One of these things is not like the other II

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One of these things is not like the other…

One of these things is not quite the same.

Can you guess which one is not like the other…

Can you tell me before I finish the game?

36 comments on “One of these things is not like the other II”

  1. I can’t think of any difference apart from Banks wanting to be Lord Mayor. They share the same characteristic of all being complete tossers.

  2. logie97 2

    looking at their faces to discern a difference is making me nauseous. However I know that one, having lost a considerable amount of weight is looking and sounding more neanderthal with each day’s passing. Let’s see, they’re all bullies and lack class and substance…

  3. Felix 3

    Three of them are actual nazis, the other is just a populist idiot who lets nazis ride him into power.

    • Jerry 3.1

      Three of them are Nazis ….really ?Hhow would you know unless ..OMG Felix is a Nazi.

      • Felix 3.1.1

        Are you saying “it takes one to know one”?

        I’ve always wondered, how does that actually work? Seriously, I’d love to hear it explained.

  4. Brett Dale 4

    Forgive me if I’m wrong , but is the guy in the bottom right hand corner, the guy who started the sensible sentencing trust???

    If so, isn’t he the only one of them that had a family member murdered?????

    • Pascal's bookie 4.1

      You’re confused Brett, but forgiven.

      Bottom right is Garrett, and though he is involved with SST, he’s not the founder. And you might want to rephrase the last sentence. As it stands it could be construed as well, quite an accusation.

      Though now that you mention it, he does seem familiar. It was a maid though, if I remember correctly, rather than a family member

  5. Brett Dale 5

    Oh I wasnt sure if the founder of the sst had a family member murdered or not?, and of course I didnt mean it as an accusation.

    • Felix 5.1

      If you have information about anybody having people murdered you should probably inform the police. If you’re worried about your own safety you can do so anonymously. Just say your name is Brian McGee.

  6. toad 6

    Felix said: Three of them are actual nazis, the other is just a populist idiot who lets nazis ride him into power.

    Actually, Felix, I thing The Garrotte is an actual nazi. The others are all just populist right wingers who exploit the bigoted and unthinking underbelly of society to their own ends.

  7. gingercrush 7

    One of them is known for drunken outbursts. One of them was accosted by another drunk person in Parliament. One of them can be seen drinking with beautiful ladies which is just weird. And the other one looks drunks.

    • Felix 7.1

      Perhaps you’re not familiar with how this well known sesame st game works. The clue is in the title…

  8. Brett Dale 8


    You must be the poster that calls themselves Uncle rat on the other site, its just too uncanny.

  9. Felix 9

    Three of them are salivating over divvying Auckland’s resources up among their mates, the fourth has bigger people fish to fry.

  10. They are all hungry, but only one of these sharks is showing its teeth.

  11. dave 11

    One of them has a moustache. Is probably more likely to be interviewed by Paul Henry soon.
    One of them has a private members bill drafted. the rest haven’t done much since the election.

  12. Chris G 12

    All four I hear far too much of!

  13. Irascible 13

    All four are damned good reasons for joining the great NZ diaspora. They’re all men whose social attitudes leave much to be desired.

  14. BLiP 14

    Only one of them prefers Hitler’s and Alf Garnett’s facial hair style

  15. 3 are current photos and one (Hide) is a very old photo. That stands out as the most “correct” from what is stated on this thread 🙂

  16. Jum 16

    Study the shapes of the faces of Hitler, Mussolini, Banks and Napoleon. You will find they are the same shape. Banks (ex Police Minister) will control all Auckland, and Hide, the bulldog face shape, will control the brownshirts. As I kept telling the righties – ‘be careful what you wish for’.

  17. Jum 17

    OMG. Rodney Hide is morphing into Simon Power or is it the other way around.

    PS Hide will become the Minister for Auckland and the takeover of our democracy will be complete. This format will be repeated throughout NZ and women will be the biggest losers of all. The conservatives will want to reverse any improvements Clark and Cullen made on behalf of women, the pay equity issue the first, done in 1990, again in 2009.

  18. had enough 18

    One of them is going to fix up aucklands governance problems
    One of them will become Aucklands super mayor
    One of them will fix up our sentencing laws
    One of them will get rid of the anti smacking law.

    They are a great team !!

  19. gobsmacked 19

    The bottom right photo looks kind of familiar. Is it this guy?

  20. MikeE 20

    1 is a liberal, the other 3 are conservatives.

    • Felix 20.1

      Do you mean Rodney? Bit odd for a “liberal” to be leading a party full of regressive authoritarian conservatives.

      I notice Act no longer use the slogan “the liberal party” anymore. Do you think Rodney the liberal is on the way out or will he morph into something better suited?

      • lprent 20.1.1

        Well there is a lot of space left where NZ First used to live. When I read someone like Clint Heine I reflect that there is a lot of room in that kind of political idiot space.

        • Felix

          Yeah, and those guys (Clint et al) were the most vocal opponents of Winston too. I hadn’t really thought of the attacks on NZF as a straight up turf war but that’s actually a very interesting lens to use.

          • lprent

            I always thought it was. Effectively it is the ‘anti’ crowd. People like Barnsley Bill or burt who aren’t much for things, but are against things.

            They define a large chunk of the 3rd party space and regardless of ideological considerations, that is what most of the 3rd parties fight over. The exception is probably the Greens who do have quite a number of people who are for something rather than against something.

            One of NZF’s things was war on crime (eg the extra thousand police). That directly conflicted with the SST wing of Act. I’d now expect that Act will want to try and develop a anti-immigrant (from the ‘wrong’ countries) policy as well which is a sub-text in that debate.

            I think that they will avoid the pensioner one. Too many people who remember Muldoon as a good leader have died.

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