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111 comments on “Open mike 09/11/2013 ”

  1. jcuknz 1

    A comment from an American

    “The best thing that could happen is an increase in the minimum wage. Minimum wage earners spend every dime they get. Putting more money into the hands of the poor is money that will be spent immediately.

    Can’t say the same about tax cuts, which disproportionately go the rich who simply hoard the money.”

    • Tat Loo (CV) 1.1

      Yep. Hoard the money or pile them into financial markets to inflate speculative asset bubbles.

  2. Saarbo 2

    Well credit where credits due. Ive been one to highlight Fran O Sullivan’s hopeless and thoughtless blind devotion to free market philosophies over the years. But she has nailed it in todays NZ Herald.

    And I particularly like this bit, hopefully this will be the last time we hear the phrase “man ban”, because I think we now know where that phrase was coming from.

    “It is to Labour’s credit that the party is trying to even the score when it comes to evening up gender representation in Parliament.

    The party has faced down criticism from the usual media jocks who label such policies a “man ban”.”

    I hope Farrar and Gower now realise they are part of the club of dinosaurs when they continue to criticise Labour over its remit to have AT LEAST 50% women, I suggest after this debacle it should be AT LEAST 75%.

    • karol 2.1

      Well there’s some good n FO’S’s piece. And yes there are some misogynist elements within Labour. But she fails to mention how the right used those nasty smears about Clark as a deliberate ploy to undermine Clark as PM. I have heard the content of the smears originally came from within the left. But it was the right that crafted them into one of the nastiest, most underhand smear campaign’s in NZ’s political history.

      FOS makes out the misogyny is all Labour’s. Sheesh – and WO, KB?

      And Key’s government has hardly been a friend to the majority of women.

        • Aspasia

          Did I hear Moira Coatsworth reported on radio yesterday pointing out that there were processes in the Labour Party in terms of membership for the likes of Tamihere?
          Am I correct in thinking that (like the police?) she needs a formal complaint? If so, can anyone enlighten me about how to do this?

          • Tat Loo (CV)

            Any Labour Party member, but ideally a constitutional branch or LEC, can write a formal complaint about the conduct of a member to the Labour Party’s New Zealand Council, usually via their Labour Region’s representative on that Council.

            • gobsmacked

              Please, please do this.

              I am not a Labour member so I realize I’m asking somebody else to do the work, but I really hope that the party receives complaints by the dozen about Tamihere’s behaviour.

              It’s important to remember that media attention spans are short, and people who are “persona non grata” soon return. (case in point: Paul Henry).

              Tamihere’s media status will be rehabilitated to “lovable rogue” in a matter of weeks/months. Even now, fools like Josie Pagani are defending him.

              He must NEVER be a Labour candidate. It is that simple.

              • QoT

                I understand at least one Labour Party member has already done so, but I’m sure that additional messages wouldn’t hurt.

      • Tigger 2.1.2

        Agreed, K. She glosses over the worst misogyny Clark faced, that of the right. I have a complete wtf reaction to that piece. It’s so calculated that its worthy message is fatally undercut.

      • Saarbo 2.1.3


        The phrase “man ban” had its origins in the same misogynistic/patriarchal attitude that we see from Jackson and Tamihere. I understand that Farrar created it. Gower highlights it at every opportunity. I hope out of this whole episode we end up with a public who gain a better understanding of where these phrases are coming from and consequently Labour (Moira Coatsworth in particular) get some support for sticking to their guns on this.

      • Anne 2.1.4

        I have heard the content of the smears originally came from within the left.

        Not strictly correct. It came from the neoliberal faction back in the late 70s and early 80s at a time when their ‘star’ was on the rise. They ruled the Labour roost for about seven years and then they were gone. They joined ACT in the early 90s.

    • Chooky 2.2

      Saarbo +1 ..interesting and well put from Fran O’Sullivan

  3. cricklewood 3

    Of this whole ‘roast buster’ saga. The news media a making me increasingly angry with the headlines. Specifically radio where every bullitin I would hear something along the lines of ‘supply young girls with alcohol and have group sex’ the reality is they targeted girls stupefied them the PACK RAPED them.
    The media sugar coating it as they are I believe is symptomatic of the whole problem. The two dickheads at radio live been at the top of the pile.

    • uke 3.1

      Totally agree. I couldn’t believe yesterday’s ‘Dominion post’ headline: ‘Police roasted over sex saga’.

      The phrase ‘sex saga’ is for discussing some All Black or movie star having an affair. This is a rape case.

      In other words, the ‘Dominion post’ contributes to the rape culture discourse.

      • idlegus 3.1.1

        some of the international headlines use the ‘pack rape’ title, they dont hold back at all! like i guess our media wouldnt if it concerned australia or something.

        • Rogue Trooper

          This matter is certainly not a good look internationally; still, more representative when you get down to it than 100% pure. Just been reading how Fonterra chiefs are revealing how the company is 6-10 years behind the sustainability achieved by dairying in Europe, and that further expansion / intensification here is going to hit a wall of environmental constraints.
          These are the serious facts of the matter for the nation!

  4. Tracey 4

    Many people are angry over this rb thing.

    a constructive way to use your anger is go to your mp office and demand increases in funding immediately for rape crisis for programmes in schools. Ask for asset sales to stop and tge millions in costs to sell going to these programmes.

    email pm.. mps.

    anyone noticed how silent tje social development minister is on this tip of a serios social development iceberg?.

  5. Tracey 5

    If people are truly angry go to yoyr mps office and demand funding increases to rape crisis and school programmes etc.

    Tell your mps to stop assets sales and use the saved cost of the sales to increase this funding.

    stop listening, reading buying anything which supports lack of respect to men and women.

    this is all much harder than being angry. Are we up to it?

    Anyone noticed how silent the minister of social development has been on this most horrendous tip of a very enormous social development iceberg?

  6. the more-healthy-message is one of the strongest in the pot v.s. booze debate-arsenal..

    ..and pot is winning..

    “..Booze lobbyists are becoming more and more pissed off at marijuana advocates..”

    phillip ure..

  7. Chooky 7

    Writer for young people, Mandy Hager brilliant on National Radio this morning talking about “seething world of misogyny”……. in the most civilised and charming way…. but not pulling any punches

    ….well worth listening to on: John Tamihere , Willy Jackon interview with young girl about rape ( something I have been arguing about with my son who listens to Radio Live )

    …..Hager has written a book for young people on date rape called ‘Smashed’ and recommends a doco on sexism in music videos called ‘Dream Worlds’

    Kathleen Ryan has also been superb this last week on these issues ….comprehensive examinations of the recent Auckland gang rapes, drawing in experts from different perspectives and the most moving personal testimonies by rape victims of the situations they innocently found themselves in and the long term damage rape did to them

    Radio NZ really is to be very highly commended…for the calibre of women it puts on in its programmes and the quality of debates !

  8. Morrissey 8

    Noelle McCarthy stops the snickering
    Pretends to be serious about victims of state repression

    Saturday Morning, Radio NZ National, 9 November 2013
    Kim Hill is still away, so the host for this week is NOELLE McCARTHY.

    This morning’s first interview was with American journalist Kevin Gosztola, who spoke about the sinister, threatening, steadily growing surveillance regimes in the United States and Britain. Naturally, he talked a lot about Edward Snowden. Amongst other things, Kevin Gosztola observed that Snowden was isolated and called a traitor by the U.S. regime and its snooping agencies, and that the heads of MI5, MI6 and GCHQ had repeated the slander during their farcical appearance before the British parliament’s Intelligence and Security committee this week….

    As he pointed out the plight of the dissident NSA whistleblower, I wondered whether Kevin Gosztola realized that his interviewer was one of those who has enthusiastically participated in the Government-sponsored shunning and ridiculing and libeling of Edward Snowden. I wonder if he would have even spoken to McCarthy if he had realized how callous and flippant she has been towards Snowden and other dissidents. Here’s a representative sample of her comments on Snowden’s plight up until this morning’s miraculous transformation into a concerned and humane liberal thinker….

    NOELLE McCARTHY, 10 July 2013: Y-y-y-y-yeeeeeessss, …. [snort] ….he he he! He’s still in hiding. He he he! …. He he he he he! Yes he is still in that terminal! …[snort]… He he he he he he! ….[snort]…. He’s got a choice! Venezuela, Bolivia or Ecuador! …. Bolivia would be hard with the altitude! ….

