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Open mike 03/03/2022

Written By: - Date published: 6:00 am, March 3rd, 2022 - 70 comments
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70 comments on “Open mike 03/03/2022 ”

  1. Muttonbird 1

    Perhaps Stewart is saying the people throwing rocks are Antifa-like. Surely projection, if so.

    Farrier is right though, it’s further evidence of US style alt-right narrative entering this country.

    • Andrew Miller 1.1

      Yes, but it’s not only the alt right, it’s also true of the left as well.

  2. Muttonbird 2

    Rachael Smalley being opportunistic in accusing the PM of being opportunistic.

  3. Muttonbird 3

    Free rapid antigen tests are now available for home testing if you are symptomatic or a household contact.


    Thi household did exactly that yesterday afternoon. Went onto the website and picked up two packs of 5 within minutes.

    It's important to have these available to all, regardless of income, rather than the Key/Luxon model where private profit was the most important consideration.

    The worried well will still be able to purchase RATs from retail outlets, and at a reasonable price because they have to compete with the MoH.

    • ghostwhowalksnz 3.1

      Good luck with having anything couriered

      • Muttonbird 3.1.1

        Apologies, I wasn't clear. You order on the website with name, address, etc, then you go to a testing centre to physically pick up.

        Deliveries to come later, from the article

    • Jimmy 3.2

      The Chemist Warehouse had 5 pack for $44.99! I believe Foodstuffs and The Warehouse will be selling for $31.99 (I think that is close to cost price).

      • Muttonbird 3.2.1

        Chemist Warehouse were expecting delivery overnight last night because they didn't have any yesterday.

        Think I heard New World were selling at cost (plus admin/handling probably). They see it as a public service, but realistically while the govt is rolling out free tests for symptomatic people and household contacts, they can't really do much else.

  4. Blazer 4

    Be very interested to see if the West follow through with their promise to seize the assets of Russian oligarchs all around the world.

    As the worship of capital is a cornerstone of the American Dream,I am very sceptical.

    ' going after Russian oligarchs with financial attack that will seize billions

    Senior US government officials are preparing to dramatically expand the number of Russian oligarchs subject to United States sanctions, aiming to punish the financial elite close to Russian President Vladimir Putin over his invasion of Ukraine, according to three people briefed on internal administration deliberations.

    Officials at the White House and Treasury Department are working on producing a list of names that is expected to overlap in part with the line-up of Russian oligarchs who were newly subjected to sanctions by the European Union on Monday, the people said.

    For instance, the White House is weighing imposing new sanctions on Alisher Usmanov, the owner of an iron and steel conglomerate who Forbes has estimated to be worth more than US$15 billion (NZ$22bn), the people said, speaking on the condition of anonymity to reflect internal deliberations not yet made public.

    Usmanov was placed under sanctions by European Union officials on Monday (local time). The US sanctions would also probably include travel restrictions and the seizure of overseas assets that could run into the billions.'-Stuff.

    • joe90 4.1

      Bernie opines on the scale of the thieving.


      • One of the responses:

      • theotherpat 4.1.2

        the Russian invasion i deplore but would note…did the world do the same when the USA and UK invaded Iraq or Afganistan?

        • McFlock

          No, because US made an effort to contrive an actual justification and false evidence for the invasions. Even so, there was a shedload of opposition to both wars internationally and within the invading nations, and NZ's own participation in Iraq was the final straw that resulted in the shattering and demise of the Alliance Party.

          Oh, and there was actually a connection between Afghanistan and a major terrorist attack, so the world was a bit more sympathetic – in the same way the Russian apartment bombings provided a bit more justification for Russia's invasion of Chechnya when they were attributed to Chechens. The FSB guys were just doing a security drill, honest.

  5. RedLogix 5

    Oil, gas, wheat and phosphate fertilisers. Between them Russia and Ukraine supply a substantial fraction of world supply in these major commodities. And they have just gone offline for the foreseeable future.

    Keeping the global population alive requires global peace and global supply chains. In this rapidly deglobalising world, that peace and those supply chains are gone forever, and could well result in the death of a billion people by starvation. The future is here. The leading edge of the famines of tomorrow begins in 2022.

    This chilling prospect should focus minds.

    • ghostwhowalksnz 5.1

      Dont be silly.

      These things will all have sanctions waivers like oil and gas, aluminium, titanium, the noble gases used in computer chip manufacture, etc etc

      The list will be endless

      • RedLogix 5.1.1

        Putin has stepped over a line that no-one can tolerate – he has threatened a nuclear first-strike against any nation that interferes with his actions in Ukraine. And so far this had proven a successful strategy, preventing direct EU responses on the ground.

