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Open mike 10/09/2022

Written By: - Date published: 6:00 am, September 10th, 2022 - 93 comments
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93 comments on “Open mike 10/09/2022 ”

  1. Adrian Thornton 1

    Two takes on the death of a Royal…..

    I know which camp I am in….

    • observer 1.1

      I'd suggest the vast majority are in neither camp. Most people are neither fawning nor crass.

      • Finn McCool 1.1.1

        I think you nailed it. I have huge respect for the Queens loyalty and work ethic. But apart from that royalty doesn't feature in my life. I have no interest.

        • Jenny are we there yet

          I am not a Royalist. But….

          What is it that is said, about everything before But

          • Finn McCool

            I'll rephrase to put your mind at ease.

            ''I think you nailed it. I have huge respect for the Queens loyalty and work ethic. Apart from that royalty doesn't feature in my life. I have no interest.''

    • Jenny are we there yet 1.2

      The Queen is dead. Long live Down with the King.

      • Jenny are we there yet 1.2.1

        For the child in all of us.

        ….They're changing guard at Buckingham Palace –
        Christopher Robin went down with Alice.
        We looked for the King, but he never came.
        "Well, God take care of him, all the same,"
        Says Alice.

        They're changing guard at Buckingham Palace –
        Christopher Robin went down with Alice.
        They've great big parties inside the grounds.
        "I wouldn't be King for a hundred pounds,"
        Says Alice.

        They're changing guard at Buckingham Palace –
        Christopher Robin went down with Alice.
        A face peered out, but it wasn't the King's.
        "He's much too busy a-signing things,"
        Says Alice.

        "Do you think the King knows all about me?"
        "Sure to, dear, but it's time for tea,"
        Says Alice.


  2. Adrian Thornton 2

    That's suits me just fine…..I really like Crass…

    …and am also in solidarity with the Republican Irish, and all other nations that have suffered under a long and brutal history of devastating British Royal imperialism……but then there seems to be plenty of modern imperialists around here so I get the tacit connections…

    • riffer 2.1

      Fascinating band were Crass. Time has helped with understanding where they were coming from – as a young teenage musician they both attracted and repelled me.

      Their political conviction was particularly strong. It must have really galled them how popular they became, and how they were forced to embrace the capitalist system they so despised in order to satisfy the demand for their music (which definitely isn't to everybody's taste).

      Cheers for the reminder Adrian.

      Here's the lyrics for that song in case you didn't understand the accent:

      You have this life, what for? Tell me.
      Spend it on shit, your ignorance appals me.
      You serve me your morals, changed for a fiver,
      Upright citizen, Penthouse subscriber.
      You won't print the word, but you'll beat up the wife,
      In your ignorant, arrogant, terminal life.
      You have this life, you deprive me of mine,
      With your twisted, imbalanced idea of sin.
      That revolves around money; how much are you bought for?
      A tenner, a fiver, is that what you're caught for?
      I'm sick of your pride, you think you can rule me,
      With crappy judgement from your respectable majority.
      Majority of what? You self oppressed idiot,
      I'm not going to carry you, I'm no compatriot.
      How many times do I excuse and forgive
      The damage inflicted by the way that you live?
      I hold my vision against your oppression,
      Your final defence, your only possession.
      I'll show you the blood, but you'll still point the gun,
      If the money's enough, or can you show you're a man?
      To your submissive wife, desperate whore,
      Home loving, mothering, stifling bore.
      You have this life, you twist and abuse it,
      Morals and money and media controls it.
      Can't you see the dead children, blood in the street?
      Every fist that you raise is a corpse at your feet.
      Every time you are bought, I don't care the amount,
      You are the rapist, dealing in death count.
      And you do this with mercenary morals, you shit,
      Oh, you've been told about dignity down in the pit.
      Respectable working man, honourable wife?
      A waste of energy and an insult to life.

      And here's some information about the album Station of the Crass.


      They got their name from a line in David Bowie's "Ziggy Stardust" song – "the kids was just crass"

      • Adrian Thornton 2.1.1

        Yep, I swapped my Sid Vicious t-shirt (that I printed) when I was about 13 to a pommy punk for his Crass t-shirt…crass were my political awakening and I never looked back.

        Love them or hate them (which many did) they had an original and unique sound…which is not nothing in the world of music….more than 99.9% of bands manage to achieve.

    • Ad 2.2

      Yep that's the Val Doonican number I'd be expecting.

