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October 20th, day of action for work rights

Written By: - Date published: 6:45 am, October 19th, 2010 - 12 comments
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Unemployment is up, wages are down. But the Nats won’t pass up their chance to put the boot into workers to keep costs down for their rich mates. They’re trying to take away workers’ rights, remove protections, cut pay, reduce holidays and diminish access to sick leave. Tomorrow is the national day of action when we fight back.

Here’s a summary of the events that the unions have organised throughout the country:

Kaitaia 12.30 to 2.30pm

Rally at Clock Tower

Kaikohe 1.00pm -3.00pm

Rally/mtg Memorial Hall

Whangarei 3.30pm -5.30pm

Spire Pavillion Lounge – situated on Okara Drive. Leafleting Main St 12.30

Auckland 12.30pm – 2.30pm

Telstra Clear Events Centre – Manukau

Hamilton 12.00pm – 2.00pm

Rally at Grantham Park on Victoria St (opp the Museum) followed by a Barbecue at Pirana Park.

Tauranga 11.45am – 1.45pm

Assemble Devonport Road end of 3rd Avenue, then march to Red Square, Tauranga City Centre

Tokoroa Between 10.00am and 2.00 pm.

Rally in the main Street of Tokoroa (Bridge Street). Assemble outside KiwiBank

Taupo 12 – 2pm

Meeting at Darts Club at 12 noon then leaflet downtown 1-2 pm

Thames 12 – 2pm

Meet at park by The Warehouse 12 noon then march and leaflet downtown

Paeroa 12.30pm

Outside Post Office, Normanby Rd

Rotorua 12.30pm

Rotorua Soundshell, Lakefront

Gisborne 10.30am

Meet at Gisborne Deli, corner of Derby/Gladstone & march to Anne Tolley’s office and then to Heipipi park – for speeches

Napier/Hastings 12.00 – 2.00pm

Event start 12.30 St John’s Ambulance Hall Corner Southland Road and Heretaunga Street, Hastings

New Plymouth 1-3pm

The Landing at Puke Ariki

Hawera 1.30pm

Rally Cnr of High and Union Street

Whanganui 3.00-5.00pm

Majestic Square rally

Palmerston North 1 – 3pm

Palmerston North Convention Centre, 354 Main Street

Also an additional event at St Mary’s Church Hall, Ruahine Street (1-3 pm. Doors open at 1 pm, speeches start at 1.30 to 2.30)

Levin 1 – 3 pm

Rally at Adventure Park

Wellington 12.30 – 1.30


Masterton 3.00 pm

Assemble at the Departmental Buildings and march to John Hayes’ electorate office at 82 Queen Street Masterton

Blenheim 12-1pm

Meeting at Riverside Amphitheatre

Nelson 12.30pm

Assemble – Miller’s Acre (Cnr Trafalgar & Halifax St) then march up Trafalgar St to 1093 site

West Coast rallies held outside hospitals in Greymouth and Westport at 12.30pm

Dunedin 3pm – 5pm

Rally in Octagon

Timaru 1.30 pm

March to top of Caroline Bay

Invercargill 3pm – 5pm

Wachner place rally

Bluff Meeting early am then driving to Invercargill [‘We’re taking this car to Invercargill, boy’?]

12 comments on “October 20th, day of action for work rights ”

  1. M 1

    Key will be cowering in his office and will send out either Bling or Lardarse so he doesn’t have to face the limelight for what his party’s policies have wrought.

    These white bread, soft-bellied cowards wouldn’t know work if it jumped up and slapped them in their gobs.

  2. john 2

    Nact are completely possessed ( Not far off Demonic!) by the total disaster ideology of NeoLiberalism which has literally wreaked havoc on the once happy prosperous nation of the US. With NeoLibralism profit for your shareholders comes first,workers are just cost units to be discarded by the stroke of an accountants pen. So you do what they did in the US NeoLiberal disaster zone:? You export almost 50,000 factories to China where they work for f.ck all :Result? Wall Street’s Shareholders and Banks are making huge profits and having a party. But over 40,000,000 Americans are unemployed existing on food stamps!!! No Party for them! (But that is this selfish destructive ideology in action0. Now when the criminal bankers and loan merchants dropped themselves into the sh.t with their shenanigans of derivatives and dodgy mortgage predatory lending,their other rich mates running the Gub’ment bailed them out for a couple of trillion! With NeoLiberalism the backbone of any country: Hardworking law abiding people get shafted as cash cows by the smart suit boys in their office cubicles!
    This vile ideology is producing anarchy in the US NeoLiberal disaster zone. While a couple of million are getting chucked out of their homes,when they can sort out the dodgy paperwork!!, 2 million are being safely housed in American Prisons WOW!
    John made his money working at a key board for Merryl Lynch one of these Wall Street Profiteers. NZers should wake up he believes the same rotten system should be applied to us starting with subversion of the democratic system by lying down in Epsom to let Act in!
    Refer link as to the despair decent people are being reduced to in the US.


  3. Bright Red 3

    apparently all 50-odd thousand PSA members have got leave under section 26 of the ERA to attend.

  4. Fisiani 4

    What a load of rubbish you are peddling.

