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64 comments on “Open mike 05/12/2020 ”

  1. Ad 1

    US evangelical preaching done the right way.

    Rock on Ken. 🙂

  2. Adrian Thornton 2

    This is pure gold…Alex Jones Is Very Very Hungry

  3. francesca 3

    Oh God Adrian

    What the hell???

    Flashbacks to "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy

  4. Rosemary McDonald 4

    So. If you're wandering around in a fog of 'What the fuck are they on about?' when the topics of transactivism, TERFS, lesbians and feminism (be it 1st, 2nd, 3rd waves) arises and you swiftly sidestep because you're too scared of being labeled a bigot to express an opinion invest an hour or so out of your life and listen to the podcast provided to us by the good folk over at Redline.

    • Philip Ferguson 4.1

      Thanks for the mention Rosemary.

      We actually have scores of articles on Redline, putting forward a materialist and marxist analysis of transactivism and why it has appeared now, historicising it and critically reviewing it, including the misogyny (including violent misogyny), anti-gay elements of it, the postmodernist ideology that underpins so much of it.

      As well as our own writers in NZ, we have material written for us by left-wing activists in Britain, Ireland, the United States, Canada. . . socialists, women's liberation and gay liberation activists.


    • gsays 4.2

      Thanks Rosemary, a tough hour but worth it.

      Julie Bindel is a good communicator.

  5. Phillip ure 5

    the benefits of short bursts of energy/exercise are being discussed on kim hill..

    I can talk to the method I have found works..

    I have a set of 5kg dumbbells..and my 'bursts' are doing a set of 100 curls..sometimes a few times a day..sometimes once…occasionally not..

    ..(this is no-pressure regimes to contend/wrestle with..)

    other benefits are that you need no special shoes don't need to go anywhere/do anything time-consuming..join anything/any group activity..

    they just sit there..ready to be burst all over..if/when you feel like it..

    you just pick them up..burst..and put them back down again..easy as..and not time-consuming..

    and it build muscle-tone/drop fat…and you feel good after doing it..

    (to those ends I would recommend early in the morning burst/ just sets you up for the day..)

    and you don't have to start doing a hundred…start with 20…you will acquire the natural desire to increase that number..and use smaller/larger dumbbells..if you like…

    and finally…I started doing this from not a very good physical place..(I started doing 20..)

    and it has just become (a very small) part of my day..

    and given I am currently living a celibate life..with the only other exercise I get walking the hounds..

    (leaving me to do what I really like doing…lying around..reading books/listening to whatever..)

    I hafta say that I am living testimony to the fact that it works…I am quite a long way from the not-so-good place I started this regime..

    and I wouldn't go as far as saying I am 'cut' some gym-bunny…

    but ..y'know..!

    (this has been a public-service announcement)..

    and I hope it inspires others to give it a go ..

    (I repeat) works..

    ..and is so easy to maintain..

    • The Al1en 5.1

      I am 'cut'

      Terrible spelling at the end 😆

      But what are your dumbbells made of?

      • Phillip ure 5.1.1

        the full sentence you selectively quoted from..says the exact opposite of what you claim in yr quote… is you..after all..

        dumbbells made from (organic/hand-pressed/free-range) plastic..

        plus..I am pretty sure they are vegan…eh..?

        • The Al1en

          Link to the dumbbell product page.

          I want to know the interior composition.

          • Phillip ure

            unbranded.,purchased from op-shop..

            it's great how you focus on the really important stuff..

            shine on..!.. you crazy!

            • The Al1en

              Just noting after your rambling climate change rant in another thread today how you can advocate for using a product that has probably been mined and processed at great energy costs, when a brisk 30 minute walk is the better for the environment option.

              How do you know these "unbranded.,purchased from op-shop.." are made using "(organic/hand-pressed/free-range) plastic.."?

              • Phillip ure

                allen..allen..where to start..?

                I’ll ignore yr final paragraph..

                ..but would note that I found walking regimes weren’t enough for me..

                as noted by the expert on kim hill it is the short bursts of higher energy that works ..

       I said..I walk the hounds I care for..

                • The Al1en

                  And while you ignore the question of how you know the "unbranded.,purchased from op-shop.." dumbbells are made using "(organic/hand-pressed/free-range) plastic.." and how they are most likely containing heavy metals or concrete, both the antithesis of climate change reduction, if it's short bursts of high energy that works, walk faster for 15 minutes, or 5 in 15, and all at no cost to the environment or risk exposing hypocrisy.

