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Open mike 26/08/2015

Written By: - Date published: 6:00 am, August 26th, 2015 - 143 comments
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143 comments on “Open mike 26/08/2015”

  1. Paul 1

    The Herald continues to try to reassure its property owning ( and owing) readership.
    ‘There is no economic crisis ……..There is no economic crisis ………There is no economic crisis ………There is no economic crisis ……..

    John Key has it all under control……….John Key has it all under control……….John Key has it all under control……….John Key has it all under control……….


    • Paul do you see the irony of posting how crap the herald is because of what you have read in the herald?

      • Realblue 1.1.1

        He doesn’t.

        • Morrissey

          Oooohh, I think he does. You, on the other hand, are not entirely capable of making that sort of judgement. (I’ve just had a look at your sorry recent posts.)

        • Paul

          Highlighting the bias and incompetence of the mainstream media has a point.
          You never know if it were not pointed out, simple right wingers might actually believe what they are told to think by such sources.

      • b waghorn 1.1.2

        I think Paul should keep at it , they might not admit on the other side but the standard is being read by a lot of people in the news game IMO , so any pressure being applied is good .

      • AmaKiwi 1.1.3

        Follow the money.

        The Herald survives on real estate advertising.

      • North 1.1.4

        That would have to be a pretty stupid comment from you MM……like we talk about the horrors of a fart from whomsoever yet assiduously avoid talking about whomsoever ? And we talk about the crap of the Herald and deny reading it ? Not your best work !

  2. Morrissey 2

    What is it about Television One that lends itself to such foolishness?
    Jack Tame is quite possibly stupider than Mike Hosking.

    Seven Sharp, Television One, Tuesday 25 August 2015

    “I read a column by Jack Tame today….” —-Jim Mora, 16 July 2014

    bewildered /bɪˈwɪldəd/ adj. 1. confused and indecisive; puzzled.

    Just after the start of this dog, Mike Hosking’s dismal understudy Jack Tame put on his most serious face, dropped his voice an octave and, in a tone of perfect mock seriousness, asked his bearded Muslim guest: “What is it about Islam that lends itself to extremism?”

    I watched no more than that first question. I was in a hurry, but I’ve got better things to do than watch the irretrievably dim pretending to grapple with issues they have not bothered to give more than a moment’s study.

    More on Jack Tame….

    Open mike 16/07/2015

    • AmaKiwi 2.1

      “What is it about you Europeans that you detest the idea that people of the Middle East should rule themselves and profit from YOUR oil that somehow is under our sand?”

      Geobels in the Antipodes: Muslims are the cause of all modern wars: WW 1 and 2 (when they invaded France, Manchuria, Pearl Harbor), Korean War, Falklands, endless Latin American wars, . . .

      The Yanks have been endlessly busy stopping Muslim aggression.


    • gsays 2.2

      hi morrissey,
      “What is it about Islam that lends itself to extremism?”

      i think a far more enlightening question would be: what is it about commercial imperatives that make broadcasters present violent, frightening and grim stories that play on the fears and prejudices of the viewers?

      • tracey 2.2.1

        money honey… apparently fear = readership/viewership… but your question requires either;

        1. a level of introspection not capable
        2. a level of introspection set aside for the salary package and face on telly

  3. Morrissey 3

    Which would YOU call evil: killing people or viewing pornography?
    Now see which choice Paul Henry made.

    Paul Henry, TV3, Tuesday 26 August 2015

    depraved /dɪˈpreɪvd/ adj. morally corrupt; wicked.

    Shortly before 7 a.m., the following conversation occurred between the eponymous host and his “U.S. correspondent” Sandy Hughes….

    PAUL HENRY: Barack Obama’s right hand man Joe Biden may be running for president as more and more donors shy away from Hillary Clinton.

    SANDY HUGHES: He doesn’t have a scandal plaguing him but he does have a habit of putting his foot in his mouth.

    PAUL HENRY: All right, Jared Fogle the Subway guy. Evil man. We’ll only talk about him for a little while. Nasty man….

    So what has just happened here? Henry has mentioned four people—three of them are key figures in a regime carrying out massive war crimes abroad and harassing and imprisoning political dissenters in the United States. Yet the one he calls “evil” is the Subway guy.

    Sandy Hughes’ assertion that Biden “doesn’t have a scandal plaguing him” makes sense only if you don’t count his role in the deaths of more than one million Iraqis, Syrians, Yemenis and Palestinians, not to mention his involvement in the bloody, failed, right wing insurrection in Venezuela.

    • Undecided 3.1

      The subway guy wasn’t just watching pornography you know, theres that little matter of child rape (allegedly) as well but I see the point you’re trying to make

      • Morrissey 3.1.1

        Sorry, I forgot that. He always struck me as creepy, I must admit, especially in the movie Supersize Me, when he tells a teenage girl that SHE has to change, and that there is no hope of ever controlling the junk food industry.

        Still, whatever crimes he has committed, he is Albert Schweitzer when compared to Clinton, Biden and Obama.

        • James

          Jesus Wept.

          Talk about supporting the Rape culture that a lot of people on the left decry .

          I guess some think its not so bad – as long as it helps score a point on a “righty”

          Morrissey: “Yet the one he calls “evil” is the Subway guy”

          Undecided: “The subway guy wasn’t just watching pornography you know, theres that little matter of child rape (allegedly) as well but I see the point you’re trying to make”

          Morrissey: “Sorry, I forgot that” ….. “Still, whatever crimes he has committed, he is Albert Schweitzer when compared to Clinton, Biden and Obama.”

          Personally – I find any predator of underage girls as about as evil as you can get.

          • Undecided

            I think what Morrissey is trying to say (and correct me if i’m wrong) is that while child rape is evil, starting a war and all the associated deaths is a greater evil due to the greater number affected

            • Morrissey

              He knows that perfectly well, my friend. He’s got some other agenda working here.

              • James

                No Agenda.

                Buy you lose any credibility commenting about how bad “rape culture” is, and then minimising it because its not so bad as what other people have done.

                With the RoastBusters case – would you have been happy with a “oh well – he’s not as bad as someone who did something I think is worse”.

                But – far easier to blame me and an “agenda” than you to own your own bias.

                I guess if it was your daughter (if you have one), you wouldnt be so quick to minimise it.

                • Morrissey

                  You’re going to suggest the Roast Busters are on a par with President Suharto now, I suppose.

                  • weka

                    Morrisey, men like yourself with limited understanding of rape culture don’t get to prioritise rape down the list according to your own values.

                    Forgetting that the person whose crimes you were minimising was an alleged child sex offender pretty much sums up the value of this conversation. Please stop using rape as an example to push your point, you’ve just made a complete mess of it and are being offensive.

                    • Morrissey

                      Forgetting that the person whose crimes you were minimising

                      Whose crimes did I minimise?

                      You are either willfully obtuse or you are trying to be clever.

                      Neither is acceptable in a serious conversation. Have you thought of speaking to Paul Henry? Perhaps that’s more your level.

                    • weka

                      Morrisey, men like yourself with limited understanding of rape culture don’t get to prioritise rape down the list according to your own values.

                      “Whose crimes did I minimise?”

                      Reread what I said, it’s pretty obvious what I am referring to.

                      Fuck off with all the rest of the dissembling and bullshit ad homs, I can’t be bothered.

                      edit, btw, the guy is known for using child porn, so your whole argument here is ignorant and misusing concepts of misogyny and rape culture. Please stop.

              • Undecided

                I do think Jared Fogles crimes are evil (if proven) and as such he warrents being called evil

                • Morrissey

                  I agree with you, Undecided. My problem is with Paul “Kill them ALL” Henry calling HIM evil straight after he has mentioned Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton.

                  Perhaps even worse than that was his “U.S. correspondent” claiming that Biden, whose hands are bloodied with victims from South America to South Yemen, “doesn’t have a scandal plaguing him.”

          • Morrissey

            I condemn anyone who does what the Subway guy did.

            But it takes a special kind of moral imbecile to suggest that he is in the same league as Obama, Biden and Clinton.

            • James

              So right to the name calling – typical, and a sure sign you know you are wrong.

              And can you point exactly to where you condemned him in your post or reply?

              No – just a “I forgot about the child rape bit” – oh well – not as bad as xxxxxx

              • Morrissey

                Maybe you are not a moral imbecile; it would be wrong for me, or anyone, to call you that if you are merely guilty of failing to express yourself clearly.

