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Open mike 01/10/2022

Written By: - Date published: 6:00 am, October 1st, 2022 - 98 comments
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98 comments on “Open mike 01/10/2022 ”

  1. Ad 1

    I do not wish ill upon any citizen of the United Kingdom, and it is very difficult to see lead investor analysts decline to support investing there.

    But with the Conservative Party conference on its way, this is very well timed.

    Is Britain becoming a Banana Monarchy? – POLITICO

    "You've heard of banana republics, but what about a banana monarchy? Moderator Susan Li, from Fox Business, was moved to ask on Milken's main stage if the U.K. remains investable, following the market and currency routs that have greeted the country's recent mini-budget.

    Asked if Britain was becoming erratic and more like an emerging market, Gardner did not hesitate: “That would be an insult to emerging markets.” He added that while Britain isn’t in control of some factors dragging its economy down, like Russia-driven energy shocks, it's making a mess of what it does control: “Brexit is a significant damage to the long-term prospects of the U.K.”

    A senior economist at a panel moderated by Global Insider lamented that the British cabinet appeared to be “losing its mind.” The Economist magazine is running a section this week on the actions of Prime Minister Liz Truss’ team: “How not to run a country.”

    • Blazer 1.1

      There are over 75 tax havens around the world.

      Central control of many of the most infamous lies in the private City of London.

      Admittedly it is not part of the U.K….but BAU for 'investors'.

  2. Jenny are we there yet 2

    The Russian Federation is losing the war in Ukraine.

    There can be little dispute about this.

    Russian Federation president Vladimir Putin has made threats of using nuclear weapons to prevent the Russian defeat.

    Putin's latest effort to reverse Russia's military failure, the "Partial Mobilisation" of 300,000 conscripts is not going to plan.

    Russian Federation mouthpiece, RT (Russia Today), has run more than one article reinforcing Vladimir Putin's nuclear threat.

    RT's latest essay is the most explicit yet, in saying if the West does not "withdraw" its support for Ukraine Russia will use nuclear weapons. The RT author writes, military victory for Ukraine is "impossible", If Conventional Warfare cannot achieve victory for the Russian Federation armed forces, Russia will use tactical nuclear weapons. RT even threaten the use of intercontinental ballistic weapons if the West retaliates against Russia's use of a tactical nuclear weapon.

    The West fails to understand that Russia’s atomic arsenal is the fundamental basis of its ‘Great Power’ status

    By Sergey Poletaev, co-founder and editor of the Vatfor project.

    By raising the stakes and again mentioning nuclear weapons, Russia is telling the West:

    • The harder you push us and the more you drag us into this conventional conflict in Ukraine, the closer the nuclear scenario will be, both tactically (strikes against specific targets in the theatre of operations) and strategically (intercontinental missiles). The more you try to pin us down, the less choice you will leave us.
    • There can be no winners in a nuclear war. So, your military victory in Ukraine is impossible. Thus, you have two options: either continue to help Kiev or withdraw your direct backing. Ukraine will lose either way, and you can lose with it, or you can limit your involvement – and survive.


    • Blazer 2.1

      I heard that Russia recently annexed 4 eastern Ukrainian states.

      Is this evidence that they are…losing?

      The rapid advance of Ukrainian forces seems to have stalled.

      Some think that Russia withdrew to consolidate their positions,prior to the referendum.

      • Barfly 2.1.1

        Psst I've got a great deal on a bridge for you mate!

      • Jenny are we there yet 2.1.2


        1 October 2022 at 9:24 am

        I heard that Russia recently annexed 4 eastern Ukrainian states.

        Is this evidence that they are…losing?…..

        Pretty much.

        I saw Putin hosting celebrations with all the pageantry and pomp to rival the Queen of England's funeral in London, wait for it, in Moscow. What?

        Distance from Donetsk to Moscow?

        1,712 km – 18 hours by car

        Couldn't Putin find somewhere further away?

        If Putin had really conquered and secured the Donbas I would expect that is where Putin would have celebrated his victory.

        World leaders and politicians are visiting Kiev. Boris Johnson attended Ukraine independence celebrations there.

        Meanwhile Putin calls his Donbas puppets to Moscow to stand either side of him pledging their allegience to the Russia dictator on a podium far from the lands they are supposed to be in charge of.

        • Blazer

          My post was about ..are they really losing?

          Moscow is alot closer to Donesk…than..Washington.

          'World leaders and politicians are visiting Kiev. Boris Johnson attended Ukraine independence celebrations there.'-so what?

          As I've said before..Russia cannot afford to…lose.

          The U.S does not want to negotiate.

          • Jenny are we there yet


            1 October 2022 at 2:09 pm

            …..'World leaders and politicians are visiting Kiev. Boris Johnson attended Ukraine independence celebrations there.'-so what?

