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Open mike 09/09/2022

Written By: - Date published: 6:00 am, September 9th, 2022 - 150 comments
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150 comments on “Open mike 09/09/2022 ”

  1. Sanctuary 1

    Well it will be odd hearing the English crowd at Twickenham singing "God save the King" in November.

  2. Sanctuary 3

    A majority of New Zealanders: "Let us become a republic"

    Grey Lynn socialists: "Great idea! Let's elect president Helen Clark!"

    National Party members: "If we must, appointing Sir Graeme Hart is the way to go!"

    Rural NZ: "Screw you all, let’s annoint Richie McCaw by popular proclaimation as president!"

    Maori: "Bloody Pakeha, surely the Maori King is the logical choice!"

    Everyone six months of bickering later: "Let's stick with Charles III"

    • SPC 3.1

      For some time Charles acted for the Queen as the GG does here.

      Given the GG acts on behalf of the Crown and performs the same role as Charles will in the UK, why not give them the title Crown Governor?

      PS Charles 111 will be defender of faith, whereas his mother was defender of the faith – a subtle change (there is already a ministry of faith in the UK and a minster of faith to recognise the multi-cultural nation they are today).

    • KJT 3.2

      Why have anyone?

      After all our "Head of State is a strictly ceremonial position with no legal power"!

      Or as the Aussies found out, the residual power to overturn an elected Government, is an undemocratic colonial relic.

      • SPC 3.2.1

        Technically that would mean directly electing the PM/President as in France and USA (and the person choosing their cabinet), which can separate the head of state (and cabinet appointees) from having a majority in parliament.

        Nations such as Ireland have separate elections for President as head of state and the PM as head of government comes from the parliamentary election result.

        • KJT

          That is a constitional convention in those countries.

          Not set in concrete.

          In fact, should a "Democracy" have a head of State?

          Surely in an actual Democracy, not our pretend one, "The people are Soveriegn"?

          Or. Should we bow to reality, and just appoint whoever is the Chairman of the Aussie bank that currently makes the most profit in NZ, and stop pretending?

          • SPC

            The point of the head of state, separate from government. is to represent the interests of the peoples sovereignty – as to constitutional practice, so as to be a check on authoritarianism.

            The pertinent thing is to define the role in those terms, the UK is somewhat constrained by the Crown tradition of calling the people subjects (of the authority).

      • Anne 3.2.2

        Q. Why have anyone?

        A. Sanctuary @ 3.

    • Finn McCool 3.3

      ''Everyone six months of bickering later: "Let's stick with Charles III"

      If we are lucky, most New Zealanders will come to that conclusion.` If we are unlucky, most New Zealanders will believe we are mature enough to become a republic. The Queens death couldn't have come at a more inopportune time for the affairs of both Britain and New Zealand.

    • Anne 3.4

      Beautifully said Sanctuary @ 3

    • AB 3.5

      Yep – so many other problems on our plate that nobody has any appetite for wrangling over constitutional arrangements. It'd make 3 Waters look like a love-fest.

  3. Robert Guyton 4

    Are eye pee el eye zee

  4. Ad 5

    Looking forward to a UK royal cabal cut down to about the same size as that of Sweden.

    A slimmed down team of King and Consort, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge plus kids, Princess Royal Anne. Say 5.

    And no taxpayer subsidy at all, apart from maybe Met security.

    Baby steps to abolition.

  5. Sanctuary 6

    Whoa, does this mean all our money will change?

    It is pretty strange.

    No one under 80 can remember another monarch. All sorts of stuff will change, letterheads, money, all sorts of stuff.

    A chap on the radio just made the mindblowing observation that the Queen’s first PM (Winston Churchill) was born in 1874. Her last, Liz Truss, was born 101 years later in 1975. She really spanned the era from the age of Empire to Brexit Britain.

    Elizabeth II was an exemplar of another age – a person who put service above her individuality. It was a sense of service informed by her deep religiousity and patriotism and good on her for that.

    Elizabeth II was Queen, and the Queen was her, there was no seperation. A superhuman effort of repression of the id in the service of a role and of an institution in the service of her country.

  6. Peter 7

    I scrolled down the Herald to see 'Mike Hosking sobs on air' as the news broke.

    At a symbolic moment a totally symbolic reaction. A person without an iota of empathy, a person who leads a horde representative of no empathy and understanding of the human condition and the lives and struggles of ordinary people, wallowing.

  7. Robert Guyton 8

    Funniest headline?

    "Queen loses will to live after meeting Liz Truss".

    • Muttonbird 8.1

      Truss already wreaking havoc on her first day. Didn’t muck about, the journey to President Truss begins.

      • mikesh 8.1.1

        Wouldn't Liz Truss have to resign the prime ministership and be re-appointed by King Charles, albeit that it would probably be a mere formality? And what about our own GG and PM?