                  • Phillip ure


                    someone probably bought them from the organic/free-range/hand-pressed plastics emporium…eh..?

                  • Phillip ure

                    I have this image of you..

                    furiously marching up the hill..

                    ..and then furiously marching back down again..

                    • The Al1en

                      Which still sounds better than fake preaching your way up only to die on the hill when caught in a lie.

                    • Phillip ure []


                      we'll leave it

                      but do let us know yr conclusions after visiting the organic/free-range/hand-pressed plastics shop in your vicinity

                    • The Al1en

                      we'll leave it

                      “We should”. After all, there's no added value after already showing your hypocrisy. To carry on would just be gratuitous and no doubt catch the eye of the mod team.

                      We’re not in 2014 anymore, Dorothy.

              • Adrian Thornton

                Hang on there Al1en, Phillip stated quite clearly that he had brought the dumbbells from an op shop, thereby is responsibly reusing that product whatever it's original where is your problem with that?

                • The Al1en

                  He also said it was made from "(organic/hand-pressed/free-range) plastic..", which we know isn't true, so any claim of being from a thrift store has to be questioned, yet the point in how consumption of highly inefficient materials as a wasteful way of getting an exercise buzz, even if second hand, remains true.

                  Using that logic, as the farmed cow already exists, it’s no problem if I eat it.

                  • solkta

                    I really don't think you want to eat second hand meat. Just saying.

                  • Adrian Thornton

                    @ Al1en, sorry didn't catch a whole lot of logic in your reply there pal….maybe I am bit slow off the mark or something.

                    • Shanreagh

                      Blow the logic what about the waves of humour and good advice from Phillip Ure reinforcing the concept of short bursts and doing more of what you like doing exercise-wise.

                      At first I thought it was a sustained burst of teasing from Alien but perhaps not so?

                      'Each to our own' and 'one size does not fit all' (that's enough of cliches) as far as exercise goes is what is recommended. From being a runner then doing relatively long distance lap work in the pool I have taken a while, like years, to get used to walking as exercise. Still doesn't feel like really. But I do it, mostly.

                    • Adrian Thornton

                      Anyway, I have just finished work and am going to ride a lovely original 1980 Mercier (ex Miko Mercier team bike ridden by Pierre-Henri Menthéour) up Te Mata peak then around the Tuki valley to home in Napier (at work in Hasting at the mo) about 50km, I try and do this ride about 4-5 times a week and then a big one on Sunday…for me it's not exercise it's one of the ways I get my enjoyment out of life.

                      But I will say this, exercise, especially exercise that gets your heart rate up is (IMO) not only good for your body but really really good for your mind.

                      So just to bore you all with some cycling manuti and prove what a rivet counting cycling nerd I am here is Pierre-Henri Menthéour losing to Pascal Simon in the 1984 Tour de France..Menthéour’s one chance for a stage victory blown in the final seconds…


                    • Incognito []

                      for me it’s not exercise it’s one of the ways I get my enjoyment out of life.


                      But I will say this, exercise, especially exercise that gets your heart rate up is (IMO) not only good for your body but really really good for your mind.

                      That was the point of the interview by Kim Hill.

    • Incognito 5.2

      I think you do need to do more high intensity training because you ‘forgot’ to add a link 🙁

      I don’t think your 100 biceps curls are the kind of ‘high intensity training’ that was discussed.

  6. RedBaronCV 6

    Another stuff story blaming the boomers rather than heavy migration and no housing plan for the increase in house prices. We've issued about 34000 building permits this year. But back in March 20 newsroom ran a story about the number of empty homes in Auckland – some 36000. Other cities and provinces overseas have taxed empty homes and it seems to work. Vancouver did it when they had only around 1000 empty houses. Although I'd also favour compulsory acquisition and resale by the local body if a property is vacant for more than X years. It would help to ease overseas domiciled boltholers out of our property market.

    So why don't we make this possible here starting with Auckland. With the borders closed it helps reduce the possibility of fudging occupancy by people coming in and out of the country. We could do this by xmas – it would equal our total building for the year. And if we start unwinding Auckland then the flow of Auckland money outwards would start to stop and provincial prices would level off.

    Can't see that there will ever be a better time than now.

    • Phillip ure 6.1

      @ r.b..

      a big 'yes!' to all that…

      it all seems extremely do-able..