    Less than one week later, she was at it again….

    NOELLE McCARTHY, 16 July 2013: [grimly] Heh, heh, heh. Well someone else with not such a good view is Edward Snowden. [snicker] Looks like he’s STILL in the airport! …

    And here she is enthusiastically taking part in another group guffaw, this time about another Government-designated political target, Julian Assange….

    Kevin Gosztola’s website….

  9. Zorr 9

    I can’t even stomach this piece, I’ve read snippets of it but the whole thing is just… so painful

    John Key – still getting blowjobs from the media

    • richard 9.1

      Looks like the Nat’s publicity machine has hit high gear. More vomit inducing stuff:
      Key credits team for National’s success

    • @ zorr.. is a ‘dear-leader’ masterpiece..

      (flies were buzzing in and out of my hanging-open i skim-read it..

      ..pausing only to utter the odd “whoar!..holy wholesale-sychophancy..!..batman..!’)

      phillip ure

    • chris73 9.3

      and thats how its done if you want to be re-elected

    • millsy 9.4

      Rod Drury needs to realise that National is not the party to be building “exciting new assets” — well not any more anyway. National has, since 1990 has been the party of tearing things down.

    • Tigger 9.5

      Jebus, that piece is so cloying it have me diabetes. On another site it would be considered satire.

      • chris73 9.5.1

        I think that piece was well written and shows the caliber of the man leading NZ 🙂 of course when the puff pieces come in for Labour I’m guessing it’ll be a different story

        • gobsmacked

          Yes, it was a different story.

          The fiction is that “5 years” is some special anniversary that requires full-on puffery across all the media. So … after 5 years of Clark, where was it?

          Go on, show us the saturation ass-kissing from 2004.

          I don’t know if you really believe this “all the same” line you keep trotting out, or if it’s just feeble spin, but it isn’t true, and never was. Find evidence to the contrary, please.

          • chris73

            You mean like Cunliffe lounging on the beach or Jacinda Ardern showing off her cup cakes?

            • gobsmacked

              No, I mean exactly what I said. Lengthy, uncritcial puff pieces, celebrating 5 years. You got nothing? Case closed.

              • chris73

                Nice attempt from diversion from the main point 🙂 its something the left is quite good at doing 🙂

                • Draco T Bastard

                  Dude, the whole puff piece is a diversion from what’s actually happening. Something the right and their little helpers in the MSM are very good at.

                  • dv

                    At the end of the Stuff piece there are these figures

                    2008 $10.3b
                    The 2008 forecast for 2013: $29b
                    Actual 2013: $55b

                    The Budget:
                    2008: $5.6b surplus.
                    Forecast 2013: deficit $3.3b
                    Actual 2013: deficit $4.4b

                    Current account deficit:
                    2018: 7.8 per cent
                    Forecast 2013: -5 per cent
                    Actual 2013: – 4.7 per cent

                    Economic growth:
                    2008: -0.6 per cent
                    Forecast 2013: 3.1 per cent
                    Actual: 2013: 2.5

                    2008: 4.3 per cent
                    Forecast 2013: 4.6 per cent
                    Actual 2013: 6.2 per cent

                    Economic rebalancing:
                    The gap between income from the tradeable sector and the non-tradables sector has widened since 2008.

                    Hardly a ringing endorsment

                    • Rogue Trooper

                      Nope, not all from the better economic managers party.

                    • greywarbler

                      Current account deficit:
                      2018: 7.8 per cent
                      Forecast 2013: -5 per cent
                      Actual 2013: – 4.7 per cent

                      Was this meant to be 2008: 7.8%.
                      And does actual 2013: -4.7% If this is a minus figure for a deficit measurement does that mean that there is a surplus?

                    • Tat Loo (CV)

                      -4.7% (of GDP) is the deficit

                      If it was positive +4.7% it they would be calling it the current account surplus.

                      I want to know how the frak Treasury reckons we are going to have that big a current account surplus in 2017. Impossible on our current track.

                      Or maybe they are expecting a Labour Government…

    • emergency mike 9.6

      “Life after politics will probably involve some commercial work, a board chairmanship or two and even some “ex-prime ministerial things”, said Key.”

      Oh yes, he a real do-gooder this one. Glad we could provide you with this sweet stepping stone job.

    • David H 9.7

      Bugger the article. Read the comments, they are way more informative, oh, and remember, they have only let thru the mildest ones.

  10. greywarbler 10

    This morning on radio nz on Kim Hill’s session with Noelle McCarthy today, Mandy Hager was interesting. She is very informed about teenage sexuality and is distressed about the gang rape in Auckland with informative background. She has written a book called Smashed which I think she says is about teenage culture.

    She is involved with something called Dare Foundation and talks about schools, society’s failure to impart ethical values and I think the Foundation is running a project to talk about this. She mentions a culture of meanness being presented on the visual media to teenagers, Miley Cyrus having a persona built by men, ‘reality’ tv with ostracism and abandonment to picked members who are voted out, etc. No kindness no caring group involvement in those.
    The Dare Foundation, which I have been part of, also offer excellent programmes that would address some of this behaviour – including a ground-breaking new ‘ethical bystander’ programme to empower young people to support each other.

    Radionz Notes and later audio will be on – 8:30 Mandy Hager
    Mandy Hager has written eight novels, including award-winning young-adult books Smashed, The Crossing, and The Nature of Ash, as well as short stories, scripts, and non-fiction resources for young people. Her latest novel, Dear Vincent was published earlier this year (Random House, ISBN: 978-1-77553-3276).
    Currently a tutor in novel writing at Whitireia NZ, Hager is the 2013 winner of the Menton Fellowship, one of New Zealand’s oldest and most esteemed literary awards. While resident in France, she plans to work on a book about the life of nun, scholar and writer Héloïse d’Argenteuil.

    It is interesting that Mandy’s family originally came from Vienna, I think they were Jewish getting away from Europe to a safer place. So much of our creativity and drive seems to have come after such people came here, to Levin actually. Compare with NZs general background of colonials, which seems to have been farm sourced, or rather stultified aspiring middle class with mercantile aspirations, adopting customs of artistic pretension that middle class people followed rather than it arising from an individual intellectual striving for creativity and expression.
    Just a musing on my part.

    • @ times the discussions on ‘the panel’ are so dinosaur-like.. to make tamihere/jackson seem enlightened/’modern-men’….

      ..phillip ure

      • greywarbler 10.1.1

        What panel? Are you talking about Mora’s? I’m talking about an interview which I describe – definitely not like dinosaur stuff or JT and WJ.

    • ianmac 10.2

      Interesting that Mandy Hager should be such a brilliant writer and her brother Nicky Hager should also be so prominent as a journalist/activist. Their Mum and Dad were pretty impressive also, and Mandy’s younger sister is also talented. In Levin they lived a life dedicated to conservation and human welfare. And as Mandy says they stood out as “different” in Levin, but I think in the nicest possible way.

      • Morrissey 10.2.1

        One day on The Panel, Dr Michael Bassett snarled that Nicky Hager was a Holocaust-denier. Host Jim Mora did nothing, and said nothing. Nor did the other Panelists, including the producer who was also present in the studio. Nothing happened to Bassett after that; in fact he returned to the programme several times.

        This kind of thing, which happens frequently, somewhat undermines Chooky’s praise (on the thread above) for the quality of National Radio’s discussions.

    • Chooky 10.3

      @ greywarbler ….re your criticisms ….”Compare with NZs general background of colonials, which seems to have been farm sourced, or rather stultified aspiring middle class with mercantile aspirations, adopting customs of artistic pretension that middle class people followed rather than it arising from an individual intellectual striving for creativity and expression.
      Just a musing on my part.”

      note ….Nicky and Mandy Hager’s Mother is a NZer …she did not come from Vienna like his Grandfather …….as far as I know and she may have come off a farm….the Grandfather from Vienna and Father had a clothing factory in Levin I think.

      • ianmac 10.3.1

        Mrs Hager was the daughter of doctor and was born in S Africa (or Rhodesia?) but lived most of her life in NZ.