        Essentially he has put the West into a bind, if we do nothing the longer run outcome is bad, if we do act the outcome will be immediately worse. This will not be tolerated, Russia will be as hermetically isolated as possible – the political will for this will be immense, any nation or corporation seen funding the Russian war machine will be immediately ostracised.

        • Hongi Ika

          Putin has lost the plot and needs to be held to account ?

          Doubt whether the UN has the gonads to do anything after all the USA has acted ssimilarly with no action taken by the UN ?

          • RedLogix

            Putin has lost the plot and needs to be held to account ?


            In 2002 I marched down Lambton Quay along with many thousands of others to protest the imminent US invasion of Iraq. While none of us can re-write the past – this is 2022 and Ukrainians are dying as we type.

            Your defense of this sickens me.

          • Andrew Miller

            Given Russia and China have a veto, I’m genuinely curious as to what you think the UN can do?

        • ghostwhowalksnz

          EU doesnt have an army , thats Nato

          Nato made it very clear many months back even that it would not get involved in Ukraine itself. That would shatter the myth of a 'self defence' military alliance

          Unusually full of certainties and jingoism today . Must be the caffeine

          • RedLogix

            While NATO, consistent with its purpose as a defensive military alliance has not involved itself, the EU nations have absolutely responded with substantial and increasing economic sanctions.

            However there is a list of Eastern European NATO members who reasonably anticipate that after Ukraine they are next. And their military leaderships will be making the case that it will be much easier to stop Putin in Ukraine than on the outskirts of their own cities.

            • ghostwhowalksnz

              My friend you are making the same logic leap you say Putin is doing.

              Building a defensive frontier using somebody elses country.

              But its clear to see you are just an old fashioned jingoist after all…tally-ho

              • RedLogix

                I am not your friend.

              • RedLogix

                And your logic erases the crucial matter – that one nation after another in Eastern Europe has actively clamoured to become a member of NATO. And as we are seeing on our news and video feeds, ordinary people are willing to give truth to that European choice with their lives.

                You dishonour them with you fake moral equivalences.

  6. Adrian 6

    The foiling of the attempt to assasinate Kelensky by a Chechen unit was down to the Russian Federations FSB. Is this the first sign of official breaking away from Putin? No wonder he’s hiding in a bunker, now we just need him to do the last step!
    The FSB is the Russian internal version of the KGB, patch war going on by any chance?

    • ghostwhowalksnz 6.1

      Its just a social media story. You are really sucked into the 'standard tropes' on these sorts of things

    • Blazer 6.2

      How credible is that story do you think.?

      Demonisation propaganda against Russia is full bore in the western media.

      I saw the story about the Ukrainian air ace that has supposedly taken out 10 now,Russian jet fighters…straight out of…'Ripley's believe it…or not'!

    • Hongi Ika 6.3

      The World Security Special Forces should be targeting Putin once he is taken out the House of Cards will disintegrate ?

  7. Dennis Frank 7

    Kiwi business culture going Green shifts up a gear, led by two women:

    The Institute of Directors (IoD) was hosting the local chapter of a global climate governance initiative (CGI) to help directors to effectively govern organisations in their response to climate change.

    Chapter Zero's first online event was due to kick off this morning with 750 people registered to take part. IoD chief executive Kirsten Patterson said the launch of Chapter Zero was a significant milestone in New Zealand's climate emergency response.

    "Being armed with the most up-to-date climate change information including the global agenda, New Zealand's obligations, and understanding science-based targets to reduce emissions, is imperative for directors in ensuring the long-term resilience of the companies they serve," Patterson said, adding climate issues were one of the top concerns for directors of listed companies right through to not-for-profit organisations.

    Air New Zealand and ASB Bank chair Dame Therese Walsh was taking on the role of chair of the Chapter Zero's steering committee. She said social justice was the emerging issue out of climate change agenda, which would have far reaching implications for directors and the organisations they serve. "And so it's not good enough to just say, well, I'm fine over here in my organisation or my community is fine and not impacted. We're actually going to have to take a broader view, and that's where collaboration is important."

    Dame Therese said New Zealand was the first country in the world to introduce mandatory climate-related risk disclosures and could make an important contribution to the global effort, even as a small country.


  8. ghostwhowalksnz 8

    Too funny . Porsche production in Germany idled because the cars electrical wire harnesses are made in low wage Ukraine. It seems many other are too.