            As I've said before..Russia cannot afford to…lose.

            As I've said before..Russia Putin cannot afford to…lose.

            There you go Blazer, fixed it for you.

            Y'know Blazer, even Hitler went to Paris during the German occupation of France.

            The Russian dictator Putin has never dared, not even once, to go to the occupied territories of Ukraine he has now declared are part of Russia.

            Imagine that.

            • Blazer

              France rolled over.

              Russians do not see Putin as the West does.

              Truss,Johnson and Biden are embarrassing.

              • Jenny are we there yet


                ….'World leaders and politicians are visiting Kiev. Boris Johnson attended Ukraine independence celebrations there'-so what?

                Blazer 1 October 2022 at 2:09 pm

                ….Y'know Blazer, even Hitler went to Paris during the German occupation of France.

                The Russian dictator Putin has never dared, not even once, to go to the occupied territories of Ukraine he has now declared are part of Russia.

                Jenny are we there yet 1 October 2022 at 2:43 pm

                France rolled over.

                Blazer1 October 2022 at 3:16 pm

                Blazer, Ukraine will not 'roll over'

                If I can speak personally, Blazer. I feel sick to my stomach having to defend Ukraine against apologists for this vileness.

                11 hr 45 min ago

                At least 30 killed after Russian missile hits civilian humanitarian convoy in Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine says

                From CNN's Mick Krever, Idris Ibrahim and Olga Voitovych

                "People were in line to leave for the temporarily occupied territory, to pick up their relatives, to deliver aid."

                Images and video from the scene show wrecked vehicles and some bodies on the road.

                Among the dead are an 11-year-old girl and 14-year-old boy, according to Ihor Klymenko, head of Ukraine’s National Police.

                Ivan Fedorov, mayor of the occupied city of Melitopol, said on Telegram: "People leave Zaporizhzhia every day to support their relatives, deliver vital medicines to the civilian population and return back.

                It is impossible as of now to even count the number of dead and wounded people."


          • Jenny are we there yet

            Blazer reinforces RT Russia today's message that Putin will use nuclear weapons to stave off defeat in Ukraine.

            Blazer, "As I've said before..Russia cannot afford to…lose."

            Blazer, Russia is losing and will lose. Putin and RT hope that nuclear weapons will turn this around.

            Let's be clear about this Blazer; Weapons of Mass destruction, WMDs are misnamed. They are Weapons of Mass Murder.

            Nuclear weapons are the ultimate weapon of genocide. No need for pesky cattle trucks and concentration camps and gas chambers. If you can't defeat a people then commit genocide against them the cheapest quickest way possible.

            Genocide is in the toolbox of every empire. The British Empire used genocide in Australia. The British Empire used genocide in India. The German Empire committed genocide in Europe. The Japanese Empire committed genocide in Nanking. The Russian empire is threatening to commit nuclear genocide in Ukraine.

            Blazer by repeating what you said before that [Putin] "Russia cannot afford to … lose" you and the other pro-Putin commentators on this site are sotto voce cheering on nuclear genocide. (You are just the most explicit of them.)

            P.S. Blazer you may have noticed that in my comment I have inserted Putin's name before your quote. I did this deliberately and for a reason. Every dictator autocrat identifies their persona with the nation state under their dominion. The same with Putin. Russia can afford to lose. Putin can't afford to lose. Putin knows it. You know it. Russia will survive this war. Putin won't.

      • Bruce 2.1.3

        those russians have got a strange way of winning.

    • mikesh 2.2

      By raising the stakes and again mentioning nuclear weapons, Russia is telling the West:

      • The harder you push us and the more you drag us into this conventional conflict in Ukraine, the closer the nuclear scenario will be, both tactically (strikes against specific targets in the theatre of operations) and strategically (intercontinental missiles). The more you try to pin us down, the less choice you will leave us.
      • There can be no winners in a nuclear war. So, your military victory in Ukraine is impossible. Thus, you have two options: either continue to help Kiev or withdraw your direct backing. Ukraine will lose either way, and you can lose with it, or you can limit your involvement – and survive.

      That's true, isn't it.

      • Jenny are we there yet 2.2.1

        What's true?

        That a Ukraine victory is "impossible"?

        Or that Russia will use tactical nuclear weapons to prevent it?

        Take your time.

      • Jenny are we there yet 2.2.2

        Putin may think he can prevent a Ukrainian victory with nuclear weapons, but he would be wrong.
        Wars are won by people not super weapons. Genocide is a way of getting rid of vast amounts of people. Nuclear weapons are good at doing that. No need to bother with pesky cattle cars and extensive extermination camps. Even if Putin was prepared to commit nuclear genocide and irradiate the whole country and a good part of Russia as well. He still wouldn't win.
        Nixon realised when he was considering dropping a nuclear bomb on Hanoi that the American people would people would tear his to pieces. Not figuratively, literally. And no amount of protection would stop them.
        The same would happen to Putin. It is not that far from happening now.


