Nats start to pay off debt to Exclusive Brethren

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No wonder National’s education policy (what we know of it so far, anyway) includes more money for private schools. I know a staff member in an EB school (whose identity I have promised to protect) who said he had heard from high levels within the EB that National promised them that if it formed the government in 2005 then its policy would ensure that the full staffing costs of Exclusive Brethren schools would be met by the government. The Brethren have schools up and down the country and this would have been an attractive incentive for the sect to part with the $1.2 million it spent on the now infamous anti Labour and Green pamphlets in the last few weeks of the election.

It’s a debt National still owes.

2 comments on “Nats start to pay off debt to Exclusive Brethren”

  1. Sam Dixon 1

    or maybe its not the increase in the private school funding that pays off the EB.. Maybe they will be the private landlord in some new ‘public’ schools, building religious facilties on the same grounds, and effectively designing the school so only EB kids will attend, then get the State to pay their running costs (and make them a profit at the same time)

  2. all_your_base 2

    Interestingly we have Rich banging on about Tony Blair and private partnerships as well. My recollection is that he was pretty committed to “faith-based education too”.

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