      • greywarbler 10.3.2

        It is interesting that Mandy’s family originally came from Vienna, . If the grandfather came from Vienna, then my statement is correct. I’m talking about originally which can be a while in the past, and not all the original family need to have come from Vienna. I would like to be able to say something on this post without it being picked apart and critiqued. It would be good to be allowed to put an opinion up that isn’t blatantly RW without the gatekeeper mentality censoring it.

        • miravox

          Although I’ve been known to *occasionally* extol the virtues of Vienna, I can’t agree with you on this gw. Is it possible they are the kind of people they are because their forebears came to NZ rather than despite them coming to NZ? A love of books, reading and writing can be nurtured anywhere that has a set of societal and economic conditions that encourages it. In that, NZ has done quite well.

          Whether that is endangered is something being argued now with changes in teaching, access to books, and changes in societal values – probably the most important of which, are indifference, judgementalism and buying into bigotry, imo.

          As for NZ writers from farming and middle class stock – have you forgotten the cleverness of, say, John Mulgan, Jock Phillips and Michael King who wrote about the NZ male pysche while being part of it. Also remember, off the top of my head Katherine Mansfield, Witi Ihimaera, J.K. Baxter, Keri Hulme, Emily Perkins (who wrote one of the best short-ish novels I’ve ever read.. ‘A novel about my wife’. Even the Brits appreciate her, given a column in The Guardian while she was off on the OE), and the latest in a long line… Eleanor Catton

        • Chooky

          @greywarbler …the critique was of your statement: “Compare with NZs general background of colonials, which seems to have been farm sourced, or rather stultified aspiring middle class with mercantile aspirations, adopting customs of artistic pretension that middle class people followed rather than it arising from an individual intellectual striving for creativity and expression.
          Just a musing on my part.”

          It is a bullshit statement …. as any NZ art historian or English literature historian and many school children could tell you…..there have been lots of NZ colonials who have been highly creative and successful internationally( not just pretentious pretenders as you suggest) …and many have come from the “aspiring middle class with mercantile aspirations” eg Katherine Mansfield (1888-1923) whose father was a banker is just a start
          …there are other NZers too numerous to mention…but just off the top of my head,what about Keri Hume ( winner of the Booker Prize) ?…Elsie Locke ( children’s writer,historian, environmentalist,peace activist, feminist ,organiser of family planning and fighter for social justice for Maori and the working class) who wrote many books? …Ngaio Marsh, theatre director and crime writer of international repute?…what about the painters: Francis Hodgkins (1869-1947)….Margaret Stoddart(1865-1934)…..Rita Angus?..and many many Maori writers of calibre eg….Patricia Grace?…

          I have only touched on a few women here …what about Ernest Rutherford, father of nuclear physics?….the list of highly creative intellectual NZers could go on and on…

          • Not Another Sheep

            “@greywarbler …the critique was of your statement: “Compare with NZs general background of colonials, which seems to have been farm sourced, or rather stultified aspiring middle class with mercantile aspirations, adopting customs of artistic pretension that middle class people followed rather than it arising from an individual intellectual striving for creativity and expression.
            Just a musing on my part.” ”

            Well put Chooky, a bullshit statement albeit just a musing on the gerygone’s part.

            Speak for your own colonial ancestry if you will…GW.

            For the criteria”- arising from an individual intellectual striving for creativity and expression.”
            How about adding one of my direct grandfathers on one colonial branch – Carl Hinrich Andreas Mumme. Co founder of the The Freedom Group formed on 9 July 1913 .The Freedom Group’s struggle for social change—for a society based on people before profit was the driver. They were tired of oppression and sheeples accepting tyranny. “They were active in their trade unions, on the street corners, and in their communities.” What set them apart was “their critique of coercive relations, wage slavery, and a vision of a more equitable and humane world.” He went on to accrue mobs to organise and arm themselves and fight back during the Great Strike! Great expressionism don’t you think?

            And for Creativity on another branch was a Professor/ doctor of medicine who robbed graves for corpses so his students could have cadavers to learn with and advance medicine. That’s pretty creative eh?

            “Sewing Freedom: Philip Josephs, Transnationalism & Early New Zealand Anarchism”

            • Chooky

              @ Not Another Sheep…lol….sounds like a very fine and worthy NZ ancestry of creative and intellectual thinking and integrity! …most impressed!

     of my ancestors was a humble whaler ( from Yorkshire I think) and the first Pakeha in the Christchurch area to give descriptions ….he wrote accounts of a horse and rider disappearing in the Avon river….he was an interpreter between Maori and British….his two reading books were the Bible and ‘Herodotus Histories’ ( which he educated his children with)…he married Puia the daughter of Chief Iwikau ( Akaroa, who signed the Treaty )…and when the French turned up he hurriedly hoisted up the Union Jack flag to let the French know the British had got there before them….lol……..his son became a local identity on the Chathams

              Maori Prophecy on Christchurch :

              Some three hundred years ago Maoris of vision prophesised thus:—”Behind the tattooed face, a stranger lurks, his face is white, he owns the land,” and “Weep not for me, weep for yourselves, for the time will come when white feet shall desecrate my grave.” True they have proved, in both cases. The Maoris dwelling amid the swamps of Christchurch were nicknamed by the natives of other parts O-roto-repo (swamp dwellers).


              I wonder if the Maori tohunga also foresaw the big earthquake?

            • greywarbler

              This is what I mean by critical response. You can’t just reply with what about .. and haven’t you overstated this because … you have to demolish and sling off because it’s a different idea from your own favourite position.

              Where is the opportunity for discussion? It’s ‘You want the truth, you couldn’t handle the truth’ time, as in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. And what is being broached may not be the truth, or part truth. But because you don’t see my point then it must be wrong, because you are right.

              As if I never read, and don’t know of NZ creatives. There still is a knuckle dragging approach from many but I try not to be one such. And readers, who are they who look for truth and ideas? Women make up the bulk of readers. Men low on that activity, high on sport, mountain biking over every track in NZ – look out they’ll want a track down your hall soon – and driving 4WD up river beds as in the Mitsubishi advertisement etc. With a spot of shooting, that’s quite widespread as an activity in town and country (sometimes people – collateral damage). Less of that stuff, and more creativity of the mind is much needed in this country.

              Thought, discussion, reading and thinking and philosophy should be something that all are familiar with and participate in. Not just the few, and not mainly women. And I don’t think there has been enough of it in NZ in the past, and less now with the commercial response to everything. Now there’s a thought for discussion.

            • greywarbler

              Not another sheep
              So what sort of country did your ancestor want to leave for you? Mine were busy trying to achieve stuff, working hard with an interesting history.

              But in NZ we haven’t been able to break through an attitude that came over from the early colonials with their land speculation being the main drive of the NZ Company, selling plots and plans they didn’t own and that were a fraud. They wanted a place where there was still a class system with them at the top. And not too particular as to how they got their land or social position.

              There is more required than just quoting what has been achieved by individuals. It is no use to be complacent and ready to criticise individuals with ideas thatare uncomfortable. There is hard work ahead to progress what our ancestors hoped for even to maintain what they achieved.

            • Rogue Trooper


  11. millsy 11

    Thanks to his comments on Radio Live, I would say that JT’s chances of a placing on the Labour Party list have diminished…

    He will just have to be happy with his position on the Waitakere Licencing Trust. Now that…is irony.

    • fender 11.1


      I’d like to hope/expect that his chances are completely shot!

      I’ll NEVER vote for a Labour Party that has JT anywhere near its list!

      • gobsmacked 11.1.1

        Fender +1

        It’s a deal-breaker for me. I can put up with MPs I don’t much like (Cosgrove, Mallard) because broad church yadda yadda … but Tamihere is way, way over the line.

        I’m 99% certain he won’t be standing for Labour again, but I’d like the last 1% to be confirmed.

        • Murray Olsen

          Has Sealord Jones had anything to say about this? I have the horrible feeling that his thoughts may not be that different from Back Pussy Tamihere’s.

      • Lindsey J Rea 11.1.2

        I think his chances have been shot for a long time. There are a lot of us Labour stalwarts who would picket any selection he was part of, or any List conference that had his name. I don’t think the Party leaders think he is worth the risk.

  12. hilarious..!

    chris ‘i came – i saw – i did s.f.a’ auchinvale is on the nation..

    ..talking of his achievements/time in parliament..