                Your ill-advised and rash attempt to suggest Jared Fogle’s crimes are on a par with those of three war criminals suggests that you are simply out of your depth.

                • James

                  “those of three war criminals”

                  Any evidence to back up your claim that they have even been charged with this? Or are you making accusations, and pretending it as “fact”?

            • vaughan little

              it’s a chumps game, comparing evils. unless you were interviewing both obama and subway guy for a job and had to pick one of them. which you’re not.

          • North

            James, unplugged, unhinged, weeping Jesus-like and paraphrased thus – “It is soooo churlish to focus on child murder. You should be ashamed Morrissey !”

  4. The lost sheep 4

    i get your point. The MSM are biased Right Wing imbeciles.

    So tell me. What do you think should be done about it?

    • Paul 4.1

      1. The setting up of a genuine national TV broadcaster with several channels.
      2. Support for local grassroots media.
      3. Not permitting the concentration of massive media companies though conglomeration.
      4. Regulations with teeth about impartiality.

      • The lost sheep 4.1.1

        “The setting up of a genuine national TV broadcaster with several channels.”
        How would you control the content of such channels?

        Support for local grassroots media.
        Any grassroots media, or grassroots media that had to meet some form of Govt. approval?

        Regulations with teeth about impartiality
        ‘Regulations’ is a big word. What would be the central details of such regulation?

        • One Anonymous Bloke

          I have an idea for how content can be “controlled”.

          Reduce the number of adverts to zero.

          What’s with the authoritarian fantasies?

          As for impartiality, why reinvent the wheel when there are so many existing templates available? It may be rocket science to a sheep I guess…

          • The lost sheep

            Is Paul your alter ego OAB?

            But while you are here…
            Reducing ad’s to zero would eliminate commercial media? That would be the point of that ‘control’?

            • One Anonymous Bloke

              The only person talking about ‘control’ is you. It looks like you’re determined to spin a false authoritarian narrative around the subject.

              Boring and lame make bad entertainment, Sheep.

              • The lost sheep

                I’m only asking questions OAB, and the ‘narrative’ will be the answers I receive.

                This blog is awash with daily criticism of the media, so why is it not a valid topic to ask what those who are constantly critical think could improve the situation?

                So why don’t you answer the question I asked you?
                How would removing ads “control” content?
                And what existing template for impartiality do you favour?

                • Draco T Bastard

                  I’m only asking questions OAB,

                  No, you’re trying to manipulate people into saying that there will be political control over the media when you know damn well that we don’t support any sort of political control especially that of corporations and political parties.

                  • The lost sheep

                    Bullshit McFlock.
                    The questions can be answered in anyway anyone chooses.
                    It is YOU who is making an assumption about the way people might answer.

                    All I can see at this point is that everyone who has replied has suggested they feel some change in the current media situation is desirable, but only Morrissey has indicated a willingness to freely discuss the topic…..

                    Given the amount of time spent criticising the state of the media on this blog, I have no idea why there is a reluctance to talk about ways to improve it?

                    • McFlock

                      “Reducing ad’s to zero would eliminate commercial media? That would be the point of that ‘control’?”

                      That’s an example of your duplicity/stupidity.
                      It’s as if you’ve never heard of HBO…

                    • The lost sheep

                      ‘Debate’ with you is like trying to catch a fart in a butterfly net.
                      You can hear and smell it, but there is nothing of substance to get hold of.

                      This discussion disturbs you doesn’t it?
                      You don’t want it be openly debated, and so you are attempted to derail it. Wonder why?

                    • One Anonymous Bloke

                      You get really snippy when someone illustrates your feeble character. Sheep are supposed to be more placid 😀

                    • The lost sheep

                      Is that a constructive contribution to the discussion OAB, or is it just A POINTLESS PERSONAL ATTACK?

                      And do you intend to ARGUE THE POINT YOU MADE EARLIER and I REQUESTED YOU ANSWER, or are you just here like McFlock trying to shut down a discussion you don’t want to occur by using FLAMEWAR tactics?

                    • McFlock

                      You have heard of HBO, haven’t you?
                      You do realise it is commercial media?
                      Guess how many ads are on it. How often does it cut to a coke commercial, for example.

                      So presupposing the “elimination” of commercial media simply because of an ad-free channel, and then asking what the point of that would be, is a loaded question.

                      The discussion does not disturb me. But stupid fucks who think they can do a penny-ante pseudo-Socratic dialogue when even that is far beyond their level of competence? You lot just piss me off.

                    • The lost sheep

                      “So presupposing the “elimination” of commercial media simply because of an ad-free channel, and then asking what the point of that would be, is a loaded question”

                      In response to a question I put to someone else, OAB stated that Media ‘Content could be controlled by reducing the number of adverts to zero’.,

                      I responded by asking him whether the point of that would be the elimination of commercial media. A question that could be very simply answered you would think?
                      ‘No’, if that is not what he meant, and a brief explanation of what he did mean.
                      Or ‘yes’ if that was his point.

                      But OAB declined to argue that point, or any other subsequent genuine points of discussion, but stayed engaged in order to make flamewar and pointless personal attack comments.

                      So as you and he seem to be interchangeable, maybe you have the integrity/balls to actually answer the simple question I asked?
                      Then the discussion could move past your FLAMEWAR…

                    • McFlock

                      You were the only one who brought up the elimination of commercial media.

                      Only you.

                      HBO says no.

                      All subsequent questions are therefore bullshit.

                    • The lost sheep

                      So you can’t confirm or deny the meaning of OAB’s statement?
                      Gee it must be sensitive stuff…..

                    • McFlock

                      I can confirm for you that this statement:

                      I have an idea for how content can be “controlled”.

                      Reduce the number of adverts to zero.

                      In no way requires the elimination of commercial media.

                      It would, however, eliminate that particular broadcaster’s conflict of interest between news and advertising revenue. So it can be reported if Cadbury Creme Eggs are filled with dolphin sperm without any fear of losing advertising revenue.

                    • One Anonymous Bloke

                      Rather than remaining placid,
                      Lost Sheep tried playing with acid,
                      But the goatfucker gambit’s,
                      The extent of his ambit,
                      Not so much placid as flaccid.

                    • The lost sheep

                      Yet another post that has no purpose other than being a Pointless Personal Attack OAB?


                      “this site run for reasonably rational debate between dissenting viewpoints and we intend to keep it operating that way.

                      What we’re not prepared to accept are pointless personal attacks, or tone or language that has the effect of excluding others. We are intolerant of people starting or continuing flamewars where there is little discussion or debate.”

                    • The lost sheep

                      @ McFlock
                      ( Eliminating ads) “In no way requires the elimination of commercial media.”

                      How would commercial entities then generate sufficient turnover to continue operating? I can’t see how any could be viable under those conditions?

        • Draco T Bastard

          How would you control the content of such channels?

          There’s these remarkable things called regulations. Perhaps you’ve heard of them?

          Any grassroots media, or grassroots media that had to meet some form of Govt. approval?

          Nope, just the regulations.

          What would be the central details of such regulation?

          Not allowed to spin, must report the truth (ie, report when the PM is lying using the word liar), ban advertising…

          There’s more that needs to be put in place and the whole lot needs good discussion.

          • The lost sheep

            You’ve confused me there Draco.
            You say in your first reply that “we don’t support any sort of political control especially that of corporations and political parties.’

            And then in your second reply you say that there must be ‘regulations’ and ‘more that needs to be put in place’

            So who is going to put these regulations in place and enforce them?

            And no, I am not trying to manipulate anybody into saying anything. I’m just keen to hear what it is people have to say.
            Or don’t want to say. I notice that both Paul and OAB started out with some statements and then refused to discuss their views any further. What is wrong with freely discussing this topic?

            • McFlock

              poor little sheep.

              The only form of administration he can imagine consists petty, partisan actions by corrupt lickspittles who corruptly abandon their duties of their office in order to score points against the opponents of their patrons. Folk like David Carter, for example.

              The idea of bureaucratic impartiality is alien to the sheep.

              • The lost sheep

                That’s complete and utter bullshit McFlock.
                If you have nothing of substance to offer to the discussion, why bother butting in with unsubstantiated allegations and pointless abuse?

                • McFlock

                  What discussion? All you want is for people to answer your loaded questions without you offering anything yourself.