  3. Mac1 3

    Reading Ken Douglas’s obituary in today’s The Press, came across this, "There was a downside. Because of his political beliefs, his wife and children suffered abusive phone calls and death threats. In the 1970s the Young Nats set up a group to phone his house every half hour during the weekend to abuse whoever answered."

    And from their ranks rose the leaders of the future.

    • weka 3.1

      Dirty Politics training ground.

    • weka 3.2

      please provide the link for others, ta!

      • Mac1 3.2.2

        My link, " in today’s The Press", was a hand-typed reference from an actual, physical, delivered, printed-on-paper medium source…….

        • Anne

          Is the Trades Hall bombing in 1984 mentioned Mac1? I have a special interest in that incident.

          • Tiger Mountain

            A few people I know had a near miss that day with the suitcase in Wgtn. Trades Hall.

            For whatever reason I have always felt that the “powers that be” did not have a great appetite for solving the Ernie Abbot murder and Trades Hall Bombing.

            • Anne

              For whatever reason I have always felt that the “powers that be” did not have a great appetite for solving the Ernie Abbot murder and Trades Hall Bombing.

              Personal experiences of mine – which go back to the years prior to the bombing incident and in the few years that followed – indicate you might be correct Tiger Mountain.

              I say no more for fear of the consequences.

          • Visubversa

            So have I – I was working in Trades Hall in Auckland at the time. The TUC next door got door security -we got nothing.

            • Tiger Mountain

              Yes, I worked at the TUC for a period and attended Union Executive and other meetings for years. The Admin staff and organisers did appreciate the door security, even though a few members did not like it.

              • Visubversa

                If G.H.A had spent time with all the assorted people who wanted to "see" him, he would have not had any time for other work. The door person was definitely " security" and not "reception".

                • Tiger Mountain

                  It is interesting who comes out of the woodwork online, that's for sure Visubversa.

          • Mac1

            No, Anne, not mentioned. The obituary was written by David Grant who wrote the biography, "Man for All Seasons:the Life and Times of Ken Douglas". A decent obit of some 35 column inches and three photos.

            Page B7, The Press, Saturday October 1 2022.

            I always had a special feeling for Ernie Abbott having begun my working career as a cleaner while at Uni and then ending it as a general cleaner. I once paid a visit to the site of the bombing to remember him.

            • Anne

              Hi Mac1,
              It was never meant for just Ernie Abbott of course. It was an attempt to take out the union leadership of the day. The suitcase was placed in a narrow corridor off the main entrance opposite a door leading into a room where the leadership normally had their meetings. However there was an extraordinary meeting called after Muldoon announced a wage freeze and it took place at another venue. Had it occurred in the usual meeting place they would all have been gone-burgers.

              The police imo got it wrong. They were convinced it was the work of an embittered loner. If some knowledge and experiences of mine are anything to go by, it was the work of a small right-wing group of what I will term 'semi professional thugs' with extreme views. They were covert operators and there may also have been off-shore influence involved.

              How I came by this conclusion is a story in itself.

              • Tiger Mountain

                I’ll bet it is Anne!

                Most of my political friends that applied for their NZSIS files when then Director Tucker ran his “openness” regime were declined under the 1969 Act which basically puts informants and snitches privacy rights–who was at what meeting etc.–ahead of those snooped on rights.

                • Anne

                  Yes TM I was snooped on big time but it went much further than that. It was all based on false premises and the 'informant' (who turned out to be someone I knew well) told porkies which the recipients chose to believe.

                  On and off over the past 30 years I have researched as much as I can. There had to be a reason why I was targeted. It pretty much came down to two major events which occurred in the 1980s. As far as I can tell the group were acting independently of any Public Service entity and probably had overseas contacts.

  4. Stephen D 4

    A fascinating read about why we still need to teach handwriting. If you’re not taught to write it, you can’t read it.


    • Molly 4.1

      Interesting article.

      For me, handwriting of loved ones is often as distinctive and evocative as photos.

      Decades later, I can discern teachers from their handwriting in old exercise books.

      I have my grandparents handwritten invitations to the Bachelor's and Spinster's balls.

      They married in 1935.

    • Stephen D 4.2

      Think of all those post grad students who will struggle to read and understand old primary sources.

      • newsense 4.2.1

        Will open up specialist research assistant positions for those who can read cursive!

  5. Sabine 5

    Reinhard May was an artist since the 60s, he was part of my childhood. By german standards he is witty, political, and he boarded the peace train a long time ago.

    This is a new anti war song that i just stumbled across. A collaboration of germans from the music world. It will of course make no difference. When the powerful have quarrels, the poor die.