    • SPC 8.2

      Presumably when they met it was noted that there was an Elizabeth to carry on, but that the new/next monarch would be expected to be on the throne for longer than her own time at No 10.

    • kejo 8.3

      Womans Weekly staff suspended for not wearing mourning colours.

    • Anne 8.4

      Anointing her finished the Queen off.

      In the fullness of time the cartoonists……

    • Sabine 8.5

      I guess the Queen knew what women are, and thus decided that Liz Truss was better then the alternative. In the meantime Keir Starmer is about as exiting as warmed up omlette from yesterday. Sadly so.

      however dear Liz Truss is going to work and thanks to Boris signing of on fracking licenses on his last day i guess Britain is going to invest in their own energy creation. After all, those electronic gadgets and items driven by electricity need to be charged with something and compost is not doing it.

      Trigger alert, this is from the Daily Fail.


      Energy bills will be frozen at £2,500 for TWO YEARS: Liz Truss unveils 'extraordinary' £150bn plan to counter Putin and subsidise household costs while businesses get 'equivalent' support for six months – as she backs fracking and using North Sea reserves

      • Liz Truss is set to ease the pain of energy bills for households by freezing them at a typical level of £2,500
      • New PM insisted that failing to take action on the scale of the Covid response would damage the economy
      • But Ms Truss also warned that major changes are needed to shore up Britain's long-term energy supplies

      The freezing of the prices is not gonna do much for the very poor and poor, but for a first day announcement this is not bad for a tory. Lets see what Keir Starmer proposes.

      In saying that Englands issue is not the R/U war, it is the fact that they sell electricity to Europe for profit and thus shorten the supply to their citizens.

    • weka 8.6

      don't know about funny, but the Brits have some hard reckoning coming and the symbolism of the death of the Queen, committed to public service, and the rise of the PM, committed to the death cult, is poignant and timely.

    • Grey Area 8.7

      That was my first thought this morning too Robert but I wasn't game enough to say it.

    • Macro 8.8

      It was more likely that even though she was the highest paid beneficiary in the UK, if not the world, the daunting prospect of the cost of having to warm the Royal Apartments at Buck House over the coming winter, or moving to the granny flat in California with Harry and Meghan.

    • bwaghorn 8.9

      To soon, even for a loather of the royal system

  8. higherstandard 9

    What an extraordinary life of service.

    RIP Queen Elizabeth.

    • Thank you higherstandard.

      There are occasions where dignity should supersede politics.

      The Queen was a remarkable woman.

      King Charles at 73 will find the role a burden.

      Other issues will have their time.

      • Stuart Munro 9.1.2

        I like Charles – hope he does well.

        • Anne

          He's been the butt of endless derision and jokes yet he's a very intelligent and thoughtful person.

          He was made the scapegoat over the Diana fiasco yet he had been just as wronged as Diana was. And now the ugly side of the English personna are doing it again to Meghan Markle and Harry.

          It must have broken the late Queen’s heart.

  9. Sabine 10

    I hope that the Queen finds peace in what ever is after life. That she be united with her late husband, her parents, her ancestor. That she rests in peace and that peace be with her family.

    • Anker 10.1

      beautifully said Sabine.

      Sad to hear the news. She was an incredible women.

      RIP Elizabeth 11

    • SPC 10.2

      It was the Virgin Mary's presumed birthday on September 8 (double edged born into the world then years later leaving this world for another place).


      The date was chosen because it was of Virgo and before the Jewish time of Tabernacles (harvest gatherings at David's city). A 20 year old women leaving Egypt was counted in that census (in Egyptian the name means beloved, in Hebrew bitter herbs – used to flavour lamb) and a 20 year old women would go the place of her family origin for the harvest gathering. This to honour the Qum (means to to raise up – the tent set up on exodus journey).

      The detail is that the Jewish calendar begins Oct 7 3761BCE and in 7BCE Oct 7 was the 14th day of the month – the harvest festival began on Oct 8th.

      The Queen and a life of observed service.

  10. Sanctuary 11

    Also, a big victory for the Ukraine is in the offing.

    They telegraphed an offensive in Kherson, drew all Russia's remaining reserves west of the Dniepr then cut them off by destroying the bridges and launching an offensive there before delivering the surpise blow at Kharkiv. Maskirovka indeed. If this is indeed what happens, it will be a studied and storied victory.

    The Russian army has been routed near Kharkiv, Ukrainian forces have advanced up to 100km and are currently fighting outside Kupiansk. This is big deal since it cuts off the main supply route to the Russian army concentration in the Izyum salient and traps them on the wrong side of the Oskil river. They'll almost certainly have to retreat across the Oskil river all the way back east to the next supply hub at Svatove – and they'll most likely have to leave all their heavy equipment behind. Basically, it potentially signals the end of the Russian army in the Ukraine.

