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Open mike 30/10/2022

Written By: - Date published: 6:00 am, October 30th, 2022 - 42 comments
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42 comments on “Open mike 30/10/2022 ”

  1. weka 1

    Does anyone know what gender is now? Because some stupid laws are being written.

    • weka 1.1

      Bill is here https://www.oireachtas.ie/en/bills/bill/2022/105/

      Sex is not included, but sex characteristics are.

      references to sex characteristics shall be construed as references to the physical and biological features of a person relating to sex

      Sex isn't defined.

      • weka 1.1.1

        Does it matter?

        Many countries have laws that grant exceptions to Human Rights anti-discrimination law. They allow single sex spaces where warranted eg women and men often have separate toilets (for obvious reasons, but to spell it out: privacy and dignity, protecting women and girls from voyeurism, indecent exposure, sexual harassment, rape).


        A woman in Wales was arrested last week for asking a trans-identified man to leave the women's toilet in a pub. The police process here is concerning as it sits in a long line of arrests for saying and doing pretty mild things. UK police have also been tweeting that being allegedly transphobic is a hate crime and then having to delete the tweet because case law in the UK now supports gender critical beliefs as protected.

    • Nic the NZer 1.2

      After very careful reading the intended meaning becomes clear. Everybody has 3 'genders' including transgender, male or female and another one (yet to be defined?) which can't be male or female.

      • weka 1.2.1

        Lol. I think the ors and the ands are meant to be clarifying that 😉

        But in the end it's still just saying gender is whatever you want it to be. Which means that anyone claiming a hate crime based on self-identification has to be supported. Which basically what is happening now in the UK. If a man says they are woman in the woman's toilets the police will take the man's side.

        Which we predicted, so fuck the genderists who said self-ID was just about making passports and birth certificates easier for trans people.

        • Nic the NZer

          Naturally a principal was adopted in drafting. You can't prosecute somebody for hate if some similar paragraph was written into the legislation itself. You wouldn't believe how many lawyers have been gone through before that paragraph could be accepted.

          • weka

            is it normal to have such non-definition definitions in legislation? Gender means the gender of a person.

            You can't prosecute somebody for hate if some similar paragraph was written into the legislation itself.

            sorry, what?

            • Nic the NZer

              Its a similar principal to the one adopted by the Allies at the Nuremburg trials. Nazis would not be convicted of war crimes where they could demonstrate similar tactics used by the Allies.

              I don't think legislation works if you need to define the meaning of language in order to write it, but its quite telling that the courts were not allowed to determine that terms meaning.

      • Anker 1.2.2

        Cat gender? Like at Bristol University

    • Shanreagh 1.3

      Sounds a bit like this 'Ground nuts unground order' that one of our legal Profs thought was hilarious and gave it to us to give an opinion and answer questions on certain made-up fact situations on the meaning of it. Of course we were going round in circles.


  2. Roy Cartland 2

    Would it be fair to say 'gender' a religious (IE personal belief without evidence or justification) position, whereas 'sex' is a scientific one?

    • weka 2.1

      probably would have been better if gender identity had been protected as a belief.

      Gender itself is a problematic word because it's historically been a synonym for biological sex, as well as referring to gender stereotypes and roles (social constructs), and there's a lot of confusion about what it is or what anyone means on any given day when using the word.

      NZ law is in a mess because of that shifting meaning over the past decade.

      • bwaghorn 2.1.1

        Can I suggest a daily gender ID post, om gets swamped daily with the same circle arguments as the day before, on gender id,

        • weka

          unlikely. People, women in particular, get lots of negative experiences from talking too loudly about this. Deplatforming, blocking, people organising behind their backs (I once saw nz liberals on twitter organising to prevent a prominent GC feminist from finding a place to rent in Wgtn), and so on. There is a reason I don't put up a lot of posts about this.

          • weka

            other than that it's not much different from other topics. I get sick of the Russian/Ukraine debates. Or the focus on Nact. Just scroll past what you’re not interested in.

            • bwaghorn

              Not that I'm not interested it's just anyone with a functioning brain knows that if you weren't born with a vigina you should be in womans toilets,prisons or sporting competitions so arguing with anyone who thinks otherwise is a pointless exercise because they are obviously brain fucking dead or possibly brainwashed.

              It's tedious and frustrating as hell

              • weka

                I post comments for the people reading who don't get it yet or are largely unaware of what is going on. The number of people reading here outweighs the number of people commenting.

                We also have some interesting conversations, and there are things that the left/progressives need to be hashing out.

              • bwaghorn

                That's shouldn't btw ,

              • Anker

                Tell that to the crazy women in Labour and the Greens who think women can have penises Bwagon.

                Sorry its a pain for you. Understand you are not interested.

                The Standard is one of the few places GC women can get published. The woke media (e.g Stuff) only publish puff pieces about trans women being stunning and brave. They completely omit stuff about the Tavistock gender clinic being shut down because of safety concerns.

                Or the fact that some young Kiwis are travelling to Thailand to be castrated because despite being male, they are suffering from gender dysphoria and have been told surgery is a solution to their psychological problems. Some of us are very upset by this and very angry that many in the govt and public service are colluding with this lie

              • Red Blooded One

                I agree bwaghorn that it's "tedious and frustrating as hell" to have open mike hijacked virtually daily on this issue, however I totally disagree that I should be accused as not having a "functioning brain" or am "brain fucking dead" because I don't believe Chas Bono should be forced to use a Women's toilet or Georgina Beyer should be forced to share the Men's toilet. Life just isn't that "Black and White"

                • Anker

                  Red Blooded One how is Open Mike being hijack? I thought Open Mike was like Speakers Corner in London.