                  • The lost sheep

                    I’m reasonably happy with the current situation McFlock, as I find I can very easily access all the information, comment and opinion I want from the whole spectrum of Political belief.
                    I consider most people in Western societies have much the same access.

                    But having noted an endless chorus of discontent with the situation from TS commentators, I’m genuinely interested in hearing what improvements commenters believe could be made?
                    When I hear what changes people are suggesting I will be happy to offer some further discussion of my own.

                    So what about you McFlock? Are you happy with the current environment the media operates in, or do you think there should be changes made to that?

                    As if you have any intention of making any constructive contribution to the discussion….apart from shutting it down.

                    • McFlock

                      So finally you offer something. That didn’t take much extraction at all /sarc

                      TV’s broadly ok, although maintaining the independence and impartiality of TVNZ requires constant vigilence, especially against this lot. I suspect a commercial-free free-to-air with a public-interest charter would be a good thing, though.

                      RadioNZ is pretty much the model – not perfect, but generally pretty good.

                      The real problem is print media and their clickbait “news” websites. These are fast plummeting in standards as the old media dies and the new media still barely funds investigations rather than fast turnaround gotcha numbers.

                      A new print/web news organisation is needed, but is generally against the interests of private capital. One that will investigate as well as recycle media releases from all and sundry, and provide intelligent, low-hype analyses rather than flustered pieces to camera.

                    • The lost sheep

                      A new print/web news organisation is needed, but is generally against the interests of private capital. One that will investigate as well as recycle media releases from all and sundry, and provide intelligent, low-hype analyses rather than flustered pieces to camera.

                      10-15 years ago I would have agreed with you, but I suspect that this kind of model has already been superseded by the digital age, in that people now access information/comment/analysis from a diverse range of sources, many of which are completely independent of either govt. or commercial control.
                      This is the very reason the commercial print media are changing away from the traditional newspaper based model towards a more soundbite/entertainment snackbite?

                      But I’ll die in the ditch to retain the RNZ model, and wonder if in fact a partial solution to your suggestion above would be expand RNZ’s remit to cover a wider range of activity than present?
                      They already have John Campbell…

                    • McFlock

                      The thing is that an awful lot of people still rely on the old media, because it serves everything up on a plate, one thing at a time. That’s the only advantage they have over clickbait websites.

                      Fairfax has made a clear policy decision to move into clickbait and centralise its content that then gets distributed to its regional papers, but then that’s the problem with purely capitalist incentives – sales over quality. I visited a few hours ago, and some celebrity teenager is talking about her sexual orientation. Yay for her, but damned if I know why it’s international news.

                      There is a public good in preserving an impartial public news service, even down to newspapers. Something like Big Issue, maybe, as the old media frontpiece to a full digital service.

          • AmaKiwi

            Fox News was create by the abolition of the fair and balanced rule. (Not sure if that was precise name.) It told all US broadcasters that in return for being allowed to use the public airwaves, your news items must be fair and balanced. If the PM sounds off in a partisan way for 3 minutes, a spokesperson from the Opposition must get equal time.

            On the premise that the uncontrolled free market was the theme of Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount or the Ten Commandments (or both), Bill Clinton abolished this regulation.

            A similar regulation required a set amount of tv public service advertisements. Things like “carrots are good for you and Coke isn’t.”

            Such regulations are NOT difficult to write or enforce.

            • The lost sheep

              “Such regulations are NOT difficult to write or enforce”

              Not difficult to write….maybe.
              But enforce?
              Who sets the guidelines and does the enforcing? How do you ensure there is no political influence on that?
              But the big issues are how far down the tree you apply ‘fairness’, and how you dealt with comment and opinion.
              Would that mean if John Campbell ran an program on inequality critical of the Government – would someone would need to approve the content as fair as in factual? And would it then be required that a balance was provided in the form of a program from a RW journalist defending inequality as a necessary part of a healthy society?

    • Morrissey 4.2

      The MSM are biased Right Wing imbeciles

      That’s a fair description of Leighton Smith, Larry “Lackwit” Williams, Paul “Kill Them ALL” Henry and Mike “Contra” Hosking. But the rest of them, including Hosking’s catamite Jack Tame, are not so much right wing imbeciles as they are semi-conscious cogs in a machine of propaganda. These slaves often reveal that they are unhappy at having to read the drivel they are given, or—as has been so painfully obvious with Toni Street, Janika Ter Ellen and Perlina Lau—to play the part of simpering offsider to the alpha male.

      So tell me. What do you think should be done about it?

      They should be confronted whenever they reflexively parrot official lies. Glenn Greenwald does this all the time. Here he is schooling a state servant:

      And so does John Pilger, who in 2008 tried to school an appallingly glib, misinformed and clueless Jim Mora….


      • The lost sheep 4.2.1

        Confronting the media (as occurs at present) is the only measure that needs to be taken Morrissey?

        You don’t see any other changes needed to the current situation?

        • Morrissey

          No, of course it’s not the only thing. But it’s still very important, and it’s a shame that every journalist and activist doesn’t confront the likes of Stephen Sackur or Kirsty Wark or Jim Mora. The media are a de facto arm of government, and they play a crucial role in trivializing public discourse, promoting numbskulls like Hosking, Henry, Leighton Smith and Larry Williams and in largely excluding voices such as Greenwald and, in this country, Gordon Campbell, Jon Stevenson and Nicky Hager.

          • The lost sheep

            “No, of course it’s not the only thing.”
            What other things do you see as being necessary?

            After reading many many posts from you on the topic of the media, I’m genuinely interested to know what changes you think would improve the situation.
            But I get the distinct feeling this is a topic that some here don’t want to see freely discussed!

            • Morrissey

              Sorry Sheep, but I’m just on my way out so I can’t write a decent reply to your excellent points. I’ll return to it, perhaps tomorrow.

              But for now, my short answer is this: we need a constitutionally guaranteed free press, and we need to prevent politicians interfering with and controlling the media. It’s not an accident that a National Party stooge has been installed at Maori TV and almost immediately all its best journalists have exited the station, that John Campbell has been replaced by that embarrassing gruesome twosome, that Q+A and The Nation are not worth watching, that we see—and worse, hear—Paul Henry and Mike Hosking every morning and night, but rarely if ever see or hear from smart, informed commentators.

              But more later, my friend.

        • Stuart Munro

          A serious public interest blended news service could be established. Get real journalistic talent to moderate and design it – Gordon Campbell, Kim Hill, the academic journalism schools and maybe a constitutional or commercial lawyer. The BBC is the original model, having spawned both Radio NZ and Al Jazeera. A real tech head might have an idea or two too.

    • AmaKiwi 4.3

      “The MSM are biased Right Wing imbeciles.”

      We wish they were imbeciles because they would be ineffective. The sad truth is they are damn clever.

      • Morrissey 4.3.1

        I appreciate your point, AmaKiwi. However, I urge you to watch the clip I posted of Glenn Greenwald confronting that pathetic state servant. Which one is clever, and which one is embarrassingly out of his depth?

        The right wing has power and dominates the media, which operate effectively as the propaganda arm of the state. That applies in this country as much as it does in Britain or Australia or Canada or Qatar. But that doesn’t mean they are clever, it just means they hold power. As the late Bruce Jesson used to point out, the Business Round Table always got treated with respect, not because their publications were any good—they were in fact intellectually barren—but because they emanated from a powerful lobby that would not be ignored.

        I guess we need to be much more careful about the way we hurl around epithets. Stephen Sackur is not an imbecile. Indeed, sometimes even our own Paul Henry and Mike Hosking are capable of rising above the level of moral imbecile and performing the role of decent journalist.

        I’ve been one of the worst offenders probably, and I’ve tried recently to tone down my language when talking about these people. Real journalists—as opposed to stenographers and robots like Simon Dallow—and progressive thinkers don’t need to label them with pejorative terms like “toady” and “lackey” and “imbecile”; far better to patiently, politely and persistently confront them when they lapse into lazy recital of official lies. John Pilger, Glenn Greenwald, Nicky Hager, Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein consistently confront hapless recyclers of official cant; there’s no reason we can’t do the same. A good start would be to protest every time you hear a broadcaster call Garth The Knife McVicar a “victim’s rights advocate.”

        • Draco T Bastard

          The right wing has power and dominates the media, which operate effectively as the propaganda arm of the state.