    In the Kherson salient 20,000 Russians are effectively cut off – again, they'll be forced to retreat or surrender in the next few weeks leaving all their equipment behind.

    If this turns into a complete Russia rout then even the re-conquest of the Crimea by the Ukraine comes into play.

    Russia is now at an inflexion point. Either they consider ending the war or face total defeat or they use nuclear weapons to try and restore the situation.

    • mikesh 11.1

      If this turns into a complete Russia rout then even the re-conquest of the Crimea by the Ukraine comes into play.

      If the Russians lose Crimea the oil regions around the Caspian Sea will be in danger. Would another 'barbarossa' be launched, this time by NATO?

      • Sanctuary 11.1.1

        The Ukrainians have never indicated any desire to seize Russian territory.

        It is hard to see Putin surviving a major rout of his army, his successor will be able to negotiate a ceasefire that satisfies the Americans.

        • lprent

          It is hard to see Putin surviving a major rout of his army…

          He will just send generals into involuntary internal exile if he continues to follow the Russian Imperial tradition.

          Otherwise there is always the Stalin model…

          Blaming the performance of generals is usually the default behaviour for the strategic failures of the despots.

        • mikesh

          The Ukrainians have never indicated any desire to seize Russian territory.

          The Ukranians have made no secret of their desire to win back Crimea, which course is Russian territory.

    • Stuart Munro 11.2

      A rout may be the fastest way to end the war.

      If Russian morale breaks, and it is not stellar, further casualties will be greatly reduced.

      Ukraine have consistently outplayed their notional strength. Perhaps some of them would like to coach the ABs.

    • Jenny are we there yet 11.3

      "Either they consider ending the war or face total defeat or they use nuclear weapons to try and restore the situation."

      The exact same situation Nixon faced in Vietnam.

      Luckily for us the US chose the former not the latter.

    • Jenny are we there yet 11.4

      After the liberation of Kherson, the liberation of Mariupol could not be far behind.



  11. Muttonbird 12

    Here's what is wrong with NZ and other Western countries, the headline:

    National house prices plunge, expert warns it'll get worse before it gets better.

    Surely it should read, "it'll get better before it gets worse".

    This is what we voted for in 2017. Celebrate it, nitwits.


    • PsyclingLeft.Always 12.1

      Surely it should read, "it'll get better before it gets worse".

      Or…National Party : house prices plunge, expert warns it'll get worse before it gets better.

      QV general manager David Nagel

      He said with more new homes due to hit the market and adding to an already healthy supply, the downward trend in house prices will continue.


      Yeah National…party.

    • Sabine 12.2

      Considering that many houses doubled in GV in the last two years the prices can fall quite a bit and not make any dent.

      I feel for the guys that bought over the last three years. They are stuffed.

      • Muttonbird 12.2.1

        Typical misplaced sympathy from the fake left. The guys that bought over the last three years still own a house, something which an increasing number of people were never going to be able to do.

        Where is your sympathy for them?

        • Sabine

          look i bought a house real cheap – very cheap as essentially uninhabitalbe at the time – we fixed a lot. that house is now double in value. On the counts of nothing actually for what its worth.

          However i do not 'own' the house, the bank does. I own the mortgage. 🙂 And hte poor saps who bought at inflated rates over the last few years for all the wrong reasons are going to be stuck in mortgages that are not worth the paper they are printed on. Even if they manage to sell they are still on the hook for the rest of hte mortgage.

          But then, i guess its their own fault for believing government – all will be well, banks – here have a cheap entry rate, the estate agents – houses will never loose value, etc. Sucks to be them, right?

          A the kindness of the real left towards its young and old in this country is just always astonishing. So kind, so very very kind.

          Btw, did you know that many people can lose houses that they paid for because they can no longer serve the rates that are based on GV? Did you know that the government collects a huge amount of GST on these inflated rates? LOL. How secure are you my dear in your house or rental?

        • swordfish


          Typical misplaced sympathy from the fake left

          It's your jaw-dropping lack of self-awareness that gets me every single bloody time.

          But then, this does appear to be very much the Woke modus operandi … accuse others of your own core, defining characteristic. Not surprising that recent research in psychology has emphasised machiavellianism (along with the other Dark Triad traits) as core components of the authoritarian Woke personality.

    • mikesh 12.3

      This is what we voted for in 2017. Celebrate it, nitwits.

      I don't think any of us voted for 'faulty headlines' in 2017.

    • Bearded Git 12.4

      Agreed Mutton….but a 5.5% drop in house prices is hardly a "plunge". Prices need to come down at least 30%, and that would be good news.

      • If you buy a home to live in, it has more than monetary value.