    ..(cue long-silences..)

    ..phillip ure..

  13. chris73 13

    – So Helen Clark fronted, Russel Normans fronting but Cunliffes decided its not worth the potential hassle….yeah

    • joe90 13.1

      Running errands for the Whangavegas kiddie farmer – that’s awfully good of you Chris..

    • andy (the other one) 13.2

      John Key does not front on National Radio for the same reasons? But does a weekly slot on lots of soft radio stations.

      I read the article and the writer lost me at being the one of the 10% who pay 70% of taxes, thinks double Dipton is ‘one of us’, and you wonder why Cunliffe thinks he will not get a fair hearing.

      • chris73 13.2.1

        And yet Russel Normans fronting up, I guess it shows what Cunliffe really thinks about the agricultural sector

        • andy (the other one)

          Or the guy is a dick.

          • chris73

            Well yes Cunliffe is a dick but I think in this case he really just doesn’t care about rural NZ and I don’t blame him ’cause its not like rural NZ contributes anything to the NZ economy

            • framu

              no your just inventing things – perhaps your a dick too?

              look, the guy is one of those rank idiots if he believes that 10% of people pay 70% of tax

              its a lie
              its been pointed out as a lie for ages
              any one with any serious notion of whats going on will know this
              its only the blow hards and woefully manipulated who keep parroting this idiocy

              1) you need to include how much % you earn
              2) you need to include all forms of tax

              so maybe cunliffe should front – but not because you, or this other guy want to behave like fools

            • Tat Loo (CV)

              in this case he really just doesn’t care about rural NZ and I don’t blame him ’cause its not like rural NZ contributes anything to the NZ economy

              you’re 100% wrong on that. Cunliffe grew up in a rural area of Canty and has first hand experience working in the farming sector as a youth. The decision not to appear on that radio show, which I personally find a bit unusual (what pollie turns down media air time?) , will have been based on other factors.

    • JK 13.3

      ” When I think of Labour, I think of politicians such as Damien O’Connor, David Shearer, Grant Robertson, Annette King and Phil Goff. They’re eminently sensible people and, at a push, I could live with them running the country . ” yeah right ! So why should Cunliffe go on a program with such a di–head ?

    • millsy 13.4

      “economic and environmental handbrakes on farming”

      So this guy thinks he should be able to pay bugger all tax, foul our water ways and makes kids sick, and make his workers work all day and all night for bugger all pay. Cool.

      His father sounded like a man with his head screwed on though — realising the Labour did more for farmers than National ever did.

  14. Draco T Bastard 14

    IMO, this has bearing upon the actions of the police in regards to Roastbusters:

    Police could have – again, should have – caught Rewa much earlier even than that. They were given the opportunity on a plate. They could have arrested him after the very first of his serial rapes.

    “I rung the Glen Innes police station. I gave them the name Hama, and the response was, ‘Well, that’s just a gang nickname. You know you need to come back to us with a real name.'”

    It seems endemic that the police always seem to want more evidence in rape cases – usually from the victims – rather than going out and finding it themselves as they’re supposed to do.

    • Murray Olsen 14.1

      Wow. I bet if Hama had been wanted for assault on police they would have figured out who he was pretty quickly. I am rapidly firming in my opinion that ngati poaka have the systemic attitude that there’s not really a lot wrong with rape.

  15. Draco T Bastard 15

    How the current money system is damaging Businesses, Society and the Environment

    That’s a video.

    Might as well add this one to: Libertarians confused about capitalism

    “There is no evidence that capitalism exists today,” says former congressman Ron Paul. A leading libertarian voice in American politics, Paul says the land of the free no longer has free markets but an economy centrally planned by powerful elites, one that “allows major benefits to accrue to the politically connected,” not the most deserving.

    These days, “corporate subsidies” and “privileged government contracts to the military-industrial complex” are the path to riches, says Paul. “This is not capitalism!”

    If one defines capitalism as a system designed by and for the interests of those who hold capital (what it is), capitalism is what the United States has today. It is a system based not on principles of freedom and liberty and justice for all, but the accumulation of wealth for people called “capitalists.” It entails structuring an economy in such a way that natural resources are exploited for private gain and land is parceled off into mortgage-backed securities. It means rich people using their money to buy power and shape economic relations to their advantage, which makes them more money.

  16. Morrissey 16


    No. 32: Sonny-Bill Williams

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    “It’s good to get the win over Papua-New Guinea, a strong Papua-New Guinea side, aahhhh….”

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    —-Sonny-Bill Williams, after the Kiwis’ 56-10 World Cup slaughter of a winless PNG side. Halftime score: 40-nil.

    More hopeless, hapless or criminal liars….
    No. 31 John Palino: “Suggestions that I am somehow orchestrating some grand right-wing conspiracy to unseat Len after the election are so wrong…”
    No. 30 Alan Dershowitz: “I will give $10,000 to the PLO if you can find a historical fact in my book that you can prove to be false.”
    No. 29 John Banks: “I have nothing to hide and nothing to fear. And never, ever would I ever knowingly sign a false electoral return. Never ever would I ever.”

    No. 28 John Kerry: “…we are especially sensitive, Chuck and I, to never again asking any member of Congress to take a vote on faulty intelligence.”
No. 27 Lyse Doucet: “I am there for those without a voice.”
No. 26 Sam Wallace: “So here we are—Otahuhu. It’s just a great place to be, really.”

    No. 25 Margaret Thatcher: “…no British government involvement of any kind…with Khmer Rouge…”

    No. 24 John Key: “…at the end of the day I, like most New Zealanders, value the role of the fourth estate…”

No. 23 Jay Carney: “…expel Mr Snowden back to the U.S. to face justice…”

No. 22 Mike Bush: “Bruce Hutton had integrity beyond reproach.”

No. 21 Tim Groser: “I think the relationship is genuinely in outstanding form.”

No. 20 John Key: “But if the question is do we use the United States or one of our other partners to circumvent New Zealand law then the answer is categorically no.”

No. 19 Matthew Hooton: “It is ridiculous to say that unions deliver higher wages! They DON’T!”

    No. 18 Ant Strachan: “The All Blacks won the RWC 2011 because of outstanding defence!”

    No. 17 Stephen Franks: “Peter has been such a level-headed, safe pair of hands.”

    No. 16 Phil Kafcaloudes: “Tony Abbott…hasn’t made any mistakes over the past eighteen months.”

    No. 15 Donald Rumsfeld: “I did not lie… Colin Powell did not lie.”

No. 14 Colin Powell: “a post-9/11 nexus between Iraq and terrorist organizations…connections are now emerging…”
No. 13 Barack Obama: “Simply put, these strikes have saved lives.”

No. 12 U.K. Ministry of Defence: “Protecting the Afghan civilian population is one of ISAF and the UK’s top priorities.”

No. 11 Brendan O’Connor: “Australia’s approach to refugees is compassionate and generous.”

    No. 10 Boris Johnson: “Londoners have… the best police in the world to look after us and keep us safe.”

No. 9 NewstalkZB PR dept: “News you NEED! Fast, fair, accurate!”

No. 8 Simon Bridges: “I don’t mean to duck the question….”

    No. 7 Nigel Morrison: “Quite frankly, they’ve been VERY tough.”

    No. 6 Herald PR dept: “Congratulations—you’re reading New Zealand’s best newspaper.”

    No. 5 Rawdon Christie: “…a FORMIDABLE replacement, it seems, is Claudette Hauiti.”

No. 4 Willie and J.T.: “The X-Factor. Nah, nah, there’s some GREAT talent there!”

No. 3 John Key: “Yeah we hold MPs to a higher standard.”

No. 2 Colin Craig: “Oh, I have a GREAT sense of humour.”

    No. 1 Barack Obama: “Margaret Thatcher was one of the great champions of freedom and liberty.”

  17. Tamihere is an embarrassment to all us Labour members and supporters. The

  18. Tamihere is an embarrassment to all us Labour members and supporters. The

  19. Tamihere is an embarrassment to all us Labour members and supporters. The

  20. Tamihere is embarrassment to all Labour Members and supporters .The LP.Council need to expel him now. This is the second time he has made unexceptional comments .Forgive once but not twice.
    Most of us Lefties are working for a Socialist or Social Democratic Government in 2013.we do not need comments from the likes off Tanihere,Come on Moira take action and get rid of this clown

    • Aspasia 20.1

      Pink Postman please look at above and the posts following and give Moira and the NZ Council some ammunition.