          No they don’t. They operate as the propaganda arm of the corporations and attack the state.

          • Morrissey

            No, that’s not quite right. Take the case of New Zealand for instance: the state (i.e. the Key regime) utilized the media—from snarling attack dogs such as Whaleoil and Mike Hosking to hapless churnalists like Greg Boyed at TVNZ—to attack the democratic, civil institutions of the state, like the independent judiciary and hospitals and schools and the right of citizens to privacy.

            The state—-i.e. the regime in power—-is effectively at war with its people. The corporate media play a crucial part in that power struggle.

            • Draco T Bastard

              The state—-i.e. the regime in power—-is effectively at war with its people.

              Although the regime in power is, as you say, at war with the people the regime in power is not the state. The ‘state’ is the people.

              That ‘regime’ is the political arm of the corporations as Labour used to be the political arm of the unions (but is now the other political arm of the corporations).

        • AmaKiwi

          @ Morrissey

          Past geniuses of propaganda include Goebels, Napoleon, Caesar, and a thousand others. Try to find ways to refute them. It’s all the opposition can ever do.

          • Colonial Viper

            Freud and Edward Bernays – the Americans really perfected the art of modern mass propaganda in the 1910’s, then turned it to commercial use on Madison Avenue in the 1920’s.

            Goebbels was an avid student of Bernay’s 1928 book “Propaganda.”

            • greywarshark

              That’s a little nest of information that everybody should keep handy. Pavlov too pehaps – all very important once it had been found how plastic human minds and beliefs can be. Scientology too. And the cults of the 1980s and the deprogramming methods used to try and break new beliefs.

        • Rodel

          “Morrisey-“sometimes even our own Paul Henry and Mike Hosking are capable of rising above the level of moral imbecile and performing the role of decent journalist.”
          I wait with bated breath.

    • tracey 4.4

      nothing. We must all just go back to sleep

  5. Ben 5

    Looks like the Herald DigiPoll has pretty much confirmed the recent Roy Morgan results. Nats still up at 50.5%, Lab/Greens split has changed (breathing space for Little..?), but still weak on the left.

    • Undecided 5.1

      I don’t know who the media person is for Labour but I’d be getting on the phone and asking for a please explain as to why Jacinda Ardern and not Andrew Little is shown in the article


      • Olwyn 5.1.1

        I agree. It is meddlesome and offensive to put someone who is not Labour’s leader alongside Key to illustrate an article of that kind. Imagine the squawk if instead of Key they put Judith Collins to illustrate an article about a poll.

      • tracey 5.1.2

        Isn’t it obvious why?

        Little shouldn’t be leader.

        The machine rolls on.

        • Undecided

          Is that the msm or party insiders destabilising Andrew Little?

          • McFlock

            I’d go for the dirty politics MSM.

            They’ve not had much luck with the “angry andy” line, so plan B is to build up a competitor and hope they make a tilt for the leadership.

            Robertson’s gone out of his way to show loyalty after the leadership election, so the next in line is Ardern. I suspect she has too much integrity to fall for that trap though.

            • Undecided

              Well hopefully whoevers in charge of things like that gets on the phone sharpish and ensures Andrew Littles face is put out there

              • McFlock


                That would just be portrayed as panic in the face of caucus discontent.

                If the herald want to keep building up individual loyal caucus members in the eyes of the electorate, winwin for labour.

                Such a shame for the tories that chris carter and shane joones are no longer in caucus, boohoo lol

                • Undecided

                  Damned if you do damned if you don’t but I think Andrew Little needs to get his face out there more

          • Naturesong

            Thats the point of the article

          • AmaKiwi

            @ Undecided

            “Is that the msm or party insiders destabilising Andrew Little?”

            You can always count on the msm. I suspect 90% of the time they are just using party insiders.

      • James 5.1.3

        Perhaps its because they can read.

        The graphic says “preferred PM” – and the caption says “The rising popularity of Labour front bench MP Jacinda Ardern is evident in the latest Herald DigiPoll survey.”

      • Charles 5.1.4

        I think they must’ve taken this poll at around 4:20pm. Whoever thinks Helen is coming back to rule the roost, her popularity is up 1.6% from the last time they were asked. Also, here is picture of Jacinda. She woman. John man. Like? Random percentage. Tautology. Press send. Story done. Pick up pay check.

        It’s a hard-knock life for Audrey,
        It’s a hard-knock life for Audrey,
        doo do do
        be do be
        do doo doo
        doo be doo…

    • Draco T Bastard 5.2

      Ah, now I know why the MSM have been talking up Adern’s popularity over the last couple of days – to put another spanner in the works of Labour.

    • tracey 6.1

      Stock markets are, as you know, cyclic. This is why it was STUPID of this government to stop putting money into Cullen Fund when stocks were low. The low time buy ups counteract the high times costs. Buy high and Low and it levels out over time.

      IF you are in Mutual Funds for the short game you need to balance your portfolio with more govt bonds, cash etc.

      Stock markets, imo, are the intellectual snobs of gambling. A kind of casino if you will.

      smoke and mirrors but those on the inside or with huge amounts to play with get advantages and to that extent the size of the Cullen Fund and some kiwisaver funds makes them like insiders.

    • les 6.2

      where can this be verified?…’New Zealand has about $ 122 billion of derivatives on its book (and yes all of them high risk gambling ones)’

  6. On Raglan radio in the next few minutes. <a href="http://www.raglanradio.com/Life stream from here

  7. The Chairman 8

    Planned Parenthood Defends Selling Fetuses To KFC?


    New undercover footage shows Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s Senior Director of Medical Services, Dr. Deborah Nucatola, describing how Planned Parenthood sells the body parts of aborted fetuses, and admitting she uses partial-birth abortions to supply intact body parts.

    • McFlock 8.1

      That does explain why KFC never tastes as good as it did when I was a kid lol

    • Lindsey 8.2

      This attack on Planned Parenthood has been well discredited. They do not sell body parts. Women have the option of donating fetal tissue for medical research. All legal and above board. This is an edited video of a set up of similar style to the “Acorn” phony scandal which has also been discredited.

  8. Morrissey 9

    Open letter from the Flag Consideration Panel

    E ngā suckers.

    We want to thank everyone for the 10,292 designs you’ve suggested. Each of these was viewed by every Panel member—which gives the lie to the nasty allegations swirling around that this Panel is nothing but a sinecure for a bunch of nobodies who lacked the integrity to say no to putting their undistinguished names to a farcical vanity project for a frivolous and contemptible Prime Minister. We were, moreover, not impressed with the large number of “satirical” designs, such as the now infamous “laser Kiwi”, which were obviously intended to devalue this very serious process and to waste the Panel’s valuable time.

    In reviewing flag designs, first and foremost, we were guided by what an average attendance of four Kiwis—thank you to the tireless local National Party branches throughout the country!—across a range of communities told us when they shared what is special to them about New Zealand.

    The message was clear: you don’t really care. Many people wrote in saying: “Keep the Flag, change the Prime Minister”, but the Panel did not find that helpful. Others claimed that this panel was a collection of hand-picked dullards that have the aesthetic sense of a kick in the head, and the historic appreciation of a goldfish. Again, we did not appreciate this kind of feedback or find it helpful.

    In finalising the long list we invited a number of cultural (including tikanga), vexillology (the study of flags), art and design experts to talk to us. These experts really impressed the Flag Consideration Panel, as can be seen by their comments: “That was really interesting” (Sir Brian Lochore, ONZ, KNZM, OBE); “Wow, just wow” (Beatrice Faumuina, ONZM); “That was so cool” (Julie Christie, ONZM) and “Really interesting” (Stephen Jones).

    As a Panel, we’ve been appointed by government to determine the 4 alternative flag designs in a neutral, non-expert and unbiased way. We are committed to doing that.

    We encourage you to make sure you are enrolled to vote so that you can take part in this nationally significant process. We certainly hope you show more enthusiasm than you did when you failed to come to our heavily advertised consultation meetings.

    Ngā mihi nui kia suckers.


    Flag Consideration Panel:

    Prof John Burrows (Chair), ONZM, QC
    Nicky Bell
    Peter Chin, CNZM
    Julie Christie, ONZM
    Rod Drury
    Kate De Goldi (Deputy Chair)
    Beatrice Faumuina, ONZM
    Lt Gen (Rtd) Rhys Jones, CNZM
    Stephen Jones
    Sir Brian Lochore, ONZ, KNZM, OBE
    Malcolm Mulholland
    Hana O’Regan.


