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20 comments on “Daily Review 18/05/2015”

  1. mickysavage 1

    The Greens are convinced John Key (or his office) had some involvement in Glucina’s story on Amanda Bailey. They have OIAed for information concerning texts which the PM’s office is refusing to respond. If there is a link …

  2. mickysavage 2

    Some interesting pro Standard tweets today from the right …


    • Anne 2.1

      The Greens are convinced John Key (or his office) had some involvement in Glucina’s story on Amanda Bailey.

      Of course he/they did. Anyone who read “Dirty Politics” knows the close links and will recognise the MO between John Key, his office and Rachel Glucina. She was their ‘go to media tramp’ whenever they wanted some gossip revealed or a nasty innuendo about a political opponent inserted in her trash-filled articles. However there won’t be any tweets or emails. The “communications” would have been verbal so as not to leave a trail.

      • felix 2.1.1

        Yeah usually would be verbal only to maintain deniability.

        But the Greens aren’t endlessly resourced so the fact that they’re pursuing this means they know something.

        And the fact that Key & co aren’t denying anything means they’re trying to find out how much the Greens know before they start bullshitting.

    • les 2.2

      Hooten is just promoting himself…i.e ..take me inside the ‘tent’ otherwise I will keep pissing outside it!

    • the pigman 2.3

      Get the impression Hooton’s just happy to be making headlines/gets to elevate himself to the status of “clickbait”.

      It’s like some kind of cyber-circle-jerk, except there’s only one participant. In others words, blatant self-promotion.

    • vto 2.4

      Been saying for an age
      Hooton will escape the cage

      and flick to the left

      • Chris 2.4.1

        No, he’s righter than right and just like Odgers part of how he does things includes making strenuous attempts to come across as fair and reasonable which means portraying himself as agreeing with the Left from time to time. And just like Odgers there are times when he feels the need to do it even when it’s obvious there’s nothing he agrees with and comes across as incredulous or insincere. These are especially telling and really does highlight how everything that comes out of his mouth is calculated and meant for effect. Not just right-wing but, just like Odgers, nasty right wing through and through.

  3. adam 3


    Does beg the question – why no mass arrest – Lock downs and curfews.

    Oh wait they were white gangs – silly me.

    • vto 3.1

      What amazes me is how everytime America is on te tele more and more of its people and cars just seem to be bigger and bigger and bigger …..

      The place is loaded with bigger and bigger cars and bigger and bigger people, all waddling around and looking down over their huge tum tums.


      guess we’re next…

      • happynz 3.1.1

        Have you been to the States, vto? If not, you ought to go if the opportunity presents itself. You may have your mind blown that the place is a lot more diverse than your consistent moans about the US suggest. Then again, you may walk through customs, spy a dozen fatties squeezing their bulk into oversized SUVs, throw up your arms in despair, “I knew it! I just knew it,” and book the next ticket out.

        The place is loaded with bigger and bigger cars and bigger and bigger people, all waddling around and looking down over their huge tum tums.

        Do you lose sleep reckoning that all that fat is going to tilt the Earth out of orbit? 🙂

        But seriously, having lived in both New Zealand and the US, I see about the same ratio of the obese in NZ as in the US (well, OK, it does seem the US does have more really overweight teens than NZ).

        • vto

          Yeah, I know all that …..

          but they really are huge.. and seem to be getting huger… and why do you think there are all these earthquakes? Probably coinciding with all them huge bikie gangs roaring around on their fat boys and hanging out with equally huge coppers … have you looked at the link?

  4. Philip Ferguson 4

    During the apartheid era various performers disgraced themselves by playing at Sun City.

    Today, Israel offers a lucrative market for various musicians. Some people just play there; some declare their love for the repressive racist state and complain how it is misunderstood. The latest ratbag in this category is the airhead Lady Gaga.

    Meanwhile Roger Waters, ex of Pink Floyd, maintains his integrity, calling on artists to turn down offers to play there.

    Pimping for Israel: Lady Gaga, Madonna and Dionne Warwick:

  5. sandra 7

    Anne Tolley on Native Affairs tonight justifying no maori representation on the CYFS review panel- couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It was like being transported back to the 60’s.


  6. McFlock 8


    John Oliver just came up with a doozy: “the poverty line is like the age of consent, if you find yourself parsing exactly where it is, it you’ve probably already done something very, very wrong.”

  7. greywarshark 9

    Anne Tolley’s cutting remarks about Relationship Services this morning on the Radionz news. Gobsmacked. What a trout. And I apolgise to trouts.
    She said they are not fulfilling their contracts and the ‘taxpayer’ is not going to help them out. They are actually doing government-inspired work, which they are being inundated with yet have not had consequent funding, actually a drop. And they mention the reporting costs – a neo lib inefficiency cost arising from their distrust of others based on knowledge of their own mendacity.

    Have lost my original comment – our internet is so slow here now that it is hard work to use it. Headline in local paper says ‘internet slow-down blamed on Netflix’. Truenet Broadband monitoring has shown from ten probes on speed, two have dropped dramatically in April (Netfix was released March 24). One probe has dropped from 100% in March to 62% in April. Spark ADSL broadbank has a quite limiting speed. They advised that between 8 and 10pm the uptake on their Lightbox, similar to Netfix, has been high and ‘the network can’t cope with it’.

    What’s the use of spending huge amounts of money to facilitate the use of the information technology when it just gets hogged with virtual junk, entertainment for idle minds who are probably watching war movies when the technology should be aiding thinking and clever sharing to advance society.

  8. greywarshark 10

    I’ve just had a flash of insight leading to ‘the’ new approach for NZ to replace the milk-fed bovine bullrush that is our regular gait.

    I’ve been listening to one of the original builders of the on-line trading company Ali Baba that operates out of China. It’s a company that has grown up to rival Amazon and eclipsed EBay. (And incidentally among the 17 that gathered and dreamed up the concept there was a NZer!)

    The speaker Porter Erisman has just said that it grew and triumphed by concentrating on helping small entrepreneurs, by concentrating on the customer.

    This is what NZ can do. If we get rid of these play actors in Parliament and get small-business-oriented pollies in, and co-operative supporters in, and carry those business people forward, then we will start to flourish.

    I give an example of long term NZ attitudes to small business. Wellington Council did major works over 9 months and it resulted in customers not getting to the businesses needing their visits and those small businesses lost thousands of dollars.

    It is noticeable how lightly politicians and those with power to make change, local authorities, deemed agencies, consider the people trying to be economic actors. The big project steps up, and the foot may go down on the people it is supposed to be serving and which are its lifeblood by a long-line connection not recognised and understood. (Yesterday morning this Radionz heading – Victoria University accuses WCC of ignoring it in city’s plan.)

    Encourage, advise, plan, cost, estimate, research, pilot. These would be the words used by an active trade-oriented country. Dont know about present Mobie. I fear it is limited by a lack of joy, their ce chosen because he knows how to use computers and has a degree and has managed a sports team.

    11:30 Alibaba’s World – inside the e-commerce giant
    An insider’s glimpse into the online shopping site, Alibaba.com which is the world’s largest e-commerce company. The Chinese company has built a customer base larger than Amazon. Porter Erisman was one of Alibaba’s first employees from the west, and he was instrumental in the trader’s global expansion between 2000 to 2008.
    Book: Alibaba’s World by Porter Erisman published by Macmillan RRP $34.99

    • greywarshark 10.1

      Help to small businesses! Start here – see radionz.
      More Regional news
      Govt ‘should help’ red-zoned in Franz Josef
      Franz Josef
      The Government needs to step in and help those who were red-zoned yesterday, a business owner in Franz Joseph says

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