Nats’ drones in trouble

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Peter Dunne’s already been caught out being inconsistent around the leak of the GCSB report. He said all ministers were interviewed; but only he was. He said the leak happened while he was overseas (note: not a direct denial); but it happened the day he got back. Meanwhile, Banks is back in the dock over his ‘anonymous’ donation. It’s not looking good for either of them.

18 comments on “Nats’ drones in trouble”

  1. Winston Smith 1

    Bollix, lets see Winnie repeat his comments outside of parliament or maybe, just maybe provide some…evfidence

    • Colonial Viper 1.1

      Why so worried, Smithy?

    • Lanthanide 1.2

      Probably nothing will come of it, but a senior parliamentarian casting serious allegations at another senior parliamentarian isn’t exactly an every-day occurrence.

    • Lightly 1.3

      there’s actually good constitutional reasons why speech in Parliament is absolutely free.

      You denigrate that by (repeating John Key’s line) insisting that anything said under that privilege should be repeated without it.

  2. vto 2

    Most excellent. May the web of deceit these people create entangle and eat them so they can be swept into the dustbin and tossed to the wind.

    You reap what you sow.

  3. But are the nats doing a hatchet job on Dunne or is it the Public Service?

    Paddy Gower tweeted “11 Ministers get GCSB report. Dunne only one interviewed by leak inquiry. Peters finds out – so who leaked the leak inquiry?”

    Do the nats think Dunne is past his use by date? If so and given their one seat majority this is really risky behavior.

    • Lightly 3.1

      I bet the report is a whitewash and whoever is leaking is pre-empting that by pointing to the culprit.

      • ghostwhowalksnz 3.1.1

        Strangely Key has admitted its a waste of money as he didnt expect it to find a culprit- well not a high level one- of course lowly employees wouldnt be so lucky as to not be questioned under oath

    • felix 3.2

      Hilarity from Hipkins in the house today: “Why won’t the minister have an inquiry into the leak about the inquiry about the leak?”

  4. Anne 4

    Former senior public servant, David Henry.

    Cannot recall the circumstances, but did he not conduct some kind of inquiry either during the last term of the Clark govt. or the first term of the Key govt., and were not his findings somewhat biased in favour of National?

    • Anne 4.1

      Or to put it another way:

      Biased against the Labour govt. or Labour Opposition – depending on when it happened.

  5. Draco T Bastard 5

    National is reaping what it sowed.

  6. Martin Legge 6

    Least we forget the pokies investigation involving The Trusts Community Foundation Ltd (TTCF) for which I had agreed to become a whistleblower for DIA in 2010.

    It has been confirmed by one of the DIA investigators, that it was Peter Dunne’s contact and influence with Nathan Guy (ex DIA Minister) and senior DIA officials that resulted in DIA doing an about face and whitewashing the evidence already provided.

  7. VerySmart 7

    Just needed to come clean…I did it!!!

  8. ghostwhowalksnz 8

    The situation with Banks, shows there was heaps of evidence that he knew a major donor had made a substantial donation and yet the police say ‘no evidence’

    In normal circumstances Banks would have had to resign by now for the prima facie evidence he committed a serious offence.

    But yet again some are ‘to big to fail’

  9. ropata 9

    elitist white dudes needn’t bother themselves with plebeian concepts like ‘ethics’.

    they can burn $100 million of investor cash and build a giant mansion in paritai dv, then go on holiday to hawaii

    they can fly about in helicopters and get mega donations from wealthy americans then conveniently forget about the whole thing

    they can attempt to murder pedestrians, put them in hospital and on crutches for a year, and get ‘home detention’

    etc etc

    From the same people who are pillaging the global economy (HSBC, LIBOR, toxic derivatives traders) comes our very own bankster PM, “Honest” John Key

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