      If Anarchists could write the equivalent of God Save The King to a thousand voices in a cathedral, they'd probably pack the streets.

      Meantime, most enjoy the singalong.

    • Jenny are we there yet 2.3


      10 September 2022 at 8:26 am

      Fascinating band were Crass. Time has helped with understanding where they were coming from….

      We could probably all do with understanding where all the passionate young anarchists are coming from.

      ….Can't you see the dead children, blood in the street?
      Every fist that you raise is a corpse at your feet.
      Every time you are bought, I don't care the amount,
      You are the rapist, dealing in death count.
      And you do this with mercenary morals, you shit,
      Oh, you've been told about dignity down in the pit….

      Luckily the young still have clarity of vision and the passion and courage to stand up to the sort of bloody savagery railed against by Crass

      My name is Ilya. I’m an anarchist living in Ukraine. I left Russia a few years back because of the crackdown on the entire anarchist movement…..

      …..Our platoon also has anti-fascist movement members who aren’t anarchists, so I’m going to speak for myself: Putin's invasion is not a war between two states. It’s a war between Putin’s regime and Ukrainian society. In my opinion, the Ukrainian state is corrupt, oligarchic, and neoliberal. I’m not too fond of it. However, Ukrainian society has a lot more freedom and pluralism than its Russian and Belarusian counterparts; than almost all of its neighbors. Turkey is no better than Putin’s Russia, while Poland and Hungary have swayed considerably towards conservatism lately. The Ukrainian state exerts considerably less control over its citizens’ private lives. Since Russia decided to export its authoritarian Mordor-style regime, Ukrainian society needs protection.


  3. Incognito 3

    Members of the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand have re-elected James Shaw as Co-leader, alongside Marama Davidson.

    A total of 142 delegate votes were received, 138 of which voted for James Shaw.


    • Peter 3.1

      Like the usual front page headlines, the hysterical TV shock explosive news coverage, political journos trying to justify their existence and the obligatory David Seymour exposure, it was all nothing. It all ends up a footnote on the bottom of page 27.

    • Drowsy M. Kram 3.2

      Phew! Mind you, that's only 97% support – just squeaked in smiley

      • arkie 3.2.1

        Perhaps some realised their frustration was misdirected. A most salient point:

        Green Party co-leader Marama Davidson said it was great to have Shaw “back alongside me.”

        “Over the last five years, I have seen first-hand how hard James has pushed Labour to take more radical climate action. Much like me, he gets frustrated at the slow pace of change and wants to see the government move much faster than it is.

        “There is one simple way we can all make sure the next government takes more urgent action to address climate change and inequality – and that is by electing more Green MPs.”


        • Incognito

          Many frustrated people are or become armchair critics and/or keyboard warriors with very little to offer by way of constructive criticism, new ideas, or solutions. There’s another political party that’s tailored for them and it ain’t the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand. It’s not for the fainthearted to turn something negative into something useful, constructive, and positive.

          • arkie

            There was much talk of the dissatisfaction of the activist and youth wings of the Greens being responsible for Shaw's deselection, they are not among those I'd associate with disengaged and dismissive criticism. The open dialogues with members that the leadership reelection required largely appears to have reassured these groups. I hope it has sharpened their focus on the real brake on our Governmental response to climate change.

            • Incognito

              When you operate under a consensus model pro-active engagement and re-engagement is a must, as is trust and being reasonable. It seems to have worked well and this is what one would have expected. It did also highlight how very few people in MSM and elsewhere struggle to understand this concept and context and how they’d rather jump to wrong conclusions than to listen, learn, and understand.

              • arkie

                Absolutely. I think perhaps it is a result of the medium in which most of operate. Headlines become clickbait become headlines.

            • Bearded Git

              Shaw was never deselected.

    • Jenny are we there yet 3.3

      The King is dead. Long live the King

    • Anne 3.4

      So, the whole thing was a storm in a tea-cup brought on by a miniscule bunch of anarchists? The Greens need to do a little bit of thinking about how to overcome such pointless and costly activity – in more ways than one.

      • Drowsy M. Kram 3.4.1

        The Greens need to do a little bit of thinking about how to overcome such pointless and costly activity…

        Maybe – I kinda like the way the Greens show us it's possible to do things differently.

      • Tily 3.4.2

        I will take the democratic structures in the Greens over what passes for democracy in other political parties. Grassroots democracy is sometimes messy but that is the price for including all voices. I doubt there are anarchists within the Greens, liberterian socialists or similar sure, but not anarchists.