    Real after tax wages are up after 7 quarters of National by 9%. They fell by 1% under Labour


    National has INCREASED employment opportunities by bringing in the 90 day right to prove yourself provision.

    In the worst recession in 70 years unemployment never reached the predicted 11% due to Bill English not slashing budgets but merely trimming

    No one will have their holidays reduced. Where did that howler come from? Do you mean the optional cashing in of up to a week that is endorsed by Phil Goff?

    No one is having sick leave reduced. Stop telling lies.

    So there will be a ragbag collection of misinformed hotheads parading their ignorance around various towns predicting the end of civilisation. You can fool some of these people some of the time. They will blindly accept trade union propaganda.

    Welcome to the NZ of free speech and freedom of expression under National which binned the anti-democratic gagging of the discredited Electoral Finance Act.

    I hope you have a nice day and vent your spleen. Enjoy your delusions of persecution and righteous indignation. You are fighting a good fight. Yeah right!

    • Pascal's bookie 4.1

      I see from your link that blinglish is persisting with his theory that the National party somehow cut taxes in Oct 08. What sort of idiot would that fool?

    • Bright Red 4.2

      fizzy. The figures english is using are misrepresentative for the following reasons:

      – they don’t count part-timers
      – English’s tax calculations ignore the fact that income tax cut was paid for by increasing GST. Fiscally neutral tax cuts can’t mean a real increase in wealth, can they?
      – they include Labour’s Oct 1 2008 tax cuts in the National column
      – they don’t count overtime
      – they are actually likely to rise during periods of increased unemployment. You see, it’s low paid workers who are most likely to lose their jobs, that leaves fewer people employed but on a higher average wage. That’s not a good thing. It only looks good if you’re an idiot who doens’t look beyond the headline to understand what the figures mean.

    • Bright Red 4.3

      Now, why don’t we look at the New Zealand Income Survey instead? That gets past the limitations of the figures English is using to tell us what has happened to the income of the median New Zealand household since National came to power.

      2008: $1,257
      2009: $1,234
      2009: $1,236
      So, that’s a nominal decrease of 2.5% since National came to power. Add in inflation and tpyical Kiwi househols incomes are down over 5% since Naitonal came to power.

      What happened under Labour to the median household income?

      1999: $791
      2008: $1,257

      That’s a 58.9% increase. After inflation, it’s still a 20.3% increase.

      And, no, there were no tax increases on incomes under Labour, except for the very wealthiest Kiwis. In fact, by the end, the tpyical Kiwi household was paying less income tax than when Labour came to power thanks to the Oct 1 2008 cuts.

    • john 4.4

      Hi Fisiani
      The Standard is not peddling rubbish,but is expressing the social democratic vision which is being successfully practised in Germany and is showing social and economic stability despite the World Wide recession.
      Our economy is not growing and may even have contracted(People can correct me on this) therefore giving tax cuts is at the expense of other parts of NZ society as the State is reduced.Don’t forget the more losers you generate in a society due to punitive policies the uglier society becomes; “Losers get sore about being losers” That’s when the social negatives start getting worse:The Standard does not want that type of society.
      Taxation is the price of a civilised society. If you look at the US where tax has been degraded since the Reagan years: I would not call it a civilised society at all. The suffering of people chucked out of homes and dieing ’cause they can’t afford health care is horrendous.Plus 40,000,000 on food stamps.
      The 90 day rule does not increase job availability it just allows employers to cherry pick to the detriment of the rejected kiwi workers, there is already evidence of abuse with this system.
      The cash rather than holiday allows employers to put subtle pressure on workers like: We are really busy now Joe’s taking the cash you should too Jack otherwise Joe gets the promotion!
      It is plain ridiculous that someone taking a days sick leave has to get a doctor’s note! Surely you can see that!
      With the 90 rule Nact has cut off freedom of expression by not allowing a sacked worker to ask: “Why,for what reasons have you sacked me?I am entitled to know”. Human rights have been cut back here as the employer legally does not have to reply! That’s Nact for you rather than a society of advancing together we are to become,like the US, a society of winners and losers. But now everyone in the US is losing as that country’s social peace and harmony erodes more and more. Losers get sore about being losers let’s not create them!

    • Draco T Bastard 4.5

      As I said yesterday – when Blinglish and the rest of NACT trash the economy enough that we drop into depression Fisiani will be there telling us how great it is.

  5. We are a couple of years past the era of growth, we are now entering the years of reverse growth, everything is going to go up in price, or unavailable … like most 3rd world countries, and wages etc will go down … like most 3rd world countries. Our living conditions are going to start/continue to go down, … like most ….
    To quote Jack Nicholson ‘That was as good as it gets”
    And the memes will not take kindly to the reversal of life’s arrangements/wrongly thought entitlements, eg rioting in France over raising retirement ages.
    Buying value of our wages has been going down since what? 1958? it is just speeding up now, this is what it is like to be living in a post crash world, lets hope Bling & John IL can keep a lid on things, adding $240 million of new money to the global economy every week, isn’t that bad is it? Especially when it = a hot shower, and a full stomach.

  6. Carol 6

    I will soon be getting ready to go to the local rally. I’ve just got a reminder from my local rep saying the bus is all organised for a group from my workplace. I don’t normally work Wednesdays, but will join the bus. I’m hoping for strong support for this important day of action.

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