  9. The Chairman 10

    More staff earning $100,000-plus at Wellington City Council

    It is the first time the council has included the lowest pay rates alongside the highest in the annual report.

    However, the council’s lowest paid workers, such as cleaners, were contractors and therefore not included in the figures and not eligible for the $18.40 wage.


    • Draco T Bastard 10.1

      Government should not be using contractors for routine tasks as it just adds costs to the budget.

      • maui 10.1.1

        A bit late for that now. We’ve got entire companies contracted out to service water, drainage, parks, parking etc for Councils. A completely unsustainable model.

    • Tracey 10.2

      and I s’pose the contracts are shrouded under commerical confidentially so we cant see them.

  10. weka 11

    Seeing as how imbecile seems to be the word of the day, how about we look at what it means.

    imbecile |ˈɪmbɪsiːl|
    noun informal
    a stupid person.

    ORIGIN mid 16th cent. (as an adjective in the sense [physically weak] ): via French from Latin imbecillus, literally ‘without a supporting staff,’ from in- (expressing negation) + baculum ‘stick, staff.’ The current sense dates from the early 19th cent.

    As with so many of our perjoratives they are derived from physical or other kind of disability and a time when putting people down for that was the norm.

    I kind of like the idea of an imbecile being someone who lacks the support for their argument, not least because that would include Morrissey for part of today’s debate 😉

    • Morrissey 11.1

      Someone who supports Paul “Kill them ALL” Henry is ill advised in the extreme to lecture others about the use of pejorative language.

      • weka 11.1.1

        I agree but seeing as how I don’t support Paul Henry, I fail to see what that has to do with anything. Your implication is boring and a dishonest way of debating. Up your game.

        Besides, I like a good pejorative, it’s all about how it gets used.

  11. AmaKiwi 12

    NZ Herald: (Chinese) Stock Exchange Boss Kidnapped by Angry Investors.

    Is that why Tim Groser is always overseas?

  12. BR 13

    PLEASE !

    These Facebook posts regarding ” Due Authority” and a ” NZ Constitution ” and the Flag and the TPPA and ‘Geoffery Palmers ‘ ( sic ) that are EVERYWHERE on facebook at the moment … seemingly sane people are ‘sharing’ and re-posting this garbage … (example below ) ..is there nobody who can HELP ?

    Talk about giving The Left a bad name …sigh

    Example :

    “”Hey, don’t mean to to freak y’all out (actually, yes I do!) but there’s a lot more to this NZ flag change malarkey than most people realise…

    I was open to changing the current NZ flag, but I also didn’t understand (like most people) the LEGAL significance of doing so…

    Why not change the flag?

    Here’s why not – its called ‘Due Authority’

    DUE AUTHORITY in a nation like NZ is represented on the NZ flag by the Union Jack and signifies that we are a constitutional monarchy.

    A change of flag means not only that we have taken a major step to removing the DUE AUTHORITY of the crown. It also means we take away the very power which enforces both the 1981 Bill of Rights Act (the closest thing NZ has to an entrenched Constitution) and the founding plank upon which the Treaty of Waitangi has meaning.

    It does not matter if you’re pro or anti monarchy but if you take away the DUE AUTHORITY of law (which includes our flag) you then open the gates of hell, or to be precise the means in which John Key can legally sign the TPPA (Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement). Currently if the matter was taken to court it would undoubtedly end up at the Supreme Court.

    The Privy Council is our former chief court and unlike the new US-styled NZ supreme Court, has its legal interpretation interpreted by Judges that are picked by the Law Lords of the Common Wealth.
    In the new system those Judges are picked by parliament – uh oh.

    At the moment it is likely that a legal challenge could be mounted against the TPPA, even if John does sign it, even with the Supreme Court Change, in that it breaches the 1981 Bill of Rights and the Crowns obligation to Iwi as set out in the Treaty of Waitangi.

    However, if the DUE AUTHORITY of the State can be removed then the TPPA can not only be signed but it then means that once signed the DUE AUTHORITY of the TPPA would supersede the power of any NZ laws already in place. Such as the 1981 Bill of Rights etc.””

    Please feel free to copy & paste or share… A lot of people don’t seek education but will take it when offered! ”

    ARRGGHHH !!!

    • James 13.1

      Yep – its hilarious.

      Generally my friends are all “righties” and have not shared it on facebook – but have seen it posted in a number of other places.

      It makes me worry about people.

      I think it harms the anti – TPPA message as opposed to the left in general.

      • BR 13.1.1

        Hmmm yes , that’s a good point ( Harms the anti-TPPA more ) .

        I try to refute this every time I see it but it’s a bit like proving the Easter Bunny isn’t real .
        “Prove it ‘s not true !” people demand … but where do I start ?
        ( This is a serious question by the way ! )


    • Ad 13.2

      You sound like a constitutional expert.

      Could you show how removing the Union Jack affects the Bill of Rights Act?

      • BR 13.2.1

        I don’t think it does .
        I’m appalled and angry at this misinformation and i’m asking for help in refuting it .

        • McFlock

          all you can do is correct people when they bring out the nuttiness.
          but sadly the nuttiness will always exist.

  13. Ad 14

    Interesting to see even the great Alpha Coal filing for bankruptcy, together with every other major coal miner in the US.


    Killed by cheap gas from fracking, this is the energy industry’s complete regime change.

    Huge and terrible foresight of what will happen to the Australian producers, let alone New Zealand’s little ones.

  14. Smilin 15

    Someone should remind Key that it has been his responsibility for 6 years for the democratic governance of this country, and not to change the rules to suit a certain group in society at the detriment of others especially when it comes to the up keep of state housing so that the people who live here that have a limited ability to change countries or income at will deserve a standard of housing traditionally comparable to the first state houses built for the purpose of decent housing for all
    And his constant blaming of the previous Labour govt for the present situation in housing is such that he should be held in contempt by all NZers as he is a leader of a govt unfit to govern this country
    In short give the prick the boot

  15. Smilin 16

    I dont hear any guns firing at the country apart from the ensuing take over of the country thru the TPPA “At the 11th hour ”
    Finlayson, you need a boot up your arrogant pseudo legal backside and be held for treason for action against the nations democracy

  16. North 17


    The grossness of The Ponce Key knows no bounds…..this after seven years of holding the ultimate of power in New Zealand, this effete, variously whining/giggling little boy, STILL insisting he has no responsibility for ANY of it ???

    At the start it was coquettish, now it’s contempt, unabashed. Such a fraud !

  17. Gabby 18

    Is Ponyboy saying the $700 million on income-related rents goes to Housing NZ?

  18. greywarshark 19

    What it was like in Britain’s ‘welfare’ system in the 1980s when Sue Townsend was a mother needing money while she brought up her three very young children.

    She died this year of a heart attack aged 68. The Guardian obituary is affectionate.

    Are you a John Clarke fan? I don’t know if everyone heard Jesse Mulligan on Radionz on Monday arvo having a good old chin wag with him.

    John has something in Ripcurl I think and has written about his mother Neva in the magazine for NZ writing Overland.

  19. North 20

    “Mr Little: Did the state house he grew up in have mould and leaks, and is it okay for kids today to live in mouldy, leaky, cold state houses because of lack of maintenance?

    Mr Key: No, not from memory. Obviously, the house would have been much more modern back then, given it was so many decades ago. But also I will say that my mother took absolute pride in making sure that she kept the house clean, tidy, and ventilated.”

    Ummh……the small matter of the mould in that poor family’s home starting with an unremedied leak from the bathroom of an adjoining unit, you lying shithead.

    The Ponce Key mangles the meaning of our language again……Labour “passing the buck….” – to the man who’s been the prime minister for seven years ?????

    • whateva next? 20.1

      “I will say that my mother took absolute pride in making sure that she kept the house clean, tidy, and ventilated.”
      I was disgusted by this retort in the election debate, and cannot believe he is still using this line. It reveals his level of detachment with real New Zealanders, and his utter contempt fao any less well off than himself, which is ironically “the vast majority of Nuzillanders”

    • greywarshark 20.2

      Well ventilated is a problem in winter, or anytime it is cold, and if you live in an area of poor people with young people looking for something to steal opening windows and ventilating may result in your goods being circulated as well as your air. Getting through open windows is well within the roaming, anomic youths’ area of expertise. Yesterday I heard on Radionz about a 90 year old woman who had been cleaned out of all her taonga some with special memories.

