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Open mike 13/04/2015

Written By: - Date published: 6:00 am, April 13th, 2015 - 67 comments
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67 comments on “Open mike 13/04/2015”

  1. Paul 1

    Yes! Kim Hill on Morning Report today.
    Even the way she introduced the newspapers showed her intellect and independence.
    “If it bleeds, it leads”, quietly mocking the journalistic standards of our MSM.

    Also, RNZ has been focusing on the Auckland housing crisis, given the fact that Barfoots have just announced that central Auckland ( i.e. not Waitakere, Manukau and the North Shore) prices have averaged over $1 million and the news that Penny Hulse has suggested that a cross party approach is needed to develop a long term plan to solve the crisis.

    The response from this arrogant government.
    Key – there is no crisis.
    Smith – there will be no cross party conversation.

    They clearly do not care.

    Wake up New Zealand.

    • Barbara 1.1

      Yes, I noticed she didn’t get the opportunity to chat with Key – Guyon got that honour – I don’t think Key could manage her “acid” tongue and I am sure he arranges before hand who he chats to when on air and she, certainly wouldn’t be one of them. I agree, she is a national treasure and we don’t hear enough of her on air.

    • Lanthanide 1.2

      Yes, Kim’s interviews are *so* much better than Suzie Ferguson’s.

      She actually *listens* to what the person is saying, understands it and then asks a relevant question!

      • Paul 1.2.1

        And then I think of the clowns Henry and Hoskings….

        • Lanthanide

          I think they’re probably both better interviewers than Suzie as well. Just they’re biased and keep putting their own views into everything, and in Henry’s case can’t help acting like a child.

          I think Hosking was quite effective in the leaders debate.

  2. Paul 2

    Key was unable to make a live feed to Radio New Zealand to discuss the housing crisis. His interview with Espiner was prerecorded.
    Was what because he was too busy having cosy chats with Pauly and Mikey?

    Servile, sycophantic puppets that they are.

    • Lanthanide 2.1

      A lot of the interviews on MR are pre-recorded. I’d guess about 1/3rd of them. I’m sure there have been many pre-recorded interviews with Key in the past, too.

    • millsy 2.2

      Those that refuse to vaccinate thier kids are unlikely to be on a benefit. They are either middle class or survivalist types.

  3. vto 3

    Iwi Leaders Group still doing its best to lock birthright and racial privilege and oppression into our country with their claim for water ownership….

    You would think they would have learned after the early treatment of Maori in this country….

    You would think they would learn given that many of us escaped birthright and racial privilege and oppression in other lands…..

    Te Tiriti remains fundamentally and fatally flawed

    • Tracey 3.1

      Recognition and implementation of Te Tiriti o Waitangi remains flawed.

      • vto 3.1.1

        If the Iwi Leaders Group consider this to be the implementation of currently recognised Treaty… then the treaty itself is flawed, that is the point.

        • Tracey

          I confess I wasnt quite sure of your point.

        • Sacha

          The Treaty is fine when we honour it. The ILG is a convenient government-friendly corporatised replacement for the Maori Council.

          • vto

            I don’t think the treaty is fine as it creates unsustainable situations for people. They are unsustainable because people get different rights depending on their race at birth and that rarely works out. It hasn’t in NZ previously and yet here we are repeating it.

            Similarly, in Chch Ngai Tahu makes law over citizens by way of its place on the resource consent board for the CBD, yet the citizens have no representation or democratic place in Ngai Tahu. This is a breach of the most basic of democratic principles.

            Flawed and unsustainable. History says so.

  4. tc 4

    Granny monday front page distraction is BS about a world cup bid with the usual suspects and lines.

    Total fantasy ! A quick bit of research shows Oz went after the last ones given to russia (2018) and Qutar (since moved to a winter tournament) 2022 and complained about the ‘process’.

    FIFA makes keys cronies look like babies in terms of endemic corruption and deception.

  5. Ennui 5

    I’m feeling older sadder and no more wise today as I hear news of the passing of Sydney Batt.

    My mind transforms me back to 1975..my flatmates and I head into the old Christchurch Town Hall on Manchester St. The place is fizzing, TV cameras set ringside as the fights begin. Samoan Joe versus Abdullah the Butcher, slack jawed yokels in the stools rolling eyes and bellowing advice. King Curtis steps in versus Mark Lewin. Old ladies thrust umbrellas at the baddies, a young cop patrols their frantic malice.
    After we head out to the only bar open after 10, the top floor of the United Service in the Square where we are offered DB or Lion Brown. Propping up the bar the two commentators from the wrestling event Ernie Leonard and Steve Richard. Then Curtis appears buying a round for sworn “enemy” Lewin. What entertainment!

    We slide out the door into the frosty night onto our bicycles and home to a cold bed. The following night On The Mat replays on our black and white TV. We have no PC, no mobiles, no reality game shows. We do have a bursary and no student debt, we can afford the rent with some left over and of course we will get a summer job at the freezing works. Rugby on the bank at Lancaster Park on Saturday afternoon, entry fee a dollar. Life is good.

    Happy days. Thanks for the memories Sidney Batt aka Steve Richard RIP.

  6. Bearded Git 6

    Greens polling 13% of primary vote in Oz-whoop whoop! It’s here:


    Interestingly the SMH cannot bring itself to mention this in the analysis of the poll. Greens polled 9% in the election of 2003.

  7. Ennui 7

    I did not have spelling autocorrect in the 70s thank God. In reference to above RIP Steve Rickard.

  8. Hami Shearlie 8

    I would venture to suggest that Kim Hill would be someone John Key fears. hence Key not being interviewed by Kim this morning – the msm would do well to follow her example , but that would involve some research, some intelligence and especially courage!

  9. Adrian 9

    Matthew Hooton using ” corruption ” John Key ” and ” National ” in the same sentence sounding like he should be a contributor on here. Has the world gone mad, has it shifted on it’s axis?

  10. b waghorn 10

    I ticked no although I’m pro vaccine its not fare to force one sector of society to conform

    • McFlock 10.1

      I really worry about this idea, actually, because it’s once again visiting the sins (or stupidity) of the parents upon the children, and also because it targets only poor people rather than including wealthy idiots (like the remmers measles outbreak a year or two back).

      Sure, a few will vaccinate under this pressure. But the ones who don’t are still in desperate need, otherwise they wouldn’t have benefits to cut. There is no “herd immunity” from the effects of poverty.

      • Lanthanide 10.1.1

        I share your concern but I’m not sure what an effective alternative is.

        These people either don’t understand, or don’t care, that they are actively putting the lives of others at risk, over something that has very low risk for the recipient and obviously also gives great benefit to the recipient.

        • McFlock

          Community service that consists of seminars where they have to see all the glorious photos of vaccine-preventable diseases would be good.

          Or picking up litter. Hell, mandatory first aid courses.

          Something that affects the parents, not the kids.

          • Lanthanide

            I guess something like that as a first approach, and only going to more punitive measures if that isn’t effective.

            But then why bother wasting time and money – just cut to the chase.

            • McFlock

              lol tempting

              But with most vpd you wouldn’t really need to go straight to compulsory once the less punitive measures result in an uptake that takes the vaccination rate to the herd immunity threshhold. AFAIK measles would be the main one for which this would be a problem.

              • Colonial Rawshark

                I suggest you let your authoritarian “I know better than you” tendencies run free McFlock and Lanth, you will feel the force and it will give you strength and power.

                • McFlock

                  The force? Your sad devotion to that ancient religion has not helped you conjure up any practical reason parents should be allowed to let their children suffer and die. Should we re-legalise smacking because similarly religious parents think it is good for their children? At least their position will be slightly more verifiable in that case.

                  • Colonial Rawshark

                    Oh that’s actually very good.

                    BTW, let’s play the fear game then. Exactly how many children have died in NZ due to not being vaccinated? Say over the last 10 years? Compared to say the number of children who have died in drownings or vehicle accidents or avoidable treatment injury.

                    Oh yeah, two tenths of fuck all, right. So it pays to know what the major causes of child mortality actually are. And almost certainly, they are not ones which can be vaccinated against.

                    • Yeah there used to be things like polio, smallpox and other nasties they made children very sick an killed a fair few too. Wonder what happened to those diseases.

                    • Lanthanide

                      There are outcomes from diseases other than death, you know:

                      Common measles complications include ear infections and diarrhea.

                      Ear infections occur in about one out of every 10 children with measles and can result in permanent hearing loss.

                      About one child out of every 1,000 who get measles will develop encephalitis (swelling of the brain) that can lead to convulsions and can leave the child deaf or with intellectual disability.

                      Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE) is a very rare, but fatal disease of the central nervous system that results from a measles virus infection acquired earlier in life. SSPE generally develops 7 to 10 years after a person has measles, even though the person seems to have fully recovered from the illness. Since measles was eliminated in 2000, SSPE is rarely reported in the United States.

                      Love that bit about being “eliminated”.


                      Chicken pox can re-occur as shingles later in life, and obviously can lead to scarring.

                    • Colonial Rawshark

                      Yeah there used to be things like polio, smallpox and other nasties they made children very sick an killed a fair few too. Wonder what happened to those diseases.

                      A massive plethora of new vaccinations have been introduced by Big Pharma in the last 20 years. Yet you have to dig back half a century for the big vaccination success stories. Why is that? Maybe its because all these new vaccinations can only go after very small targets. Worth noting that the deadliest infections which kill scores of people a year in NZ are not ones that you can vaccinate against.

                    • McFlock

                      Worth noting that the deadliest infections which kill scores of people a year in NZ are not ones that you can vaccinate against.


                    • Lanthanide

                      “Worth noting that the deadliest infections which kill scores of people a year in NZ are not ones that you can vaccinate against.”

                      And when you can vaccinate against these, they will no longer be the killers of scores of people a year…

          • Ergo Robertina

            It’s not compulsory, but DHBs ask doubters in for one to one sessions if they are holding out on vaccinating their kids, instead of relying on mass communication/practice call ups etc.
            Apparently it’s been effective with many parents, who feel their concerns are being directly addressed by a senior person.
            It would be interesting to know what proportion go ahead with vaccinating after attendance.
            For community service infringements to work (such as litter collecting) the punishments would need to be reasonably significant in respect of the hours put in by parents (also to make it feasible logistically, with supervision etc) . This could be discriminatory as some families have more child care options than others.

            • McFlock


              The other thing is that I don’t know about aussie rates, but NZ rates are approaching 90% target anyway. Some regional and demographic variation, but all in all not too bad and constantly improving. Dunno who made immunization a DHB target: might be one of the few good things the nats have done.

            • Lanthanide

              Still be better if we didn’t have to waste such resources on people’s irrational fears.

              • Colonial Rawshark

                Tell that to the parents whose kids died of the safe and approved UK MMR vaccination in the late 80’s.

                • McFlock

                  So obviously the period where it no longer becomes appropriate to “dig back” for success or failure stories is somewhere between thirty years and “half a century“. Wow, lucky for you that makes your example okay while ruling out many of the major killers eliminated or decimated by vaccines over the last century.

                • Lanthanide

                  Luckily we’re not actually using MMR vaccinations from the late 80’s, eh?

                  Are you going to suggest we shouldn’t buy new cars made today, because cars in the 60’s were unsafe and ran on leaded petrol, too?

        • RedBaronCV

          We could fix this problem by taxing the anti vaccine rich up to the limit of their income. Why should poor people be denied a choice so that their kids increase herd immunity for the rich unvaxed to live off.

          “These people either don’t understand, or don’t care,” that even if they are rich they need to vaccinate.

          There Lan fixed your problem

        • miravox

          New Zealand immunisation rates appear to be increasing without compulsion or sanctions – and this appears to be for groups that would be affected by government top-ups. For example, The Wairarapa DHB , with relatively large low income populations has a good record. It identifies knowing the immunisation status of children who present for other conditions, outreach, coordination with NGOs and government agencies and health promotion as important factors in increasing immunisation rates. I haven’t found, in an admittedly brief search, how these factors are put into action.

          [NZ] Childhood immunisation rates have increased significantly in the … (three years to 2014…) In the three months to 30 June 2013, 90% of all children 8 months of age and 92% at two years of age were fully immunised. Rates for Maori children, which had historically been much lower than other groups, were 84% and 90% respectively.

          – In the three months to 30 June 2013, 93% of Wairarapa 8 month olds, both for Māori and Total population, were fully immunised and 93% of Wairarapa two year olds and 95% of Wairarapa Māori two year olds were fully immunised.

          − Immunisation rates for Maori children were considerably higher than comparable national coverage rates.

          It’s depressing to find these nasty little authoritarian kneejerk reactions against low income people without any informed discussion about how people are working to achieve success in more collaborative ways.

          I hope Campbell Live can do a more informed follow-up. The govt should be pleased with that – they can chalk it up as one of their health achievements 😉

    • Puckish Rogue 10.2

      This is tricky as you’d like to think people would immunise without the use of threats but in the end the health of the children should overide the stupidity of the parents

      • McFlock 10.2.1

        So why increase the poverty of the households the children live in, if the health of the children is the primary concern? It doesn’t compute.

        But if you wanted to save a trace-element part of the government budget and get some news stories about irresponsible beneficiaries who can’t care for their kids, I can see why the policy would be appealing.

    • logie97 10.3

      Kim Hill on 7th February interviewed an American Eula Biss
      who has written “On Immunity:An Inoculation”.
      Compelling listening and if you missed it …


      • Ergo Robertina 10.3.1

        I heard that interview back in February. It struck me as an author who had needed a hook for a narrative, rather than a genuine conversion from doubter to believer.

    • Ergo Robertina 10.4

      It’s 61% opposed on that poll at present.
      The NZ Medical Association pointed out (on 3 news this evening) that the Australian move widens inequality between rich and poor by making vaccination effectively compulsory for those on lower incomes (because they can’t afford to forgo the benefits).

      • Colonial Rawshark 10.4.1

        Some of the idiots commenting above will be the next to green light compulsory contraception for poor people or they will get their benefits docked. Why? Because evidence clearly shows that the kids of poor people get measurably worse health outcomes, so why expose children to the irresponsible actions of their parents when you can simply incentivise them to do better.

        • Ergo Robertina

          Some will (like David Seymour, quoted today on the vaccine move); others would be aghast at that idea. I guess it runs more cleanly along the left-right divide than vaccines.
          However I agree the authoritarian shift we’re seeing in vaccine has potential for mission creep.
          This Trotter piece from a couple of years ago may be of interest:


          • Colonial Rawshark

            “Mission creep” – that’s the exact phrase for it. The principle is exactly the same: force poor people to undergo medical treatments that they would otherwise not consent to by using financial pressure on them. The bonus is that big pharma corporates profit from this action.

            The medical ethics of it are very similar as well. In fact, the medical ethics are arguably better re: forcing adults to have unwanted medical treatment vis a vis forcing a child.

        • McFlock

          Really? Who exactly do you believe will be the next to green light compulsory contraception for poor people?

      • RedBaronCV 10.4.2

        AS it should be – given some of the crap vaccination programmes of the past why should parents not be wary

  11. Lanthanide 11

    McDonald’s have now also given up 0-hours contracts: http://www.stuff.co.nz/business/67714247/mcdonalds-set-to-abandon-zerohour-worker-contracts

    Frankly I was a bit surprised it was KFC that moved first on this, usually McDondald’s is leading the way in terms of workplace pay and conditions.

  12. rawshark-yeshe 12

    Stephen Hawking does Monty Python Galaxy Song …. yes, it’s true ! and wonderfully absurd …


  13. Clemgeopin 13

    Watch TV3, Campbell Live today to help save it.
    7 pm.

  14. Penny Bright 14

    So National Prime Minister John Key has effectively endorsed Labour MP Phil Goff as a future Auckland Mayor?

    Is that the ‘political kiss of death’ for Phil Goff?

    If Phil Goff was really going to campaign for anything meaningful to take back the Auckland region from, in my view, corrupt corporate control, like abolishing Auckland Council CCOs – would he have John Key’s effective Auckland Mayoral endorsement?

    Not in my considered opinion.

    Penny Right

    (Who first met Phil Goff in 1985, when he was the Minister of Housing in the 1984 – 1987 Labour Government which introduced neo-liberal ‘Rogernomic$. )


  15. I’m not what you’d call a hardcore greenie but I get the need to recycle, not waste power, invest in renewables etc.

    So I’m down in Wellington for business and from my top floor hotel room I’m looking out over the city and directly in front of me is building, lit up like a Christmas tree and nary a soul inside. Possibly the cleaners are due to arrive soon but nonetheless it fucking grinds me gears.

    • b waghorn 15.1

      I reckon you could carry that on to street lights what’s the point of them after midnight cars come with lights .

      • TheContrarian 15.1.1

        Na, you don’t want pedestrians fumbling around in the dark… However few there may be.

        • b waghorn

          Honestly! the cost must be huge just so a few insomniac s don’t stub there toes, besides fumblimg in the dark can be fun.

  16. Penny Bright 16

    In my view – the Solicitor-General should NOT drop the John Banks retrial.

    If John Banks knew the identity of the donor(s), then they should not have been listed as ‘anonymous’ in his candidate’s return, as I understand it.

    How could John Banks rely on his Treasurer to accurately compile his list of ‘anonymous’ donors, when his Treasurer was not present at all meetings where electoral donations were discussed and solicited?

    Where is the ‘personal responsibility’ in John Banks thus signing his 2010 Auckland Mayoral candidate’s returns?

    Penny Bright


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  • Hawke’s Bay Airport agreement protects jobs, safeguards terminal development
    The Crown will provide a loan to Hawke’s Bay Airport to ensure it can trade through COVID-19 economic impacts, support the region’s recovery and protect up to 200 jobs. The Crown has a 50 percent shareholding in Hawke’s Bay Airport Limited (HBAL), with Napier City Council holding 26 percent and ...
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    1 day ago
  • Funding boost for four cultural events
    Four celebrated Māori and Pasifika events will receive up to $100,000 each in funding from the new Creative and Cultural Events Incubator fund, Economic Development Minister Phil Twyford announced today. The four events that were successful in the inaugural funding round are: Kia Mau Festival, Wellington Māoriland Film Festival, Otaki ...
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    1 day ago
  • Inaugural launch of Kiribati Language Week
    The Minister for Pacific Peoples, Aupito William Sio is pleased to announce the inaugural launch of Kiribati Language Week as part of the 2020 Pacific language Weeks programme. “I am so pleased that this year we are able to provide resourcing support to the Kiribati community in Aotearoa which will ...
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    3 days ago
  • New support package for wildlife institutions
    Wildlife institutions affected by a loss of visitor revenue during the COVID-19 lockdown are set to receive government support with nearly $15 million of funding available announced Minister of Conservation Eugenie Sage.  “Eco-sanctuaries, zoos, aquariums, wildlife parks, and wildlife rescue, hospital and rehabilitation facilities provide crucial support for the recovery ...
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    3 days ago
  • 300,000 students to benefit from free mental health services
    The Government is expanding and accelerating frontline mental health and wellbeing services at tertiary education institutes (TEI) to help students manage ongoing stresses related to COVID-19. “The lockdown has been hugely disruptive for students. Many of them have had to relocate and move to online learning, isolating them from their ...
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    3 days ago
  • Gang crime, meth harm targeted in Waikato
    The Minister of Police says a major operation against the Mongrel Mob in Waikato will make a big dent in drug harm and violent offending linked to organised crime networks. “Senior leadership of the Waikato Mongrel Mob has been taken out as a result of Operation Kingsville, which resulted in ...
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    4 days ago
  • Supporting victims and families to attend mosque attack sentencing
    The Government is extending the border exception criteria to enable some offshore victims and support people of the Christchurch mosque attacks to attend the sentencing of the accused beginning on 24 August2020, says Immigration Minister Iain Lees-Galloway. “We want to support our valued Muslim brothers and sisters who were directly ...
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    4 days ago
  • Boost for community freshwater restoration projects
    A project to support volunteer efforts to look after streams and rivers is getting a boost thanks to support from DOC’s Community Conservation Fund announced Minister of Conservation Eugenie Sage today.  “The government is backing efforts to look after waterways with $199,400 for the Mountains to Sea Conservation Trust from ...
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    4 days ago
  • More support for women and girls
    Minister for Women Julie Anne Genter today announced that funding for the COVID-19 Community Fund for women and girls will be doubled, as the first successful funding applications for the initial $1million were revealed. “Women and girls across the country have suffered because of the effects of COVID-19, and I ...
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    4 days ago
  • Crown accounts stronger than forecast with higher consumer spending
    The Government’s books were better than forecast with a higher GST take as the economy got moving again after lockdown, Finance Minister Grant Robertson says. The Crown Accounts for the 11 months to the end of May indicate the year end results for tax revenue will be stronger than forecast. ...
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    4 days ago
  • Govt releases plan to revitalise wool sector
    A plan to revitalise New Zealand’s strong wool sector and set it on a new, more sustainable and profitable path was unveiled today by Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor. The newly-released report - Vision and Action for New Zealand’s Wool Sector - was developed by the Wool Industry Project Action Group ...
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    4 days ago
  • Funding for Predator Free Whangārei
    Community efforts to create a Predator Free Whangārei will receive a $6 million boost, Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones and Conservation Minister Eugenie Sage announced today. The new funding, through Government company Predator Free 2050 Ltd, will create around 12 jobs while enabling the complete removal of possums over ...
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    4 days ago
  • New Zealand to review relationship settings with Hong Kong
    Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters has announced that the New Zealand Government is reviewing the settings of its relationship with Hong Kong. “China’s decision to pass a new national security law for Hong Kong has fundamentally changed the environment for international engagement there,” Mr Peters said. “New Zealand remains deeply ...
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    5 days ago
  • Funding for Whangārei’s infrastructure projects revealed
    Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones has announced details of a multimillion-dollar investment in Whangārei for infrastructure projects that will help it recover from the economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic. More than 200 jobs are expected to be created through the $26 million investment from the Government’s rejuvenation package ...
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    5 days ago
  • Managed isolation and quarantine update
    Following a second incident in which a person escaped from a managed isolation facility, security is being enhanced, including more police presence onsite, Minister Megan Woods said. “The actions of some individuals who choose to break the very clear rules to stay within the facilities means that more resourcing is ...
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    5 days ago
  • Funding for Kaipara district community waste programmes
    Waste reduction and recycling programmes in Kaipara are set to get a boost with Associate Environment Minister Eugenie Sage today announcing a $361,447 grant from the Ministry for the Environment’s Waste Minimisation Fund (WMF) Sustainable Kaipara. “The new funding will allow Sustainable Kaipara to partner with local schools, kura, community ...
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    5 days ago
  • Government will support the people and economy of Southland
    The Government will support the Southland economy in the wake of multinational mining company Rio Tinto’s decision to follow through with its long signalled closure of the Tiwai Point aluminium smelter. “This day has unfortunately been on the cards for some time now, but nevertheless the final decision is a ...
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    5 days ago
  • New transformational tools for the Predator Free 2050 effort
    New tools being developed to help boost Aotearoa’s Predator Free 2050 effort were unveiled today by Minister of Conservation Eugenie Sage and Under Secretary for Regional Economic Development Fletcher Tabuteau. A new rat poison, a camera with predator recognition software to detect and report predators, a new predator lure and a ...
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    5 days ago
  • New Armoured vehicles for New Zealand Army
    The Coalition Government has approved the purchase of a fleet of Bushmaster vehicles to replace the New Zealand Army’s armoured Pinzgauers, Defence Minister Ron Mark has announced today. The new fleet of 43 Australian-designed and built Bushmaster NZ5.5 will provide better protection for personnel and improved carrying capacity. “The age ...
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    6 days ago
  • Community-led solutions to prevent family violence
    The Government’s three prevention frameworks to reduce family violence in Aotearoa were launched this week by Associate Minister for Social Development Poto Williams.   The frameworks were developed in partnership with communities around New Zealand, and build on the work the Government has already begun with its new family violence prevention ...
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    6 days ago
  • Govt confirms investment in better radiology and surgical services for Hawke’s Bay
    The Government is pleased to confirm funding for improvements to radiology and surgical services at Hawke's Bay DHB, Health Minister Chris Hipkins says.     "The Minister of Finance the Hon Grant Robertson and former Health Minister Dr David Clark approved funding for Hawke's Bay DHB’s redevelopment of their radiology facilities ...
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    6 days ago
  • Specialist alcohol and drug addiction services strengthened across New Zealand
    •    New funding for four beds at Napier’s Springhill Residential Addiction Centre •    A new managed withdrawal home and community service, and peer support before and after residential care at Tairāwhiti DHB  •    A co-ordinated network of withdrawal management services throughout the South Island •    Peer support in Rotorua and ...
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    6 days ago
  • Coastal Shipping Webinar
    Introduction, seafarers and POAL Good morning everyone, I am delighted to be online with you all today. Before I begin, I have to acknowledge that COVID-19 has disrupted the maritime sector on an unprecedented scale. The work of seafarers and the maritime industry is keeping many economies around the world ...
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    6 days ago
  • Support for resilient rail connection to the West Coast
    A $13 million investment from Government will create jobs and improve the resilience of the rail connection between Christchurch and the West Coast, Infrastructure Minister Shane Jones and Regional Economic Development Under-Secretary Fletcher Tabuteau say. The funding comes from the tagged contingency set aside in Budget 2020 for infrastructure projects ...
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    6 days ago
  • Major investment in safe drinking water
    The Government is investing $761 million to assist local government upgrade under-pressure water services across the country, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Local Government Minister Nanaia Mahuta announced today.  The announcement was made at the site of the water bore that was found to be the source of the fatal ...
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    6 days ago
  • Supporting stranded seasonal workers to keep working with more flexible options
    Recognised Seasonal Employers and migrant seasonal workers stranded in New Zealand will be able to continue working and supporting themselves with more flexible hours and roles, says Immigration Minister Iain Lees-Galloway. The time-limited visa changes are: Stranded RSE workers will be able to work part-time (a minimum of 15 hours ...
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    6 days ago
  • Relief for temporary migrants, employers and New Zealanders who need work
    The Government is making immediate short-term changes to visa settings to support temporary migrants already onshore in New Zealand and their employers, while also ensuring New Zealanders needing work are prioritised, Immigration Minister Iain Lees-Galloway says. We are: Extending temporary work visas due to expire by the end of 2020 ...
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    1 week ago
  • Freshwater commissioners and fast-track consenting convenor appointed
    Professor Peter Skelton CNZM has been appointed as Chief Freshwater Commissioner and Alternate Environment Court Judge Craig James Thompson as Deputy Chief Freshwater Commissioner for the newly established Freshwater Planning Process (FPP). Environment Minister David Parker today also announced the appointment of Chief Environment Court Judge Laurie Newhook as the ...
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    1 week ago
  • Appointment of Judge of the High Court
    Auckland Queen’s Counsel Neil Campbell has been appointed a Judge of the High Court, Attorney‑General David Parker announced today. Justice Campbell graduated with a BCom and LLB (Hons) from the University of Auckland in 1992. He spent two years with Bell Gully Buddle Weir in Auckland before travelling to the United ...
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    1 week ago
  • Feedback sought – Commercial Film and Video Production Facilities
    The Associate Minister for Greater Christchurch Regeneration, Poto Williams, is seeking feedback on a proposal to better enable the development and operation of commercial film and video facilities in Christchurch. The Proposal, developed by Regenerate Christchurch in response to a request from Christchurch City Council, asks that powers under section ...
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    1 week ago
  • Govt launches bold primary sector plan to boost economic recovery
    The Government has launched a bold plan to boost primary sector export earnings by $44 billion over the next decade, while protecting the environment and growing jobs. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern today released Fit for a Better World – Accelerating our Economic Potential, a 10-year roadmap to unlock greater value ...
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    1 week ago
  • Wellbeing of whanau at heart of new hub
    A new approach to prevent family harm that encourages greater collaboration across government and community groups is being celebrated at the opening of a new facility in Auckland. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern today opened the Multi-Disciplinary Family Harm Prevention Hub Te Taanga Manawa in Lambie Road in Manukau. The facility ...
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    1 week ago
  • New Report on Auckland Port Relocation
    The Government has released a major new report on the options for relocating the Port of Auckland’s freight operations while deferring any decision on the issue. “That decision needs to be informed by policy analysis that is still to be completed. As a result it will be up to a ...
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    1 week ago
  • Dual place names for Te Pātaka-o-Rākaihautū / Banks Peninsula features
    The history of Rāpaki is being restored through the inclusion of te reo in thirteen official place names on Te Pātaka-o-Rākaihautū / Banks Peninsula and around Lyttelton Harbour/Whakaraupō, the Minister for Land Information, Eugenie Sage, announced today.   “I am pleased to approve the proposals from Te Hapū o Ngāti ...
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    1 week ago
  • Government and Air New Zealand agree to manage incoming bookings
    Bookings for seats on Air New Zealand flights into New Zealand will be managed in the short term to ensure the Government is able to safely place New Zealanders arriving home into a managed isolation or quarantine facility, says Housing Minister Megan Woods.  “Last week Air Commodore Darryn Webb and I ...
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    1 week ago
  • $80 million for sport recovery at all levels
    Grant Robertson has today announced the first major release of funding from the $265 million Sport Recovery Package announced at Budget 2020.  “Today we’re setting out how $80 million will be invested, with $54 million of that over the 2020/2021 financial year for organisations from community level through to elite ...
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    1 week ago
  • Keeping ACC levies steady until 2022
    The Government is maintaining current levy rates for the next 2 years, as part of a set of changes to help ease the financial pressures of COVID-19 providing certainty for businesses and New Zealanders, ACC Minister Iain Lees-Galloway says. “New Zealanders and businesses are facing unprecedented financial pressures as a ...
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    1 week ago