    • Adrian Thornton 6.2

      @RedBaronCV, “Another stuff story blaming the boomers rather than heavy migration” …Who do you think loved John key so much that they gave him 3 terms? and who you think that the Labour party shiver in boots about offending with a CGT now?….I'll give you a clue, it's not the Gen Zers and not the millennials.

    • Foreign waka 6.3

      yeah, nah….. vested interests and all.

      Firstly, the regions need some of the tax payer billions that should be paid back to us from those corps with mega profits and payouts to facilitate infrastructure and its repair. Water, power, internet. Than make the land bankers pay premium tax if the zoned property is not being used to specs within 12 months. Than get more multi storey buildings build with 2-3 bed room apartments/flats for first time owners and retirees wanting to shift down. If some 40 000 in Auckland and some 20 000 in Wellington are available within 3 years it will bring the market off the boil.

      Where there is a will there is a way. It is the will that is lacking. Lots of lofty words like " we focus on poverty and the housing market" Meanwhile another emergency is called out, because we are soooo good dealing with those. It will take the eye off the ball and with education being in the doldrums, no chance of reading the small print.

      As for Mr Hickey, whose opinion I respect, please look at the issues each generation actually faces. The older ones will have a 3 bed room house but nothing to eat because the rates are so high and the pension so low. A cynic could argue that this will increase available housing stock.

      The younger generation will be boxed out of the market by not having neither, house nor money. Automation will create some workplaces but certainly not as many as were "restructured". Why else would any company do this?

      The minimum wage is going up but the current "middle earner" does not get any increase. Thus the middle class is effectively phased out by monetary policy.

      If we go further down this part we will have the pre-Victorian age with a lot of gadgets and a new gentry.

      • RedBaronCV 6.3.1

        Why do we want to build 40000 units when in Auckland alone there are some 36000 sitting empty. a bit of tax persuasion to put them back into the pool would help. And yes don't disagree that there are other issues around wrong sized housing etc that would respond to a range of other measures. But high rise housing as it is currently set up is not necessarily cheaper than running a smaller house in a more distant or provincial suburb

        • Foreign waka

          The empty houses are a bit of a legal minefield, but with time could be made to either be occupied or sold. Once the boarder reopens, this could be the housing stock available. Meanwhile, prices need to be at least stabilized if not gradually brought down to realistic levels. This can only be done with supply. For that you need to get cracking first on the infrastructure, i.e. water, sewerage, roading etc. This has to be done with central finance and local planning otherwise this will never ever be solved.

      • Incognito 6.3.2

        The older ones will have a 3 bed room house but nothing to eat because the rates are so high and the pension so low.

        As Einstein once said, make it as simplistic as possible, but no more simplistic.

        • Foreign waka

          What you are saying is in essence: "it is desirable to keep even complex things as simple as they can be, without losing something of the essence of those things, but that some things cannot be reduced to something simpler as they lose something of vital importance"

          Yes, lives.

  7. 7

    As National Party leaders at the last election, Judith Collins and Gerry Brownlee were as useful as:

    1. an ashtray on a motor bike, or
    2. a chocolate fireguard, or
    3. a fart in a space suit, or
    4. a rubber beak on a woodpecker?
    • Phillip ure 8.1

      I found out something very cool about the danes the other day..

      under german rule in ww2…

      ..and the Nazis made plans to round up all of the Jews in denmark in one quick operation…

      but a nazi..for whatever reason…tipped off the leaders of denmark about these plans..

      what happened next is the cool bit..

      with very short notice the danes sheltered/set up escape routes etc for the Jews..

      and the Nazis had to give up on their extermination plans.

      and the stat that underlines this happening/act of courage/compassion by the danes.. that 95% of the Jews living in denmark @ the start of that war…

      ..survived that war..

      ..and I reckon that is really fucken cool..

  8. Jester 9

    Pretty bad publicity stunt from the Safety warehouse preying on desperate people.

    Anger, violence after fake money handed out in '$100k cash drop' |

    Mind you I would be too embarrassed to show my face if I was the bloke that spent $120 in petrol driving from Palmerston North to Auckland to try and grab a handful of cash! Surely any one with half a brain would guess its a promotional stunt.

    • Treetop 9.1

      To think people can pull a con like this for amusement and people turn up.

      • Jester 9.1.1

        Hopefully the company gets done for false advertising. As for the people that travelled from Palmerston North and Levin…… is frightening that these people are allowed to vote.

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