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25 comments on “Open mike 29/07/2010”

  1. Whiskey Tango Mike Foxtrot 1

    For me, this is the most important news of the day:

    For the first time in my Adulthood, I have a level of trust in the NZ Justice system

  2. BLiP 2

    National Ltdâ„¢ drives another nail into the 100% Pure New Zealand coffin by abstaining from a non-binding UN resolution stating that the supply of safe, clean drinking water and sanitation is a human right. The Ministry is putting out the PR line that it didn’t have enough time to fully consider the resolution before the vote. However, it seems that while it didn’t have time to consider the resolution, it did have time to hinder the passing of the resolution by putting up a “watered down” alternative. Still, I suppose it makes it easier to sell the Canterbury and Auckland water services if there’s no pesky statement floating about as to expectations in relation to quality. Never mind that one in six New Zealanders already drink dubious standard water. Equality for all – so long as its the lowest common denominator, eh?

    Thanks National Ltdâ„¢ – I’m lovin’ it.

    • prism 2.1

      Once again NZ government refuses to think and act for itself despite us paying huge amounts to individuals and to support informed decisions and implementations. The gubmint uses the authority for legislation and regulation that “They’re doing it ‘overseas'” ie the English-speaking cabal. The policies we get are lifted from another cabal country’s laws but with our own twist, dumbed down, sharpened to stick us in the bum.

      For instance the 90 day employment law is being presented as OK because it has been tried, tested and is now currently used in Australia. But when Australia’s policies are actually studied, they are not as stark and bare as ours.

      And water rights – an example. They had to be sold in Peru, I think under a neo-economic national restructuring ordered by the IMF or World Bank. The private companies demanding money for water was an awful cost for poor people trying to live in bad conditions, but a comment on RADNZ this morning, was that they were not even allowed to collect rainwater. This is the grasping, grinding devil revealed that activates such private utilities when given ultimate power.

  3. r0b 3

    OOB – moved your comment to the new post “The lungs of the planet”

  4. NickS 4

    And here’s two awesome bits of genetic modification research that allow for easier to keep vaccines:

    1) Genes from Arctic bacteria used to create new vaccines
    In a nutshell, this allows for the creation of bacterial strains which die at human body temperatures. Which open the potential for easier to transport and safer live bacterial vaccines, but also much safer handling of highly virulent bacterial diseases.

    2) Green our vaccines! Part II
    The concept GM plant based vaccines have been around since the late 1980’s, and while pharm crops are available, few of them are designed so to be edible, as mostly extracting and concentrating of the vaccine components are often needed, and often they’ve failed to get out of the proof of concept stage start and pass FDA etc approval[1]. But in the last couple of years, an edible, rice based cholera vaccine has gone from concept to animal based trials, and looks like it will provide a much needed and easily portable vaccine against the toxin cholera produces, which causes world wide far too many deaths from preventable diarrhea.

    And it’s called MucoRice…

    Whoever named it that did definitely not have kids.

  5. Doug 5

    Phil Goff is Mole hunting at the moment he might not last long.

    There is a hunt underway within the Labour Party for a mole who has leaked claims of a potential leadership challenge.

    An anonymous note delivered to TVNZ claims there is growing discontent within the Labour caucus.

  6. andy (the other one) 6

    Carter suspended, why is Labour in the news when Jerry is a walking talking Mistake?

    Carter wins the bad timing awards again, just when the opposition was getting some traction, its all about Chris again…

    • bobo 6.1

      Crazy stuff from Carter, he pretended to cop the punishment over expenses while really simmering away only later to payback Goff for publicly disciplining him with this trick.. Using a hand written letter how dumb can you get! Maybe he has a self destructive personality and wanted to be outed? He has all the cunning of a two bit murderer in Midsomer Murders… I saw Carter on the back bencher show the other week, he looked like he had moved on and came over upbeat, how wrong was I… Talk about gift wrapping an election victory for National if this infighting gets worse..

    • Daveski 6.2

      It’s just another MSM plot, andy.

      Conspiracy theories aside (and that’s difficult on this site), you do make a valid point. National have a popular leader but an average team. That they continue to prosper in the polls is a reflection of the quality of the opposition (and to extent the perception of that quality).