    Nein, meine Soehne kriegt ihr nicht. No, You do not get my sons.

    In Germany military services is still very much confined to men, or men would be the first ones to be drafted in a military response under the auspices of Nato.

    • Sabine 5.1


      the title should be : NO, I am not giving you my sons.

    • Molly 5.2

      Like this song. Thanks, Sabine.

    • Jenny are we there yet 5.3

      A sentiment Russian mothers agree with.

      • joe90 5.3.1


      • Sabine 5.3.2

        you still don't understand Jenny.

        • Jenny are we there yet

          What could I not understand about this, there is no possible ambiguity.

          What is it you possibly think, that I don't understand about this, Sabine?


          (a) That we shouldn't send our sons to fight in another country?

          (b) That we should send our sons to fight in another country?


          (a) That we shouldn't slam rockets into apartment buildings?

          (b) That we should slam rockets into apartment buildings?


          (a) That we shouldn't reduce cities to rubble?

          (b) That we should reduce cities to rubble?


          (a) That we shouldn't invade sovereign countries?

          (b) That we should invade sovereign countries?


          Which is it Sabine? (a) or (b)?

          I know I support (a) every time, and I hope you do to.

          What is there not to understand about this?

          • Sabine

            if you had checked the credits






            this song

            has nothing do to

            with Germany

            having to offer their sons

            but that it is the world that offers their sons

            This song was not created in regards to russia my dear Jenny.

            But then, you don't understand at all what so ever, what this diverse mix of germans – indiginous and the children of migrants and migrants themselves have to say about War.

            And fwiw, another thing that you dear Jenny don't seem to understand, the Germans understand war.

            • Jenny are we there yet

              "….you don't understand at all what so ever, what this diverse mix of germans – indiginous and the children of migrants and migrants themselves have to say about War." Sabine

              I understand very well, Sabine.

              So do the mothers of the Russian indigenous minorities,

    • JO 5.4

      This is how I felt when Robert Muldoon offered to send a frigate to the Falklands to help the grocer's daughter win her next election. My mother was shocked when I told her he would never have my two sons.

  6. Molly 6

    Keith Bennett, the 12yr old victim of Ian Brady and Myra Hindley may have been found:

    EXCLUSIVE: Skull found in hunt for Ian Brady and Myra Hindley's last victim: Police dig up Saddleworth Moor in search for 12-year-old Keith Bennett – 58 years after he was snatched by moors murderers

    "Police are today digging on the Moors for murder victim Keith Bennett for the first time in 35 years to investigate suspected human remains.

    In an extraordinary breakthrough in the notorious case nearly six decades after the schoolboy was snatched by Ian Brady and Myra Hindley, a skull believed to be that of a child aged around 12 has been found on Saddleworth Moor."

    A detailed article, with the author who identified the possible burial site recalling his efforts over the years

  7. Robert Guyton 7

    Best 3 Waters explanation ever!

    • higherstandard 7.1

      Lots of racists are opposed to it, bless …… was this his NCEA media project ?

      • Robert Guyton 7.1.1

        Should he have said, "All racists are opposed to it"?

      • newsense 7.1.2

        School strikers should shut the f up? Nothing the kids write can be pertinent? Or do you mean NZ is a post-racial paradise under David Seymour’s leadership?

        More gasoline and tax cuts please?

        You’re the little ACT troll? What does that party stand for? Small government, except for the handouts to us? No vaccines? Hate those socialist cows? Give us more sweet heart deals so we can lecture those we’re cutting out?

        Why are you so worried about being a racist? Billions are excessively pro their own ethnicity or nationality.

    • roblogic 7.2

      Pompous little twerp is painful to watch. He might be correct but if "the medium is the message" then the message has failed.

    • Stuart Munro 7.3

      A mate of mine is concerned by the boards – they are, evidently, large. Probably stacked with non-performing deadweight like most NZ boards. Excessively remunerated, delivering little in the way of value – basically Luxon Minimes.

      I think boiling the water is going to be safer. On the bright side, global warming is likely to do that for us.

      • Graeme 7.3.1

        Have a read of the Water Services Act, particularly the criminal penalties that could apply to officers and employees. (Sec 177 – 192) They are pretty steep, and will get the attention of anyone appointed to those boards, and their insurers.

        Also look at sec 29 that outlines the responsibilities of officers and employees and note 29 (3) which exempt elected officials form criminal responsibility

        Despite subsection (1), a member of the governing body of a local authority elected in accordance with the Local Electoral Act 2001 does not have a duty to exercise due diligence to ensure that any council-controlled organisation complies with its duties under legislative requirements, unless that member is also an officer of that council-controlled organisation.

        My understanding is that this clause is there because it's not possible to prosecute an elected offical for making a bad decision in New Zealand. And councils have made plenty with respect to our water infrastructure provision and operation. Councillors will act in the interest of getting re-elected which in NZ means keeping rates increases at a minimum, and spending money on things people can see, generally above ground.

