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57 comments on “Open Mike 22/09/2016”

  1. Morrissey 2

    Victim of serial harasser vows:
    “One day I’ll snap and I’ll punch him in the face”….

  2. tc 3

    his Q&A with the media after his recent Emmy win is worth a watch.

    So many dumb questions I thought he restrained himself and got a nice jab in about Oz’s treatment of migrants.

  3. AsleepWhileWalking 4

    Negative interest rates are illegal – short version there is no consideration, therefore all sovereign bonds with negative yield or zero yield are sham transactions.

    • Colonial Viper 4.1

      of course there is “consideration” as you the investor is paying the money.

    • aerobubble 4.2

      Investors pay to keep their money in banks, the more they have, the more they pay. So its like too much money hs been printed. And people who take out mortgages pay back at or below inflation? Sounds like rebalacing to me. Why would you care, if you are rich you stay relatively to others as rich, if poor you get cheaper money, seems like a good way as opposed to the bad, two world wars to reset the financal system. Are you one of those, the end of everything ring it on types? Sooner its all broke you can build you pathetic fiefdom.

  4. Adrian 5

    How many more things can Nick Smith fuck up?
    Reports of his “demotion” from the Kermadec negotiations are rife.
    How does he survive, does he have photos of Creepy John and a goat with a ponytail or something?

  5. Draco T Bastard 6

  6. reason 7

    Good news for The Standard community …………..Puckish Rouge has committed to do the John Key magical water challenge …..with only minor financial strings attached.

    Or in the immortal words of Puckish ….”Well we can talk expenses later of course but if you’re paying I’m keen” … /tpp-let-it-go-john/#comment-1234415

    I’m impressed by Pucks commitment and hopefully he shames our other trolls into taking up the challenge too …………. Faith in John Key and the knowledge Mike Joy is no more than the foot and mouth of a vast left wing conspiracy will protect the true believers

    I’d be prepared to pay if I get filming rights and can make a documentary …….. ‘Green River Disco Explosion’

    But if Puck wants it to be off film then maybe other TS posters would like to chip in for Puckishs travel and toilet paper expenses etc …… make it a community thing.

    Anyway Big ups to Puckish for putting his Bowels where his lips are…..I think its brave for him to undertake this personal poll on the health of our rivers ……….

    The least we can do is pay for his service …. 🙂

  7. trouble brewing

    “The Samoa Meteorological Service reports that it has recorded the country’s first hail storm.”

    • Rosie 8.1

      Yes. This was nuts. As far as climate goes can you get more nuts than hail in Samoa? Ever get the feeling you’re entering into a tunnel that has no light at the end of it?

      Coping with adverse weather conditions and it’s effects on food production is our future, and to a degree in lil’ ol’ nu zulund, it already is our present. It certainly is on continents such as Africa and India.

      Just don’t want to go through a stinker of a summer like last one’s – I got heat stroke at one point as one very unwell. Had to look up our first aid book. But theres no going back now.

    • TC 8.2

      The loss of sunshine in general across our pacific neighbours is an issue and a CC outcome that often gets overlooked.

  8. gsays 9

    national cat management strategy being discussed on rnz at the moment.

    the society for the proliferation of cat atrocities has its fingerprints all over this.

    it gets hard to listen to an spca representative talk of humane treatment of these pests, when the silence around dairy stock and shelter is deafening, the ignoring of the inhumane death of anything that ingests 1080 is deafening.

    • Puckish Rogue 9.1

      You make some good points

    • …the ignoring of the inhumane death of anything that ingests 1080 is deafening.

      Oh, won’t someone please think of the rats!?

      • gsays 9.2.1

        rats, possums, dogs, horses, koura, cats, birds….
        maybe if a few humans consumed some 1080 there may be progress.

    • Sabine 9.3

      i like the fake concern for the bird.
      in the meantime we cut down trees, cover the country in 1080, kill keas cause they are pests to the point of extinction, concrete any little green space over for a carpark.

      however what we don’t do

      ban breeders – of any companion animals
      any companion anmials to be adopted from shelters, rescues and the pound
      make spaying/neutering of animals free or cheap as chippies – or free of charge
      go after people that abuse animals in a meaning full way, that includes people that adopt a pet for Christmas and then abandoned them for summer holiday
      provide funds for groups that trap/neuter/release or offer feral cats to adoption. (yes some feral cats especially young ones can easily be adopted out)

      or in other words, what is the ‘news’ hiding from us today?

      • gsays 9.3.1

        hi sabine,
        yes, what is it that is really going on?

        i thought that when the current bru ha ha at parliament broke out under brownlee’s excellent, competent stewardship.

  9. Takere 10

    The pendulum is beginning to change direction.