      Putting sliding window safety catches on at least one opening window per room would help. But it requires tools and some expertise and they cost at least $10 each. Would NZ Stateless Housing regard that as important to spend on? Would doing it yourself be regarded as defacing the house if some paint got chipped or a tool slipped and broke a window pane? Even paying for and trying DIY improvements like that could result in disadvantage.

      Open a window when it’s cold, and the house gets colder. If there is heating going, much of it might be lost in the draught created.

      The philosophy of National, Act and the RWs who lurk in the shadows of Labour Party: People in nice houses worth millions can have perfectly balanced heating or cooling organised, suitable for the weather. That is okay because they are exceptional people, and deserving of everything they want because they are so good, clever, hard working etc. The people who aren’t just have to suffer the indignities of begging to have reasonable housing and living conditions as would be expected in a modern, prosperous nation.

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  • Lockdown day 8
    I haven’t done a huge amount in the last few days. I’m reading The Poppy War and I’ve sort of poked at a couple of games – I started SOMA but I’m a wimp and I quit while in the first room after the brain scan. I might try it ...
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    6 days ago
  • Legal Beagle: Waiver, the singular Crown and the conduct of Crown legal business
    Much has been written about the importance of discretion in an emergency situation, and the concerns raised by the potential for it to be exercised arbitrarily. Given the quality of the discussion, there seemed little point in adding to it at any length. In particular, I point to the evidence ...
    6 days ago
  • Highlights from Bauer Media’s science-related reporting
    Today has felt surreal. I was all set to touch base online with my science communication students when a colleague shared the news that Bauer Media would be shutting down its publications immediately. The first link I saw implied it was Woman’s Weekly affected, and even that shocked me. But ...
    SciBlogsBy Sarah-Jane O'Connor
    6 days ago
  • Outsiders.
    Bogeymen, Real And Imagined: Is the number of psychopathic and sociopathic individuals in any given society truly as vanishingly small as we like to tell ourselves? Isn’t it more likely that the mass-shooters and serial-killers filling the headlines represent only the tip of a much, much larger iceberg of frightfulness? ...
    6 days ago
  • We have a right to know the rules we are expected to obey
    Outgoing Police Commissioner Mike Bush appeared before the Epidemic Response Committee today, who asked him for the rules police are using to enforce the lockdown. He refused:Police Commissioner Mike Bush has admitted the advice given to Kiwis about what they're able to do during the lockdown hasn't been clear enough. ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    6 days ago
  • Life in Lock Down: Day 7 (sanitised version)
    For those folk who find my other Lock-Down Diary versions too “negative” or otherwise unpalatable… Here’s a photo of my cat, . . Better? Tomorrow’s Sanitised Version: a pretty flower. . . . =fs= ...
    Frankly SpeakingBy Frank Macskasy
    6 days ago
  • Life in Lock Down: Day 7
    . . April 1: Day seven of living in lock-down… This morning I had a brief chat with one of my neighbours, “D” (social distance between us, a good three or four metres). I learned he had resigned from his previous job and had been hired by another company – ...
    Frankly SpeakingBy Frank Macskasy
    6 days ago
  • RIP The Listener, New Zealand’s pioneering voice
    Funnily enough, my thought as I start this post is whether it will be well written enough. Or should that be well enough written? Because so much of what I know about good writing came from my two stints at The Listener, which this morning was shut down due to ...
    PunditBy Tim Watkin
    6 days ago
  • OK, Britney: stop sniping at National for doing its job
    With normal democratic procedures in abeyance, there were two ways to go. First, it was open for the government to dissolve itself and invite the National Party to join a ministry of national salvation. That would have lessened the democratic deficit of the times by having a team of rivals without ...
    PunditBy Liam Hehir
    6 days ago
  • Helpful tips for parents during lockdown
    Dr Kirsty Ross Children and young people can respond differently in times of distress. This also varies by age and developmental stage, with younger children having more magical and imaginative thinking, and older children having more awareness and knowledge of the issues our communities are facing (which brings up ...
    SciBlogsBy Guest Author
    6 days ago
  • Skeptical Science New Research for Week #13, 2020
    7 days ago
  • Hungary is now a dictatorship
    Hungary has been a virtual dictatorship for a decade now, as Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has gradually eroded its democracy. But now, its official, with the passage of an indefinite emergency law allowing rule by decree:Hungary’s parliament has passed a new set of coronavirus measures that includes jail terms for ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    7 days ago
  • A new Ministry of Works
    While the economy is on pause under lockdown, the government is beginning to plan how to cope with the post-lockdown, post-tourism, post-export education world we will eventually find ourselves in. They're planning a lot of infrastructure spending as economic stimulus, and have asked for proposals which can start the moment ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    7 days ago
  • Capture: Well spaced out
    It's my distraction,  setting up tiny scenes to photograph.  I've got stuck on the Babushka dolls for now.  Something about their bubble shape.  Something about their never changing, smiling features, suggesting persistent equanimity.  Can we get through everything that is being thrown at us and keep at least a tiny ...
    7 days ago
  • Life in Lock Down: Day 6
    . . March 31: Day six of living in lock-down… This time I managed to sleep a little longer and the alarm woke me at the pre-set time: 6.55am. Then remembered I was working a later shift and could’ve slept in. Oh well, there are things to do at home. ...
    Frankly SpeakingBy Frank Macskasy
    7 days ago
  • March ’20 – NZ blogs sitemeter ranking
    Image credit: Diamond Harbour School Blogs I notice a few regulars no longer allow public access to the site counters. This may happen accidentally when the blog format is altered. If your blog is unexpectedly missing or ...
    7 days ago
  • Hard News: Poll Pot and the partisans
    Yesterday's Horizon poll showing support for a "Yes" vote in this year's cannabis referendum sliding into the majority for the first time in a year looked like good news for reformers – and it probably is. But the result warrants some scrutiny.The poll is the fifth in a series commissioned ...
    7 days ago
  • Why those bubbles are so important