  21. Did I read that there are only 30 members attending the Dunne party . Key will be considering the nasty Conservative Party. good bye Dunne.

  22. rilsildowgtn 22

    Oh too much

    hahhahahahaha I have not laughed this painfully for ages…. so much it hurts ..

    • Rogue Trooper 22.1

      just to paraphrase the essence ‘…the rise of the purple-greens , avocados?…whine-gums?…who pontificate and wring their grapes in despair…’ There, now that the steering of the nation in is in the capable hands of Peter and his 30 denying disciples I can relax with a Saturday matinee.

      • Tat Loo (CV) 22.1.1

        I wouldn’t write Dunne off. He’s lasted far longer than most politicians ever do. And Labour’s best chance of unseating him, Chauvel, has unfortunately left our shores.

        • millsy

          Yeah — personally I think he should take a lot of credit for ensuring that the Douglas-Richardson reforms staying more or less intact. It was him that ensured that Labour didnt stray to far to the left..

      • Rosie 22.1.2

        Hubba Bubba? Grape flavour? Blowing big old’ bubbles?

        Theres been some interesting talk in the land of Ohariu about Dunne’s sudden revival of the UF Party from the corpse that it was. It’s been suggested that he targeted outdoor groups, perhaps Forest and Bird Members, Fish & Game etc for their membership of UF in return for representing them – luring them away from the Green vote. What else did he have left? There weren’t many tricks left up the sleeve.

        He is using emotive words like the “Taliban” in order to set his party aside as the sensible party, again continuing with the moderate theme, but being the wolf in sheep’s clothing (as Millsy refers to below, with the reality being that he is more far right than anything).

        Dunne will be facing calls for his accountability from locals this coming election year. His path ahead next year may not be so easy as it always has been. The difficult thing with this electorate is there are many locals blinded by his “service” to the community, which really amounts to turning up at school fairs etc and playing santa’s elf in the J’ville xmas parade (lol times, I know). They see him in a local context and can’t grasp what a true burden he is to the nation.

        Is it possible with a concerted local movement to call him to account for his actions and a real kick arse Labour candidate he could gone in the next election? Katrina Shanks will not be there for the next election, (she came third in 2011 with Chauval second) who will National put in her place or will they even put a candidate up? Labour members, is there any goss on who Labour might stand in the electorate?

    • millsy 22.2

      It really pisses me off that Peter Dunne prances around the country telling everyone he is moderate and of the ‘sensible centre’, blah blah blah..

      The guy is clearly far right, closer to ACT than Labour, his opposition to any form of social democratic policy shows it, and his crap about wanting to protect the environment and conservation estate is shit, given that he didnt lift a single finger to oppose the cuts to DOC and privatisation/commercialisation the of conservation estate, and he has supported the lowering of air and water quality standards every single time.

      I would love to know what cuts to government services he will I wis to keep taxes for high income earners down, and if he supported the mass closures of schools and hospitals in the 1990’s to fund Bill Birch’s tax cuts.

    • Draco T Bastard 22.3

      Part of the reason New Zealand’s environmental credentials had taken a hammering recently was because environmental policy had been “hijacked by the political left, and have accordingly succumbed to the notion that unless you are a Green, you cannot have any concern for our environment”.


      No, the reason why our environmental credentials have taken a hammering is because this government, including UF, have stripped environmental protections that weren’t all the great to begin with.

      “In an open society, there is a place for the Green Taliban, but it is at the fringes, and not centre stage


      “In an open society, there is a place for the United Future Taliban, but it is at the fringes, and not centre stage

      Oh, wait, that’s where it is propping up a radical right government that has no concern for the environment or the people of NZ.

    • MrSmith 22.4

      Don’t count Dunne out, he will be portraying himself as the champion of the hunting and fishing groups, unfortunately a lot of this group get their information second hand by word of mouth, they don’t follow politics or the MSM generally, but will get riled when someone is proposing to take anything off them, just what a he wants.

    • RedBaronCV 22.5

      He’s anti women and children too

  23. Draco T Bastard 23

    The shocking truth about the privatisation of power

    The electricity privatisation exceeded government expectations, delivering more than $20 billion to a cash-strapped state, with promises that in private hands, the delivery of electricity would be better and cheaper than the service provided by the old state-owned behemoth.

    Yep, heard that one time and time again. Heard the results as well:

    In a report this year, the Australia Institute used official figures to calculate that the cost of electricity increased by 170 per cent from 1995 to 2012 – four times higher than the rise in the consumer price index.

    Privatisation has resulted in worse service and higher prices everywhere it’s been tried. Telecom is our poster boy for this failed experiment but our faux electricity market isn’t far behind and with the sale of those companies we can expect the prices to rise even faster.

  24. greywarbler 24

    On the elderly and making the point that economists ideas and counting our GDPon money passing hands and not measuring the Greater Domestic Prosperity by return of services and appreciation of everyone’s input. This woman is elderly and written a book that Labour should consider before they go raising the age of pensions.

    11:05 Patricia Edgar 12 October 2013
    Patricia Edgar is an Australian sociologist, educator, film and television producer, researcher and writer. Her new book is In Praise of Ageing (Text Publishing, ISBN: 978-1-92214-755-4).

    Patricia Edgar – praising ageing ( 38′ 52″ )
    11:10 Australian sociologist, educator, film and television producer, researcher and
    writer, whose new book is In Praise of Ageing.

  25. karol 25

    Just watching “Locked Up Warriors” that I recorded earlier from 101 east on Al Jazeera.

    Now this is depressing. Can be viewed online here:

    Tolley arrgrrghhh!!!

  26. chris73 26

    – Heres a viewpoint I’m betting more than a few of you lot would agree with

  27. RedLogix 27

    Worth noting as a follow up to the the Plebs and Plutocrat thread:

    Delivering his victory speech in the Park Slope neighbourhood of Brooklyn where he lives, De Blasio sought to temper expectations that were sky-high after his repeated campaign pledges to unite New York’s “two cities” – those of the haves and the have-nots.

    “Let me be clear, our work, all of our work, is really just beginning,” he said. “We have no illusions about the task that lies ahead. Tackling inequality isn’t easy. It never has been and it never will be. The challenges we face have been decades in the making, and the problems we sought to address will not be solved overnight. But make no mistake, the city has chosen a progressive path and tonight we set forward together on it, together as one city.”

    So it turns out that the 99% ARE were the so-called ‘centre vote’ is.

  28. Tat Loo (CV) 28

    Just saw a coma’d young woman dragged out by the feet from the pub toilets. Covered in her own puke. Staff putting her in the recovery position; no movement whatsoever. Looks like emergency services are being called. Messy.