        The new entities, and their boards will have a strong motivation to do a much better job of managing our water than the current elected Council arrangement, which in most cases has been abysmal. There's a few exceptions but these aren't the normal NZ town.

    • weka 7.4

      the first 7 1/2 mins are very good. After that he loses me. The solution to low local body voter turn out isn't to remove democracy from local bodies even further. Labour could instead have brought in legislation that increases it.

      No problem with co-governance, but many people aren't ok with this or are unsure, and we need to get this right. The conflating rural objections to 3 Waters with racism is a bad move and will just divide politics further.

      • Robert Guyton 7.4.1

        "The conflating rural objections to 3 Waters with racism is a bad move and will just divide politics further."

        Do you (in general terms) feel that rural objections to 3 Waters are not underpinned by racism?

        • weka

          some are, some aren't. I live in the country, I don't like 3 Waters, I have no problem with co-governance. My objections sit entirely separately from the co-governance aspects.

  8. weka 8

    I had no idea.

    • alwyn 8.1

      "we won't ever get any more of it".

      That isn't actually true. It is continually being created on earth by alpha particle emission in the decay of radioactive elements. The only reason it is fairly rare on earth is that unconfined helium is lost off the top of the atmosphere because it is so light.

      New Helium production on earth is simply a by-product of the natural gas industry. Most natural gas contains some Helium produced by the radioactive decay of other elements. We certainly waste a lot but it readily available at the moment and there is still a lot more around. The Helium in MRI machines is only required to keep them cold enough to get superconducting magnets. Higher temperature super conductors would make it unnecessary but progress in that work seems to have stalled in recent years.

      In the Universe as a whole approximately 25% of the mass is Helium, second only to the 73% that is Hydrogen. All the other matter comprises only 2%. Most of that Helium was created at the time of the big bang of course but Helium is created, now, at a rate of approximately 600 million tons/second in the sun. That is what keeps the sun shining.

  9. adam 9

    How to get fired.

  10. Anne 10

    If anyone has any doubt as to who to vote for in the Auckland mayoralty race:


    NZME managing editor Shayne Currie said: "We're not really interested in commenting on Brown's pathetic remarks but we stand by Simon Wilson as a highly skilled, experienced journalist who brings much required scrutiny to the policies and character of potential mayoral candidates."

    I watched the Nation this morning. It was the first time Wilson had heard the comment. In his response he admitted to being shocked but he was polite and did not respond in kind. Bravo Simon Wilson.

    • Barfly 10.1

      Well I've done voting and I voted for the brown guy not the Brown guy cheeky

    • AB 10.2

      Poor old NZ Herald. The need to support the person employed to partially obscure their right-wing bias, (i.e. Simon Wilson), might force them to be critical of their preferred right-wing candidate, Wayne Brown. What a delicious dilemma to watch.

      Approach will be to 'support' Wilson without too explicitly condemning Brown, then move on as quickly as possible. Down the line sometime, there may be a restructuring at the Herald that magically no longer sees a need for Wilson.

      • Anne 10.2.1

        Herald editor did call Brown's remark "pathetic" so it doesn't sound like he's too enamoured of the right wing candidate. We'll wait and see….

      • tinderdry6 10.2.2

        Funny how impressions are subjective. I had come to the view that the Herald has become a cheerleader for Efeso. Certainly Simon Wilson has.

        • Incognito

          You would say that. I’d strongly suggest you leave this alone or my next action will be another Mod note for you.

          • tinderdry6

            Excuse me? A comment about the media get's a moderator warning?

            • Incognito

              There we go again, problems with reading comprehension. Anywho, at least you now know.

              • tinderdry6

                Know what? I made a comment about the media, specifically our perceptions of media bias. I really have no idea what your angling at.

                • Incognito

                  Sure, whatever.

                • Robert Guyton

                  I'm supporting tinderdry6 on this one – can't see any indiscretion. I like your comment about impressions being subjective – this is a fascinating and difficult-to-pin-down phenomenon that exhibits so often with written comments, as seen on blogs and often with people who are otherwise very astute. Perhaps we all suffer it, to some degree. Detecting one's own is the challenge!

                • weka

                  I'm also puzzled by what the problem is. Seemed like a straightforward expression of belief.

                  • Incognito

                    I’ve got this in hand.

                    • weka

                      I think you should explain so that they and others can understand. On the face of it you just threatened a commenter with moderation for something they don't get. You've basically told them to shut up on a topic but not given a reason. It's impossible for people to respond positively to moderation if they don't know what they are being modded for.

                    • Incognito []

                      Nobody has been modded, yet.

                    • weka

                      You told them to shut up or be modded,

                      You would say that. I’d strongly suggest you leave this alone or my next action will be another Mod note for you.

