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112 comments on “Open mike 24/02/2023 ”

  1. Sanctuary 1

    So RNZ has another "crime is out of control" story from, specifically, Puketapu. Quoting a person "RNZ has agreed not to name" we get little more than a sotto voce racist white crime panic. This anonymous source says they saw some people poking about, they were challenged, they left and the police were called and the cops arrived smartly. This level of "crime" is, apparently, enough for the local aspirational squatocracy to think about cos-playing Massey's Cossacks to deliver a bit of vigilante justice.

    Now, places like Puketapu are deepest blue right wing country and you'll find a generous helping of groundswell type unreconstructed racists and bigots of all ages who are more than happy to be an agent provocateur if it suits them, so a little less credulity in assessing some of the claims coming out of the regions from our credulous MSM would be nice (although in a era where to paint yourself the victim is to exonerate yourself from any scrutiny in the media that might be a bit to much to expect).

    But this little vignette of largely social media inspired (although the MSM is ever keen on amplifying the slightest hint of a verified heaving bosom and/or torn bodice) fear and loathing shows just how deep cooker culture has penetrated into our low information provinces, which no longer have much by the way of local MSM journalism and instead rely on an unrelieved diet of FB groups, rumour, and talkback troll farms for news. To me it is just wild that many people are now so inculcated with bad information sources they more likely to believe cookers on a FB group than they are the police commissioner when discussing crime.

    One screamingly obvious learning from the pandemic and these sorts of disasters is there are huge consequences in the death of reliable and well resourced local media in New Zealand. In my youth in Hawkes Bay the region had two well functioning local newspapers with numerous reporters, the generally august and reliable Napier Daily Telegraph and that useless rag from across the way, the Hastings based Hawkes Bay Herald Tribune. Both papers reflected the political traditions of their city, and the whole media eco system was buttressed by the local ZC radio station, which featured frequent interviews with local politicians and reports on the proceedings of the council. All that has vanished. The result has been the flourishing of crony politics and sharp practice, the death of local democracy and the rise of online disinformation, misinformation and downright black propaganda.

  2. pat 2

    Another output shock…25% of world beef exports set to be removed from the market.

    "- Brazil's beef exports to China will be halted starting Thursday after a case of mad cow disease was confirmed in the northern state of Para, the country's agriculture and livestock ministry said on Wednesday."

  3. Incognito 3

    Is Luxon using Judith Collins as a stopbank to keep Willis away from withering his whimsical leadership position?

    • Mac1 3.1

      In the words of the old blues song, "W stands for woman, woman keeps worrying me." Bald Lemon Luxon preachin' the Blues.

    • Tony Veitch 3.2

      Old political adage: keep your friends close, but your enemies closer!

      Liability Luxon hopes to stave off the inevitable coup by rewarding one of the undeserving unworthies!

  4. gsays 4

    I caught the end of this interview:

    The enquiry's findings will be interesting considering the conflict with the likes of Pan Pac, which is owned by Oji Group, a leader in the pulp and paper industry in Japan.

    I understand we signed the 'son of TPPA' which largely neuters the state's ability to take measures that may impact on the balance sheet of foreign owned companies.

    Who would be a politician?

    • Sanctuary 4.1

      Listening to people in communities like Tolaga bay can hear they are really cautious in their wording of crfiticism of logging companies, even after all the slash and debris has visited ruin upon their transport networks.

      Put simply, these companies are the only jobs in town and no one want to lose that.

      • Tiger Mountain 4.1.1

        Same in the Far North, few like the rats and mice forestry operators, a number of peoples health and lives have suffered for years because of their exploitation.

        Helen Kelly NZCTU ran a great campaign to try and sort them out. It is in the mists of time now that before Rogernomics there was a Govt. Forestry dept. that significantly existed to employ people on reasonable conditions!

        • Shanreagh

          True that and had an expertise at managing forests planted for soilcon purposes.

          This expertise seems to have been washed away by thoughts of the mighty $$$$$$$$

  5. arkie 5

    Toby Morris at the Spinoff has a piece about Frogs and Sandbags:
    … worth reading the whole thing but the takeaway is important:

  6. adam 6

    I see ZB and others are moaning like their life is under threat, when we want to Tax excess greed.