    Its hell in a Handbasket


  9. joe90 9

    Putin’s regime silences an elderly survivor.

    • Hongi Ika 9.1

      Anyone who questions Putin's authority will be dealt with, this is how Gangsters operate same as domestically here in NZ with the Gangs which have been allowed to flourish here in NZ since Muldoon's Era.

  10. pat 10

    Has it begun?

    "Prices were also lower with the median selling price declining for the third month in a row to $1,122,500 in February, which is $117,500 lower than its November 2021 peak of $1,240,000.

    The average selling price declined for the second month in a row to $1,196,036, down by $82,611 from its December peak of $1,278,647."


    • Hongi Ika 10.1

      Couldn't happen soon enough I don't know how people can survive on the minimum wage here in NZ ? Let alone buy a house ?

      Maybe Helen Clarke and John Key shouldn't have let all those Asian House Farmers into NZ, where by they could invest $10 Million in Residential Housing and obtain Perminant Residency ?

    • Koff 10.2

      Those prices are ridiculous. Glad I've always (last 35 years anyway) lived on a boat. The one I live on at the moment cost just over 10% of that median price quoted three years ago. Looking at what's happened to many of the million dollar houses in Brisbane and NE NSW during the last few days climate change affected devastating floods (plus the less than a million dollar houses affected more than once recently in Westport), I've also noted that houses don't float very well!

      • pat 10.2.1

        "…I've also noted that houses don't float very well!"

        You would think but apparently one did exactly that in NSW

    • Belladonna 10.3

      We can hope. 😉

      The commentators all seem to be saying that it's too close to call (one swallow, etc.) – and that the increases are still double-digit year-on-year (so Feb 2021 to Feb 2022 more than 10% increase) – not a sign to break out the bubbly, yet.

      "We need to keep in mind that we are still seeing double-digit year-on-year growth in all regions, but I'd be following this data closely over the next few months if I were looking to buy. It might just spell good news to come," Williams said.


      Also that some regions had an increase – so not a consistent trend.

      The Omicron outbreak will have had a cooling effect on sales, as has the unintended consequences of the anti-loan-shark legislation (which unintentionally caught mortgages in its scope)


      I suspect that the widely signalled interest rate rises (Omicron and now Russia/Ukraine conflict) will be having an impact, too (or, at least, I can't see how it could not have an impact on people's willingness to commit to enormous mortgages)

      Keep watching with interest (sorry for the pun) to see how the next couple of months go.

      • pat 10.3.1

        It is more than 'one swallow' however… declines in the major market for 3 months running.

        But yes, whether it gathers steam is yet to be seen….listings certainly are growing, interest rates moving up and banks are restricting credit so the conditions are all there.

  11. joe90 11

    . Flying in Russia is going to get as risky AF.

    Referring to the sanctions approved by the bloc, she said: "We ban the sale of all aircraft, spare parts, and equipment to Russian airlines. This will degrade the key sector of Russia's economy and the country's connectivity."

    She added: "Three-quarters of Russia's current commercial air fleet was built in the European Union, the US, and Canada. And therefore, they are massively dependent on that."


  12. joe90 12

    It would work in 1952 or 1962. But it's 2022, and Russian kids have smart phones.

    On March 3, the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation will hold an all-Russian open lesson “Defenders of Peace” for schoolchildren. This was announced on March 2 by the press service of the department.

    It will be dedicated to the "liberation mission in Ukraine." You can view it here . Beginning at 12:00 Moscow time.

    “During the open lesson, the audience will be told in detail the background of today's events and will be explained what danger NATO poses to our country. The lesson will also help you figure out how to distinguish truth from lies in the flow of information,” the release says.

    google translate


  13. Andrew Miller 13

    Monbiot on a phenomenon that has direct relevance to some of the Putin apologist bs posted here.


  14. Jane 14

    "Both Boeing and Airbus are cutting off support and spare parts to Russia".

    So is this also the reason INDIA abstained from voting in the UN today – Worried about spare parts for the huge number of weapons they buy from Russia.

    • pat 14.1

      India, China , Brazil, Argentina and various others have been supportive of the Russia/China call for international finance reform over recent years, so their abstention is not necessarily surprising.

  15. ghostwhowalksnz 15

    Applies to you too.

    It certainly was the case the coup in Ukraine originated-instigated in western security services, just as the Syrian Civil war was 'instigated' by western backed Sunni nations aided by a flow of Arms from Libya paid and organised by CIA.