        Those who see houses as a stepping stone to wealth are half the problem.

        Those who buy rentals and turn them into Air B&B are lowering long term rentals available. Those who build for that purpose… ok.

        Those who spruik to the young with a sprat (money back) to catch a mackerel (expensive mortgage) are todays Highway Robbers. imo.

  12. roy Cartland 13

    Time to seriously consider what we'll call out head of state when we renounce the monarchy.

    President is undeniably (and as it happens) deliberately dull.

    Naturally governor, chancellor, premiere, chairman, etc and all the monarchic titles are too loaded.

    A Māori title is the natural next step to further our unique identity, but what?

  13. Jenny are we there yet 14

    Exposing the far limits of medical science.

    If the super wealthy have any social utility at all, it is to push the envelope and exploring the limits of what is possible. With all the latest and best of medical science at her disposal. I was expecting HRH to live to at least 100.


    • Sabine 14.1

      A broken heart and loneliness can not be cured by any medicine. Never mind what her bout with covid did to her body. But it was clear for anyone to see that the joy of life left her when she buried her husband.

      • Jenny are we there yet 14.1.1

        As John Paul Getty, once the richest man in the world, said, "Money doesn't buy happiness, it buys you a comfortable standard of misery".

        May the death of this sad autocrat be the death of autocracy around the world, including here.

        May our government not waste one cent of public money commemorating the death of HRH.

        • Jenny are we there yet

          I hear the PM is off to to the UK for the HRHQEII funeral

          I hope she is paying her own air fare.

          • Shanreagh


            She is going in her role as NZ's PM. NZ is a member of the Commonwealth and there would be n expectation she would be there. She's not going over to gate crash the event.

            Does this mean, in your view, she should pay for her official cars and pay rent for her office and for living in Premier House?

  14. PsyclingLeft.Always 15

    ‘More than minor’: Planned dairy farm complex faces strong opposition

    Southland District Council resource management planner Alexandra Smith has recommended the application for the proposed development near Lake Te Anau be declined and submissions have been made public ahead of a hearing on the matter at the end of this month.

    The Department of Conservation and mana whenua are among those who have opposed the application.


    Well, thats certainly changed the situation somewhat !

    • Robert Guyton 15.1

      "Environment Southland has defended its consent to the dairy development as an environmental improvement.

      Integrated catchment management general manager Paul Hulse said the site had been used for "a number of years" to graze stock over winter on crop or pasture.

      "It was assessed that the addition of a wintering barn will mitigate the potential for nutrient and sediment losses to water, as compared to the stock wintering outside.

      "The consent they now have restricts the discharge of effluent to a maximum area of 150ha and depth of discharge to 5mm in order to mitigate the potential for leaching or run-off of contaminants to freshwater."

      Mr Hulse said the location had a mix of soil types, some of which were free draining.

      However, Environment Southland determined the effects on the environment did not meet that threshold for public notification.'
      (From above link)

      • PsyclingLeft.Always 15.1.1

        That is, as maybe…However this was also in my Link…

        In recommending the proposal be declined, Ms Smith said the dairy-barn complex would have the "largest footprint proposed in the Southland region".

        The scale of the proposed winter barn complex — more than 14 times greater than what the rules permit — meant it could not integrate with the landscape.

        It would add to existing effects of the business already adversely affecting the landscape, and earthworks from the proposed construction could also contaminate waterways and harm the nearby Waiau River ecosystem.

        "I am of the view that the proposal will result in adverse effects on the environment that are more than minor," Ms Smith said.


  15. joe90 16

    I know some are a wee bit sad Queenie's carked it but as a descendant of people who suffered because of the British aristocracy's penchant for violence, subjugation and theft, I couldn't give a rats.

    • Sabine 16.1

      Good on ya.

    • And spare us King Charles III.

      The first Charles lost his head (deservedly so), the second presided over the most licentious court in British history (and that's saying something) – so how will the third f*wit go?

      Time we became a republic!

      • joe90 16.2.1

        how will the third f*wit go?

        The bar is low.

        duplicitous and delusional

        Samuel Gardiner

        Restless he rolls from whore to whore
        A merry monarch, scandalous and poor

        John Wilmot

        Oh, God. I'll just live inside your trousers or something. It would be much easier!

        – Himself

      • Finn McCool 16.2.2

        I think he will go quite well. He will never be as popular as the Queen, but he was way ahead of his time. We laughed at him for his weird beliefs regarding organics and regenerative agriculture and environmental issues. Now those issues are mainstream. We even have a political party based on those issues and the use of pronouns. Although I think the latter is something the new king will have to be brought up to speed on.

  16. weka 17

  17. Sabine 18

    Good on the young ones.