    As a Christian, the removal of tax on excess greed has been the most vial aspect of the last 40 odd years of liberal economics. That and flat taxes like GST.

    Time to help these people, because greed is a condition that can't be curbed without help.

  7. Perhaps stronger than I would express Sanctuary but I agree.

    And in addition these 'incomers' often call it 'the Hawkes Bay' which 'grinds my gears'.

    I yell at Stuff links 'it's not the HB, its Hawkes Bay'

    "I am going up to HB this weekend", I last said in 2019.

    • ianmac 7.1

      Actually it was called Hawke Bay. Not sure when/if it was officially renamed Hawkes Bay.

      • Shanreagh 7.1.1

        I understood from ages ago that it was the Bay, the geographical ocean feature that was called Hawke Bay and the province was Hawkes Bay.

        Could have got that the wrong way round but there was one called Hawke and one called Hawkes (I wonder was that originally Hawke's bay?)

  8. And talking about mmmmmm ('number needs to be blank') Waters here is an link to a piece on Neighbourly about Christchurch City Council introducing water fees.

    'The Christchurch City Council's new water billing system went live on Sunday night and the first invoices for ratepayers using excess water are due to be sent out over the coming days.

    The council introduced an excess water charge in October after making the decision to push ahead with the scheme in 2021.

    It is not yet known how many people will get a bill, but the average charge is likely to be $83 and the maximum about $400.

    Under the new rules, people will be charged a fixed rate of $1.35 for every 1000 litres they use over the 700-litre limit, which is the equivalent of 100 toilet flushes.'

    Part of our discussion revolved around the inherent unfairness of this. KCDC charges for every drop used. There has been no attempt to mitigate these charges so the homeowner futilely trying to change nature by growing bowling green type grass on sand pays the same as someone looking after a family member who needs care involving the use of lots of water.

    The phrase about 'treating unequal people equally does not mean you are treating them fairly' seems to apply.

  9. Mike the Lefty 9

    Regular readers of this blog would know that I have no love for ACT, and I constantly point out their many hypocrisies on matters, their blatant populist pandering and their general disinterest in the economically disadvantaged.

    My latest example of the latter was an article by Richard Prebble in yesterdays Wairarapa Times Age. I am unable to provide a link for it because I don't think it is on-line in any case. In this article he argues that government should back off and leave the cyclone recovery to local government and organisations.

    In Prebble's finance-obssessed world he doesn't seem to realize that the scale of damage is way way beyond local government being able to fix it and government intervention is essential. ACT's idea of government is apparently non-government.

    Just another example of why people in Hawkes Bay should be thankful that, for all the damage caused, at least the government is getting involved and helping to repair the damage. If ACT was government they would probably be told to raise the money through hangis and gala days.

    If someone could find and post a link to this article I would be grateful.

  10. tWiggle 10

    Test post

  11. Visubversa 11

    Lipstick and a skirt makes you a woman? I don't think so – and neither do most lesbians.

    Just nonsense – and homophobic with it.

    This is what young people are being encouraged to believe these days.

    May be a cartoon of one or more people

  12. Francesca 12

    Those transwomen who say they

    are lesbians can have lesbian sex with other transwomen .If not why not?

    The fact is they seem to prefer biological women

    Did anyone ask lesbians (in the true sense of same sex attraction)whether they wanted to have sex with a penis haver?

    No amount of bullying and attempted conversion is going to swing it .

    • Visubversa 12.1

      Unfortunately, for many autogynephiliac men – those who are sexually aroused by the thought of themselves as women – the ultimate validation of their claimed identity as a woman and as a "lesbian" – (because they are the same straight boy they were before they put on a frock) – is to bully, bamboozle or blackmail some actual lesbian into a sexual relationship. The validation is just not there with another "transbian" because they actually do know what a woman is – and what one is not.

      • weka 12.1.1

        what's wrong with bisexual women?

      • adam 12.1.2

        What you describe Visubversa is in my eyes is rape. Probably not a legal definition, but every lesbian I've known, do not like men in any way sexually. To "bully, bamboozle or blackmail" is coercion, meaning, ultimately it not consensual at a really core level.