    • Jester 3.5

      That's good news that he was re-elected. Who was he up against?

  4. Robert Guyton 4

    "Aaron Hawkins 7

    He presents as the smartest person in the room. Mr Hawkins is a polished performer in council meetings and typically chairs them well. He is articulate, intelligent and a formidable debater. A progressive agenda maintained momentum under his watch and the city is investing significantly in fixing ageing infrastructure. Mr Hawkins rubs some people up the wrong way, both in the community and within the council. He is endorsed by the Green Party and this is not to everyone’s taste. Not all of his witty asides go down well. A question mark hovers over his people skills. His rivalry with Jim O’Malley appears to be needless and does little credit to either man. There have been grumblings about the ways information is, or is not, shared. Mr Hawkins’ principles are clear. He is an advocate for meaningful climate action, for not leaving the disadvantaged behind and he is socially liberal. Showing due respect to mana whenua is a priority for him, and increasingly for the council, and Mr Hawkins has been prepared to front this. His communication with media has improved. The direction of his waka is clear, but is he taking enough people with him on the journey?"


    • Ad 4.1

      Easily gets our votes.

      Portobello cycleway is fantastic.

      Pt Chalmers to Dunedin cycleway opening next April.

      Hawkins delivers.

      • Robert Guyton 4.1.1

        Yours, and those of my Dunedin families.

      • left for dead 4.1.2

        Which was well in place by the time he appeared.So you do have a link to validate this claim.

        • Ad

          You don't understand politics 101.

          It's who opens it that matters.

          • left for dead

            That's where I started,fella.

            • Ad

              You're pretty tiring, but on record Hawkins supported all of Cull's key budget priorities, and as importantly has continued them. They are all published votes inside the LTP over multiple years that you can find yourself.

              Just as importantly Hawkins successfully pushed for the George Street upgrade. And got it.

              You will also see NZTA fold against the one way system, again on Hawkins' leadership with the Minister.

              If you are looking for a budgetary reason to rail against Hawkins, you need to keep digging.

              Whereas Hawkins has the record, the decisions, and the delivery to gain the votes perfectly legitimately. He's gained his ODT score of 7 with ease.

              • left for dead

                Pretty tiring"your the one pontificating here,I hardly say boo and If on that rare occasion,the likes of you come down with your micro aggression.
                Pleased to see you realize their are more than two around the table.

    • Bearded Git 4.2

      Lee Vandervis hates Aaron Hawkins, so he must be good-vote Hawkins.

    • roblogic 4.3

      He seems like a good guy but has a pretty gross blind spot

  5. Poission 5

    US Household and NPO net wealth falls 6.1 trillion US$ in Q2,greater then Covid.


      • Poission 5.1.1

        More to remove the wealth effect,which excites animal spirits.

        Even apart from the instability due to speculation, there is the instability due to the characteristic of human nature that a large proportion of our positive activities depend on spontaneous optimism rather than on a mathematical expectation, whether moral or hedonistic or economic. Most, probably, of our decisions to do something positive, the full consequences of which will be drawn out over many days to come, can only be taken as a result of animal spirits – of a spontaneous urge to action rather than inaction, and not as the outcome of a weighted average of quantitative benefits multiplied by quantitative probabilities


        Look at the NZ housing bubble,where 42% price increases occured,as a mix of easy money and irrational behaviour.

        Now you can save 765$ a day by not buying a house in AK ( the rate of depreciation since Jan)

        • Drowsy M. Kram

          Now you can save 765$ a day by not buying a house in AK ( the rate of depreciation since Jan)

          Couple more months at that rate and I'll have saved enough for a 20% deposit smiley

        • joe90

          animal spirits.

          As in a few bob and he thinks he's rich/ slips through his fingers/ burns a hole in his pocket ?

        • pat

          Unfortunately people dont understand that 'asset values' are ultimately a function of output…or those that do are short term in view.

          • Poission

            Most of the on demand bourgeios have never seen double digit inflation,and the accompanying creative destruction,as value and demand transfer to productive sectors.

  6. heather grimwood 6

    Aaron Hawkins' quiet competence in promoting forward-thinking measures needs the strongest possible support from prospective Council members and voters to elect them who would NOT be " rubbed up the wrong way".

  7. Chris 7


    This case highlights the very dangerous practice MSD engages in all the time, which is to equate legal marriage plus living under the same roof as unassailable proof that two people are "married" for benefit purposes. The damage this behaviour causes people, lives turned upside down, is immeasurable.

