Bewildered 6.1

      And labour is party of jealousy, envy and redistribution and the only way they survive is having a pretty, vacuous princess virtue signaller whispering sweet nothings supported by an evil dwarf ( just for contrast 😊)

      • michelle 6.1.1

        what a bunch of sour grapes based on the polling the common theme of your leader being unpopular looks like your gonna be sour grapes for another few terms if your talking evil we just had 9 yrs of evil under jhonkey selling us down the tiolet why did your leader leave, ask yourself this why did such a fabulous popular person say i have had enough, why ? he wants to spend time with his family really is that why he is working for the ANZ an on a board for someone else wake up you dreamers

        • bewildered

          He left as unlike most left mps who being an Mp is the best paid gig they will ever get, not to mention power rush they get from being an mp vs a Neville nobody ;he had options and did not need job to support a fragile identity or fear of nothingness after politics , nor did he see politics as a career that starts in student politics and never ends Its really quite Simone Michelle, no need for your half cocked conspiracy

      • woodart 6.1.2

        out here on planet earth, I ,and many others are wondering what "virtue signalling " is. is it like when someone like you pledges to donate to a worthy cause, but then reneges because, hey, its all about you eh?or is it like" trickle down", a catchy phrase that sucked in the rubes…. you call yourself bewildered, but know all the beltway slang….either you are bullshitting ,or pretending…..

        • bewildered

          Lot of guessing there woody, more of wish list to serve your own fantasises than anything remotely close to reality

  7. AB 7

    Hosking -"They don’t look like the home of the winners".

    Which inadvertently reveals everything that is toxic about Hosking. He views society as a place of open war. The winners win and get to wear ripped jeans and spout semi-literate gibberish in public.The losers lose and should stop complaining because it's all just and natural and deserved. The guy is simply not on 'team human'.

    • Bewildered 7.1

      No AB you get to come here every day and sprout lefty nonsense 😊

      • AB 7.1.1

        Only some days – and the only thing sprouting is my bok choi smiley

      • Dukeofurl 7.1.2

        Hosking has a radio show to everyday spout 1% nonsense. This from a guy who has been a public servant most of his life.

        hes never so much as run a corner dairy as his own business, nor even followed most of his ilk to start up his own business as a PR company.

  8. Michael 8

    I hope Crusher and her backers are seething with fury over Brudges' deliberate act of lese majesty. After all, she's entitled to sit on the Iron Throne. Interesting to see Lt Col Yiang drop a place in the listings – still above the Indian Nat though.

    • Bewildered 8.1

      I am not sure Judith has many backers in caucus, hence while national sit at 40 plus that won’t change Only self interest will change that with national falling to mid 30s and chance of mps loosing their list seat or Judith starts polling at levels that open door to get national back into power hence lure of baubles of office to support her Simply a few points ahead of bridges on preferred pm won’t cut it Hence for most Nat mps better to sit it out wait for coalition of incompetent to blow up and just walk back in as natural party of power with odd blip to get nuttiness out of our systems

  9. mary_a 9

    According to Si, "National is the natural home of talent." Oh dear. Si has become delusional now.

    • bewildered 9.1

      It’s also natural party of power as history tell us, thus on this the most competent as determined by the people

      • I feel love 9.1.1

        Trying very hard there Bewildered…

        • bewildered

          The world loves a tryer It is a sacrifice but sone ones gotta keep you lot honest, educated or at least balanced I see it as gods work 😊

      • woodart 9.1.2

        well,,,,,no. since the introduction of a proper democratic electoral system, its a tied game with the next election a tie breaker….

    • Gabby 9.2

      Gnatsyland is where Talent goes to die.

    • Cinny 9.3

      Talent….. like Maureen Pugh? Lolololzzzzzz hehehehehe

      • Dukeofurl 9.3.1

        Its a common view, but wrong, that National Mps are all high flyers, professionals who take a pay cut to work as Mps.

        Just looking at the top tier can show this.

        Paula Bennett: BA in Social work

        Todd McClay : BA in politics

        Mark Mitchell , former police dog handler

        Gerry Brownlee, Former wood work teacher

        Nikki Kaye , has law degree but hasnt worked in law office

        (same as Bishop)

        Luoise Upston self employed

        Alfred Ngaro , pastor , electrician

        Then you get to the chancers and blow hards, who might have been well paid in finance industry , but in that game its up or out and they are out and come home to NZ and look for a second career…

        • alwyn

          What on earth do one's early academic qualifications have to do with their ability.

          Do you happen to remember that hero of Labour's past, Prime Minister Norman Kirk? Well he hardly qualified as an academic high-flyer, did he?

          "Kirk did not shine academically, although in later life he revealed considerable intellectual gifts and a formidable memory. He left school when nearly 13 with his proficiency certificate and sought work, which he was lucky to find in 1935 as an assistant roof painter in Christchurch"

          Nearly 13 and that was the end of his formal education. I suppose you would have limited him to emptying the Parliamentary rubbish bins.

          PM Mike Moore was of course much better at school I suppose. He stayed until he was all of 14 after all.

          Stop being so pretentious about how people did at school.

          • Muttonbird

            Did you not do well at school, alwyn?

            • alwyn

              Rather better than you, I imagine.

              My final academic studies were at the University that is routinely rated as Number 1 in the world.

              I won't claim that I was their finest product though. There were an awful lot of post-grad students there who were vastly smarter than I could even dream of being. I'm not quite sure why they accepted me to be honest.

              And it was a long time ago that I was there.