    Speaking to Open Justice, the girls – who have automatic name suppression – have described the lasting impact of the rapes and sexual violation they suffered at the hands of Jayden Meyer, who was 16 at the time of the offending.

    "Life doesn't prepare you for the horrors others' actions can inflict. Nor does it prepare you for the mental strain 16 months through the courts can cause," said one of the girls on behalf of the five victims. "This boy's actions have caused a lifetime of trauma and hurt."

    "Many have expressed that nine months isn't a suitable punishment against the 10 charges he's been convicted of. Considering, in our view, a lack of acknowledgement shown by both the offender and his family, justice doesn't feel as though it has been served in this case."


    yesterday afternoon more than 100 people gathered in Hamilton and at least 500 at Mt Maunganui's Mount Drury reserve in support of the victims – and to voice their concerns at the sentence.

    Students Amy Griffiths and Grace Hunt said they believed the sentence was a "slap in the face".

    "It's truly terrifying how you can rape underage children and get … a nine-month home detention sentence," Hunt said.

    "It's scary, it's really terrifying.

    "Rape culture is pretty prominent among young people, you hear people's experiences all the time. It's time to take a stand."


    According to district court documents recently obtained by Open Justice, all five victims were aged 15 at the time of the offending.

    In one instance the sex was initially consensual but Meyer raped the girl when she refused to be with him for a second time that night. On another occasion, he filmed the rape of another unconsenting girl. A third rape happened while his victim was asleep in bed.

    In the most graphic of the attacks, Meyer raped a teen in a bush after they had been at a party. The fifth girl was sexually violated.

    I hope that these young ones will be better adults then the one that sentenced that guy to the trauma of 9 month Home D.

    • Jimmy 18.1

      Yes I find it unbelievable that sentence of home D. As has been pointed out to me, we do not know all the details, but IMO that judge needs a rocket up her (unless judges have been ordered to reduce prison numbers).

      I hope due to the public outcry, they at least release more details and justify to the public why the home D was allowed.

      What next? this bloke gets home D?

      Sockburn fatal stabbing: Zakariye Mohamed Hussein admits street murder; shocking past revealed – NZ Herald

      • Sabine 18.1.1

        Everyone gets home d.

      • AB 18.1.2

        What would you do with Meyer? Put him in an adult prison for 10 years, or 20? Would you want to live next door to him when he gets out after that? Maybe shut him up for life – happy to pay the taxes to fund all the extra prisons and staff are you? So maybe it's best (i.e. cheaper and final) to take him behind a bush and shoot him then – are you up for that?

        You offer no answers and you have no answers. Your sympathy for the young women concerned appears to be entirely bogus and opportunistic. You are sh*t-stirring and using the 'soft on crime' slogan in order to help get the Nats elected. Contemptible.

        • Sabine

          Yes, i would lock him up for life.

          in fact i would lock him up for five life sentences. One for each girl.

          But he will be allowed out in 9 month, and chances are he will continue to rape.

          BTW, What would you do with a serial rapist that at 16 years of age has already raped 4 girls and assaulted a fifth girl? Give him 9 month home D or even less? maybe a pat on the shoulder? Give him a candy bar? Tell the girls to shut up?

          And have a good look at the youngsters protesting this injustice. And ask yourself if these young ones are going to be national voters or what ever party is still valid when they come of age because of that injustice?
          Think. Seriously Think.

        • Jimmy

          Yes I'm happy to pay more taxes to keep him in a juvenile prison and keep him off the streets else we get the re-offending like in the story of Mohamed in Stockburn in 18.1 above. He cant re-offend while behind bars.

          I guess in your view my thinking is flawed as I believe in a justice system for the victims (not what's best for the offenders).

        • Sabine

          Just like this dude here should have not been released on parole.

          While on parole he had 14 special conditions including remaining at his property between 9pm and 6am daily, to attend psychological, alcohol and drug assessments as well as not possessing, using or consuming alcohol or other drugs unless prescribed by a health professional.

          The conditions were to last six months following this release.

          In releasing Brider, the board assessed him as a high risk of violent offending and a moderately high risk of sexual offending.

          “It is trite that most offenders pose a risk,” The board decision said. “The test is whether that risk is undue…” “While there is risk, it is the board’s view that the risk is not undue.”

          His statutory release date for the rape was February 4, 2022.

          he got out, bought his tools of the trade and killed.

          Brider broke in after midnight.

          Bonilla-Herrera had an app on her phone that recorded noise made during night. It recorded the start of her attack.

          She says, “excuse me” before Brider told her to “shut up” and threatened to cut her throat.

          A struggle ensued.

          During the next 10 minutes, Brider continued to threaten to kill her, and bound her using a bedsheet and masking tape. Several punches could be heard.

          She begged him not to kill her.

          Brider then took her into the lounge, where the struggle continued.

