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Service & Food Workers Union national secretary John Ryall has a new blog.

His first post takes aim at the claim by Ngai Tahu Runanga Chair Mark Solomon that the National Government should be considering Iwi for public-private partnerships because they have a greater commitment to New Zealand.

Ryall argues that the recent behaviour of Sealord shows Maori-owned businesses can be just as bad as the rest:

While it is busy increasing its investments overseas Sealord continues to threaten the over 300 SFWU members employed at its Nelson processing plant to either accept $1.8 million in reductions in their collective employment agreement or to lose their jobs through plant closure…

The Sealord grow-our-profitability-whatever-the-cost attitude undermines the argument of Mark Solomon and shows that Maori organisations can be as bad as pakeha ones unless they adopt values that are more in tune with the people they represent.

Should be an interesting read.

8 comments on “New union blog”

  1. Well, there are good, bad and ugly within every race – to say or expect otherwise is naive and maybe leaning towards the “R” word. The ‘all good’ line is as bad as the ‘all bad’ line.

    If PPP’s are to be done, then do them with the indigenous people rather than overseas interests.

    Sealords is shocking, I certainly agree with john there.

  2. Relic 2

    This is exactly the type of scenario that confirms the continuing usefulness of a class analysis. A defining answer to the question “what is a person?’ involves their relationship to the ownership and means of production. Thus brown bosses are still bosses, totally capable of inflicting extra misery on workers above and beyond the existing underlying capitalist exploitation. This does not necessarily negate other post colonial issues but it clearly shows that the likes of the Maori Party are similar to other political parties contesting for parliament, apart from ACT and the left Workers Party, in trying and failing as they claim, to represent ‘everyone’. Like wise for PPP experience from other countries suggests avoid, avoid.

    • Swampy 2.1

      Sorry, which ivory tower do you come from? How about explaining that in plain English, except it is gibberish however you phrase it.

      • The Voice of Reason 2.1.1

        Excellent contribution Swampy. In future all posters should only write using words and concepts that you can understand. Oh. I’m sorry, understand has 3 syllables. So does excellent and contribution has 4.

        I’ll try again: Soon, all things easy for swampy, swampy head not hurt.

  3. SHG 3

    “unless they adopt values that are more in tune with the people they represent”

    They HAVE adopted values in tune with the people they represent. They represent their shareholders, who want to see a return on their investments.

    • Daveo 3.1

      Exactly. They should stop pretending Maori business is somehow morally better than any other corporate structure designed to maximise returns to shareholders at any cost.

      Of course, that’s not what Mark Solomon was arguing in his Sunday Star Times piece. You’ve just proven John Ryall’s point.

  4. SHG 4

    I didn’t see anything in Solomon’s piece about being “morally better”. He was simply saying that “(Ngai Tahu) will always be here, our focus will always be here and our money will remain here” and arguing that an organisation with such an aspect makes a good long-term business partner for the Crown.

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