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67 comments on “Open mike 19/07/2023 ”

  1. Dennis Frank 1

    Gluckman on saving the world:

    "We use big science approaches to study the origins of the universe, to study particle physics, why are we not using big science approaches to address issues of existential risk to our societies." An integrated approach was desperately needed, he said.

    The knight got it right. Scientists acting like spoilt brats wasting money on trivial shit in the atomic zoo has been polluting the tech scene way too long.

    • Incognito 1.1

      Your personal bias is shining through your clouded judgment, again.

      • Dennis Frank 1.1.1

        All good. Greener is better. Thus spake the Gluckman! angel yes

        • Incognito

          And now you’re trolling and you know it.

          • weka

            it looks like banter to me. And not an unreasonable response to being told they have personal bias and clouded judgement without any explanation of that or addressing the original comment content.

  2. Dennis Frank 2

    Bad capitalist:

    Liquidators have started bankruptcy proceedings against Eric Watson after he failed to repay $57 million borrowed from his company, Cullen Investments. In February, Justice Neil Campbell ordered the former high-flying Kiwi businessman to pay almost $60m to KPMG, liquidators of his failed Cullen Group.

    The liquidators’ eighth and most recent report, filed on Monday, said Watson had failed to pay or settle the outstanding balance and solicitors had been instructed to begin bankruptcy proceedings.

    So he's been naughty and defied the judge. Did four months in prison for being contemptuous of a court too. Very naughty crim. Last bastion of the neolibs goes down.

    • Hunter Thompson II 2.1

      If he follows the standard route, he'll write a book about his escapades.

      I recall the geezer behind the Goldcorp saga did that.

  3. Ad 3

    Now I seriously love the city of Dunedin, and occasionally I get really encouraged when someone tries something really useful.

    This time it's the Port of Otago. They are proposing a big fat trucking hub in Mosgiel, which can take 3,500 heavy trucks a year off Dunedin roads and onto rail straight to Port Chalmers. Most of it is milk products and logs.

    Yes, it puts more rail on the Port Chalmers line. But it takes most of the big trucks off that little state highway from Dunedin to the port, which makes everyone safer and ordinary motorists less aggravated.

    Also it would not be too hard to stick a commuter carriage on the back of them and bingo you have a commuter line.

    Ports of Otago have done some real stupid stuff in the past, and this isn't one of them.

  4. Bearded Git 4

    Luxon floundering as ever on Morning Report today. He hated Corin's first question where he put to him that the US and NZ were winning the global beauty pageant in terms of inflation rates according to the Herald.

    Cue Luxon spouting a lot of inaccurate information about NZ's inflation rate. Corin later asks him “isn’t he talking down the NZ economy too much” and “is it fair of National on its website to describe the NZ economy as a house of cards”.

    • observer 4.1

      He's a weekly comedy show, every Wednesday morning.

      His latest …

      Luxon said he had fond memories of attending the 1974 Games in Christchurch as a 4-year-old but "we've got to face up to reality".

      He was born in July 1970 so he can't count. But like all his "fond memories", they exist only as feeble, fabricated attempts to appear relatable.

      (Of course we shouldn't host the games, but every NZ politician with a pulse can work that out, he doesn't get bonus points for stating the obvious).

      • alwyn 4.1.1

        "(Of course we shouldn't host the games, but every NZ politician with a pulse can work that out, he doesn't get bonus points for stating the obvious)."

        What do you know about Grant Robertson that I don't? Although he looks a bit overweight and doesn't seem to be very fit he still seems to be breathing and to have a working heart.

        However he is certainly in favour of New Zealand hosting the Commonwealth Games and has said so on a number of occasions. " I am excited at the prospect and potential for us to host it here.". Not this year perhaps but certainly he doesn't see anything wrong with throwing money down the drain in the future.

        • observer

          As you know perfectly well, the topic addressed by Luxon this morning was the 2026 games, as was my comment. It is right there in the title of the link.