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    Help is comingI heard a whisperWhite caps turningThe breath of summerA distant drummingAnd liar birds callingEscape the anguish of our pastAnd prayOne of the major challenges of the the 21st century will be the mass migration of human beings around our globe.Some seeking economic opportunities, others fleeing repressive regimes, war ...
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  • Trust us, we know what we’re doing
    The best trick the National Party ever pulled was to fabricate their reputation as the responsible ones.This would be the National Party that denied us the New Zealand Superannuation Scheme that—Brian Gaynor wrote back in 2007would be worth more than $240 billion today and would have transformed the New Zealand ...
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  • The Left’s Timidity
    It is not just Karl Marx – even the most enthusiastic supporters of the market economy (not least Adam Smith) will concede that its normal operation inevitably leads to a concentration of wealth in relatively few hands. Some, at least, of these enthusiasts will accept that such a concentration is ...
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    Hello! Here comes the Saturday edition of More Than A Feilding, catching you up on the past week’s editions.Friday: Week in review, quiz style2. Shane Jones’ demeanour in mocking and deriding climate activists can be observed in what other realm of human behaviour?a. Gleeful little boys pulling wings off fliesb. ...
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  • Mihi Forbes and the great Atlas conspiracy
    Graham Adams writes — Last week, Mihingarangi Forbes made an extraordinary claim while interviewing David Seymour on Mata Reports, a taxpayer-funded current affairs programme which, she says, looks at events through an “indigenous lens”. She asked him about Act’s links to the Atlas Network, which fosters connections between centre-right ...
    Point of OrderBy gadams1000
    5 days ago
  • Puffing Policy
    Public policy towards tobacco consumption remains politically sensitive. In 1983, a young researcher was told by a medium-level Treasury official that Treasury policy was to abandon excise duties on tobacco. The senior Treasury economist that I consulted, famed for his commonsense, snorted ‘we need the money’. He explained that no-excise-duty ...
    PunditBy Brian Easton
    5 days ago
  • Luxon is one of three prime ministers pressing for a ceasefire in Gaza – but the two-state solutio...
    Buzz from the Beehive Two days after hundreds of people rallied outside the New Zealand parliament and the US embassy in Wellington to protest against what they maintain is genocide in Gaza,  Prime Minister Chris Luxon joined with the Prime Ministers of Australia and Canada to express their  concerns that ...
    Point of OrderBy Bob Edlin
    5 days ago
  • All jellied up with possum grease
    1. Shane Jones, addressing the energy industry, called climate concern what?a. The only sane responseb. Undeniably valid c. Our last best hope d. A "religion" 2. Shane Jones’ demeanour in mocking and deriding climate activists can be observed in what other realm of human behaviour?a. Gleeful little boys pulling wings off fliesb. Gleeful ...
    More Than A FeildingBy David Slack
    5 days ago
  • Equality comes to Greece
    The Greek Parliament has voted for marriage equality: Greece has become the first Christian Orthodox-majority country to legalise same-sex marriage. Same-sex couples will now also be legally allowed to adopt children after Thursday's 176-76 vote in parliament. Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said the new law would "boldly abolish a ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    5 days ago
  • CHRIS TROTTER:  Iron in her soul.
      “Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.” – Friedrich Nietzsche   Chris Trotter writes – TELEVISION NEW ZEALAND is to be congratulated for inviting Chloe Swarbrick onto its Q+A current affairs show. The Green MP ...
    Point of OrderBy poonzteam5443
    5 days ago
  • The Hoon around the week to Feb 16
    Net emigration of New Zealanders overseas hit a record-high 47,000 in the 2023 year, which only partly offset net immigration of 173,000, which was dominated by arrivals from India, the Philippines and China with temporary work visas. Photo: Lynn Grieveson / The KākāTL;DR: The five things that mattered in Aotearoa’s ...
    The KakaBy Bernard Hickey
    5 days ago
  • Stop Whispering.
    There's nothing to sayAnd there's nothing to doStop whispering, start shoutingStop whispering, start shoutingYesterday our government surprised a few of us by standing up for something. It wasn’t for the benefit of people who own holiday homes and multiple investment properties. Neither were there any tobacco companies or fishing cartels ...
    Nick’s KōreroBy Nick Rockel
    5 days ago
  • “I'm Not Keen on Whataboutism, But What About…”
    Hi,Not sure how your week is going, but I’ve had a pretty frustrating one. I’ve been trying to put my finger on it, and I think it’s perhaps distilled in this message I got on Twitter:What got me a bit riled up is that it was a response to the ...
    David FarrierBy David Farrier
    5 days ago
  • Gordon Campbell on National passing bad policies under urgency
    If National really had faith in its welfare policies, it wouldn’t be ramming them through Parliament under urgency – a step that means the policies can’t be exposed to select committee debate, public submissions, expert commentary, media scrutiny and all the normal democratic processes that this coalition appears to hold ...
    5 days ago
  • Weekly Roundup 16-February-2024
    It’s Friday so once again here”s our roundup of some of the articles that caught our attention this week. This Week in Greater Auckland On Monday Matt looked at the Government’s war on Auckland. On Tuesday Matt covered the ongoing issues with the rail network. On Thursday Matt ...
    Greater AucklandBy Greater Auckland
    6 days ago
  • The Dawn Chorus for Friday, February 16
    The six things to note in my view at 6.30 am on Friday, February 16 in Aotearoa-NZ’s political economy are: Read more ...
    The KakaBy Bernard Hickey
    6 days ago
  • Iron In Her Soul.
    “Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.” – Friedrich NietzscheTELEVISION NEW ZEALAND is to be congratulated for inviting Chloe Swarbrick onto its Q+A current affairs show. The Green MP for Auckland Central is the odds-on ...
    6 days ago
  • Dig this
    Resources Minister Shane Jones yesterday told a breakfast hosted by Energy Resources Aotearoa precisely what they wanted to hear. “We campaigned to rehabilitate relegitimise and stand up for working families who derive their income,  derive their hope and derive purpose in regional New Zealand through a flourishing, growing, forward-leaning energy ...
    PolitikBy Richard Harman
    6 days ago
  • Skeptical Science New Research for Week #7 2024
    Open access notables Physics-based early warning signal shows that AMOC is on tipping course, van Westen et al., Science Advances: Here, we show results of the first tipping event in the Community Earth System Model, including the large climate impacts of the collapse. Using these results, we develop a physics-based and ...
    6 days ago
  • A rejection of the rule of law
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    6 days ago
  • Shrugging-Off The Atlas Network.
    Upholding The Status-Quo: The Left’s election defeat is not the work of the Atlas Network. It is not even the work of David Seymour and Act. It is the work of ordinary citizens who liked the Right’s stories better than they liked the Left’s. If the Right’s stories were made ...