    The list of CIA backed coups in various countries since the 1950s is a very long one. One doesnt have to be scohlar to check a few facts ( which isnt your way)


    Monbiot is just a left wing version of Hosking , both with Rubrik cubes of self justifying opinions. Its quite silly that you would think he would be credible on some major events. Hes just doing this to avoid being cancelled by The Guardian editos



    • Andrew Miller 15.1

      Ah yes, I remember thinking when marching through London with the Syrian community on an Amnesty organised March in response to Assad’s thugs beating peaceful protestors prior to a single shot being fired in the war “Feels good to be a stooge of American foreign policy”.

      Funny how the ‘Russia were justified as Assad was just responding to a civil war in which he was the least worst operative’ have erased all that from history Orwell style.

      You truly are morally bankrupt, but then what should one expect from that Avatar or is it meant to be ‘ironic’. The double standard is funny, as a Hitler avatar would unsurprisingly be a non starter.

    • McFlock 15.2

      The list of CIA backed coups in various countries since the 1950s is a very long one. One doesnt have to be scohlar to check a few facts ( which isnt your way)


      Syria's on that wikipedia list, fair call.

      Ukraine isn't, though. And the US involvement in the downfall of Yanukovich (public and diplomatic comments, sanctions when violence started) seems to be far short of the US actions against Assad described in your links (sanctions, weapons & training to rebels)

      • aj 15.2.1

        You don't spend 5 Billion and expect nothing in return.

        7:30: “Since Ukrainian’s independence in 1991 the United States has supported Ukranians as they build democratic skills and institutions as they promote civil participation and good goverments all over which are pre conditions to achieve its European aspirations. We’ve invested over 5 billion dollars to assist Ukraine in these and other goals that will assure and secure a prosperous and democratic Ukraine”

        • McFlock


          So, worst possible interpretations at the ready, US bribed Ukraine with international aid, Ukrainians aligned to the US and revolted when Yanukovich tried to pivot to Russia, so Russia launched a military invasion.

          Is that your summary of the last 35 years of Ukrainian foreign relations? If not, could you please clearly state what your position actually is?

          Innuendo and titillating fragments do not make your assertions identifiable.

          • aj

            My assertion is quite clear. Money talks.

            People can judge for themselves exactly what she means when she says "civil participation" and "good goverments"

            Could explain why a fringe neo-nazi clique got so much power and helped formed a government right after the maidan revolt in 2014.

            • McFlock

              So US is bad because it uses aid money to bolster democratic institutions that Ukrainian people stand up to support?

              What does that make Russia, which outright invades Ukraine against the wishes of Ukrainians?

  16. Herodotus 16

    As the world reacts to Russian actions of late, many countries have imposed sanctions eg freezing their assets. Yet I now read Roman Abramovich is now contemplating selling his football team and for these $$billions of funds to be placed into his charity. Am I a little skeptical, or is he trying to liquify some of his assets while he can 🤫, especially as he has historic ties to Putin. ps Well done Liverpool last week 11-10




  17. Belladonna 17

    Current Covid cases (presumably mostly Omicron) at 23K today.

    Not that I think that's anything to celebrate.

    But, overseas rates have cases doubling every 3 or so days.


    And that's not been the pattern observed here. A couple of jumps (which may be attributable to the PCR testing delays) – but certainly not the doubling that's been described overseas, and predicted in the modelling here.

    [Sorry, this is only current to the 1st March – can't find a nice graphic incorporating the last 2 days – but the numbers aren't enormously greater than 1/3 – around 23K for all 3 days]


    Why? Is the high vaccination rate having a significant slowing effect? Is it just a statistical anomaly (and we'll get a big spike in cases early next week)?

    I'm not complaining! But would like to understand what's going on.

  18. SPC 18

    It seems the RATS tests will be slow in identifying a positive result (slower viral load build up compared to delta variant). So people will remain active while infectious because initial test results will be negative.

    In terms of medical treatment it would appear important that the old and the health compromised get priority for PCR tests to identify infection early, so early anti-viral use keeps them out of hospital.

  19. weka 19

    test. Can you please let me know if you can see the video in this comment?

  20. SPC 20

    Flu is back up north.

    Just did a Google search – and it seems 98% of last months flu types in the USA were A(H3N2) and the same for January in Europe. It's a flu strain that results in more hospitalisations (impacts on the aged).

    The number of cases is still lower than in most pre coronavirus pandemic years but higher than since 2019-2020 as community activity increases (and will now include us as border barriers come down).



  21. Stuart Munro 21

    In a truly medieval response, a new power has joined the Ukrainian side, gaining instant popularity and supporting pro-Ukrainian charities abroad.