          You don't lack comprehension skills, so please don't play the fool.

          • alwyn

            I really thought that you comment was arguing that we should never attempt to host these events. I was definitely in a mood to applaud your view.

            Apparently though you are only talking about the 2026 games. Why not be sensible. We should never compete to hold these stupid events. All we get from it is a way of blowing enormous sums of money so that politicians can flaunt themselves, while attending all the events free in the best seats, and pretending we get something of benefit to the people of New Zealand.

            Frankly if they want carnivals they should personally pay for them.

    • alwyn 4.2

      "Cue Luxon spouting a lot of inaccurate information about NZ's inflation rate".

      Would you care to expand on this claim you have made? I'll admit that I found it rather hard to follow this interview because of Dann's repeated talking over the interviewee but I didn't see any obvious propagation of inaccurate material. What do you claim was wrong with what Luxon said?

      • observer 4.2.1

        I can't comment on the accuracy myself (haven't listened yet) but Luxon certainly shows incredible incompetence to be talking about the inflation rate only hours before it is released.

        He's not just shooting himself in the foot, he's blown his head off.

      • Bearded Git 4.2.2

        Luxon gave the impression, falsely, that NZ's inflation rate was a disaster. Simply not true. He needs to be honest. The USA (which is only one country BTW) recent 3.0 rate is skewed by food and energy. NZ's has been skewed by one-off food inflation. Here is a comparison of some of the major economies:

        NZ's 6.0 (excl food 4.6)

        UK 8.7

        Germany 6.4

        Australia 7.0

        Italy 6.4

        USA 3.0 (excl food and energy 4.8)

        Food inflation has been a massive issue here, mostly I think because of the weather events on the North Island.

        The point is that in a world beset by inflation NZ's rate is relatively impressive.

        • alwyn

          Before the current run of terrible inflation numbers over the last 18 months or so the last time that New Zealand at this level was way back in 1990.

          It doesn't make it any better if you say we are no worse than some other countries with terrible results. It just means there are other countries that are equally bad.

          Why don't you ask why we aren't doing as well as the better countries? The year on year inflation rate for Switzerland in June 2023 for example was 1.7%. Why don't we compare ourselves with them rather than with the bottom of the heap?

          • Drowsy M. Kram

            It doesn't make it any better if you say we are no worse than some other countries with terrible results. It just means there are other countries that are equally bad.

            Why are so many other countries "equally bad"?
            I love Central Otago cherries, but they're out of season sad

            The year on year inflation rate for Switzerland in June 2023 for example was 1.7%. Why don't we compare ourselves with them rather than with the bottom of the heap?

            Re "the bottom of the heap", do you mean countries with inflation rates >100%?

            The less one-eyed will observe that NZ is in the middle of the pack – nowhere near as bad as some would have us believe, and trending in a good direction.

            Aotearoa 6% inflation (down from 6.7%)
            Australia 7% inflation (down from 7.8%)
            EurUnion 7.1% (down from 8.1%)


          • UncookedSelachimorpha

            Seems the Swiss aren't particularly neoliberal in a few aspects and this contributes to lower inflation:

            Of the core products used to measure inflation in the euro zone, including food, housing and transport, almost one third (30%) are subject to price regulation in Switzerland — more than in any other European country.

            High tariffs on certain agricultural imports also mean that domestically produced foods, such as milk and cheese, are preferentially priced and less impacted by movements in global food markets. That, in turn, has helped stimulate the country’s economy.

            Swiss energy suppliers are also largely publicly owned, meaning that they are less exposed to extreme market volatility through financial safety nets, while being subject to stricter pricing regulation…. the nationalization of Swiss energy provision offered an important lesson to other countries, particularly those nations in Europe that underwent a broad shift to privatization and are now paying the price.

            • gsays

              Thanks for the link.
              So what is lacking in our politicians that stops them from adopting similar measures? (Tariffs on some imports, state owned energy entitites…)



              • UncookedSelachimorpha

                Bind adherence to neoliberal ideology, without regards to evidence (there is plenty of evidence that privatisation often doesn't improve efficiency or public benefit, for example).