    6 days ago
  • BARRIE SAUNDERS: Treaty Principles – all rather problematic
    Barrie Saunders writes – When ACT’s leader said they wanted legislation to state what the Treaty principles mean, my first thought was this will be controversial and divisive.  Clearly it is. The first reference to the principles of the Treaty were contained in the 1975 Act establishing the Treaty of ...
    Point of OrderBy poonzteam5443
    6 days ago
  • Luxon Rejects The “Rejection Election” At His Peril.
    Fitting Right In: National retailed a reactionary manifesto of right-wing, racially-charged policies to the electorate throughout 2023. No talk back then of ignoring the overwhelming political preferences of the voting public and making a strong stand on principle. If Luxon’s pollsters and focus-groups were telling him that the public was ...
    6 days ago
  • Valentine’s Day went unnoticed on the Beehive website – but it is not “baa, humbug” to celeb...
    Buzz from the Beehive None of our ministers – a quick check with the Beehive website suggests – found cause to mention, let along celebrate, Valentine’s Day. But two ministers – Agriculture Minister Todd McClay and Rural Communities Minister Mark Patterson – ensured that National Lamb Day did not pass ...
    Point of OrderBy Bob Edlin
    6 days ago
  • Are You A Leftist?
    Nothing To Lose But Our Chains: The emancipatory movement which the Left, understood correctly, has always been, cannot accommodate those who are only able to celebrate one group’s freedom by taking it from another. The expectation, always, among leftists, is that liberty enlarges us. That striking-off a person’s shackles not ...
    6 days ago
  • An unlawful directive
    An interesting question in the Parliamentary written questions feed today, from Jan Tinetti to the Minister of Education: Has she or her Office directed the Ministry of Education to not release Official Information Act material prior to the full twenty working days, if so, why? Given that ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    6 days ago
  • I’ve been doing this all wrong
    Here are six words that are not easy to say but god it can feel good when you finally say them:I’ve been doing this all wrongFive years ago today I said to myself:What if I'm doing this all wrong?Five years ago today I said to Karren: I think I’m going to ...
    More Than A FeildingBy David Slack
    6 days ago
  • New study suggests the Atlantic overturning circulation AMOC “is on tipping course”
    This is a re-post from RealClimate by Stefan Rahmstorf A new paper was published in Science Advances today. Its title says what it is about: “Physics-based early warning signal shows that AMOC is on tipping course.” The study follows one by Danish colleagues which made headlines last July, likewise looking for early warning signals ...
    6 days ago
  • Drawn
    A ballot for five Member's Bills was held today, and the following bills were drawn: Parole (Mandatory Completion of Rehabilitative Programmes) Amendment Bill (Todd Stephenson) Goods and Services Tax (Removing GST From Food) Amendment Bill (Rawiri Waititi) Income Tax (ACC Payments) Amendment Bill (Hamish Campbell) ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    6 days ago
  • Valentines from ACT.
    Some of us make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day. We’ll buy the flowers, eye watering though the price spike might be. Say the things we should be saying anyway, although diminished by being scheduled for delivery. Some of us will even write long free-form newsletters with declarations of ...
    Nick’s KōreroBy Nick Rockel
    6 days ago
  • Tax cuts paid for by 13k more kids in poverty
    MSD advised the government that the indexation change it passed under urgency last night is likely to put around 7,000 extra children (and potentially up to 13,000) into poverty. Photo: Lynn Grieveson / The KākāTL;DR: The Government has reverted indexation for main beneficiaries to price inflation from wage inflation under ...
    The KakaBy Bernard Hickey
    6 days ago
  • Fuel Tax Fight and Rail Fail update
    The two stories we covered at the start of the week continue to be in the headlines so it’s worth looking at the latest for each of them. Regional Fuel Tax Mayor Wayne Brown promised some ‘argy-bargy’ over the government’s decision to cancel the Regional Fuel Tax and he’s ...
    7 days ago
  • Climate Change: Arsonists
    Today, a major fire broke out on the Port Hills in Ōtutahi. Like its 2017 predecessors, it is almost certainly exacerbated by climate change. And it is still burning. The present government did not start the fire. But they piled the tinder high last time they were in power, gutting ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    7 days ago
  • I don’t know! 7 examples And who actually makes the decisions? Vladimir Putin: I don’t know. America is a complex country, conservative on the one hand, rapidly changing on the other. It’s not easy for us to sort it all out.   Tucker Carlson: Do you think Zelensky has the freedom to negotiate the settlement to this conflict? Vladimir Putin: I don’t know the details, of course it’s difficult for me to judge, but ...
    1 week ago
  • Fresh thinkers
    Fresh thinking will always give you hope.It might be the kind that makes you smite your brow, exclaiming: Why didn't we think of that! It's obvious!It might be the kind that makes you go: Dude you’re a genius.Sometimes it will simply be Wayne Brown handing Simeon Brown his weasel ass ...
    More than a fieldingBy David Slack
    1 week ago
  • It is not about age, it is about team.
    Much attention has been directed at Joe Biden’s mental lapses and physical frailty. Less attention has been spent on Donald Trump’s cognitive difficulties and physical limitations, with most focus being devoted to his insults and exaggerated claims (as if they … Continue reading ...
    KiwipoliticoBy Pablo
    1 week ago
  • ROBERT MacCULLOCH: Fletcher Building – it is time to break up NZ’s most useless company.
    Robert MacCulloch writes –  Gosh, the CEO of Fletcher Building, Ross Taylor, says today’s announcement of a half-year loss of $120 million for the company is “disappointing” and was “heavily impacted” by the Convention Centre losses. He must be crying all the way to the bank (to quote Las ...
    Point of OrderBy poonzteam5443
    1 week ago
  • Mortgage rates seen high for even longer
    Government and borrower hopes for early mortgage cost relief look likely to be thwarted. Photo: Lynn Grieveson / The KākāTL;DR: Stronger-than-expected US inflation data out overnight is expected to delay the first US Federal Reserve rate cut into the second half of 2024, which in turn would hold mortgage rates ...
    The KakaBy Bernard Hickey
    1 week ago
  • Member’s Day
    Today is a Member's Day, the first of the new Parliament. And to start the Parliament off, there's a bunch of first readings. A bunch of other bills have been postponed, so first up is Duncan Webb's District Court (Protecting Judgment Debtors on Main Benefit) Amendment Bill, followed by Katie ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    1 week ago
  • Three Waters go down the legislative gurgler – but what should we make of Local Water Done Well?
    Buzz from the Beehive Local Government Minister Simeon Brown – it seems fair to suppose – was flushed with success after the repeal of Labour’s divisive and unpopular Three Waters legislation. As he explained, repealing this legislation is a necessary first step in implementing his government’s Local Water Done Well ...
    Point of OrderBy Bob Edlin
    1 week ago