    For almost a week now, every one of us who isn’t an essential worker has been confined to their bubble. We are allowed to go shopping for groceries, to visit the doctor, and to get a bit of exercise if we stay local. The reason we are doing this is ...
    SciBlogsBy Siouxsie Wiles
    7 days ago
  • A Government System That Works
    The Covid-19 saga will no doubt produce many twists and turns for us before it is finally brought to an end. But one thing it has shown us – and what comfort it should bring us – is that our country’s government is in good hands. I am not thinking ...
    Bryan GouldBy Bryan Gould
    1 week ago
  • Smashing down the barriers: Where are we at with COVID vaccines?
    In the absence of a vaccine or a cure for a deadly disease, staying home in your bubble is what you do, the concept is not new.  To the best of my knowledge last time we did this in NZ was for polio, in the years before a vaccine came ...
    SciBlogsBy Helen Petousis Harris
    1 week ago
  • National Network on Cuba (USA): “Cuban medical solidarity is a pillar of its society and is founde...
    The following statement was released on March 28 by the National Network on Cuba, a coalition of 40 groups, based in the United States. In recent weeks, Cuba has deployed hundreds of medical providers to over a dozen countries in Europe, Asia, as well as to their neighbors in Latin ...
    RedlineBy Admin
    1 week ago
  • Alarming decrease in calves increases fears for endangered Hector’s dolphin
    This has been a terrible summer for Hector’s dolphins. The first indication was very low numbers of dolphin sightings during late spring and early summer. The Otago University Marine Mammal Research Team has carried out routine dolphin surveys at Banks Peninsula for more than 30 years. In all that time, ...
    SciBlogsBy Otago Marine Science
    1 week ago
  • Time for Grant Robertson to reveal package #2?
    On March 17, Finance Minister Grant Robertson was quick out of the blocks with an economic rescue package to help businesses through the inevitable recession resulting from the coronavirus pandemic. Robertson had pulled together a scheme in short order that so far seems to have saved many jobs. In his ...
    PunditBy Tim Watkin
    1 week ago
  • Saving lives
    The purpose of the lockdown is to save lives, by reducing the spread of covid-19. We won't know if its really working for another week, but given the devastation that will result if it doesn't - 14,000 dead is the optimistic scenario - its definitely worth trying. But pausing the ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    1 week ago
  • Life in Lock Down: Day 5
    . . March 30: Day five of living in lock-down… Woke up still in darkness. Alarm hadn’t gone off. Turn to radio clock; it’s a few minutes after 6am… I lie there in the dark, waiting to drift off to sleep… but it ain’t happening. Clock ticks over to 6.55 ...
    Frankly SpeakingBy Frank Macskasy
    1 week ago
  • Speaker: Les Gray: the man who told the truth
    The story of Les Gray, the public sector psychologist who told the truth about his use of cannabis and set off a storm, has a special place in the lore of cannabis reform in New Zealand.When Paul Shannon interviewed Gray for the 'Dope and Hope' issue of Planet magazine in ...
    1 week ago
  • Why now? Historical specificity and the perfect storm that has created trans identity politics
    by Phil Duncan For Marxists, a key concern about social trends is their context – not just their causes, but why they happen when they do.  Events and phenomena have causes, but they also are time or period-specific. While much of the left have capitulated recently to postmodernism, most notably ...
    RedlineBy Admin
    1 week ago
  • Time for a living wage for supermarket workers
    Since the lockdown began, we've all suddenly been reminded who the actually essential workers in our society are: not the people at the top who pay themselves the big bucks and rort the perks, but the people at the bottom they screw over and squeeze: cleaners, warehouse staff, truck drivers ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    1 week ago
  • Hard News: MUSIC: Lockdown Grooves
    Kia ora! As I've watched nearly all my remaining work vanish over the past couple of days, it has occured to me that one good way to keep me away from arguing with fools on Twitter all the time (in the knowledge that all we're really doing is processing our ...
    1 week ago
  • A place of greater safety?
    Aotearoa New Zealand has committed to trying to extirpate the virus that causes COVID-19 from its shores. To do that, as a society we’ve moved to “Level 4”. That means adapting to unprecedented restrictions on our personal freedoms, particularly to our rights to move freely and associate with friends and ...
    PunditBy Andrew Geddis
    1 week ago
  • The police and public trust
    When the Prime Minister declared a state of emergency last week, she handed the police powers to enforce it. And almost immediately, we started hearing about heavy-handed, arbitrary "enforcement" by police who (at best) cared more about order than law, or (more likely) had no idea what the rules were ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    1 week ago
  • Life in Lock Down: Day 4
    . . Lock Down: Day 4 – A photo essay with observations . March 29: Usual wake up routine as RNZ snaps on my radio-clock. Jim Mora’s voice slowly enters my conciousness; there’s talk of a second wave of covid19 taking hold in South Korea; the week in Parliament – ...
    Frankly SpeakingBy Frank Macskasy
    1 week ago
  • COVID-19 vs New Zealand
    Yesterday, New Zealand recorded its first Covid-19 related death on the West Coast. Unfortunately this is unlikely to be the only fatality, with the virus now being found in every region of the country.However despite the significant danger, people are still unfortunately breaching lockdown rules.There’s really only one main very ...
    1 week ago
  • 2020 SkS Weekly Climate Change & Global Warming Digest #13
    Story of the Week... Toon of the Week... Coming Soon on SkS... Climate Feedback Claim Review... SkS Week in Review... Poster of the Week... Story of the Week... ‘Misinformation kills’: The link between coronavirus conspiracies and climate denial   Grist / Rob Kim / Stringer / CSA Images  Scientific ...
    1 week ago
  • Rāhui day 4
    The kids did surprisingly well today – meltdown count was about 3, and mostly fairly short ones. (And a fourth while I was writing.) Game-wise I had a go at Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark. It’s a fairly standard RPG with turn-based combat and what they call a “mature storyline” (it ...
    The little pakehaBy chrismiller
    1 week ago
  • Letter to a friend
    by Don Franks Hi David, Nice hearing from you, I’m glad to hear you’re getting by okay in these grim times. You asked how’s it going for us back here in New Zealand. You would have heard that the whole country is locked down and with breaks for exercise and ...
    RedlineBy Daphna
    1 week ago
  • Life in Lock Down: Day 3
    . . Lock Down: Day 3 – A photo essay with observations . March 28: First day of the first weekend in Lock Down. It feels like it’s been weeks since only Level 3 was declared last Tuesday, only four days ago. Woke up this morning to RNZ; coffee; toast, ...
    Frankly SpeakingBy Frank Macskasy
    1 week ago

