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Open Mike 27/12/2017

Written By: - Date published: 6:00 am, December 27th, 2017 - 21 comments
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21 comments on “Open Mike 27/12/2017 ”

  1. eco maori 1

    I rember when I was 11 the older boys went horse riding I would try and go with them .
    there was not enough horses . Than a old uncle got a old Clydesdale horse he was a old brown gelding I use to talk to this uncle all the time he was a war veteran he told me some of his old story’s I use to run away to hide at his house when the step grandfather got pissed because I new the words white honky bastard would be coming out of his mouth .I had learned to stay out side when he was home his children would call me that to and treat me badly .The old uncle let me ride his horse we would ride along the beach at dawn and pick up frost fish and blind eels that washed up on the beach. Purputa the horse was very slow at first after about six month riding he started winning all the races you see it was always a race when we were on horses.
    I am very good with animals I learn to read there body language and I use a soft hand when I work or am around animals when I was on that 5000 cow farm one worker left he gave me a dog that he could not get to work properly I had him up and working like a pro in one week even the manager owner said It amazing you got that dog to work . One of his dogs was the father. We had a lot of fun riding horses one day my m8 had the flash cowboy saddle and the faster horse we were riding along the sand dunes and my m8 left me behind than next minute I see him still in the saddle it looked like the horse was upside down it was and he was still riding it it was on top of him . Once I seen that he was breathing ok I laughed my ass off . Another time we were walking the horses up over a track a short cut to the beach my m8 was leading his horse up a hill the horse stood on his foot and his next step was on my m8 chest I tryed not to laugh to hard this m8 was older and could beat me I have a lot of story’s like this. We use to ride past Porourangi Marae to pick water cress and puha .I always wondered what was that figure of a white man was doing on top of the marae.
    A few years past and one of the cousins got married there and we were all talking and one of the older cousins whom is a talker told the story that a Tohanga has prophesized that a white man will rule over all of Ngtai Porou . He also said while looking at me sideways that no way he would let a white man rule over him . Ka kite ano

    • JanM 1.1

      What a beautiful place to grow up in, eco maori, and what great adventures you had! I was a ‘townie’ but lots of my family were farmers. My Uncle Roland took me for a ride on his old Clydesdale once. All went well til he got spooked by a swarm of bees on the fence – we managed to stay on and calm him down, tho, luckily!
      I couldn’t resist so I looked up the pictures and stories about your marae. Here’s what it said about the figure of the white man ” The tekoteko, the figure on top of the meeting-house, represents Tuterangiwhiuiti, who was a descendant of Porourangi and a great warrior.” So that’s the official story, anyway 🙂

  2. joe90 2

    Ahed Tamimi is young, confident, principled, outspoken, and she terrifies the guilty.

    "10 armed Israeli Occupiers surrounding 16-year-old #Palestinian child Ahed Tamimi, who is cuffed at her hands in Israeli Occupiers “military court” today."#FreeAhedTamimi #FreeNarimanTamimi #BDS #alqudscapitalofpalestine pic.twitter.com/4SSTXeWrtL— #FreeAhedTamimi🚫 (@Mina_b89) December 25, 2017

    #Ahed Tamimi


    • joe90 2.1

      Israeli journalist recommends protesting Palestinian girls be raped as punishment.

      There was a range of suggestions of what should happen with Ahed and the other girls. Education Minister Naftali Bennett suggested that they “spend the rest of their days in prison”.

      But a prominent journalist had a somewhat more cunning suggestion:

      “In the case of the girls, we should exact a price at some other opportunity, in the dark, without witnesses and cameras”,

      Ben Caspit wrote in his article (Hebrew) on Tuesday.


  3. SPC 3

    Karl Magoo writes about the need for young people to respect their elders and their values.

    Which is really just a nostalgia piece about a time when our society was mono-cultural, white, male dominated that the older generation fears is now of our past and not our future.


    If only they had shown some respect for our future and preserved the environment better, and put some effort towards maintaining a sufficient public housing stock …

    • joe90 3.1

      Ian Johnstone on Magoo’s petulance.