                      It's unclear why they should shut up or why they would be modded next.

                    • Incognito []

                      Well, he hasn’t shut up and he hasn’t been modded. The irony is that my first comment was to allow him to keep on commenting, hard as that may be to believe.

                    • weka

                      But they have shut up about the NZH etc. And I would advise them to if they won't want to get modded, because it's entirely unclear what the problem is and where the boundaries are. So they are free to talk about other things so long as they don't talk about this one? We still don't know why.

                      When you said " I’d strongly suggest you leave this alone" what did you mean and what were you referring to? Because to me it read that they had to stop expressing an opinion about the NZH/Simon Wilson.

                  • tinderdry6

                    You're puzzled. How do you think I feel! I've pretty much identified myself here with my recent posts about Ōwairaka. To the best of my knowledge I've not broken any site rules, and yet I have one moderator (I assume I is a moderator) coming after me for the second time (after the Western Springs discussion). It's a bit creepy actually.

                    • Ad

                      Think of it like interpreting Calvinist theology: best left for definitions of predetermination that will only be made clear once the dead rise at the coming of the Lord.

                      Put keyboard away and return tomorrow.

                    • tinderdry6

                      "Put keyboard away and return tomorrow."

                      Or put keyboard away and not bother.

                      But thanks for the Calvinist analogy.

                    • weka

                      I hope you stick around, we need new voices and ideas.

                    • Incognito

                      So, I gave you a hard time before in the tree threads, as a commenter. Not once did I warn you, as a Mod, in those threads, as there was no direct reason to – it was a robust discussion that taught me a few things. You seem very defensive.

        • Patricia Bremner

          Tinder? Damp squib!!

        • Jester

          I agree with your comment. It is very subjective as I see the NZH as very left wing whereas AB sees it as right wing. I think your comment is fine. Moderators can be quick to threaten moderation if they do not like the opinion expressed, without explaining why.