          • Dukeofurl

            Thats the criteria you lot make…. 'most money they will make is as an MP.'

            Im just pointing out the many national Mps , who like labour either dont come from a silver spoon background or had routine qualifications and careers before entering parliament.

  10. Ken 10

    The deckchairs have been rearranged……and the band plays on.

  11. 11

    on one hand you consider at least 2 terms in opposition with Bridges as your leader. On the other hand you consider retirement. Adams decision sums things up quite clearly.

  12. R.P Mcmurphy 12

    he cameon like a second rate down at his heels song and dance man with a lyric sheet dreamed up by hootons ad agency. more piffle basically.

  13. New view 13

    I can’t understand why this article has even been written. The left leaning majority that comment here spend all their time clawing and sniping at the opposition. Why. Are National a threat at the moment. No. They’ve had a cabinet shuffle that have got most of you frothing at the mouth. I would have thought your own coalition reshuffle prospects would have you buzzing and you would be ignoring the opposition. Maybe not much to talk about as everything this Government is doing is so outstanding. The weird thing is that even the principals and other sectors that have been banging on for twelve months to get what they perceive to be a fair remuneration will still vote labour. Oh that’s right National is evil and heartless and labour has empathy and justice for all.

    • Drowsy M. Kram 13.1

      National have "had a cabinet shuffle"? That'll be news to the cabinet.

      The Chairman is a prolific "more left than most" commenter here, and you would find their comments more in accord with your own, since they ignore the National party, choosing instead to focus exclusively on Labour, the Greens and, recently, NZ1st ‘issues’.


  14. JustMe 14

    I am sure Simon Bridges has more enemies in the NZ National Party than those he deems 'enemies' that sit in the government seats in the Debating Chamber. And he has more enemies amongst the NZ National Party MPs than he could ever trust.

    Of late it looks like Judith Collins is getting more photo opportunities and media attention than Simon Bridges.

    And whilst Bridges may have moved the deck chairs on the National Party Titanic he is still in deep doodoo.

    Lets do hope National keep him as their leader because everytime he says something he comes across as a looking like a village idiot and it reflects badly upon National as well.

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  • Agreement between Indo-Pacific partners for supply chain resilience
    Trade and Export Growth Minister Damien O’Connor joined ministerial representatives at a meeting in Detroit, USA today to announce substantial conclusion of negotiations of a new regional supply chains agreement among 14 Indo-Pacific countries. The Supply Chains agreement is one of four pillars being negotiated within the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework ...
    6 days ago
  • Celebrating Samoa Language Week 2023
    Our most spoken Pacific language is taking centre stage this week with Vaiaso o le Gagana Samoa – Samoa Language Week kicking off around the country. “Understanding and using the Samoan language across our nation is vital to its survival,” Barbara Edmonds said. “The Samoan population in New Zealand are ...
    6 days ago
  • Nationwide test of Emergency Mobile Alert system
    Over 90 per cent of New Zealanders are expected to receive this year’s nationwide test of the Emergency Mobile Alert system tonight between 6-7pm. “Emergency Mobile Alert is a tool that can alert people when their life, health, or property, is in danger,” Kieran McAnulty said. “The annual nationwide test ...
    6 days ago
  • Whakatōhea and the Crown sign Deed of Settlement
    ENGLISH: Whakatōhea and the Crown sign Deed of Settlement A Deed of Settlement has been signed between Whakatōhea and the Crown, 183 years to the day since Whakatōhea rangatira signed the Treaty of Waitangi, Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations Andrew Little has announced. Whakatōhea is an iwi based in ...
    6 days ago
  • New Chair appointed to New Zealand National Commission for UNESCO
    Elizabeth Longworth has been appointed as the Chair of the New Zealand National Commission for UNESCO, Associate Minister of Education Jo Luxton announced today. UNESCO is the United Nations agency responsible for promoting cooperative action among member states in the areas of education, science, culture, social science (including peace and ...
    1 week ago
  • Tourism transformation starts with people
    Tourism and hospitality employer accreditation scheme to recognise quality employers Better education and career opportunities in tourism Cultural competency to create more diverse and inclusive workplaces Innovation and technology acceleration to drive satisfying, skilled jobs Strengthening our tourism workers and supporting them into good career pathways, pay and working conditions ...
    1 week ago
  • Tourism transformation starts with people
    Tourism and hospitality employer accreditation scheme to recognise quality employers Better education and career opportunities in tourism Cultural competency to create more diverse and inclusive workplaces Innovation and technology acceleration to drive satisfying, skilled jobs Strengthening our tourism workers and supporting them into good career pathways, pay and working conditions ...
    1 week ago
  • Te ao Māori health services cheaper and more accessible for whānau
      Greater access to primary care, including 193 more front line clinical staff More hauora services and increased mental health support Boost for maternity and early years programmes Funding for cancers, HIV and longer term conditions    Greater access to primary care, improved maternity care and mental health support  are ...
    1 week ago
  • Te ao Māori health services more accessible for whānau
      Greater access to primary care, including 193 more front line clinical staff More hauora services and increased mental health support Boost for maternity and early years programmes Funding for cancers, HIV and longer term conditions    Greater access to primary care, improved maternity care and mental health support  are ...
    1 week ago
  • Government’s work for survivors of abuse in care continues
    The Government continues progress on the survivor-led independent redress system for historic abuse in care, with the announcement of the design and advisory group members today. “The main recommendation of the Royal Commission of Inquiry’s Abuse in Care interim redress report was for a survivor-led independent redress system, and the ...
    1 week ago

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