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We’re trying a daily “Open mike”.

This is a place for anyone to post comments on topics that might be of interest, and for any discussion following up on the comments. Over to you…

26 comments on “Open mike 25/10/09”

  1. Doug 1

    Labour have much bigger worries. Forget Bill English And spin this.

    Bryce Edwards, a politics lecturer at the University of Otago, said that the episode appeared to show a misuse of Parliamentary resources: “I would say that any phone polling at Parliament would fall foul of the rules.”
    “This is very clearly partisan political activity, and pretty hard to sell as a legitimate use of Parliamentary resources.”
    Privacy Commissioner Marie Shroff said the details of Barker’s polling operation raised serious questions and could breach the Privacy Act.

    • r0b 1.1

      Forget Bill English

      You’d like that wouldn’t you!

      And spin this.

      Doesn’t need spinning, it needs looking in to. At the same time the relevant authorities should look in to the allegations that DPF runs his Curia polling out of National Party HQ (here, here), allegations which DPF apparently deletes from his blog (first link).

  2. Herodotus 2

    Frog and co your co leader Metiria Turei performance has greatly improved from her last showing in Q&A. Still confirms for me how we get the best out of our politicians when self interest is evident.
    Just a note that MMP displays a greater rep of NZ. I have now realised what NZ’s problem is and its solution. We have far too many lawyers and to few engineers.

  3. Take a pin here and a skewer there. Drop a couple of protected pawns in and mix with a rampaging queen – yep politics and chess for a sunny sunday long weekend.

  4. Any thoughts on the latest scandal to hit the Labour party???

    What should happen to Rick Barker?

  5. Mach1 5

    Bludger tackles insurance firm on depression payments

  6. Redbaiter 6

    Why do the same liberals who celebrate the Maori Party’s celebration and preservation of their indigenous heritage, hate and slander the BNP who attempt to celebrate and preserve the heritage of the indigenous people of the UK??

    • starboard 6.1


    • The Voice of Reason 6.2

      What are you on about, Red? What liberals? What celebration? The BNP, and its ugly local version, whatever they’re called this week, are fascists. Nothing slanderous in that statement and they fully deserve any hatred people might feel for them.

    • felix 6.3

      Yeah Red, the KKK are just trying to celebrate and preserve the heritage of inbred slave-owners. Why would anyone have a problem with that?

      And the nazis were just trying to preserve Ayran culture and values. What’s the big deal?

      Bloody liberals.

  7. felix 7

    Hmmm, maybe these open mike threads aren’t such a good idea if they’re just going to attract the dregs of the sewer.

    • r0b 7.1

      I wasn’t online today to watch this post, sorry ’bout that.

      If trolls abuse Open mike I’ll moderate it more actively, it’s not going to become Kiwiblog round here.

  8. Redbaiter 8

    Hmm, no answer yet.

    I guess they’re stumped.

    Maybe I should repeat the question, seeing as how liberals are notoriously bad at comprehension.

    Why do the same liberals who support the Maori Party’s celebration and preservation of their indigenous heritage, hate and slander the BNP who attempt to celebrate and preserve the heritage of the indigenous people of the UK??

    • felix 8.1

      Red you’re a nutter. The BNP is a racist hate group.

      Take your racist filth back to kiwiblog where it belongs.

    • The BNP and its ilk are not preserving their indigenous heritage, rather they are advocating the denigration and oppression of others who do not have the same skin colour or accent or birth place.

      Us wishy washy liberals are abhorred by this because we find that people from other cultures are actually really neat and their inclusion in our country is a very good thing.

      The fascists hate this and their intolerance is because they are really scared by anything which does not match exactly their narrow minded one dimensional view of the world.

      They should get a life and realise that their world view is neither realistic nor tenable. They should put away their swastickers and celebrate our diversity instead.

      Unfortunately they are that stupid that they would be abhorred by this suggestion and they think their world view is legitimate. Democracy is important but wasting precious media space on their views really is appalling.

  9. RB, you seem to think indigenity and racism are essentially the same issues.

    please don’t confuse an absence of engagement with victory on your part. it’s more that there’s so much wrong with your foundation premises that it’d be too long and boring to even start unraveling the manifold fallacies in your ‘argument’, especially considering you wouldn’t listen anyway.

  10. Redbaiter 10


    Still no answer.

    I guess I was right the first time.

    They’re stumped.

  11. Redbaiter 11

    Wow, not being able to answer a simple question really brings out the tolerance in you liberals don’t it.

  12. Anne 12

    I have 3 questions for the Green Party member who acted as an “unpaid volunteer” on a Labour Party initiated phone polling exercise.

    1. Did he/she run to the media telling tales out of school of his/her own free will?

    2. Does he/she know that it is common practise to use a false christian name when conducting phone polls and the like? (Eg. Telecom toll operators never use their real names – it is a sensible safety precaution)

    3. Did he/she make any attempt to contact a senior member of the Labour Party to express his/her concerns about the phone procedures before contacting the media?

    I suspect the answer to all 3 questions is… NO.
    Enough said.

    • Angel Dust 12.1


      Congratulations, you can ‘evaluate’ a situation.

      Really “enough said’, maybe on this, you could pretty much repeat this and why not, rolling something off the tongue for no sake whatsoever, like ‘go figure’ the ‘green party member’ had a lapse in judgment, in times of pressure, it happens.

      But then I too have had a lapse in judgment, and am now becoming ‘cured’.

      Everybody makes mistakes, but then they move on, right?

  13. Redbaiter 13

    Oh, that’s right Felix. In your shrivelled little reactionary mind, this was the answer wasn’t it.-

    “Take your racist filth back to kiwiblog where it belongs.”

    Same old left.

    [redbaiter, you sometimes have interesting points to make, but the value is lost in the confrontational drivel that you surround them with. Either engage here constructively or go find somewhere else to play. — r0b]

  14. Redbaiter 14

    Rob, I made four posts here without saying anything “confrontational”, and said nothing even close to the foulness of your comrades.

    Stick your blog and your one eyed judgments up your commie arse. You won’t see me back here, I’ve had enough laffs at the expense of your pathetically vulgar crude and uncivilized little community for a long time.

    [I’ll let that one through Redbaiter, since it’s your last. Bye now — r0b]

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