        So Lesbians are left once again cleaning up the mess. In this case the psychology, spiritual, and emotional damage from people who are suppose to be in the Rainbow community. Maybe their not, maybe they are just misogynistic little curs.

    • Molly 12.2

      Unfortunately it is rainbow support organisations that say that lesbians should consider sex with males – if they claim they have a women's gender identity.

      The pernicious homophobia shaming taking place is unconscionable.

      Rainbow Youth

      Inside Out

      The definitions of lesbian and gay have been redefined to suit a certain perspective, and the impact of this – ignored. (Sound familiar?)

      As apparent with previous Standard discussions on this very topic, and this link sent to me by a NZ psychologist when I asked what support he would give to a young lesbian who was coming to terms with her sexuality and finding pressure to sleep with men:

      I consider this to be a politically sanctioned return of homophobia and a form of gay conversion.

    • SPC 12.3

      Not all transgender women …many have had bottom half surgery (esp those transitioning before self ID).

  13. joe90 13

    The spammers win.

    The Hugo award-winning Science Fiction-focused Clarkesworld Magazine can receive over 12,000 submissions in just one year. Of course, that was before the proliferation of free online AI models that can write a dull, monotonous, though technically legible piece of fiction.

    On Monday, Clarkesworld Magazine editor Neil Clarke tweeted that the company had closed all submissions, writing “It shouldn’t be hard to guess why.” Looking back over the past few weeks, it’s clear that fake spam submissions made using AI-based large language models has inundated the magazine’s editors with nearly 35 times the number of fake submissions as the same time last year. Clarke wrote that his magazine received 50 of these AI-generated submissions before noon on Presidents’ Day.


    On Tuesday, Clarke said they do plan to eventually open up submissions again, but he elaborated that “We don’t have a solution for the problem. We have some ideas for minimizing it, but the problem isn’t going away.”

  14. Molly 14

    Something admirably humorous about this woman designer's posting of her stolen clothes and jewellery items being displayed by Sam Brinton on his social media posts without any shred of conscience:

    Sam Brinton, was hired by Biden – as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy for the Department of Energy.

    Critiques regarding Brinton's public posts regarding his fetishes were defended and considered immaterial to his employment. Which I agree with to an extent, but depending on the role, character does play a part and ability to maintain control over those aspects – whether it be alcohol or kink play are relevant. As well as the credibility of the organisation in regards to their role. I would suggest that his enthusiastic public posting of his pup-play and active membership of the Order of Perpetual Indulgence would have indicated that the necessary discipline was not going to be maintained to the level required.

    The only comment I can find on this man, is one from Sabine in 2022. But many of us will know that he was first investigated for the theft of a women's bag from an airline carousel a couple of months after being appointed, and no public statement or censure was made.

    It was only when he was caught – again – and prosecution was undertaken – that he was deemed unsuitable for the position.

    It is notable that he attended court soberly dressed in a suit – (perhaps no women were on his previous flight…)

    It would be also good, if we can have a serious discussion about his targeted theft of women's clothes.

    Where do Standardista's fall here in regards to possible motivations for this larceny?

    1. Despite his financial situation, he stole women's clothes because that was his only method of getting women's clothes?
    2. He stole luggage that he knew belonged to women – and part of his fetish was wearing clothes that had been worn by women?
    3. Something else?

    And an analysis of the likelihood of such public displays of kinks, – which suggest to me that further sexual kinks will be present and less likely to be able to be controlled?

    • hetzer 14.1

      Hmmm, Im guessing he stole luggage belonging to women because he wanted to wear their used clothes. He did that because it excited him. Those are my quick reckons.

      I have no interest, to be honest, in his motivations. ( apart from regarding him as a tosser)

      He is a simply a thief of other peoples property and hopefully is fined/punished for the crime. Lipstick or suit wearing or being a tosser is beside the point. Just another tedious thief.

      • Molly 14.1.1

        Thanks, hetzer.

        What considerations do you think character should play in roles of significant authority and responsibility?

        ie. talking about the likelihood of impairment, or reducing public confidence. As a parallel, high alcohol consumption posts on social media.