                  "Open Mike is your post". "Step up to the Mike"

                  Are you wanting Open Mike Censored?

        • Jack

          100% Bwaghorn

    • Visubversa 2.2

      IMHO – your Gender Identity shares a room in your head with your Immortal Soul. They are both based on ideologies – belief systems.

      These days – thanks to the Enlightenment and the separation of Church and State – one is free to believe in either or both – but should also be free not to believe.

      Unfortunately, thanks to big $$$$$$ and a captured Civil Service, Gender Ideology has permeated the public square and the resources of the State are being used to preference and enforce this particular ideology/belief system including its instruction in schools.

    • Anker 2.3

      brilliant Roy Cartland 100%

  3. Reality 3

    Christopher Luxon's gimmick 'working' in a McDonald's is on a par with Judith Collins' prayer photo op. So insincere and fake. Particularly given Luxon's intention to do away with the recent legislation for fair pay agreements and his 'bottom feeder' comment which shows such disdain for all the people doing the essential work which somehow kept society functioning during the lockdowns.

    • alwyn 3.1

      " the essential work which somehow kept society functioning".

      If we have reached a stage where McDonalds has become an essential service and society would grind to a halt if it was unavailable I fear that humanity is doomed.

    • AB 3.2

      Getting into arguments about what is essential and what isn't doesn't help a lot. Any job that creates social value (utility, comfort, health, delight, etc. etc.. for others) is to be cherished. The purpose of the economy is to give everyone a decent life – if it doesn't do that it has lost legitimacy.

  4. joe90 4

    McCullough's been stripped of his certifications in cardiology and internal medicine and now Dr Magneto's creds are on the line.

    The State Medical Board of Ohio is threatening to limit, suspend, or even permanently revoke the medical license of Sherri Tenpenny, the infamous anti-vaccine doctor who made headlines last year for falsely testifying to state lawmakers that COVID-19 vaccinations make people magnetic—among espousing other nonsensical anti-vaccine-related conspiracy theories.

    "I'm sure you've seen the pictures all over the Internet of people who have had these shots and now they're magnetized," Tenpenny said in her viral testimony. "You can put a key on their forehead—it sticks. You can put spoons and forks all over and they can stick because now we think there is a metal piece to that."

    She went on to suggest that there may be an "interface—yet to be defined" between the components of lifesaving vaccines and "all of the 5G towers." She added that the connection is "not proven yet" but that "we're trying to figure [it] out."


  5. joe90 5

    It's quite something to be so suspicious of your own diaspora.

    Human Rights group Safeguard Defenders alleged that Chinese police run 54 “service stations” in 30 countries across five continents.


    Portugal became the latest nation to open a probe into allegations that China has been running “illegal police stations” in the country just as Ireland ordered Beijing to shut down its "overseas Chinese police service center" in Dublin.

    Portuguese police launched an investigation into China's alleged overseas police "service stations", the Attorney General’s Office confirmed to the Expresso newspaper on Thursday.


  6. joe90 6


  7. weka 7

  8. Joe90 8

    Belgium's new indoor air quality policy includes ventilation standards, minimum volumes and air changes per person and mandatory co2 level displays.


    Google translate

  9. PsyclingLeft.Always 9

    a $5 billion crime wave that no-one wants to talk about

    The lack of consequences for white collar crime belies its scale and impact.

    A 2014 investigation by New Zealand Herald journalist Matt Nippert helped trigger a $1.7 billion fraud prosecution against the company South Canterbury Finance.

    In Crime: Need vs Greed, he says it's "more than every Treaty settlement combined in New Zealand's history" or "a hundred years of benefit fraud in one go".


    Its only a bit of harmless white collar crime….

    • Shanreagh 9.1

      Pffffft let's wave it away.

      We'd all be doing this if we had enough money, wouldn't we…wouldn't we?

      It is only really a 'crime' if people get to have money that is allocated on the basis of righting a past wrong.

      I wish some of those who are 'interested' in Treaty Settlements would actually pay attention and campaign against some of the egregious monetary happenings now:

      • such as the lack of controls on issuing after pay
      • such as the lack of ability for local authorities to set rules regarding alcohol in their areas without some slick lawyer coming in and browbeating people at hearings on behalf of the big alcohol interests. In low income suburbs there are often multiple alcohol outlets as well as the supermarkets plus an over abundance of Pokies


      If they do go to prison they usually go to the lowest security type. Indeed up until Ohura prison closed this is where white collar criminals went to live in a prison with no outside tall fences and in a relatively idyllic part of the country. Though perhaps it was thought to be a punishment. Some who were put there never revealed where the money went but were able to catch taxis to connect with the bus in Taumarunui when granted leave and back.

      So first we have to catch them and then we have to get the money back and punish them.

      • PsyclingLeft.Always 9.1.1

        In Auckland Mark Bryers’ property investment company Blue Chip collapsed in 2008 owing investors $80 million. Yet he was convicted only on charges relating to bookkeeping failures and failure to attend creditors’ meetings. In 2010 he was sentenced to 75 hours of community work and had to pay a fine of $37,500, plus court costs. Many of those affected called for a jail term, but under the charges Bryers was found guilty of, the judge could not impose any such penalty.



        Yea so called 'white collar crime" , never seen for what it is… truly dirty crime….with MANY victims. Only have to look at sir John Key and cronies and their downplaying it all the time.

        And of course those of the act party in waiting ( late 80's "labour") who just let the white collar wolves shred NZ.

        As my link states…

        a $5 billion crime wave that no-one wants to talk about

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