          She tried to run from him, but was stabbed several times, including in the chest.

          She suffered 51 separate injuries. She died by the door. Brider returned home, showered and disposed of items used in murder.


          i am all for prisons being emptied of non violent people who did some stupid shit in their life and chances are will never re-offend. But violent men and women should be treated differently.

        • Johnr

          Yep 9 months home D is fine with me as long as it is accompanied with castration

      • Mac1 18.1.3

        Jimmy, it seems both of us would like the same thing. We both want a suitable sentence for a serious crime.

        The difference is that I am willing to trust that the judge has ruled according to the evidence and the principles of sentencing that judges follow whereas you condemn the judge (who you say is a woman which would in my eyes more predispose towards a tougher sentence for a crime like multiple rape) and demand to see the justification after proferring your condemnation.

        I just found this as a guide to why judges sentence as they do. https://www.lawteacher.net/lecture-notes/principles-of-sentencing.php

      • Incognito 18.1.4

        … (unless judges have been ordered to reduce prison numbers).

        Again, you show your profound ignorance of the NZ judicial system and the independence of the judiciary even though others have already explained this to you.

        Enlighten us who could, would and should order the judges to reduce prison numbers. How does this work in NZ?

  18. observer 19

    Luxon's broken promise …

    He said the report on Sam Uffindell would be done by a QC. It's taken so long that it is now impossible for that to happen. Resign!


    • Mac1 19.1

      Now to be completed by a KFC, and kept secret like the colonel's spices. Take away justice, indeed….. a salt and sauce and taste that won''t go away.

  19. Barfly 20

    Hmm that bloke Sharma seems to have gone quiet – has reality caught up with the press on that one?

  20. Stephen D 21

    Another one in the series of the Greens were right all along.

    ”The climate crisis has driven the world to the brink of multiple “disastrous” tipping points, according to a major study.

    It shows five dangerous tipping points may already have been passed due to the 1.1C of global heating caused by humanity to date.”


  21. Jenny are we there yet 22

    How New Zealanders greet each other

    'I am not a royalist. But….'

  22. Poission 23

    Friday dump.

    Robertson releases response to Infrastructure recommendations and says government will spend 61.5 billion$ on infrastructure, over the next 5 years.

    The foremost problem to a large tome full of words,is that we have no money.The second part of the problem is we are in a high interest rate regime,with significant constraints on supply (as Europe closes industry that will be needed for infrastructure)


    • Ad 23.1

      I'll have a look over the weekend.

      They don't have the ability to reconcile:

      – 8 years to the 100% renewables goal

      – New RMA that doesn't accelerate major energy projects

      – Too few skilled workers

      – Very very thin capital base

      – Few Tier 1 companies prepared to take a punt on NZ

      They are writing cheques with their mouth that their ass can't cash.

      • Poission 23.1.1

        About right.

        Finance is the problem,along with using european energy models to provide capital guidance for say pumped hydro (wait to consumers get a big hit to provide capital servicing charges)

  23. Mike the Lefty 24

    I wonder if there was the traditional call of "The Queen is dead – long live the King!".

    But seriously, I was no particular lover of the British monarchy but did respect her late majesty – she kept working and doing her duty to the end.

    However I think that republican aspirations, which have been on hold out of respect for her majesty, will now gather momentum now that she has passed.

    • observer 24.1

      The news that next Tuesday Parliament will adjourn for a whole week has just made me a little more republican. A day of tributes, fine. Pay respect, make the speeches, then adjourn for the day.

      But putting everything on hold for a week is excessive. Most people got up and went to work this morning.

      • Anne 24.1.1

        I think we would be charged by our off-shore friends and allies as showing disrespect to the late Queen. I think its is just the debating chamber shenanigans is it not?

      • Incognito 24.1.2

        What do you think happens when a Head of a Republic dies? BAU?

        • Poission

          Usually the tanks surround the TV station.

        • observer

          Well, it's not a hereditary position to hold until death, at least in a democratic republic. So it doesn't happen often, they are usually ex-heads in retirement and when they die – yes, it is mostly BAU.

          • Incognito

            Really? Have you got any examples, from overseas, obviously?

            Monarchs don’t die very often either, do they?

            • observer

              Presidents overseas are basically in two categories: majorly political, like USA and France) and minor (more ceremonial, like Germany and Ireland).

              If NZ became a republic I'm pretty certain we'd choose the latter, leaving real power in Parliament. We'd still have a Gov-Gen in all but name. Nobody's advocating the American system, AFAIK.

              No, I don't have examples from overseas because when the German/Irish Presidents die we don't notice, which is kind of the point.

            • observer

              Monarchs don’t die very often either, do they?

              Not British/NZ monarchs, obviously. But that's the thing – we don't notice what we don't notice. Many European monarchies are more low key than the Windsor soap opera, and better for it.