  • NZ horticulture sector feeding Kiwis and the world during COVID-19
    More New Zealanders are taking up the chance to work in horticulture as the sector keeps New Zealanders fed and in jobs during the COVID-19 Alert Level 4 lockdown. “Our horticulture sector has long been one of New Zealand’s export star performers, contributing around $6 billion a year to our ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    3 hours ago
  • Work to repurpose PGF funds begins
    The Provincial Development Unit is working through applications and projects to see where Provincial Growth Fund money can be repurposed for initiatives deemed more critical to fighting the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones says. “We need to be throwing everything we have at ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    18 hours ago
  • A million workers supported by Govt wage subsidy
    The Government’s wage subsidy to protect jobs and keep workers and businesses connected during the lockdown has now supported over a million New Zealanders, with $6.6 billion already paid out. “We’re supporting businesses to pay wages, and stay connected with their workers so that we are all in a better ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    19 hours ago
  • Government helps Pacific communities fight COVID
    The Government is stepping up efforts to help protect New Zealand’s Pacific communities in the fight against COVID-19. Cabinet has agreed that $17 million will be allocated to support a COVID-19 Pacific Response Package, which will: Support Pacific health and disability services facing increased demand; Ramp up public health messaging ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    23 hours ago
  • Statement from the Prime Minister on Dr David Clark
    “Yesterday evening the Health Minister advised me of his trip to a beach during the lockdown and offered his resignation,” Jacinda Ardern said.  “Under normal conditions I would sack the Minister of Health. What he did was wrong, and there are no excuses.  “But right now, my priority is our ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 day ago
  • Statement from David Clark
    Last night as part of my preparation for the Epidemic Response Committee, I provided the Prime Minister with a complete picture of my activity outside my home during Alert Level 4.  That included the fact that on the first weekend of the Alert Level 4 lockdown I drove my family ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 day ago
  • COVID-19 mental health support begins
    A range of support is being rolled out across New Zealand to help people look after their mental health during COVID-19 Health Minister David Clark said this morning. “COVID-19 has brought a lot of uncertainty into our lives and many of us will be feeling some level of distress or ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 day ago
  • New Zealanders in Peru to be assisted by Government charter flight
    The New Zealand Government has made arrangements to charter a flight for New Zealanders stranded in Peru to depart the country, following agreement with the Chilean government to allow the necessary transit through Chile, Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters announced today. “Like many travellers around the world at the moment, ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 days ago
  • COVID-19 Hospital Preparation Well Advanced
    Hospital preparations for COVID-19 are well advanced says Health Minister David Clark. “Hospitals across New Zealand are repurposing buildings and training staff to get ready for COVID-19 patients. This gives me confidence that we are well prepared for any potential increase in COVID-19 patients needing hospital level care,” said David ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    5 days ago
  • Further measures to support businesses
    The Government will be introducing legislation to make changes to the Companies Act to help companies facing insolvency due to COVID-19 to remain viable and keep New Zealanders in jobs. The temporary changes include: Giving directors of companies facing significant liquidity problems because of COVID-19 a ‘safe harbour’ from insolvency ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    5 days ago
  • Govt’s COVID plan, economic strength recognised
    The Government’s plan to cushion the blow of COVID-19 by supporting incomes, jobs and businesses, and position the economy to recover has been backed by another international report. International credit rating agency Moody’s today reaffirmed its highest Aaa credit rating on New Zealand, saying the economy is expected to remain ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    5 days ago
  • Funding certainty for sports through COVID-19
    National sports organisations have been given certainty of funding to ensure they can remain viable through the COVID-19 pandemic, Sport and Recreation Minister Grant Robertson announced today. “The global spread of COVID-19 has had a significant impact on sport and recreation in New Zealand, including the cancellation or postponement of ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    5 days ago
  • Butchers now allowed to process pork
    Changes have been made to allow butchers to process pork, only for supply to supermarkets or other processors or retailers that are open, Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor has announced. “We carefully weighed the risk of allowing butchers to open their shops for retail customers, but the risk of spreading COVID-19 ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    6 days ago
  • Essential workers leave scheme established
    Essential workers who take leave from work to comply with public health guidance are being supported with a leave scheme to ensure they will continue to receive income, say the Minister of Workplace Relations and Safety Iain Lees-Galloway and Minister for Social Development, Carmel Sepuloni. A number of essential businesses ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    6 days ago
  • Govt WhatsApp helps share COVID-19 information
    A Government WhatsApp channel has been launched to help make information more easily accessible and shareable in the fight against COVID-19. Govt.NZ, which is free to use on any mobile device, will carry information and news for the public, businesses, healthcare providers, not for profits and local government. It can ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    6 days ago
  • Managed departure plan for stranded foreign nationals enables safe, orderly exit
    The Government has announced a plan to enable the safe, orderly exit of tens of thousands of stranded foreign nationals from New Zealand during the current COVID-19 Alert Level 4 restrictions, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Winston Peters has said. “When we moved into lockdown a week ago, the ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    6 days ago
  • Government delivers COVID-19 support to GPs and Pharmacies
    Health Minister Dr David Clark says the Government is delivering on its commitment to support general practice doctors and nurses, and pharmacies on the front-line of our fight against COVID-19. "For us to overcome COVID-19, we need community health services such as general practice and community pharmacy to step up ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    6 days ago
  • Susan Thomas the new Chief High Court Judge
    Justice Susan Thomas has been appointed Chief High Court Judge, Attorney-General David Parker announced today.  She replaces Justice Geoffrey Venning who has resigned from the position.   David Parker paid tribute to Justice Venning, who he said had stewarded the High Court very capably over the last five years.   “On behalf ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    6 days ago
  • Business Finance Guarantee – applications open
    Businesses can start applying to their banks for loans under the Business Finance Guarantee Scheme set up to support the New Zealand economy during the COVID-19 pandemic. “We’re moving quickly to protect New Zealand businesses, jobs and the economy during this unprecedented global economic shock,” Finance Minister Grant Robertson said. ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    7 days ago
  • Work starts on ways to fast-track consents to boost recovery from Covid-19 downturn
    Work is underway looking at measures to speed up consents for development and infrastructure projects during the recovery from COVID 19, to provide jobs and stimulate our economy.  Environment Minister David Parker said the COVID-19 pandemic is a serious global crisis that will have a wide ranging and lasting impact ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    7 days ago
  • Advance payments to support contractors
    Advance payments will be made to transport construction industry contractors to retain the workforce and ensure it is ready to quickly gear up to build projects which will be vital to New Zealand’s COVID-19 economic recovery, Transport Minister Phil Twyford announced today. He said keeping the workforce required to build ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • Government seeks infrastructure projects
    The Government has tasked a group of industry leaders to seek out infrastructure projects that are ready to start as soon as the construction industry returns to normal to reduce the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Economic Development Minister Phil Twyford and Infrastructure Minister Shane Jones say. The Infrastructure ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • Health system scaled up to prepare for COVID-19
    Work to scale up the health system in preparation for COVID-19 was today outlined by Health Minister David Clark, as he reported back to the new Epidemic Response Committee. “We are well placed to contain the spread of COVID-19. We have taken early and decisive action at our borders, and ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • Essential media COVID-19 guidelines refined
    The Government is refining its COVID-19 essential business guidance to include the distribution of news publications for communities which are hard to reach. The Minister of Broadcasting, Communications and Digital Media, Kris Faafoi, said the move was in recognition of the importance for New Zealanders who might be harder to ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • Supermarkets able to open on Easter Sunday
    The Government is ensuring supermarkets can open on Easter Sunday so we can buy groceries, but stay closed on Good Friday allowing workers to take a break. This provides a balanced approach and ensures we avoid large queues that two days closure may cause. “Supermarkets will be able to open ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • New Zealand defence personnel conclude mission at Taji
    Following the successful conclusion of the Building Partner Capacity (BPC) mission at Taji, New Zealand defence personnel are returning to New Zealand from Iraq, in accordance with the Cabinet decision made in June 2019, Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters and Defence Minister Ron Mark announced today. “New Zealand is very ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • State of National Emergency extended
    The State of National Emergency to help stop the spread of COVID-19 has been extended for a further seven days, Minister of Civil Defence Peeni Henare said. The initial declaration on March 25 lasted seven days and can be extended as many times as necessary. “Since we went into isolation ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • Strong Govt books support ‘go hard, go early’ response
    New Zealand’s ability to go hard and go early in the fight against COVID-19 has been underpinned by strong Government finances and the growing economy heading into this global pandemic, Finance Minister Grant Robertson says. The Treasury today released the Crown financial statements for the eight months to the end ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • Christchurch Hospital Hagley ICU to open to support COVID-19 response
    Health Minister Dr David Clark says 36 new intensive care beds at Christchurch Hospital’s new Hagley building are being fast tracked so they are available for treatment of COVID-19 patients.   The Ministry of Health is working with contractor CPB and Canterbury DHB to enable access to the hospital’s ICU, ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • Government supports Air NZ freight flights
    The Government has fast-tracked up to $1 million to help Air New Zealand move urgent freight to and from New Zealand, with the first flight to Shanghai leaving tonight, Transport Minister Phil Twyford announced today. Phil Twyford says it’s crucial that trade in vital goods such as medical supplies and ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • Tariff concessions on COVID-19 related products
    New Zealand will temporarily remove tariffs on all medical and hygiene imports needed for the COVID-19 response. Trade and Export Growth Minister David Parker and Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister Kris Faafoi said today that the New Zealand Customs Service will apply tariff concessions to all diagnostic reagents and testing ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 weeks ago
  • Clarification of modification to wage subsidy scheme
    Minister of Finance Grant Robertson has clarified that the changes to the wage subsidy scheme announced yesterday mean that employers should be passing on the full subsidy to workers, except in the case where the person’s normal income is less than the level of the subsidy. “We still want employers ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 weeks ago
  • Face masks flowing to DHBs
    Medical face masks from the national reserve supply are now being distributed to District Health Boards, while at the same time local production is being ramped up. Yesterday more than 640,000 masks were sent to DHBS – that is an immediate two week supply, with more to follow in coming ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 weeks ago
  • COVID-19: Further steps to protect New Zealanders’ jobs
    The Government has made modifications to the wage subsidy scheme to ensure people don’t lose their jobs during the national lockdown. These changes will soften the impact of COVID-19 on workers, families and businesses, and position them to exit the lockdown and look to recovery, Finance Minister Grant Robertson says. ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 weeks ago
  • Tax relief for Mycoplasma Bovis farmers
    Farmers whose herds were culled in response to the outbreak of Mycoplasma bovis will be able to minimise the tax treatment of their income in some circumstances. Revenue Minister Stuart Nash says Cabinet has agreed to change the law. It means farmers may be eligible to spread their income over ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 weeks ago
  • $27 million for NGOs and community groups to continue providing essential services
    A $27 million dollar package, effective immediately, is being provided to social sector services and community groups to ensure they can continue to provide essential support to communities as we stay at home as a nation to stop the spread of COVID-19, Minister for Social Development Carmel Sepuloni announced. “At ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 weeks ago
  • Statement on guilty plea of March 15 terrorist
    “The guilty plea today will provide some relief to the many people whose lives were shattered by what happened on March 15,” Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said. “These guilty pleas and conviction bring accountability for what happened and also save the families who lost loved ones, those who were injured, ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 weeks ago
  • COVID-19 updates
    The Prime Minister is holding daily press conferences to update New Zealanders on the Government's response to COVID-19. Links to videos and transcripts of these updates below. These transcripts also include All of Government press conferences led by Director Ministry of Health's Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield. 25 March: Live update from the Prime ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 weeks ago
  • Police numbers break through 10,000 mark
    Frontline Police numbers have broken through the 10,000 mark for the first time in history as officers step forward to keep the community safe during the COVID19 lockdown. “Two Police graduations in Auckland and Wellington in the past week have been conducted in unprecedented circumstances,” Police Minister Stuart Nash said. ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 weeks ago
  • Urgent tax measures for economic recovery
    Urgent legislation has been passed to support the package of economic and social measures needed to recover from the impact of the coronavirus outbreak. “The COVID-19 Response (Taxation and Social Assistance Urgent Measures) Bill will cushion New Zealanders from the worst economic impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak,” said Revenue Minister ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 weeks ago