    In this case Theresa Jeffries had the guts to take them on. Most people don’t, and MSD knows this.

    • Add another couple of zeroes – and you'll come close to what WINZ would have spent prosecuting this case.

      And, for what benefit?

      • roblogic 7.1.1

        National voters getting their jollies from bashing poor people?

        • Belladonna

          TBH – I think that most National voters would have regarded her as the 'deserving poor' [NB: this is my interpretation of their belief]

          This all seemed to be around the time when her ex-partner was seriously ill and dying, and she was looking after him (you can still care for someone, especially in a time of trouble, even if you're no longer 'married').

          This sounds like bureaucracy gone mad, rather than a principled decision.

          And, especially, trying to appeal the decision – looks like a lawyer saying 'OMG we may have a bad precedent here, we must appeal' – rather than considering any ethical principles or the disproportionate impact on the individuals.

          The worst part of bureaucracy, is that it is blind to individual circumstance – the same 'rules' apply to all.

          • Chris

            A lot of the trouble happens, and in a way is even more insidious, where admissions to fraud are elicited by MSD's insistence that they're telling people the correct legal test for what constitutes a relationship. There's already a bunch of myths around this like 'he stays more than 3 nights a week so it's a relationship' so it's already easy for MSD to sound like they know what they're talking about. "Sorry, but the law says your relationship stops you from being entitled to a benefit, so admit the relationship now and things will be easier later". Most of these cases we don't see, especially at the time they happen, but we know it's standard practice so the aftermath is all around us. Wrongfully established debts, often very large debts, imprisonment, needless tearing apart of families etc etc.

            Theresa Jeffries fought back, most people don't, and even amongst those who do there are still cases like Kathryn Harlen's:


            Then there are attitudes like these to combat:


            There are difficulties are at all levels. Surely individual entitlement is the only way to deal with this problem.

            • Belladonna

              I agree about the individual entitlement in principle.

              Where I'm not so keen is the situation where a family member (usually a woman aka Mum) chooses not to be in paid employment, because the father earns so much – and the family only 'works' if there is an actual caregiving parent – rather than two absentee ones.

              I'm not so keen that Mum should get a benefit under those circs…..

  8. joe90 8

    Who woulda thunk this could happen when the pro-p******* and their lies got traction.

    Way to go, scum.



  9. joe90 9

    At two minutes Mikhail Khodaryonok, the former RU officer and analyst rapped over the knuckles early in the war for his frank assessments, explains the gravity of the situation Russian forces find themselves in.

    • joe90 9.1


    • roblogic 9.2

      Wow, they even quoted Stalin at the end "let us remember that Josef V Stalin called for the ones who panicked to be shot"


      • joe90 9.2.1

        Ninety years ago Stalin used mass deportations to clear the way for the Russification of Eastern Europe. Poots is his natural heir.

        Ukraine denounced Russia’s “filtration” scheme at a United Nations Security Council meeting Wednesday.

        Deputy Ukrainian Ambassador to the UN Khrystyna Hayovyshyn said Ukrainians forced to head to Russia or Russian-controlled territory are being killed and tortured.

        Hayovyshyn told the Security Council that thousands of Ukrainian citizens are being forcefully deported to “isolated and depressed regions of Siberia and the far east. The Ambassador said 2.5 million people have been deported, including 38,000 children.


  10. Chris Trotter is peak Boomer here, slagging off the housing developments that are solving the housing crisis, giving shelter to those in need, cooling the overheated market, and reducing rent pressure

    The Bad Guys Are Winning | The Daily Blog

    What a silly old bugger. He should hand back his "socialist" card and cloth cap. Just another selfish NIMBY

  11. Ad 11

    Is this the first time since the late 1970s we've seen a proper windfall tax actually proposed on energy companies?

    (216) EU proposes Russian gas price cap, windfall tax • FRANCE 24 English – YouTube

    At $9.50 a kilo what would a windfall tax look like on Fonterra?

    • pat 11.1

      Got those cross hairs firmly focused on your own foot

    • Graeme 11.2

      Had the pleasure of mentioning the payout, and the potential velvet price this year which is looking very good because of sanctions on Russia who account for half world production (we're most of the other half) to a couple of farmers moaning about the price of everything….. fucking lefty, always sees the bright side…

      Poor buggers are probably going to be paying tax because everything is too damn expensive, not paying those prices…

      • Ad 11.2.1

        Really high input prices need to stay that way to force the accelerated production of feedstock alternatives like local seaweed.

