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Red Alert, a blog by Labour MPs. A good idea – the blog format allows for a lot more freedom than the press release, and will hopefully them a chance to express their own personal views rather than just the official line of the party. It’ll be interesting to see how it works out.

So far there are posts up by Chris Hipkins, Clare Curran and Trevor Mallard. Trevor’s become a bit of a regular commenter here and on other blogs lately so I’m sure he’ll be right in his element.

[Hat tip: DPF]

19 comments on “New Left blog”

  1. Tim Ellis 1

    I think it’s great that Labour are communicating with the public. It’s really good to see Labour MPs like Mr Mallard and Ms Curran blogging. Long may it continue, and may more of them join in.

    I tried to leave a comment on there welcoming today but for some reason it didn’t have a send button so I couldn’t leave it. Maybe I’m having a senior moment and just didn’t see it, otherwise it should be fixed.

    It would be nice if the comments do get moderated that they don’t descend into the Winston Peters type blog, where only adulatory comments are allowed. Fair enough to remove trolling comments, but if MPs are going to engage with the public it shouldn’t be a propaganda exercise. The Greens have a really good model for this at frogblog.

    • r0b 1.1

      Tim – from the front page click through to an actual post. Usual comment box and a big submit button at the bottom. I left a greeting and yes it is in a moderation queue. Agreed on the comment strategy, but my guess is that they will get it right.

  2. Sending all comments to moderation is generally a bad idea I think. It makes it impossible to have a real-time discussion with another commenter because you’re always waiting for the admin to process the comment.

    I was wondering why nobody had commented there yet.

    • r0b 2.1

      I agree a moderated forum is going to be slow – you won’t get the kind of cut and thrust that we have here.

      But I think it’s the only way they could have done it, otherwise Red Alert would just get drowned by Kiwiblog trolls.

      Better a slow reasoned discussion than another cesspit. I think it could work as a real opportunity to actually engage in direct discussion with MPs (if the moderation lag isn’t too long that is). I think all parties should do it.

      • lprent 2.1.1

        There is quite a lot of work involved in moderation, and we are talking about busy people.

        I can’t see any other way that they could have done it without full moderation.

        • r0b

          Ok – seems they’re using a good compromise. Once your first comment has been moderated OK, anything you post after that appears right away.

          I’ve sometimes wondered if The Standard could use a “whitelist” to dodge the spam trap.

          • lprent

            Thought about it. Then you get a moderate first remark – then you get trolling. In the end you still have to go to what we have.

          • r0b

            Yes agreed I think active monitoring will always be needed here to keep the discussion useful, but a white list specifically to avoid the spam trap might be a plus. Not that the spam trap has been any bother lately.

  3. bart 3

    Moderation is the standard motto.

  4. Draco T Bastard 4

    This could be good. Our elected representatives actually discussing the issues with the wider public in an open forum. Something that has been decidedly lacking in our democracy.

  5. mike 5

    “a chance to express their own personal views rather than just the official line of the party”

    That chance only came with exit of twin femi-control freaks H1 & H2

    • Can someone do something about this idiot? In my time here I’ve never seen him say one constructive thing.

      • lprent 5.1.1

        IMO – you’re correct about his content. However he has also not stepped over the bounds for a hell of a long time. That gives him credibility and the right to express his view – even I find it shallow and slogan-ridden. To be precise he reminds me of a occupant of the Stalin period in Russia in his pronouncements. Little thinking going on that anyone can see.

        That probably explains his gravatar. Just same principle as it being difficult to distinguish between a passionate atheist and a passionate person of religion.

        Besides we’ll decide.

      • mike 5.1.2

        “In my time here I’ve never seen him say one constructive thing.”

        Harden up ffs – I read very little here that is constructive – or do you count mindless hate politics attacking the right as constructive?

        It fits that you think all dissenting views should be shut down…

        • There are a number here who have dissenting views, gingercrunch comes to mind. The difference is that individuals such as gc are able to express their opinions without all the abuse and attack lines that litter every one of your comments here. Perhaps you should take a page from their book.

          • mike

            “without all the abuse”

            Sorry but abuse is not my style but being direct is. You are perhaps a little too sensitive.

            I’ll try to expand on my arguments but having up to 3 nippers grappling with you while posting does abbreviate things a bit..

  6. Stephen 6

    Yeah c’mon mike, use ‘reasoning’, or some ‘arguments’ or something.

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