No one likes McCain

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Ever wondered what would happen if the whole world could vote for the President of the United States?

According to The Economist’s online poll, which divvies up electoral college votes to each country based on population, it’s Obama by 8,471 to 16. Only belligerent wee Georgia is leaning strongly to McCain.

It’d be interesting to see what happened if you threw Hugo Chavez into the mix…

[Hat tip: Russell Brown]

18 comments on “No one likes McCain”

  1. DeeDub 1

    Yeah, very cool. But check out the relatively high level of support for McCain in South America!???

  2. KK 2

    They did a poll Bush vs. Kerry in Europe in 2004; your mates in Poland were the only pro-Bushites but it’s the Georgians this time around aye.

    Did something happen there?

  3. Vanilla Eis 3

    *shrug* remember that the Electoral College – bastion of Democracy in the western world that it is – works on a FPP basis. I’d like to see what the proportional vote looks like.

    P.S: Obama supporter here, just wondering what the REAL picture looks like. I know that the EC wouldn’t give a damn, I mean Bush got into power the first time that way, but still… I sincerely doubt that less than .01% of the worlds population supports McCain.

  4. Tane 4

    VE, if you roll your mouse on the Economist’s map it tells you what the proportional levels of support are in each country. NZ’s 82/18.

    Obviously there’s a major bias in the poll being online (albeit for a neoliberal rag) in that Obama’s scoring 80% support in the US.

  5. Felix 5

    Never get as far as the world section do you KK?

  6. Stephen 6

    80% in the US – woah.

    I don’t think people outside of the US ‘vote’ in this sense on the basis of policy though, they just love the symbolism (i can’t explain the US 80% vote though). Maybe a bit anti-war too.

  7. BeShakey 7

    VE – not sure how you came up with 0.01%, but remember its a FPP system, so a lot (relatively speaking) of support will be lost by McCain because he didn’t win the country in question.

  8. Bren 8

    At the moment Obama has received 20,296 actual votes and McCain’s got 4,150. Or 83% for Obama and 17% for McCain.

  9. Pascal's bookie 9

    “I don’t think people outside of the US ‘vote’ in this sense on the basis of policy though, they just love the symbolism ”

    Like Palin fans you mean? It’s kind of ironic because the GOP is running on pure symbolism.

    I hope Obama wins ’cause I’m sick of the war crimes, torture, constitutional corruption and all around idiocy.

    With Obama there is a small chance that there may be at least some accounting for the last 8 years. With McCain, there will just be more of it.

  10. Phil 10

    (albeit for a neoliberal rag)

    Apparently you’ve never actually got past the front cover – does the title scare you too much?

    By the way, registered Democrat economists outnumber registered Republican economists two or three to one.

  11. Spider_Pig 11

    What a load of rubbish. The world are voting from a position of ignorance, without any real understanding of the issues. You say 80% Obama vs 20% McCain in New Zealand?

    Do most New Zealanders understand that Obama is a male, black, younger version of Helen Clark? I don’t see Klark Clark with 80% support in NZ.

    Anyone watching even the left leaning CNN can see that Obama is not the great panacea that he is being made out to be by the rest of the world.

    [lprent: Another victim of the troll traps – I like auto-moderation, so good at identifying the idiots… I’d suggest that you refer to people using their correct names rather than indulging yourself in idiotic name calling]

  12. uroskin 12

    The Economist isn’t a rag and it’s not even neoliberal. Just a good old fashioned free trade liberal, and possibly the only world publication worth reading cover to cover.

  13. randal 13

    uroskin..THE only magazine worth reading from cover to cover is ‘Heavy Metal’ and John Mc Cain may be a hopeless politician but he is probably an ok guy.

  14. Phil 14

    possibly the only world publication worth reading cover to cover

    What about Playboy?

  15. Number of electoral votes outside the USA.


  16. Ari 16

    Phil, as someone who’s generally anti-porn, it pains me to say that nobody reads Playboy.

  17. Phil 17

    On a related note, the figures available at are data-nerd nirvana.

    Especially interesting is looking back at the predicitive power of the ’04 results. For pretty much all the current ‘swing’ states, the level of republican support in 2004 was understated by about 2-3%.

    If the same Republican understatement is in the polls this time around (and I gladly concieve that is a big if) it would give give McCain 261 EV’s, and put 45 from the currently Dem-tilting states of New Mexico (5), Wisconsin (10), Michigan (17) and Virginia (13) on the bubble.

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