    Ukraine war: St Javelin and the missile that has become a symbol of Ukrainian resistance | Euronews

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  • Paving the way for better outcomes for disabled people
    Establishment of Ministry for Disabled People Progressing the rollout of the Enabling Good Lives approach to Disability Support Services to provide self-determination for disabled people Extra funding for disability support services “Budget 2022 demonstrates the Government’s commitment to deliver change for the disability community with the establishment of a ...
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    5 days ago
  • Investing in education so all Kiwis can succeed
    Fairer Equity Funding system to replace school deciles The largest step yet towards Pay Parity in early learning Local support for schools to improve teaching and learning A unified funding system to underpin the Reform of Vocational Education Boost for schools and early learning centres to help with cost ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    5 days ago
  • Primary sector backed to grow and innovate
    $118.4 million for advisory services to support farmers, foresters, growers and whenua Māori owners to accelerate sustainable land use changes and lift productivity  $40 million to help transformation in the forestry, wood processing, food and beverage and fisheries sectors  $31.6 million to help maintain and lift animal welfare practices across Aotearoa New Zealand A total food and ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    5 days ago
  • More support for first home buyers and renters
    House price caps for First Home Grants increased in many parts of the country House price caps for First Home Loans removed entirely Kāinga Whenua Loan cap will also be increased from $200,000 to $500,000 The Affordable Housing Fund to initially provide support for not-for-profit rental providers Significant additional ...
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    5 days ago
  • Budget lifts up to 14,000 children out of poverty
    Child Support rules to be reformed lifting an estimated 6,000 to 14,000 children out of poverty Support for immediate and essential dental care lifted from $300 to $1,000 per year Increased income levels for hardship assistance to extend eligibility Budget 2022 takes further action to reduce child poverty and ...
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    5 days ago
  • A booster for RNA research and development
    More support for RNA research through to pilot manufacturing RNA technology platform to be created to facilitate engagement between research and industry partners Researchers and businesses working in the rapidly developing field of RNA technology will benefit from a new research and development platform, funded in Budget 2022. “RNA ...
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    5 days ago
  • Unleashing business potential across NZ
    A new Business Growth Fund to support small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to grow Fully funding the Regional Strategic Partnership Fund to unleash regional economic development opportunities Tourism Innovation Programme to promote sustainable recovery Eight Industry Transformation Plans progressed to work with industries, workers and iwi to transition ...
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    5 days ago
  • Securing the wellbeing of Pacific communities
    Budget 2022 further strengthens the economic foundations and wellbeing outcomes for Pacific peoples in Aotearoa, as the recovery from COVID-19 continues. “The priorities we set for Budget 2022 will support the continued delivery of our commitments for Pacific peoples through the Pacific Wellbeing Strategy, a 2020 manifesto commitment for Pacific ...
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    5 days ago
  • Government delivers timely support for whānau
    Boost for Māori economic and employment initiatives. More funding for Māori health and wellbeing initiatives Further support towards growing language, culture and identity initiatives to deliver on our commitment to Te Reo Māori in Education  Funding for natural environment and climate change initiatives to help farmers, growers and whenua ...
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    5 days ago
  • Government delivers critical infrastructure
    New hospital funding for Whangārei, Nelson and Hillmorton 280 more classrooms over 40 schools, and money for new kura $349 million for more rolling stock and rail network investment The completion of feasibility studies for a Northland dry dock and a new port in the Manukau Harbour Increased infrastructure ...
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    5 days ago
  • A health system that takes care of Māori
    $168 million to the Māori Health Authority for direct commissioning of services $20.1 million to support Iwi-Māori Partnership Boards $30 million to support Māori primary and community care providers $39 million for Māori health workforce development Budget 2022 invests in resetting our health system and gives economic security in ...
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    5 days ago
  • Investing in better health services
    Biggest-ever increase to Pharmac’s medicines budget Provision for 61 new emergency vehicles including 48 ambulances, along with 248 more paramedics and other frontline staff New emergency helicopter and crew, and replacement of some older choppers $100 million investment in specialist mental health and addiction services 195,000 primary and intermediate aged ...
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    5 days ago
  • A Secure Future for New Zealanders’ health
    Landmark reform: new multi-year budgets for better planning and more consistent health services Record ongoing annual funding boost for Health NZ to meet cost pressures and start with a clean slate as it replaces fragmented DHB system ($1.8 billion year one, as well as additional $1.3 billion in year ...
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    5 days ago