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  • Launch of Te Ara Paerangi Future Pathways
    E ngā mātāwaka, E ngā iwi o te motu, Tēnā koutou katoa. Ko Ayesha Verrall ahau, Te Minita mō te Rangahau, Pūtaiao me te Auahatanga. Tēnā koutou i runga i te kaupapa o te wā, Nō reira, tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou, tēnā tatou katoa.   Acknowledgements It is a privilege ...
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    1 day ago
  • Reform of science system to build better future for New Zealand
    The Government has set the direction for a future-focused science system says Research, Science and Innovation Minister Dr Ayesha Verrall. Our research, science and innovation system will be geared towards tackling New Zealand’s big challenges such as climate change, environmental degradation and the complex health and problems that undermine wellbeing. ...
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    1 day ago
  • Te Rohe o Rongokako Joint Redress Bill Third Reading I Te Pānuitanga Tuatoru o te Pire mō te Puret...
    Te Pānuitanga Tuatoru o te Pire mō te Puretumu Ngātahi mō Te Rohe o Rongokako I te rā nei, i Pāremata, ka oti te tuatoru me te whakamutunga o ngā pānuitanga o te Pire mō te Puretumu Ngātahi mō te Rohe o Rongokako. Ko tā te pire, he whakatinana i ...
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    2 days ago
  • Hi-tech New Zealand strawberries on the horizon
    New Zealanders will be able to enjoy spray-free strawberries grown through a hi-tech new system almost all year round through a Government-backed pilot project based in Foxton, Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor announced. “We’re focussed on innovations that lift the sustainability and productivity of our food and fibre sector and this ...
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    2 days ago
  • Cadetships programme continues to empower whānau Māori
    Since July 2022, more than 610 cadets across 35 programmes have been approved, up from the 499 cadets approved by this time in the last financial year. The programme is growing. “The Cadetship programme’s ongoing success comes down to treating our young people with mana so that they can achieve ...
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    2 days ago
  • New rules for offshore detention complete Govt response to Operation Burnham inquiry
    The government has announced a new set of rules to ensure proper and humane treatment of people detained by Police, Defence forces, or other New Zealand agencies during offshore deployments. The Foreign Minister Nanaia Mahuta says the new framework for offshore detention delivers on the fourth and final recommendation accepted ...
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    2 days ago
  • 19 new townhouses for whānau in need in Lower Hutt
    Associate Minister of Housing (Māori Housing) Peeni Henare today visited Kahungunu Whānau Services and their newly purchased 19 townhouses in Taita, Lower Hutt. “Through the Government’s Te Kahui Māori Housing programme, Tātai Mokopuna Holdings Limited (the asset holding company of Kahungunu Whānau Services)  was granted a $7.1 million Māori housing ...
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    2 days ago
  • Government backs greater competition in building supplies to reduce costs for Kiwis
    The Government will take action to increase competition in the residential building supplies sector, says Building and Construction Minister Dr Megan Woods and Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister Dr David Clark, following the release of the Commerce Commission’s market study final report. “We asked the Commerce Commission to review our ...
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    2 days ago
  • Royal Commission to draw lessons from pandemic response
    A Royal Commission to prepare New Zealand for future pandemics through lessons learned from COVID-19 has been announced by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern today. “Every country in the world has grappled with COVID-19 and there was no playbook for managing it,” Jacinda Ardern said. “It had been over 100 years ...
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    3 days ago
  • Minister Sio to discuss Pacific development priorities
    Associate Foreign Affairs Minister Aupito William Sio travels to Indonesia this week to represent Aotearoa New Zealand at the Indonesia Pacific Forum for Development and the 15th Bali Democracy Forum. “Attending these international meetings enables Aotearoa New Zealand to connect with our partners kanohi ki te kanohi, or face to ...
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    3 days ago
  • Changes to partner work visas deferred to April 2023
    Changes to partner work visas that were set to come into effect in December 2022 have been deferred to April 2023, Immigration Minister Michael Wood has announced today. “I have made the decision to defer these changes to April 2023,” Michael Wood said. “Our Government wants to provide greater certainty ...
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    3 days ago
  • Building Act changes put the environment at the heart of how we build
    The Government is taking action to reduce waste and lower emissions from the building and construction sector in significant Building Act amendments announced today. “This Government is proud to put the environment at the heart of how New Zealand builds. By enabling mandatory energy performance rating requirements for buildings, and ...
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    3 days ago
  • Govt’s medicines boost paying off for New Zealanders
    Pharmac’s plan to fund the cystic fibrosis medicine Trikafta is another example of the Government’s boost to the medicines budget helping New Zealanders, says Health Minister Andrew Little. “Pharmac, not politicians, makes the decisions on what treatments to fund, but politicians decide what funding to provide to Pharmac, and health ...
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    4 days ago
  • Better transport choices for New Zealanders
    Forty-six councils across Aotearoa New Zealand, from large metro centres to small provincial towns, will receive funding to implement more transport options for communities, as part of the Transport Choices package 2022-24, Transport Minister Michael Wood announced today. “The Government is upgrading New Zealand’s transport infrastructure system to make it ...
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    4 days ago
  • Te Rangiwaituhi – Maniapoto apology
    Mihi Ko taku rourou iti a haere, maringi kai whenua Ko taku rourou iti a haere, maringi kai moana kia mau ki te kawau māro, whanake ake! kō Maniapoto e! Tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou katoa   Greetings and Thanks As we gather here this morning I want to ...
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    4 days ago
  • Maniapoto receives Crown Apology – Ka whakawhiwhia ki a Ngāti Maniapoto te Whakapāhatanga a ...
    Kua tukuna e te Pirimia, e Jacinda Ardern, i te taha o te Minita mō ngā Take Tiriti o Waitangi, a Andrew Little, te Whakapāhatanga a te Karauna ki a Ngāti Maniapoto mō āna mahi o mua i takahi i te Tiriti o Waitangi. I tū te hui i Te ...
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    4 days ago
  • Big online platforms to pay fair price for local news content
    The Government will legislate to require big online digital companies such as Google and Meta to pay a fair price to New Zealand media companies for the local news content they host and share on their platforms, Minister of Broadcasting Willie Jackson announced today. The legislation will be modelled on ...
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    4 days ago
  • Government to remove entrenchment from Three Waters legislation