            • Gypsy Rover

              “Swiss energy suppliers are also largely publicly owned, “

              Not for long.

              European market developments and Switzerland's desire to phase out nuclear power have prompted the government to draft a new electricity supply law. This law provides for the complete liberalisation of the market and the rapid development of renewable energies in Switzerland.


              Switzerland imports around 70% of its power consumption (—fakten-und-zahlen.html), of which 36% is oil and 20% nuclear. The country plans to phase out nuclear, and interestingly they have the highest density of dams in the world. With a strong focus on renewables, they are likely to be looking to private investment.

        • Gypsy Rover

          Based on your own link (which opens at a selection of G20 countries), only 7 of those countries have higher rates of inflation than NZ currently. And if you use the same reference, but select ‘World’, NZ is 94th out of 186 entries. But in any event, these are measurements focused on a moment in time. Of even more concern is this:

          “While inflation is ‘lower’, it is not ‘low’ by any stretch of the imagination,” said Westpac senior economist Satish Ranchhod.

          “Importantly, measures of core inflation are continuing to run at rates of around 6 per cent, and some have actually picked up in the June quarter. That points to lingering strength in underlying price pressures. Similarly, domestic inflation – aka. non-tradables inflation – remains elevated at 6.6 per cent.”

          With strong and persistent underlying price pressures, inflation was unlikely to return within the RBNZ’s target band any time soon, he said.”

          • Bearded Git

            Choosing your quotes carefully there Gypsy to bolster your hero Luxon's position. I do not accept your argument.

            Looking at this rationally, NZ at 6.0, but 4.6 excluding food, is a valid statistic.

            Compare this with the EU; 27 countries with a population of 447 million. The EU inflation rate is 5.5%, and that is with fruit and vegetables in season and no weather event that has smashed their fruit and veg production (to my knowledge). That makes NZ look just fine.

            As Drowsy says above, NZ cherries are out of season. I saw some American cherries at New World the other day that were about a dollar each.

        • Gypsy Rover

          You have linked to G20 data. Compared to the G20 countries, NZ would rank as having the 8th highest rate of inflation. Using your reference further, NZ is somewhere in the middle of the countries of the world by current rate of inflation. These are not encouraging comparisons. That said, to some degree the current inflation rate is a snapshot. Of more concern is this:

          “While inflation is ‘lower’, it is not ‘low’ by any stretch of the imagination,” said Westpac senior economist Satish Ranchhod.

          “Importantly, measures of core inflation are continuing to run at rates of around 6 per cent, and some have actually picked up in the June quarter. That points to lingering strength in underlying price pressures. Similarly, domestic inflation – aka. non-tradables inflation – remains elevated at 6.6 per cent.”

          With strong and persistent underlying price pressures, inflation was unlikely to return within the RBNZ’s target band any time soon, he said.“

    • Nic the NZer 4.3

      Analysis of the rapidly falling inflation rate in the US. Bill Mitchell has been highly consistent in his categorization of the present inflationary period as supply driven, imported and transitory.

      One of the main implications of this is that central bank policy (raising cash rates) has not been effective at reducing inflation. That makes comparing inflation rates between countries a bit dubious, especially if you then attribute the falling rate to central bank policy. Any rapid fall is more likely down to many other factors effecting the domestic economy (like ability to discourage corporate price gouging, release of fuel reserves) and a general fall in external supply pressures.

  5. Dennis Frank 5

    Gaia seems to be experimenting with a solution to the feral cat problem but unfortunately it also will target non-offending domestic cats:

    The outbreak in Cyprus involves a feline coronavirus – not linked to Covid-19 – that also circulates in cats in the UK, but which does not infect people. The virus normally causes only a mild stomach upset, but can lead to feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), where white blood cells become infected, spreading the virus through the cat’s body and triggering an often fatal inflammatory reaction in the abdomen, kidneys and brain.

  6. Dennis Frank 6

    Wagner convoy enters new home base, Belarus boosted as regional power:

    On Tuesday, Belarus's President, Alexander Lukashenko – an ally of Russia – said Wagner "are currently in their camps" inside the country. "If Belarus needs them, we will instantly call upon the Wagner private military company to defend the nation," Mr Lukashenko said.

    • weka 6.1

      can you please stop using OM as a news feed. Lynn said this in the back end recently,

      This is a site for opinions to be expressed and debated. It isn't there for just copy-pasting. If I was wanting to do that, I'd just write a netscraper and curation algorithm then hook it to a front-end.

      I think you bring both interesting news items, and opinions to the commentariat. However the four comments you made today are more appropriate to FB or twitter than TS. My strong suggestion is to post less and put more into the comments you do make in terms of explaining what the issue is and what you think about it: "opinions to be expressed and debated".

      Casual and/or short comments are ok in moderation, but when they become the main way that someone posts, it becomes a problem.

      • Shanreagh 6.1.1

        It is hard to know though. Personally I usually find DF links useful on the basis that 9/10 times I would not have found the links/ideas myself.

        This comment of mine is also in response to

        19 July 2023 at 6:11 am

        Being called a 'troll', 'clouded judgement' and having 'biases' (all comments unexplained) is enough to put anyone off from posting expanded points of view, explaining items.

        If the comments are meant in banter can they at least have a smiley or wink icon, or better still not be posted at all?

        • weka

          Dennis' banter comment had two emoticons!

          People get called trolls here, I wouldn't worry about someone else being called a troll, just carry on with whatever you wanted to reply (to the original comment). There is a degree of robustness needed to comment here, because rudeness or bluntness per se isn't considered an inherent problem (personalised abuse or rudeness with the intention if flaming are where the problems start).

      • Dennis Frank 6.1.2

        Okay, will do. I agree with your reasoning. I thought the point about Belarus ascending into the regional pivot position was worth making though. Perhaps the way I did that was too brief…

        Also, I don't do twitter or facebook due to the cultures being too shallow. Seems to me folks here like to dig under the surface appearance of things. That's why I see the site operating as part of the solution rather than part of the problem – plus acceptance of centrists participating with leftists, plus non-toxic ethos.

        • weka

          Nice one Dennis. That's great feedback about the site. To clarify, there's nothing wrong with the topics you are bringing, it is indeed the brevity where that becomes a habit.

        • UncookedSelachimorpha

          "I don't do twitter or facebook due to the cultures being too shallow"

          Fair enough and IMHO a lot more wrong than just being a bit shallow over there.

          You could find Mastodon as being somewhere between The Standard and those other sites, depending on which instance you join.

        • lprent

          I thought the point about Belarus ascending into the regional pivot position was worth making though. Perhaps the way I did that was too brief…

          It doesn't make a lot of difference to the military standing of Belarus. Basically they have barely upgraded any weapons since independence from the Soviet union 30+ years ago. Most of their manpower are very poorly trained conscripts.

          With the exception of their relatively small special forces, everything I've read (wikipedia has a goodish overview) about the armed forces of Belarus tends to indicate that they're be graded as target practice quality by all of their neighbours forces. Not even up to the standards of the pre-2014 Ukrainian forces. There is a moderate amount of material around about the quality of Belarus armed forces.

          Wagner adds a core of reasonably well trained and veteran infantry. But how many of those arrive there is a question.Wagner have missions in other countries, which are unlikely to go away, so most of the time most of the mercs will be absent. Plus there are considerations of supply and logistics.

          So if they are the supply that Wagner depends on, then in all likelyhood they will at best get mostly outdated, non-updated gear and munitions that will be dangerous to handle.

          Of course the Russian armed forces have quite a lot of troops in Belarus at any one point in time doing exercises, semi-permanently based there, and doing a odd bit of invading neighbouring countries. So I guess that they could get supply from there.

          But I suspect that main value of having Wagner in-country is that they have quite a lot of experience of propping up old dictators. It is their main line of business.

          • adam

            Don't forget that a large section of the under 30's in Belarus will probably not fight. The crack downs of the last few years have left a high level of enmity towards the state within that age group.

          • Dennis Frank

            Looks like I can take you're word for it, given all that research, thanks. So not so much of a regional pivot point. I wonder how the co-founders of Wagner will adapt to their new home. Not the type to sit around playing tiddlywinks.

            I expect, when ensconced satisfactorily, there'll be some back to Africa, but if that doesn't keep them busy enough they'll need live target practice elsewhere.

            • lprent

              The 'research' was just 15 minutes on google between compiles. Like this mornings comments are being done while listening to a work "connect" on zoom. The modern version of a all-of-company meeting – but across multiple time zones.

              I keep a general eye on military and political trends in potential conflict regions. Personally I consider this is to be general knowledge. The links were just to give others something to dig into if they feel like it.

  7. observer 7

    Total creep turns out to be total creep … who could have guessed?

    If anyone doesn't know this guy's track record, simply Google his name and Jacinda Ardern. A vile man. And now Karma delivers.

    • AB 7.1

      From the link. Wooton claims that "GB News is the biggest threat to the establishment in decades," Heh – GB News is the establishment, just a faction of it that is a little more deranged in their use of anti-wokeness to disguise their actual intentions.

      • joe90 7.1.1

        their actual intentions

        They keep on telling everyone.

        A leading Jewish group has criticised a prominent GB News presenter for spreading “a dangerous conspiracy theory” after she tweeted that the Covid virus appeared to have been bioengineered to be less dangerous to some Jewish people.

        In a tweet sent on Tuesday afternoon, Beverley Turner supported the idea first popularised by the controversial Democratic presidential hopeful Robert Kennedy Jr that the coronavirus was engineered to target some ethnic groups and spare others.

        In her message, which has since been deleted, Turner, who co-presents a regular morning show on GB News, appeared to argue that this bioengineering could be linked to Dr Anthony Fauci, who as the chief medical adviser to the US presidency during Covid was a common target for conspiracy theorists.

        • Dennis Frank

          I know a bunch of folks in alternative Aotearoa who share these fantasies – old friends & acquaintances, university degrees & successful entrepreneurs. sad

          My technique for engaging with them again (sporadically) is to ignore such tendencies as much as possible. If they go there, I hit them with `been there done that long ago' acknowledgement. Delivered with a tone of dismissal verging on boredom usually works ok. If they act obtuse & continue, I become a critic via instant personality switch, point out where their thinking is going wrong.

          Mostly that works. It helps to share the ole govt always lies thing, along with `corporations always lie' etc. Then point out that conspiracy theorists are mostly delusional due to inventing correlations and being proud of it. Then ya gotta admit that sometimes the theories appear to be correct – but not often! Once you've led them down the garden path like that they tend to end up admiring the flowers…

    • Anne 7.2

      Thanks for the heads up observer. I avoid low hanging British tabloid fruit so had never heard of him. A right-wing DP gamer with a record of lies and deceit? He's now playing the wounded innocent who has been targeted by a jealous ex-lover.

      Having had personal experience of someone (not an ex-lover) who projected their unsound and unlawful behaviour onto me… I can see the self-same scenario playing out here. Here's hoping Karma has indeed got him.

    • tWiggle 7.3

      Wootton's NZ-born, started at The Dom-Post, and was visiting his parents in Wellington when accusation broke, according to the spinoff (see 10.02 am post). No wonder he took pleasure in (and maybe initiated) anti-Ardern messaging.

    • Mac1 7.4

      "has developed a persona as a rightwing presenter criticising “woke” issues."

      Say no more. In the best tradition of support as typified by "I am Spartacus!" I say I am a woke bloke.

    • SPC 7.5

      Marina Purkiss was invited by GB News to debate with Rees Mogg (Tory MP).

      She noted that the anti-woke GB News had a unisex bathroom and stated her fear that she might be in there when Dan Wooton walked in.

    • SPC 7.6

      A Murdoch media hack can only work for his media imitators afterwards.

      Thus from Fox News to Newsmax OAN or pod casts on Rumble (or Twitter as per TC) in the USA.

      Or the Sun to talkRADIO, MailOnline, GB News, Sky Australia.

      The disconcerting thing is his working for the MailOnline.

      Yes Prime Minister revealed how UK media covered scandals based on their prejudices

  8. weston 8

    Jfkjr is in the shit again at a private dinner he dared to suggest that cov 19 was a bio weapon that had more of an effect on some races than others an the dems have got their nickers well an truly in a twist over it declaring that he shouldnt be a witness in Jim Jordens hearing on censorship he's a racist he's an antisemetic etc etc .JFKjr is perceived as a huge threat to the dems and they're out to get him anyway they can apparently adding to all the attention he's getting of course !!.Personally i find him him intelligent warm thoughtful and capable of talking for hours on subjects with no notes something rather lacking in the big players of American politics .As i said the other night amongst the woeful selection of pres candidates currently in the race and especially compared to the incumbent he's head and shoulders above imo.

    • Dennis Frank 8.1

      Someone here yesterday even tried to give me a hard time for merely commenting on him. smiley Dunno if the guy is wacko or not, but he does have relevance to our election since conspiracy theorists have become influential in both countries in recent years.

      Anyway so despite disagreeing with you recently about something I've forgotten, I agree he's worth tracking & suggest you stand by to repel boarders, as a pirate would say. Brain-police alert!

      • tWiggle 8.1.1

        In the US, there is effectively a two-candidate presidential election by an electoral college. At the moment, candidates are strutting their stuff for the Democrat nominating convention, which chooses that party's presidential candidate. RFK jnr is one of those Democrat candidates.

        The US party presidential selection process has no relevance to upcoming NZ elections, where we are choosing a government. Here, conspiracists fortunately have a plethora of looney tunes parties amongst which to split their votes.

        The reason for pointing out RFK jnr's behaviour is to show how low the marketplace of political ideas has sunk in the US, not to draw a tenuous parallel with our own political circus.

        • joe90

          TBF, US elections, and especially US attack adds, are the greatest show on earth.

          • adam

            Odd as I thought all the Kennedy's were a bit off in one way or another. I mean look at the old old man, his bootlegging and lickspittle were famous.

  9. joe90 9

    When the opposition writes your adds. Gold!


    I approve this message.

    Marjorie Taylor Greene compares Biden to FDR, LBJ. Thanks for the free campaign ad!

    The predominantly ludicrous lawmaker from Georgia did Biden a solid this weekend, telling Republicans the Democratic president is fiendishly attempting to make people's lives better.

  10. adam 10

    Go to say – totally agree with the Premier of Victoria.

    Why spend 7 billion on a 12 day event? Why should Schools and Hospitals have reduced spending to cover the costs of a 12 day sports event?

    • Anne 10.1


    • SPC 10.2

      There is the case for a permanent host of the CG, with occasional diversions to other venues. Obviously cities that have hosted the Olympic Games (or could do so/aspire to) could provide alternatives from time to time.

      A nation like New Zealand could still do it – but the games village concept requires a city host.

      The only place to host twice is Auckland and the only continent not to host is Africa. The only major city not to host (out of Africa) would be Toronto Canada.

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    4 days ago
  • New Zealand-China Business Summit
    Tēnā koutou katoa. Da jia hao.  Good morning everyone.   Prime Minister Luxon, your excellency, a great friend of New Zealand and my friend Ambassador Wang, Mayor of what he tells me is the best city in New Zealand, Wayne Brown, the highly respected Fran O’Sullivan, Champion of the Auckland business ...
    4 days ago
  • New measures to protect powerlines from trees
    Energy Minister Simeon Brown has announced that the Government will make it easier for lines firms to take action to remove vegetation from obstructing local powerlines. The change will ensure greater security of electricity supply in local communities, particularly during severe weather events.  “Trees or parts of trees falling on ...
    6 days ago
  • Wairarapa Moana ki Pouakani win top Māori dairy farming award
    Wairarapa Moana ki Pouakani were the top winners at this year’s Ahuwhenua Trophy awards recognising the best in Māori dairy farming. Māori Development Minister Tama Potaka announced the winners and congratulated runners-up, Whakatōhea Māori Trust Board, at an awards celebration also attended by Prime Minister Christopher Luxon and Finance Minister ...
    6 days ago
  • DJ Fred Again – Assurance report received
    "On the 27th of March, I sought assurances from the Chief Executive, Department of Internal Affairs, that the Department’s correct processes and policies had been followed in regards to a passport application which received media attention,” says Minister of Internal Affairs Brooke van Velden.  “I raised my concerns after being ...
    6 days ago
  • District Court Judges appointed
    Attorney-General Judith Collins has announced the appointment of three new District Court Judges, to replace Judges who have recently retired. Peter James Davey of Auckland has been appointed a District Court Judge with a jury jurisdiction to be based at Whangarei. Mr Davey initially started work as a law clerk/solicitor with ...
    7 days ago
  • Unions should put learning ahead of ideology
    Associate Education Minister David Seymour is calling on the Post Primary Teachers’ Association (PPTA) to put ideology to the side and focus on students’ learning, in reaction to the union holding paid teacher meetings across New Zealand about charter schools.     “The PPTA is disrupting schools up and down the ...
    7 days ago
  • Craig Stobo appointed as chair of FMA
    Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister Andrew Bayly today announced the appointment of Craig Stobo as the new chair of the Financial Markets Authority (FMA). Mr Stobo takes over from Mark Todd, whose term expired at the end of April. Mr Stobo’s appointment is for a five-year term. “The FMA plays ...
    7 days ago
  • Budget 2024 invests in lifeguards and coastguard
    Surf Life Saving New Zealand and Coastguard New Zealand will continue to be able to keep people safe in, on, and around the water following a funding boost of $63.644 million over four years, Transport Minister Simeon Brown and Associate Transport Minister Matt Doocey say. “Heading to the beach for ...
    7 days ago
  • New Zealand and Tuvalu reaffirm close relationship
    New Zealand and Tuvalu have reaffirmed their close relationship, Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters says.  “New Zealand is committed to working with Tuvalu on a shared vision of resilience, prosperity and security, in close concert with Australia,” says Mr Peters, who last visited Tuvalu in 2019.  “It is my pleasure ...
    1 week ago
  • New Zealand calls for calm, constructive dialogue in New Caledonia
    New Zealand is gravely concerned about the situation in New Caledonia, Foreign Minister Winston Peters says.  “The escalating situation and violent protests in Nouméa are of serious concern across the Pacific Islands region,” Mr Peters says.  “The immediate priority must be for all sides to take steps to de-escalate the ...
    1 week ago
  • New Zealand welcomes Samoa Head of State
    Prime Minister Christopher Luxon met today with Samoa’s O le Ao o le Malo, Afioga Tuimalealiifano Vaaletoa Sualauvi II, who is making a State Visit to New Zealand. “His Highness and I reflected on our two countries’ extensive community links, with Samoan–New Zealanders contributing to all areas of our national ...
    1 week ago
  • Island Direct eligible for SuperGold Card funding
    Transport Minister Simeon Brown has announced that he has approved Waiheke Island ferry operator Island Direct to be eligible for SuperGold Card funding, paving the way for a commercial agreement to bring the operator into the scheme. “Island Direct started operating in November 2023, offering an additional option for people ...
    1 week ago
  • Further sanctions against Russia
    Foreign Minister Winston Peters today announced further sanctions on 28 individuals and 14 entities providing military and strategic support for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.  “Russia is directly supported by its military-industrial complex in its illegal aggression against Ukraine, attacking its sovereignty and territorial integrity. New Zealand condemns all entities and ...
    1 week ago
  • One year on from Loafers Lodge
    A year on from the tragedy at Loafers Lodge, the Government is working hard to improve building fire safety, Building and Construction Minister Chris Penk says. “I want to share my sincere condolences with the families and friends of the victims on the anniversary of the tragic fire at Loafers ...
    1 week ago
  • Pre-Budget speech to Auckland Business Chamber
    Ka nui te mihi kia koutou. Kia ora and good afternoon, everyone. Thank you so much for having me here in the lead up to my Government’s first Budget. Before I get started can I acknowledge: Simon Bridges – Auckland Business Chamber CEO. Steve Jurkovich – Kiwibank CEO. Kids born ...
    1 week ago
  • New Zealand and Vanuatu to deepen collaboration
    New Zealand and Vanuatu will enhance collaboration on issues of mutual interest, Foreign Minister Winston Peters says.    “It is important to return to Port Vila this week with a broad, high-level political delegation which demonstrates our deep commitment to New Zealand’s relationship with Vanuatu,” Mr Peters says.    “This ...
    1 week ago
  • Penk travels to Peru for trade meetings
    Minister for Land Information, Chris Penk will travel to Peru this week to represent New Zealand at a meeting of trade ministers from the Asia-Pacific region on behalf of Trade Minister Todd McClay. The annual Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Ministers Responsible for Trade meeting will be held on 17-18 May ...
    1 week ago
  • Minister attends global education conferences
    Minister of Education Erica Stanford will head to the United Kingdom this week to participate in the 22nd Conference of Commonwealth Education Ministers (CCEM) and the 2024 Education World Forum (EWF). “I am looking forward to sharing this Government’s education priorities, such as introducing a knowledge-rich curriculum, implementing an evidence-based ...
    1 week ago
  • Education Minister thanks outgoing NZQA Chair
    Minister of Education Erica Stanford has today thanked outgoing New Zealand Qualifications Authority Chair, Hon Tracey Martin. “Tracey Martin tendered her resignation late last month in order to take up a new role,” Ms Stanford says. Ms Martin will relinquish the role of Chair on 10 May and current Deputy ...
    1 week ago
  • Joint statement of Christopher Luxon and Emmanuel Macron: Launch of the Christchurch Call Foundation
    New Zealand Prime Minister Christopher Luxon and President Emmanuel Macron of France today announced a new non-governmental organisation, the Christchurch Call Foundation, to coordinate the Christchurch Call’s work to eliminate terrorist and violent extremist content online.   This change gives effect to the outcomes of the November 2023 Call Leaders’ Summit, ...
    1 week ago
  • Panel announced for review into disability services
    Distinguished public servant and former diplomat Sir Maarten Wevers will lead the independent review into the disability support services administered by the Ministry of Disabled People – Whaikaha. The review was announced by Disability Issues Minister Louise Upston a fortnight ago to examine what could be done to strengthen the ...
    1 week ago
  • Minister welcomes Police gang unit
    Today’s announcement by Police Commissioner Andrew Coster of a National Gang Unit and district Gang Disruption Units will help deliver on the coalition Government’s pledge to restore law and order and crack down on criminal gangs, Police Minister Mark Mitchell says. “The National Gang Unit and Gang Disruption Units will ...
    1 week ago
  • New Zealand expresses regret at North Korea’s aggressive rhetoric
    Foreign Minister Winston Peters has today expressed regret at North Korea’s aggressive rhetoric towards New Zealand and its international partners.  “New Zealand proudly stands with the international community in upholding the rules-based order through its monitoring and surveillance deployments, which it has been regularly doing alongside partners since 2018,” Mr ...
    1 week ago

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