        Farmers do have a point, but they need to push for local sources with lower strategic risks.

        Fertiliser world in a squeeze – NZ Farm Life Media – Down to earth

        • Graeme

          I can't see much changing with fert prices for some time. We've become as dependent on cheap Russian fert supply as Europe has for gas. Going to be a tough transition but hopefully to a better place.

          • Ad

            It is similar to oil dependence since there's not much elasticity with not enough developed alternatives. Yet high price for the existing input is the only useful signal away from dependence.

            Farmers brace as costs spiral, one fertiliser up 125 per cent, feed an extra $30,000 a year – NZ Herald

            I have sneaking suspicion that if farmers don't push for import alternatives, the 3 Waters entities are just going to regulate the crap out of those farmers anyway. Maybe farmers have that sneaking suspicion as well.

            • Graeme

              It's coming out well over 125% once it's on the ground, especially if comparison is over several years. There's some heavy reassessment of priorities going on at present. Unfortunately this is probably going to lead to much greater intensification rather than less as inputs are applied in conjunction with irrigation to get best return. Won't be much work going into hill country for a while.

              There's a change in the rhetoric going on too, it's He Waka Eke Noa and transition now and the Groundswell thing isn't mentioned. Farm manager came back from a Farm Focus Group last week talking carbon credits on grey shrubland and fencing requirements for wild animal exclusion.

          • RedLogix

            Peter Zeihan has been warning on fertiliser for some time. I forget when he first brought this up, but his key message is that at the moment we are still essentially eating last years crop.

            From a global perspective the impact of famine is still ahead of us.

      • PsyclingLeft.Always 11.2.2

        fucking lefty, always sees the bright side…

        Onya, Mate ! : ) On other….Hope all good for you?