          • Poission

            Hume argued quite succinctly for the strengths of a constitutional monarchy,and the stability that it provided during the change of governments.

            "It is well known, that every government must come to a period, and that death is unavoidable to the political, as well as to the animal body. But, as one kind of death may be preferable to another, it may be inquired, whether it be more desirable for the British constitution to terminate in a popular government, or in an absolute monarchy? Here, I would frankly declare, that though liberty be preferable to slavery, in almost every case; yet I should rather wish to see an absolute monarch than a republic in this island. For let us consider what kind of republic we have reason to expect. The question is not concerning any fine imaginary republic of which a man forms a plan in his closet. There is no doubt but a popular government may be imagined more perfect than an absolute monarchy, or even than our present constitution. But what reason have we to expect that any such government will ever be established in Great Britain, upon the dissolution of our monarchy? If any single person acquire power enough to take our constitution to pieces, and put it up anew, he is really an absolute monarch; and we have already had an instance of this kind, sufficient to convince us, that such a person will never resign his power, or establish any free government. Matters, therefore, must be trusted to their natural progress and operation; and the House of Commons, according to its present constitution, must be the only legislature in such a popular government. The inconveniences attending such a situation of affairs present themselves by thousands. If the House of Commons, in such a case, ever dissolve itself, which is not to be expected, we may look for a civil war every election. If it continue itself, we shall suffer all the tyranny of a faction subdivided into new factions. And, as such a violent government cannot long subsist, we shall at last, after many convulsions and civil wars, find repose in absolute monarchy, which it would have been happier for us to have established peaceably from the beginning. Absolute monarchy, therefore, is the easiest death, the true Euthanasia of the British constitution.

            "Thus if we have more reason to be jealous of monarchy, because the danger is more imminent from that quarter; we have also reason to be more jealous of popular government, because that danger is more terrible. This may teach us a lesson of moderation in all our political controversies."

            From Huxley (1879)


  24. Jenny are we there yet 25

    I am saddened and torn my lawnmower died today too.

  25. Jenny are we there yet 26

    Hair and scalp clinics around the world are overwhelmed with patients suffering hair damage after a severe outbreak of forelock tugging sweeps the globe.