      On RadioNZ’s “Saturday Morning” on December 9, Kim Hill interviewed Don Brash about te reo Maori being spoken on “Morning Report”. In a later Dominion Post column, Karl du Fresne claimed “Brash was savaged . . . hanged and drawn and I didn’t care to stick around for the quartering” so he gave up listening after 15 minutes.

      That was a shame. Du Fresne missed some useful discussion between two committed and well-informed New Zealanders and so had little evidence to support a column which turned into an anti-RNZ rant.


  4. Whispering Kate 4

    We have received a brochure in the mail today from the Napier CC and a notice in it has bloody annoyed me for a lot of reasons. When did Napier lose its compassion and heart. Homeless beggars are a part of our society for which we all should be ashamed. Since when does a council in a brochure in the mail “direct” its citizens to not give money to the people on the street and to in lieu put it into the bank accounts of various listed charities. They have no right to even suggest to citizens what to do with their cash and I find it darned offensive.

    Homeless people need to be housed and until councils, charities and government proactively do something about why these people are homeless then mind your own bloody business what we want to do with our money. The fact they are cluttering up your streets is a problem you need to address – not cut them off at the kneecaps. And its Christmas – I just couldn’t believe the lack of compassion.

    An aside, I used to play as a kid with the mayor of the city and he was then just Tommy with a snotty nose to us littlies, what a pompous ass he has turned out to be. His mother would turn in her grave I am sure if she knew how he was directing the council.

    • OnceWasTim 4.1

      Unfortunately @WK, a lot of mothers would be turning in their graves.
      Of many of their offspring, their competence, compassion and spirituality doesn’t seem to have kept pace with the size of their over-inflated egos.
      Things are changing tho’, and as ‘Rache’ used to say: “It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen” (and it scares the shit out of them)

    • mac1 4.2

      Saw this on Facebook earlier today. Your post, Whispering Kate, recalled it. The New Statesman ran an article on why you should give directly to the homeless.


      A bit like Santa, really. Direct and unconditional giving. Caritas.

      Our local Grey Power pushes the plight of the homeless and the responsibility for them with local and central government. Our Council has a new committee with responsibilty for housing for the homeless elderly.

      I relinquish my Santa role with Christmas over, and continue on this committee. 6000 local members gives a little weight to our discussions with Councillors and Mayor who are decent people.

      Try your local Grey Power association and enlist their advocacy for the cause of affordable housing with both local and central government.

  5. Carolyn_Nth 5

    So my bus journey tonight back from work at Takapuna to the city was very slow over the bridge.

    It was down to one lane going back to the city, while north bound traffic was completely stopped. There were loads of fire engines, police, machines with cranes – I thought it must have been some really bad accident.

    But, no! It turns out some eedjit decided to climb up on the over head signs.

    At least I struck it when one lane was open. But on the other side of the bridge, people were standing outside their cars – stalled traffic was backed up through the Victoria tunnel. The Victoria Park over-bridge was closed – so half the city ground to a halt because some guy was trying to show off!

    • James 5.1

      Normally when someone climbs on top of the harbour bridge (or part of it) it’s not uncommon for it to be a mental health issue.

      But of course as soon as inconveniences someone he becomes an “eedjit”.

      Of course we don’t know the facts as yet but I hope that the guy is ok.

        • James

          And nothing in the reports to suggest that this was the case (or indeed mental health).

          What I was saying is perhaps don’t start in the name calling until we know the facts.

          • Pete

            Know the facts? What have facts got to do with it?

            This is the 2017. This is the internet. This is where we make judgements on anyeverything. Facts and knowledge are incidental to how we feel, our predisposition, our upbringing, our conditioning, our anything. Ask anyone. Start with Lorde.

        • greywarshark

          I think that instead of fines for eedjit behaviour, a morning in the stocks in a very public place would be better. We spend too much of our time and money on dealing with eedjits who just don’t know when to draw the line.

      • Carolyn_Nth 5.1.2

        A fire crew seem to have got him down OK, according to the report I linked to.

        If it’s a mental health issue, I take the eedjit back.

        But, I did assume it was more of an urban free climbing thing, as suggested by joe.