      Goff has to go, the dead wood has to go, and I’m sure there is a kernel of a vibrant street smart Labour somewhere among the new blood. However, as is often seen here, there is blind acceptance that whatever Labour puts up must be better and rabid blamestorming for Labour’s position.

      Agree also that Carter is the gift that keeps on giving to the Nats.

      • andy (the other one) 6.2.1

        No Conspiracy at all, Carter just forced his boss to eat a sh^t sandwich for his own ego. This news cycle should be about Brownlee and his crap performance, in well everything. But Carter inserted himself and Labour into the news cycle letting the very average Gerry off the hook so to speak.

        Partisanship aside Brownlee needs media scrutiny for the sake of democracy, the moment has gone know.

    • joe bloggs 6.3

      interesting comment in the Stuff coverage:

      It is understood CCTV inside Parliament caught pictures of the person putting the letters into the mail system.

      So Parliamentary Services has made security tapes available to the Labour Party apparatchiks?? Looks like Helen’s hold on parliamentary process hasn’t entirely loosened…

      Meanwhile Carter’s suspended on full pay… again… at the expense of the taxpayer… again…

      • andy (the other one) 6.3.1

        Looks like Helen’s hold on parliamentary process hasn’t entirely loosened

        I would have thought if Helen was still in control, the vid of Chris delivering the letter would have been wiped due to them being best buddies. Whew these wingnut conspiracies are hard to keep up with.

        What happened to United 93? Did Helen do it??!!??

  7. Bored 8

    Crickey dick….goodo, time to roll Goff.

    • bobo 8.1

      Labours problems are more than just ,change the leader and it will come right… otherwise Labour is no different from National that relies heavily on a leader with no depth, weak candidates or well thought out policies. I’m not a huge fan of Goff he is wishy washy at times, but then so is Key , if Cunliffe had been voted in after Clarke alot would be saying Goff should have got it now with Labour low in the polls.. Labour need to be clear on their policies and this is the parties strategists fault as much as one person. They do have party strategists in Labour these days?? I dunno i’m probably talking crap as usual..

      • Bored 8.1.1

        Could not agree more, time to break with the neo lib concensus, and get back to being a Labour party, means a number of heads will have to roll, retirement looms.

        Carter might have been a survivor but regardless of his politics he is a liability, just appears to be a prima donna whose tutu has been ruffled. Good riddance.

        • bobo

          I’m not completely insane then 🙂 Carter is a goner whatever happens, the only thing worse than infighting, is publicly infighting… I see alot of talent in Labours younger intake so not all is lost which I bet the Nats would love the same quality.

  8. Fisiani 9

    Bring back Buck

    • joe bloggs 9.1

      who’s next on the list? OMG, Champagne Jude – pray for a miracle everyone!

      • Pat 9.1.1

        Nah, by-election. I live in Te Atatu and I’m pretty sure I saw Phil Twyford putting up billboards of himself. Gosh he works fast.

  9. gingercrush 10

    Lprent or anyone with knowledge on Labour Party candidate process etc. What happens with the Te Atatu LEC? In that Chris Carter’s partner is presently the chair of that electorate. Presumably, he needs to be replaced but exactly how would that be done?

    And I do hope Phil Twyford nominates himself there and that the LEC agree to it. If he does decide to stand there and doesn’t win the nomination then there are serious questions to be asked about what future Twyford has in the party (exempting if a big candidate decides to set up shop there)

    • lprent 10.1

      Personally I don’t think that there would be a by-election. In any case, who the chairman of the LEC is makes virtually no difference.

  10. gobsmacked 11

    This’ll turn out pretty well for Labour, I reckon.

    Carter was a liability, and him just hanging around with a portfolio really didn’t do Labour any good. Goff didn’t want a caucus split, but Carter’s now made it very easy for Goff to get rid of him.

    Te Atatu by-election? That’s all good for Labour, holding it will be a boost, and doing a Mt Albert would be outstanding. It’s always bad for National when the focus moves off Key, and onto the actual policies, and even worse … the candidates. I hear Melissa Lee looks keen … 🙂

    A by-election in Auckland? A referendum on the Super City … Bring it on!

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