    Simple? If you want inflation then first you need full employment. The way to get full employment is by spending more and taxing less, ie fiscal policy. Running a budget deficit puts money in peoples’ pockets which they can then spend.
    Full employment was the government mantra for all before 1980.
    If you run a budget deficit after you have have full employment you get inflation, hence the problems of the 1970s.
    Eventually the idea of inflation targeting central banks was introduced and they proved effective at bringing down inflation by putting up interest rates and creating unemployment. Unfortunately they then tried to create employment by reducing interest rates which caused asset price inflation and debt bubbles not wage inflation. Duh.

  10. Grant Buist 11

    Not a political matter, but something overlooked in the news: a short photo essay to mark the anniversary of the unsolved murder of Japanese tourist Kayo Matsuzawa in Auckland’s CBD in 1998.

    • Gabby 11.1

      I’m sure the police talked to all staff members with key access, and none of them had any police connexions at all.

  11. pat 12

    finally found the opportunity to listen to this….well worth it.
    Sound reasoning made abundantly clear (although surprisingly KR appeared to struggle at times)'we're-no-longer-citizens-we're-customers

  12. rhinocrates 13

    Why wasn’t Barak Obama in the Oval Office doing his job on 9/11 HUH?!!!!1!11!!!ELEVEN!!!!!

  13. rhinocrates 14

    Demagoguery finds misogyny a useful tool.

    …recalls standing in the hallway at the American Spectator, looking at various cover stories with the magazine’s publisher, “and he says something like, ‘Can we find some more women to attack, because these Hillary covers are really working.’ “

    [audio src="" /]

    • Manuka AOR 14.1

      From the Rolling Stone link: “Americans face a historic choice: Vote for a man who is widely considered one of the most unqualified people to ever run for president, or cast a ballot for a woman whose qualifications for the job exceed those of just about any other candidate in the modern era. Electing the first woman president of the United States will be a revolutionary act, as terrifying to some as it is thrilling to others, but her victory is anything but inevitable. There’s a very real chance the visceral hatred, or at minimum the visceral ambivalence, toward Hillary Clinton could hand the election to Donald Trump.” [emph added]

    • Colonial Viper 14.2

      For every 12 American women polled who say that they prefer Hillary Clinton, another 10 say that they prefer Donald Trump.

      I suppose that they must be self hating/ignorant/uneducated/red neck/gullible/naive women for choosing Trump instead of Clinton.

  14. Bearded Git 15

    The tax haven leaks just keep coming…

    mmm…I see that Whitechapel Ltd, which has been linked to John Key in the past, crops up based in the Bahamas and is linked there to Wells Legal and Corporate Services Ltd.

  15. mauī 16

    Protests in Charlotte, US, over police shooting of a black person see another black person shot and killed during the protest.

  16. Chooky 17

    Who is bombing who in Syria?…Looks like the American warhawks wot did it and attacked Assad’s forces fighting Isis…why? Who doesnt want a solution in Syria?…Israel?….Saudi Arabia?


    “What was a ray of hope has turned into a gaze into the abyss. The Russia-US ceasefire to end the Syrian conflict is in tatters. For many the American bombing of the Syrian military marks a process of mission creep and forced regime change.

    CrossTalking with Ali Rizk, Nadim Shehadi, and Rick Sterling.”

    …and from the New York Times:

    ‘Israel Denies Claims That Syria Shot Down Warplane and Drone’

    ‘As Syria Reels, Israel Looks to Expand Settlements in Golan Heights’

    ‘Israel’s Vow to Keep Golan Brings ‘Deep Concern’ at Security Council’

  17. Chooky 18

    This is why we have such difficulty legalising medicinal marijuana or cannabis for pain relief in the elderly and others with chronic pain or cancer…It is corporate BIG PHARMA and their opioids in competition and they are wrecking the health of Americans…Is the same thing happening in New Zealand?

    ‘Big Pharma spent $880mn on keeping opioids available – report’

    “In the midst of one of the worst drug epidemics in the US, a report found that the money spent on keeping painkillers regularly prescribed has overshadowed even anti-gun lobbying efforts and may be behind the opioid epidemic ravaging the nation.
    The opioid crisis has reached a point where police officers carry Narcan when responding to calls due to the risk of accidental fentanyl exposure. But it may not have had to be like this, as multiple bills that would have limited opioid prescriptions were put in front of state governments.

    However, very few of those bills passed, due to aggressive lobbying efforts from the drugmakers that rivaled in size those of anti-gun control groups. In fact, pharmaceutical companies spent more money lobbying against opioid restrictions than tobacco groups in 1998 when they were facing litigation from 40 states…

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