        • Peter

          Um, it's America. Considerations of character in roles of significant authority and responsibility?

          Donald J Trump, President #45. Marjorie Taylor Greene. Etc.

        • hetzer

          ohh now theres a thought and difficult question Molly

          Some random thoughts: Some of my best contributions have been through a slightly gin impaired haze. A reread the following day usually confirms that.

          Ive worked for a number of CEO's , mainly female, who were certifiable nutters, or at the very least sociopaths. Notwithstanding that they were very effective and exactly the sort of CEO to deliver the results needed.

          I was actually in the room when the US state department informed Clark via Cullen what their legislation would be re patent protection laws ( think Pfizer) and saw the clarity of thought of the various sociopaths on both sides in action. As for character , on both sides total excreble slimeball misfits that you certainly wouldnt want to have anything to do with socially. But no denying their effectiveness.

          So, what role should character play? Well theres the sort of character we probably all respect and admire. However if you want things done for the good of all, perhaps other attributes are more worthy. And yes i realise thats probably rather unpalatable.

          • Molly

            Actually agree with you – as far as I think I understand what you've written – with or without gin haze.

            I've read a lot about the personality types of surgeons, and remember reading an article years ago outlining where sociopathic traits in cetain roles and occupations benefitted society. I think it may have been this person, interviewed recently on Triggernometry:


            Some of the most honorable people I know, are/were relied on by the rest of society to do the things that most of us are uncomfortable or incapable of doing. However their self-discipline was also exceptional.

            I think in this particular role, a cursory look at Sam Brinton's social media could have indicated an obvious problem with impulse control. It should have eliminated him from consideration.

            • Visubversa

              Sam Brinton certainly had the means to buy women's clothes for himself. However, that is obviously not the way his fetish works. He gets off on the thrill of stealing women's clothes because they are part of his fantasy of becoming the woman who owned and wore the clothing. The fact that he does it so obviously by wearing stolen clothing where it will be likely to be photographed is also part of the thrill. We are seeing fetishised behaviour here, and with much fetishised behaviour (like drug use) more and more stimulation is required to get the same effect. The word is "autogynephilia" and that is what drives most of the gender identity movement today.

          • pat

            Interesting insight….however speaking of personality types the following (mis?) quote may be worth consideration

            "It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so."


    • weka 14.2

      Public displays of kink can be a live sexual act that doesn't have the consent of people who see it. This is one of the concerns about AGP males. There's plenty of evidence of AGP males doing their kink in obvious ways in public, so I think it's reasonable to assume that there are more subtle forms going on as well. It's not going to be a surprise of both the theft of women's clothes and the later wearing in public at high profile events are part of the fetish.

      I agree about the character and employment issue. The problem isn't that he wears women's clothes to work. It's how he does that. I suspect far more men than women can see there's a problem, but we're not allowed to talk about it because liberals increasingly think there should be no boundaries and women who talk about boundaries are prudes.

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  • New Ngāpuhi investment fund Chair appointed
    Ben Dalton has been appointed the new board Chair of Tupu Tonu, the Ngāpuhi Investment Fund, says Treaty Negotiations Minister Paul Goldsmith and Associate Finance Minister Shane Jones. “Ben brings a wealth of experience in governance and economic development to the position. He will have a strong focus on ensuring ...
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  • Education should be prioritised ahead of protesting
    Students should be in school and learning instead of protesting during school hours, Associate Education Minister David Seymour says. “If students feel strongly about sending a message, they could have marched on Tuesday when there was a nationwide teacher only day, or during the upcoming school holidays. It has become ...
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  • Delivering on Local Water Done Well
    Cabinet has agreed on key steps to implement Local Water Done Well, the Coalition Government’s plan for financially sustainable locally delivered water infrastructure and services, Local Government Minister Simeon Brown says.  "Councils and voters resoundingly rejected Labour’s expensive and bureaucratic Three Waters regime, and earlier this year the Coalition Government ...
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    Foreign Minister Winston Peters will engage with high-level United States Government and United Nations officials in the United States next week (6-12 April).    The visit, with programmes in New York and Washington D.C., will focus on major global and regional security challenges and includes meetings with US Secretary of ...
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