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  • New Zealand Sovereign Green Bond programme launched
    New Zealand’s Sovereign Green Bond Programme has been launched providing the opportunity to invest in projects that contribute to climate and environmental objectives. “Green Bonds provide financing to advance climate change and environmental priorities like the transition to clean transport and support for biodiversity,” Grant Robertson said. “The bonds are ...
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    3 days ago
  • Minister welcomes ‘timely’ UN observations
    Disability Issues Minister Poto Williams has welcomed observations shared by the UN following New Zealand’s examination by the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in August. The report acknowledges the significant changes New Zealand has made to improve the lives of disabled people, since it was last examined ...
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    3 days ago
  • Retired High Court Judge to assess Hall compensation claim
    Hon Rodney Hansen CNZM KC has been appointed to assess Alan Hall’s compensation claim, Justice Minister Kiri Allan announced today. Mr Hansen, a retired Judge of the High Court of New Zealand, was previously appointed to assess Teina Pora’s claim for compensation for wrongful conviction and imprisonment.  “I received Mr ...
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    3 days ago
  • Phil Twyford to visit Cambodia to boost trade links with South East Asia
    Minister of State for Trade and Export Growth Phil Twyford will travel to Cambodia this week to attend the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) Economic Ministers’ consultations. ASEAN is collectively New Zealand’s fourth largest trading partner, with exports in 2021 totalling $6.3 billion, or almost 9% of our total goods ...
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    4 days ago
  • NZ representation to Queen Elizabeth II funeral confirmed
    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has confirmed the New Zealanders attending the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II in London. They include the Māori King, Kiingi Tūheitia, former Governor-General Dame Silvia Cartwright, Victoria Cross for New Zealand recipient, Bill (Willie) Apiata and former Secretary-General of the Commonwealth, Sir Don McKinnon. “Queen Elizabeth ...
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    4 days ago
  • Government introduces DIRA Amendment Bill
    An Amendment Bill introduced to Parliament today will provide greater economic security for New Zealanders by supporting Fonterra’s move to a new capital structure which will reduce long-term risks to New Zealand’s $22.1 billion dairy sector, Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor said. “The Dairy Industry Restructuring (Fonterra Capital Restructuring) Amendment (DIRA) ...
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    4 days ago
  • COVID-19 Protection Framework retired NZ moves forward with certainty
    The COVID-19 Protection Framework ends at 11.59pm tonight, Monday 12 September All mask wearing requirements removed, except in healthcare and aged care facilities Only COVID-19 positive individuals required to isolate for seven days, household contacts no longer need to  All Government vaccine mandates to end in two weeks on 26 ...
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    5 days ago
  • Public Holiday on 26 September to mark passing of Queen Elizabeth II
    New Zealand will mark the passing of Queen Elizabeth II with a State Memorial Service and one-off public holiday on Monday 26 September, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced. “As New Zealand’s Queen and much loved Sovereign for over 70 years, it is appropriate that we mark her life of ...
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    5 days ago
  • Engineering Associates Registration Board speech
    Good afternoon and thank you for inviting me to speak to you today. It’s a great honour to be here, marking the sixtieth anniversary of the Engineering Associates Registration Board.  I would like to acknowledge the Chair from the first meeting held on 22 August 1962, Cyril John Mulley Choat, ...
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    5 days ago
  • Government public housing returns to Wairarapa and the Tararua regions after 20 years
    For the first time in over two decades new, much-needed Government public housing is returning to Wairarapa and the Tararua regions, Housing Minister, Megan Woods has announced. “Our prudent economic management is helping us maintain a strong pipeline of investment in our regions, and this acquisition of four sites in ...
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    5 days ago
  • Michael Wood to visit Washington D.C
    Minister of Immigration Michael Wood will travel to Washington D.C this week to represent New Zealand at the annual Five Country Ministerial. The Five Country Ministerial (commonly known as the FCM) is an annual meeting of home affairs, public safety, interior, security, border and immigration Ministers from Australia, Canada, New ...
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    6 days ago
  • Condolence Letter From New Zealand Prime Minister
    Your Majesty On behalf of the Government of New Zealand I wish to express my sincere condolences on the death of Her Majesty The Queen, your mother.   As Queen of New Zealand, Her Majesty was loved for her grace, calmness, dedication, and public service. Her affection for New Zealand and ...
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    1 week ago
  • Minister Whaitiri to address World Dairy Summit in India
    Food Safety Minister Meka Whaitiri will be addressing the World Dairy Summit in New Delhi in September, the flagship event of the International Dairy Federation. “The World Dairy Summit brings together leaders from across the global dairy sector to share knowledge about how the sector can help nourish the world ...
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    1 week ago
  • IPEF negotiations launched
    Trade and Export Growth Minister Damien O’Connor today joined ministerial representatives from 13 other economies across the Indo-Pacific region to launch negotiations on the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity (IPEF). The IPEF, initiated by the United States, involves a diverse group of regional economies and will deepen regional economic, trade ...
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    1 week ago
  • Infrastructure strategy sets a course for the future
    The Government has tabled its response to Te Waihanga/New Zealand Infrastructure Commission’s first infrastructure strategy. Published in June, Rautaki Hanganga o Aotearoa – New Zealand Infrastructure Strategy 2022–2052 set out the infrastructure challenges and opportunities facing New Zealand over the next 30 years. “A system that provides quality infrastructure assets ...
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    1 week ago
  • PM mourns death of Queen Elizabeth II
    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has expressed New Zealanders’ deep sadness at the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, describing Her Majesty as a monarch with an unwavering sense of duty. “I know that I speak for people across New Zealand in offering our deepest sympathy to members of the Royal Family ...
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    1 week ago
  • Pacific priorities at the forefront in Papua New Guinea
    Foreign Affairs Minister Nanaia Mahuta has wrapped up her first official visit to Papua New Guinea, reinforcing Aotearoa New Zealand’s commitment to social and economic resilience in the region.  During the visit, Nanaia Mahuta met Prime Minister James Marape and held her first in-person ministerial dialogue with Foreign Minister Justin ...
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    1 week ago
  • Govt supports 50,000 apprentices to stay in trades and training
    50,000 apprentices supported through Apprenticeship Boost 18,800 employers have signed up to the scheme 19 percent identify as Māori, 8 percent Pacific and 17 percent are female apprentices Fulton Hogan alone have supported 245 apprentices through the scheme, of which 51 are currently being supported The Government’s Apprenticeship Boost programme ...
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    1 week ago
  • Funding confirmed for 2026 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games
    More than $20 million is being invested over the next four years to prepare athletes for the 2026 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in Milan. The increased investment comes on the back of a hugely successful Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games campaign for New Zealand this year. It will see ...
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    1 week ago
  • Annual tax rates and remedial matters Bill reintroduced
    The annual tax rates and remedial matters Bill has been re-introduced today. It is the same as the annual tax rates and remedial matters Bill introduced last week, but without the proposal to standardise the application of GST to fees and services of managed fund providers. The Taxation (Annual Rates ...
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    1 week ago