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    Minister for Māori Development Willie Jackson has announced the Māori Broadcasting Strategy today. Cabinet has agreed to a three-year plan, which outlines the priorities for the Māori media sector. “Māori media plays a vital role in normalising and revitalising te reo Māori and helps us work towards the Maihi Karauna ...
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    Post-Study Work Visa changes signalled as part of the Immigration Rebalance take effect 7 September Settings for post-study work rights for students studying towards a non-degree level 7 or below confirmed International students who complete a degree or post-graduate qualification will continue to have access to open post-study work rights ...
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    The work to get more people into stable housing is continuing at pace in Christchurch, with six additional homes  delivered in partnership between the government and community housing provider Ōtautahi Community Housing Trust, says Housing Minister, Megan Woods. “These new houses in Glovers Road in Halswell, built to the Homestar ...
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  • How the future resource management system will better enable development outcomes
    Address to the Resource Management Infrastructure stakeholders' event   WellingtonTuesday 6 September 2022  Kia ora everyone.  Thank you for the opportunity to be here today to update you on reform of the resource management system and, in particular, to explain how the new system will be more efficient and effective, ...
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  • Successful funding for COVID-19 research round announced
    Researchers from across New Zealand have received funding to undertake research into the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 and future pandemic responses. “Our response to COVID-19 has always been science led therefore it is crucial that we fund projects that give us insights into how whānau, communities and the health system ...
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  • Government invests in local infrastructure to support decarbonisation
    Communities around New Zealand will benefit from upgraded, safer, and more people-friendly streets as the result of the Government’s Streets for People programme, Transport Minister Michael Wood announced today. “The Government is upgrading New Zealand’s transport infrastructure system to make it safer, greener, and more efficient for now and future ...
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    Successful youth engagement and employment programmes to be extended to thousands more young people All children aged under 14 in Counties Manukau and West Auckland who are caught doing a ram raid will be referred to the cross agency Social Wellbeing Board to intervene with wraparound support Youth Guarantee Programme ...
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    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has congratulated Liz Truss on her election as Conservative Party leader, and pending appointment as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. “New Zealand has an exceptionally strong relationship with the United Kingdom based on our shared values, history and culture,” Jacinda Ardern said. “As Secretary of ...
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    Minister of State for Trade and Export Growth Phil Twyford will travel to Canberra this week for talks with Australian counterparts on key trade issues. Minister Twyford will be discussing a range of matters, including the ongoing implementation of the Pacific Agreement on Closer Economic Relations (PACER Plus), upgrading the ...
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  • Trade and Agriculture Minister to visit USA to deepen bilateral and regional cooperation
    Minister for Trade and Export Growth and Minister of Agriculture Damien O’Connor will visit the USA this week to help further New Zealand’s economic recovery through cooperation efforts with a range of US and Indo-Pacific partners. “My focus is on export growth so we can ensure New Zealand is best protected ...
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  • Aerospace sector to reach new heights with Govt strategy and funding
    New Aerospace Strategy is opened for public consultation Funding announced to support the strategy $9 million for research partnerships with NASA $3 million for research projects under the Government’s Airspace Integration Trials Programme $3.7 million for the Civil Aviation Authority to establish an Emerging Technologies Programme Launch of review of ...
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  • Police given new powers to seize criminal assets
    The Government is providing Police additional tools to seize the illicit assets of organised criminals, Justice Minister Kiri Allan announced today. The raft of legislative changes are targeted at gangs and are intended to strip gang members of the benefits of their criminal activity. “This is about ensuring crime doesn’t ...
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  • New programme to ‘step up’ marine reserve monitoring nationwide
    A new monitoring programme for marine reserves, coupled with a network of marine reserve rangers, will boost protection for the country’s special marine areas, Conservation Minister Poto Williams says. The Minister has announced the new Marine Monitoring and Reporting Framework today, as Conservation Week began. The framework, developed by the ...
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    6 days ago
  • Prime Minister to attend UN General Assembly
    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will travel to New York on 17 September to represent New Zealand at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), co-host a Christchurch Call to Action Leader’s Summit, and participate in events to promote trade, investment, and tourism. “I look forward to visiting the United States to meet with ...
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    6 days ago
  • Pathways to make New Zealand home now open
    Applications for the Green List Straight to Residence pathway open today The streamlined pathway will help address shortages in highly skilled areas  Confirmation of this year’s Refugee quota including increases in places allocated to the Middle East and Africa international allocations, and emergency/urgent resettlement places The number of places specifically ...
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    6 days ago
  • Go with Tourism Funding Speech
    Thank you to the Go with Tourism team for welcoming me to their office today. I want to acknowledge all the hard work they do, especially in helping grow New Zealand’s tourism workforce. It has been an incredibly difficult time for the tourism industry due to COVID-19. However, this time ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    7 days ago
  • Language week has new  lea-faka Tonga goals
    Minister for Pacific Peoples Aupito William Sio is urging Tongans everywhere to embrace Uike Kātoanga’i ‘o e lea faka-Tonga - Tonga Language Week 2022, to help stop the decline in its use by the New Zealand born Tongan population.  “It has been so great to see the Ministry and Tongan ...
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    1 week ago
  • Government backs largest ever pastoral farming study on regenerative farming practices
    New Zealand’s largest ever study on the sustainability of our farming sector aims to prove to the world why New Zealand food and fibre should be always the number one choice, Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor announced.  “The Government is backing a new $26.1 million programme to undertake the most comprehensive ...
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    1 week ago
  • Foreign Minister to visit Papua New Guinea
    Foreign Affairs Minister Nanaia Mahuta departs for Papua New Guinea next week to engage kanohi ki te kanohi with partners and visit key development initiatives in the region.  “As we continue to reconnect Aotearoa New Zealand with the world, it is vital that we invest time and effort into strengthening ...
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    1 week ago
  • Minister to visit intelligence partnership capitals
    Minister Responsible for the NZSIS and GCSB Andrew Little will visit the capitals of the Five Eyes intelligence partnership - Canberra, Washington DC, Ottawa and London – from Sunday 4 until Wednesday 14 September. He will meet ministerial counterparts and parliamentary intelligence committee members, visit partner agency headquarters, and attend ...
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    1 week ago
  • Govt backs scheme to increase tourism workforce
    The Government will invest $2 million to support Go with Tourism, an initiative that connects jobseekers with employers, to help address the workforce shortage in the industry and accelerate economic recovery, Tourism Minister Stuart Nash announced today. Go with Tourism is a unique approach to addressing labour supply issues in ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • Honouring our Māori language champions, 50 years on
    Ā te 14 o Mahuru ka tū tētahi hui ā-motu ki te Whare Pāremata e whakanui ana i te huringa o te 50 tau mai i te whakatakotoranga o te petihana reo Māori. Hei tā te Minita Whanaketanga Māori, hei tā Willie Jackson, kei te whakanui tēnei huihuinga i ngā ...
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    1 week ago
  • Opening Address – Cutting Edge Conference
    Mōrena, it is a pleasure to be here today. The last two and a half years have been unprecedented. We’ve been faced with, and overcome, many challenges. We’ve had to change how we live, how we work, and how we connect. While we have become accustomed to seeing each other ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago