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21 comments on “Open mike 16/08/2010”

  1. Tigger 1

    The super trucks National are creaming themselves to get on the roads are too heavy for our current infrastructure.

    For Christ’s sake – rail you morons!

    • Bored 1.1

      Tigger, you beat me to the punch, in short bloody insanity. From the Herald today the following….

      Auckland’s Southern Motorway – one of New Zealand’s busiest highways – has up to a dozen points too weak to support new, extra-heavy trucks already plying the roads…The Transport Agency admits it will take years of strengthening to make the collection of bridges and other structures “compliant” for the new trucks, weighing up to 53 tonnes, and up to 22m long.
      The agency has received 366 applications to use the new trucks on public roads under a permit scheme introduced in May for “high productivity motor vehicles”.

      Just love the term “high productivity vehicles”, , any guesses? More road damage? More road deaths? Less drivers, the unlucky ones out of work? More emmissions with the tab avoided by the industry? More bills for the four former for the tax payer to subsidise the trucking industry with?

      Absolute proof that commerce in this country is firmly heading for the cliff with no brakes, no vision. Sad pricks.

      • mickysavage 1.1.1

        It would be a bit different if they paid their fair share of Road User Charges plus a premium to cover the cost of the strengthening work. But that would be asking too much.

        I agree with Tigger. What is wrong with Rail?

        Capcha “Concrete” (he he)

        • Tigger

          Well I guess the rail lobby doesn’t line National’s coffers with cash…and rail isn’t owned by National’s pals…

          • comedy

            No but apparently Labour quite happily lined Toll’s pockets with jolly great wodgers so they didn’t feel too left out.

            • prism

              What comedy? Are Labour supposed to be fairy godmothers waving magic wands so magically that hard structural decisions for the country become easy and simple. Are they expected to produce policy full of sweetness and light with winking stars and little birds tweeting. Seems as if you might be watching Disney confections.

              The anti-spam tells me it was ‘necessary’. Seems the machine might know something.

      • prism 1.1.2

        Stupid NZ laxness in laws No. 64,002
        NZ government making policy in silo mentality. Big trucks good, status quo bad, no thought about infrastructure capabilities and externalities.
        Leave that for another government and the future to cope with. ‘The pollies go round and round and never learn a thing except how to keep smiling’. Leaky home syndrome thinking – again.

  2. Maria 2

    Looks like Goff is about to sell out women on superannuation. Hes lost my vote and I’ll be tellng my friends. You need to get rid of the right wing from our labour party now or you are complete history Labour.

    • r0b 2.1

      Hi Maria – haven’t heard anything about this, do you have a link?

    • comedy 2.2

      Can you direct to these super funds – I like to invest in some wimmin futures/

    • That is harsh Maria.

      Labour is looking at compulsory savings but that should not be to the detriment of women. And Labour is the only party with a practical commitment to perserving entitlement rights to super. The Cullen Fund may have been our last chance to preserve Super as we know it.

      How about comparing this to National’s policies which are to refuse to do anything and then wonder why the age of retirment has to be drastically increased in a few years time.

      • Tigger 2.3.1

        Maria – who are you and why do you smell of right-wing troll? Your argument has no basis and is reactionary. I’m with the others – post a link and make a case…

  3. prism 3

    Looks like to the South African Rugby Union the All Blacks are not the new blacks!

  4. eye saw 4

    Word on wall street is the appearance of the “hindenburgh omen” in charts of the nyse.
    Appears when disaster is due.
    Quite a few publications have it .

  5. Maria 5

    Yes this is about Goffs suggestion of making Kiwisaver compulsory.

    OK Retirement has to be financed either by tax or saving. This is just a planned redistribution. The money needs to come from somewhere and it makes no difference if it comes from tax or is in a personal account. The only thing this changes is retirement income distrubution.

    It will see women even poorer. Women currently earn about 12% less than men on an hourly rate basis, but the greatest cost to them is that housework and childcare mean they work a lot less hours in the workforce so according to the CTU website this reduces their incomes to about 50% of mens. If a marriage breaks up due to a husbands infidelity or violence etc then that woman is often the sole provider and carer for childrten and theres no way she can afford to save for retirement.
    What is being said here is that we need to contribute more to our savings for our retirements. There is no reason this cannot be done buy way of taxation where everyone gets an equal amount in retiremelent. This is just more taking from the poor to give to the rich. If employers have to pay it then let it go into a scheme that distributes is evenly. Don’t forget ladies we are not the minority of the population and our votes sway elections. Demand a fair deal as we have supported our families and Labour for years. The green party might have a better policy so lets take a look.

  6. BLiP 6

    Time to get organised you lot – make sure everyone you know in Auckland is registered to vote and then make sure they bloody well do actually vote. The last thing we need is for Hide to have his way so Banks and his filthy crew can start the de-facto privatisation process.

    Looks like we might be in with a chance.

  7. prism 7

    A clever new machine has been devised by NASA? to cope with terrain as part of the space program. I suggest to anyone with some status in the USA govt that they work to get NASA space funds cut and the money for future projects be put instead into earth all-terrain equipment that can take heavy loads to marooned desperate people after disasters.

    The USA could work a nice scheme, as our government has done in the past, and that is provide aid and make money from it. The USA could make the machines and sell them to the UN, so getting their contribution to the UN back into their pockets. A virtuous circle! And it would achieve something practical and helpful to the people that the UN is supposed to help. At present when emergencies happen, the UN gets fulsome promises which turn out to be empty charity buckets when cash-counting time comes.

  8. jbanks 8

    Ahaha – typical left wing nut trying to tell a lawyer that parents who smack their children since the repeal of s59 are not guilty of a crime.

  9. Anne 9

    Interesting revelation by Trevor Mallard on Red Alert. Seems Heather Roy is to be rolled as deputy leader tomorrow in favour of John Boscawen. Note Whaleoil’s comment on the post. From what I’ve heard, he’s on the right track!

  10. Jenny 10

    Latest update on my correspondence with Phill Goff:

    Thank you for your email.
    I will pass it to Phil.
    Many thanks for taking the time and trouble to write.

    Dinah Okeby
    Private Secretary
    Hon Phil Goff
    Leader of the Opposition

    —–Original Message—–
    Sent: Friday, 13 August 2010 9:48 p.m.
    To: Phil Goff
    Subject: A question?

    Dear Mr Goff,

    I am writing to you, to ask a question.

    I have heard that you will be in attending one of the Fairness at Work
    rallies on the 21st and 22 of August.

    While you are there, will you, in your role as leader of the Labour
    Party be taking the opportunity to stand on the speakers rostrum with
    the union leaders to show your party’s support for workers rights, and
    maybe even say a few words?

    Thank you,

    capcha – nice

    • Jenny 10.1

      I don’t really know if receiving this ‘standard letter’ reply means I will be getting a proper response any time soon, or at all.

      What does your experience tell you VOR?

      capcha – worthwhile

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