  6. eco maori 6

    Many thanks for your tautoko JanM I am part of Porourangi Marae my name is in the meeting house first name they assumed my last name was the same as the people i was living with. My Marae is the one closes to the Waipau river mouth and considered by many to be the main Marae of Ngati Porou there are many old par sites and many old war sites dotted around my Marae they did a survey in 1979 Sir Apirana Ngati whakapapa comes from this Marae . He tells of its importance to Ngati Porou Whakapapa the story of the white man on the Marae is not well known we have a lot of old storys I will have to make time to learn all OUR old storys.
    Many apologizes to my old tepuna Ropata Wahawaha and his advisers. Because once again I made a assumption with out getting all the facts .

    It was actually a master stroke by Ropata Wahawaha to help the crown as this move was strategic as the crown supplied him with arms and when he had enough arms he returned to the Waipau vally there was a local war and the crown thought about confiscation Ngati Porou land . The crown was advised on the reality of the situation and that was that Ropata Wahawaha was well armed and any war against him would end in disaster for the crown you see Ropatas move protected Nagti Porou IWI and whenua and you can see most of the coast is still owned by Maori Ka pai.
    I see that some people try to attack ECO MAORIs Mana but just like the muppets and all there corrupt followers ECO just swates them away like flys for they are insignificant . What gives me a sore face is when the actions of the muppets against ECO Mana ends up biteing them in the ass they try and blame me for this WTF .This story of mine is bigger than me this story is about me educating OUR people about how deceitful the 1% that run our world are they give themselves all impunity and use the media to put up a veil to obscure this fact of stealing and killing lying and oppressing the 99% of US .You now know that the 1% laugh that the poor are honest. Some Maori know of this fact but chose to say nothing as they are part of the 1%. But ECO MAORI will tell the whole world the truth about this fact and we will rip the rudder from the 1% and Gide OUR World to a bright equal humane sustainable future for all OUR mokos . The 1% are stearing OUR Waka into that blackhole of oblivion thinking that there paper will save they YEA RIGHT.
    They use to use the black savages as a word to put a veil up to blind the other 99% so they could steal off Maori there new word is terrorist yes this word is just used to blind us so they can take more control of the 99% they know that we will catch on to this fact and they are praying that they have total control over US the 99% but no the good people will win in the end. This is why I tautoko Ladys EQUALITY as they are more mature thinkers than Man I also Advocate for the ROCK TO GO FOR THE USA Presidency as he will advance equality for OUR ladys .Ka kite ano

    • greywarshark 6.1

      Just looked up the Waiapu River which has high erosion and highest sediment level of anywhere in the world and there has been a recent hui about it. So difficulties for Ngati Porou and their river.

      Hui in Ruatoria on Waiapu River | The Gisborne Herald
      Nov 1, 2017 – The Waiapu River catchment has one of the highest erosion rates per square kilometre in the world. Picture supplied. THE next stage of a 100-year plan to restore the Waiapu River will be addressed in a hui in Ruatoria tomorrow. The Waiapu catchment has one of the highest erosion rates per square …


      The Waiapu River Restoration | Ngati Porou
      Apr 30, 2014 – The Waiapu River provides the lifeblood of Ngati Porou. … The Waiapu River has the highest suspended sediment yield of any river in New Zealand. … Ngati Porou’s Treaty Settlement recognised the significance of the Waiapu River to Ngati Porou and the impacts of erosion on the river …

      • eco maori 6.1.1

        Yes Iv seen the Waiapu river flood and erosioning away land the trees were all cut for farming the problem is under the topsoil it is clay and this is why there is so much erosion. Most of the land has reverted back to Bush now like I say there is always something positive to find they took subsidies away the land goes back to Bush and this is good for honey production and slows erosion the Land is rising out of the sea the beach at the Waiapu mouth is about 150 metres wider than it was when I was a young follow . I have someone whom gives me all the facts on these issue. I had plans for adventure touring river rafting hunting camping fishing diving I changed my mind and went dairy farm instead. Ka kite Ana

  7. eco maori 7

    PS DON’T think I that I missed that JanM
    But it’s the time of the year for the mokos so I ignore you slight dig Ana to kai

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