  • PM shocked and saddened at death of Efeso Collins
    “I am truly shocked and saddened at the news of Efeso Collins’ sudden death,” Prime Minister Christopher Luxon says. “Efeso was a good man, always friendly and kind, and a true champion and advocate for his Samoan and South Auckland communities. “Our thoughts and deepest sympathies go to his family, ...
    8 hours ago
  • Greater support for social workers
    The Coalition Government is enhancing the professionalism of the social work sector and supporting the vulnerable people who rely on them, Social Development and Employment Minister Louise Upston says.  The Social Workers Registration Legislation Amendment Bill passed its third reading in Parliament today. It amends the Social Workers Registration Legislation ...
    1 day ago
  • Government delivers greater freedom and choice for sick New Zealanders
    The coalition government is delivering on its commitment to making principled decisions by getting rid of red tape that doesn’t make sense and allowing sick New Zealanders greater freedom and choice to purchase effective cold and flu medicines. A bill amending the Misuse of Drugs Act 1975 is being introduced, and changes to the Medicines ...
    1 day ago
  • Government begins reset of welfare system
    The Coalition Government is taking early action to curb the surge in welfare dependency that occurred under the previous government by setting out its expectations around employment and the use of benefit sanctions, Social Development and Employment Minister Louise Upston says. In 2017, 60,588 sanctions were applied to beneficiaries who ...
    2 days ago
  • State of the Nation
    Ka nui te mihi kia koutou. Kia ora, good morning, talofa, malo e lelei, bula vinaka, da jia hao, namaste, sat sri akal, assalamu alaikum. Thank you for coming to my first State of the Nation as Prime Minister. Thank you for coming to a speech where I don’t just ...
    3 days ago
  • West Coast tourism attractions officially open
    Regional Development Minister Shane Jones will attend the official opening of two highly anticipated tourism projects on the West Coast today – Pike29 Memorial Track, dedicated to the memory of the Pike River miners, and Pounamu Pathway. “The Pike29 Memorial Track is a way to remember and honour the men ...
    5 days ago
  • Independent ferry service advisory group in place
    Appointments to the Ministerial Advisory Group tasked with providing independent advice and assurance on the future of KiwiRail’s inter-island ferry service have been made, State Owned Enterprises Minister Paul Goldsmith says. “It’s important for New Zealand that KiwiRail is focused on ensuring safe, resilient, and reliable ferry services over the ...
    6 days ago
  • Joint statement from the Prime Ministers of Australia, Canada, and New Zealand
    The Prime Ministers of Australia, Canada and New Zealand today issued the following statement on reports of Israel’s planned military operation in Rafah. We are gravely concerned by indications that Israel is planning a ground offensive into Rafah.   A military operation into Rafah would be catastrophic. About 1.5 million Palestinians ...
    6 days ago
  • Govt will deliver on expanded breast screening
    The coalition Government has made the first steps in delivering on its promise to  extend free breast screening to women aged 70-74, Health Minister Shane Reti says. “As part of the 100 day plan, the Government has now met with officials and discussed what is needed in order for the ...
    6 days ago
  • Government announces woolshed roadshows in support of sheep farmers
    The Government celebrates National Lamb Day (15 February 24) and congratulates sheep farmers on the high-quality products they continue to produce. Agriculture Minister McClay hosted bipartisan celebrations of National Lamb Day with industry representatives at Parliament this week to mark the anniversary of the first frozen lamb exports that left ...
    6 days ago
  • Speech: Address to the NZ Economics Forum
    It’s great to be back at the New Zealand Economics Forum. I would like to acknowledge everyone here today for your expertise and contribution, especially the Pro Vice-Chancellor, Head of the Waikato Management School, economists, students and experts alike. A year has passed since I was last before you, and ...
    6 days ago
  • Government tackling high construction costs
    The Government is focused on reducing sky-high construction costs to make it more affordable to build a home, Building and Construction Minister Chris Penk says.  Stats NZ data shows the cost of building a house has increased by 41 per cent since 2019, making housing even more unaffordable for Kiwi ...
    7 days ago
  • Labour’s Three Waters legislation repealed
    The Coalition Government’s legislative plan to address longstanding issues with local water infrastructure and service delivery took an important step today, with the repeal of Labour’s divisive and unpopular Three Waters legislation, Local Government Minister Simeon Brown says. “Repealing this legislation is a necessary first step in implementing our Local ...
    1 week ago
  • Cost of living support for beneficiary households
    The Coalition Government is delivering on its commitment to ease the cost-of-living by increasing main benefit rates in line with inflation and ensuring the Minimum Family Tax Credit threshold remains aligned with this change, Social Development and Employment Minister Louise Upston says. The Social Security (Benefits Adjustment) and Income Tax ...
    1 week ago
  • Government announces agriculture delegations to better support Primary sector
    The coalition Government has announced ministerial delegations to support key areas across the Primary sector to deliver for New Zealand’s food and fibre sector, Agriculture Minister Todd McClay announced today. “I will be supported in my roles as Minister of Agriculture, Trade, Forestry and Hunting and Fishing, by three Associate ...
    1 week ago
  • Waikato MoU reinforces Govt’s commitment to increase NZ doctors
    The Government has taken an important step forward in addressing a critical shortage of New Zealand-trained doctors, with today’s signing of a Memorandum of Understanding for a third medical school, Minister of Health Dr Shane Reti has announced.  “Today’s signing by the Ministry of Health and the University of Waikato ...
    1 week ago
  • Speech – Lunar New Year 2024
    Annyeonghaseyo, greetings and welcome all. It is my pleasure as the Minister for Ethnic Communities to welcome you to the first Lunar New Year Event in Parliament. Thank you to our emcees for greeting us in the different languages that represent the many cultures that celebrate the Lunar New Year. ...
    1 week ago
  • More funding to Hawke’s Bay and Tairāwhiti
    Urgent work to clean-up cyclone-affected regions will continue, thanks to a $63 million boost from the Government for sediment and debris removal in Hawke’s Bay and Tairāwhiti.                                                                                                   The funding will help local councils continue urgent work removing and disposing of sediment and debris left from Cyclone Gabrielle.   “This additional ...
    1 week ago
  • Budget will be delivered on 30 May
    Plans to deliver tax relief to hard-working New Zealanders, rebuild business confidence and restore the Crown’s finances to order will be unveiled on 30 May, Finance Minister Nicola Willis says. The plans will be announced in the Budget which is currently being developed by Ministers.  “The last government’s mismanagement of ...
    1 week ago
  • Government advances Local Water Done Well
    The Coalition Government is continuing work to restore council ownership and control of water assets by repealing Three Waters and appointing a Technical Advisory Group to provide expert advice on the implementation of Local Water Done Well, Local Government Minister Simeon Brown says. “The Government will pass a bill to ...
    1 week ago
  • Minister congratulates NZQA Top Scholars
    Education Minister Erica Stanford congratulates the New Zealand Scholarship recipients from 2023 announced today.  “Receiving a New Zealand Scholarship is a fantastic achievement and is a testament to the hard work and dedication the recipients have put in throughout the year,” says Ms Stanford.  “New Zealand Scholarship tests not only ...
    2 weeks ago
  • New diplomatic appointments
    Foreign Minister Winston Peters has today announced five new diplomatic appointments.  "Strong and effective diplomacy to protect and advance our interests in the world is needed now more than ever," Mr Peters says.  “We are delighted to appoint senior diplomats from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade to these ...
    2 weeks ago
  • Speech to the Committee for Auckland
    It is great to be here today at this event as Minister for Auckland and Minister ofTransport. Let me start by acknowledging each one of you and thanking the Committee forAuckland for hosting this event and inviting me to speak here today. The Committee for Auckland has been a symbol ...
    2 weeks ago
  • Getting Transport Back on Track in Auckland
    Transport Minister Simeon Brown has today confirmed his high-level transport priorities for Auckland, in the lead up to releasing the draft Government Policy Statement on Land Transport. “Our economic growth and productivity are underpinned by a transport network that enables people and freight to move around safely and efficiently. At ...
    2 weeks ago
  • Government to axe Auckland Regional Fuel Tax
    Transport Minister Simeon Brown has confirmed that the Auckland Regional Fuel Tax will end on 30 June 2024. “Today, I can confirm that the Government has agreed to remove the Auckland Regional Fuel Tax in line with our coalition commitments, and legislation will be introduced to parliament to repeal the ...
    2 weeks ago
  • Minister Calls for Work to Tackle Kina Barrens
    Changes to fishing rules and a significant science programme are being undertaken to address kina barrens, says Minister for Oceans and Fisheries Shane Jones. “There has been tremendous interest from iwi, communities and recreational fishers who had raised concerns about such kina infestations being a major threat to Northland’s marine ...
    2 weeks ago
  • Government law and order crackdown begins
    The coalition Government is making good on its promise to restore law and order by removing government funding for Section 27 reports and abolishing the previous Labour Government’s prison reduction target, Justice Minister Paul Goldsmith and Corrections Minister Mark Mitchell say.  “In recent years, the development of Section 27 reports ...
    2 weeks ago
  • Greater focus on getting people into work
    The coalition government will refocus employment efforts and the welfare system so that supporting people who can work into jobs is the number one priority, Social Development and Employment Minister Louise Upston says. “Of concern in the labour market statistics released by Stats NZ today was the number of youth not ...
    2 weeks ago
  • One year on, NZ appeals for release of Phillip Mehrtens
    Foreign Minister Winston Peters has appealed to those holding New Zealand pilot Phillip Mehrtens in remote Papua, Indonesia, to release him immediately.  Phillip Mehrtens was taken hostage a year ago on 7 February in Paro, Papua, while providing vital air links and supplies to remote communities. “We strongly urge those holding ...
    2 weeks ago
  • Ministers reaffirm Pacific connections this week
    Foreign Minister Winston Peters and Health Minister and Minister for Pacific Peoples Dr Shane Reti are reaffirming the importance of New Zealand’s connections to the Pacific by visiting Tonga, Cook Islands and Samoa this week.  “New Zealand enjoys strong and long-standing relationships with our Pacific partners - especially in Polynesia, where we ...
    2 weeks ago
  • Rt Hon Christopher Luxon – Waitangi speech
    E ngā mana, e ngā reo, e ngā iwi, rau rangatira ma. Tēnā koutou katoa. He tino mihi ki te mana whenua o tēnei rohe.  Mihi mai, mihi mai, mihi mai. Te whare e tū nei, tēnā koe.                               He-wāhi whakahirahira tēnei mō Aotearoa. Ka huri nga whakaaro, ki nga mate. ...
    2 weeks ago
  • Government awards primary sector scholarships to students
    Six university students studying agriculture and science have been awarded scholarships as part of the coalition Government’s efforts to boost on-the-ground support for farmers and growers. “The coalition Government is committed to improving support and operating conditions for farmers and growers,” Agriculture Minister Todd McClay says. “We’re backing a range ...
    2 weeks ago
  • High Court Judge appointed
    Attorney-General Judith Collins today announced the appointment of Wellington Barrister Jason Scott McHerron as a High Court Judge. Justice McHerron graduated from the University of Otago with a BA in English literature in 1994 and an LLB in 1996. From 1996 to 1999 he worked as a solicitor in the ...
    3 weeks ago
  • New Zealand provides further humanitarian support to Gaza and the West Bank
    Foreign Minister Winston Peters has announced that New Zealand is providing a further $5 million to respond to the extreme humanitarian need in Gaza and the West Bank.  “The impact of the Israel-Hamas conflict on civilians is absolutely appalling,” Mr Peters says.  “That is why New Zealand has contributed $15 ...
    3 weeks ago
  • Government consults on expanding COVID-19 Inquiry terms of reference
    The Government is delivering on its commitment to enable public input into expanding the scope of the Royal Commission of Inquiry into COVID-19 Lessons, says Internal Affairs Minister Brooke van Velden. “As committed to in both the ACT-National and NZ First-National coalition agreements, the public will be given the opportunity ...
    3 weeks ago
  • Tai Tokerau Water Boost
    A further $5 million loan has been advanced to the Tai Tokerau Water Trust for Te Waihekeora Reservoir, Regional Development Minister Shane Jones says.  “Water is a precious resource, Kānoa – Regional Development and Investment Unit at the Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment have done amazing work in the ...
    3 weeks ago
  • Fast track consenting in the fast lane
    The Government is progressing changes to resource management laws as part of its 100 Day Action Plan, with the first steps taken to establish a new fast-track consenting one-stop shop regime. “This new regime, which forms part of National’s coalition agreement with New Zealand First, will improve the speed and ...
    3 weeks ago

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