    The Government will fix the Water Services Entities Bill this week by removing the entrenchment clause that was voted on during committee stages, Leader of the House Chris Hipkins announced today. “It was a mistake to put the entrenchment clause in and the Government will fix the issue as soon ...
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    4 days ago
  • 10 new whare for Ngāi Tāmanuhiri kaumātua and whānau in Te Muriwai
    Associate Minister of Housing (Māori Housing) Peeni Henare joined Ngāi Tāmanuhiri and the wider Toitū Tairāwhiti collective, at the opening of 10 new homes built for kaumātua and whānau in Muriwai today.   “Every whare that is built and whānau that is transferred from inadequate housing to a warm dry ...
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    5 days ago
  • Joint statement: Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand Foreign Minister Consultations
    Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Senator the Hon Penny Wong welcomed Aotearoa New Zealand's Minister for Foreign Affairs, Hon Nanaia Mahuta to Canberra today for biannual Australia – Aotearoa New Zealand Foreign Minister Consultations. The Ministers acknowledged the unique strength of the relationship between Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand, reaffirmed the shared ...
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    6 days ago
  • Funding boost for kaupapa Māori response to homelessness
    Associate Minister of Housing (Homelessness) Marama Davidson has announced a significant funding boost today for kaupapa Māori approaches that support whānau into housing. $24.7 million will be allocated to support the delivery of He Ara Hiki Mauri – a tangata whenua-led response to homelessness. “Homelessness is not inevitable. By working ...
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    6 days ago
  • Appointment of Judge of the High Court
    Auckland barrister David Gary Johnstone has been appointed a judge of the High Court, Attorney‑General David Parker announced today. Justice Johnstone graduated from the University of Auckland in 1991 with a BCom/LLB(Hons), and joined Bell Gully as a solicitor, practising in general commercial litigation. During 1993 and 1994 he studied at the ...
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    6 days ago
  • MAIHI Whare Wananga celebrates innovative approach to Maori Housing
    New Maori Housing dashboard for better data sharing and better outcomes New development training programme to grow sector capability Associate Minister of Housing (Maori Housing) Peeni Henare today attended the annual MAIHI Whare Wananga hosted by Toitu Tairawhiti Housing Limited in Kaiti.   “Our MAIHI Whare Wananga is an opportunity ...
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    6 days ago
  • New mental health facility a step closer for Gisborne
    Health Minister Andrew Little was at Gisborne Hospital today to mark the next step of Te Tairāwhiti’s new Te Whare Awhiora mental health facility build. The Health Minister turned a sod to mark the start of groundworks at the site, in preparation for the placement of a mauri stone. “The ...
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    6 days ago
  • More rural broadband for regional communities
      New contracts will improve around 30,000 broadband connections in rural homes and communities Govt on track to see 99.8% of all New Zealanders receive access to improved broadband as a result of various connectivity programmes by the end of 2023, including those targeting rural regions Applications open for one-off ...
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    6 days ago
  • Tauranga region to benefit from new funding and financing tool
    Tauranga will be the first region to use a new Government tool to raise funding for much-needed infrastructure. A Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) will be used to raise finance from private markets, which is then repaid via the levy on those who benefit from the infrastructure. The finance raised by ...
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    6 days ago
  • New committee established to drive better public health outcomes
    Some of the country’s most difficult health issues will be tackled by a newly established public health advisory committee, whose members have now been appointed. Associate Minister of Health Dr Ayesha Verrall says the new Public Health Advisory Committee will investigate and help address long-term health challenges facing Aotearoa. “We ...
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    6 days ago
  • Government and sector back innovative regional and wool projects
    $2.17 million for new food and fibre ventures in Taranaki $2.24m to develop high-value, sustainable cashmere industry $233,000 to prototype an acoustic, knitted textile product from strong wool for high-end commercial and residential interiors.  $530 million co-invested with business through the Sustainable Food and Fibre Futures fund  The Government closes ...
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    6 days ago
  • Statement on the death of Sir Murray Halberg
    New Zealand has lost one our true sporting icons with the passing of Sir Murray Halberg, Grant Robertson, Minister of Sport and Recreation said today. “Sir Murray was an extraordinary athlete. His gold medal in the 5000m at the Rome Olympic Games in 1960 has been immortalised as part of New ...
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    7 days ago
  • Ministerial talks in Canberra to progress trans-Tasman relationship
    The importance of cooperation in the Pacific to support the region’s recovery and resilience will be a focus of formal talks in Canberra tomorrow between the Foreign Minister Nanaia Mahuta and her Australian counterpart Penny Wong. Nanaia Mahuta will meet Senator Wong for the second formal Foreign Ministers’ Consultations following ...
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    7 days ago
  • Iwi and Government partnership delivers more rental homes for Pāpāmoa whānau
    Associate Minister of Housing (Māori Housing) Peeni Henare attended the official opening of 10 new rental homes built for working whānau of Ngā Pōtiki ā Tamapahore in Pāpāmoa today. “The Bay of Plenty region is one of many regions facing significant housing challenges and this Government is taking action by ...
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    7 days ago
  • Government investment to support growth of Māori businesses and jobs in the primary sector
    Total exports by Māori businesses have grown by 38% since 2017 to $872 million, with the majority from the food and fibre sector Launch of Rautaki mo te Taurikura action plan to support the continued growth of Māori food and fibre sector Support for Māori agribusiness innovation and workforce development ...
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    7 days ago
  • Government to address child abuse system failings
    The Government is adopting the majority of recommendations from an independent review into the actions of government agencies leading up to the death of 5-year-old Malachi Subecz, Minister for Children Kelvin Davis announced today. Following Malachi’s murder at the hands of his caregiver in 2021, Dame Karen Poutasi was appointed ...
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    7 days ago
  • More tools to help Police deal with fleeing drivers
    Increase the maximum driver licence disqualification period for a second offence of failing to stop or remain stopped, from 12 months to between 12 months and 24 months; Amend the Sentencing Act 2002 so that a vehicle can be forfeited on conviction for failing to stop. Offenders could have their ...
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    7 days ago