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60 comments on “Open mike 31/05/2023 ”

  1. tWiggle 1

    "Moral outsourcing, she says, applies the logic of sentience and choice to AI, allowing technologists to effectively reallocate responsibility for the products they build onto the products themselves – technical advancement becomes predestined growth, and bias becomes intractable."

    • Patricia Bremner 1.1

      Thanks tWiggle, that is thought provoking stuff of the horror kind.

      For every discovery of a breakthrough by AI, there will be equal conundrums. imo.

      Bringing humanity to situations is going to become fraught.

  2. PsyclingLeft.Always 2

    mercenary "no reason" Mitchell ! :

    And a wee bit earlier…Nat mercenary and MIA Mitchell on crime.

    (2017…. and acknowledgement to Mac1 ! )

  3. Ad 3

    OK it's insider baseball, but I can't wait for the radical wing of the Republicans to try and roll Speaker McCarthy over the Debt Ceiling agreement.

    All the Democrats will do is vote with the slight-moderate Republicans to save McCarthy and just shank the radical wing.

    What could go wrong.

    • Nic the NZer 3.1

      The debt ceiling is a cynical Republican party bargaining tool he will just quietly not go ahead with that. Worst that happens is he gets a quiet word from a colleague that any publicity and concessions over the debt ceiling is considered profit by the Republican party.

      • tWiggle 3.1.1

        A. Ocasio-Coretz gives a useful backgrounder to the debt ceiling debate, then calls for grassroots action in marginal Republican electorates to help push the deal. It's not moderate Republicans, but those in marginally-held voting districts who are the lever. She a marvel to behold in action.

        • Nic the NZer

          That is a reasonable way to explain the politics of these negotiations. It would look better however if her party took the effort to remove the debt ceiling from US politics when they next have that opportunity. At present the Republicans get two plays at the budget, first the budget itself and then funding that budget.

          • pat

            Republicans?…you mean Congress I believe.

            • Nic the NZer

              When the Democrats start renegotiating budgets at debt ceiling time, then its bipartisan.

              • pat

                yet you admonish 'republicans'….while they may be abusing their remit the fact remains that after a history of such abuse the American public continue to provide that ability

                • Nic the NZer

                  How will the (once) proud Republican party cope with criticism of their cynical behaviour.

                  • pat

           long as the great American public provide that capacity the criticism will amount to nought

  4. Sanctuary 4

    An amazing, amusing and well written long piece vignette of American capitalism in the 21st century.

    The degenerate entitlement, the grift, the corruption – it's all there on in the car dealerships of America.

  5. PsyclingLeft.Always 5

    Countdown to freeze prices on 300 products but

    Supermarkets still winning – Consumer NZ

    Consumer NZ head of research and advocacy Gemma Rasmussen said because supermarkets put their own brands on the freezing line, they were still winning.

    "In these instances the supermarket is both the supplier and the retailer, so they can retain higher profit, and it also means that increases their market power over other suppliers."

    countdown….to the end of the NZ supermarket duopoly ? When could this actually happen? The sooner the better !

    The duopoly profiteers..

    Consumer NZ chief executive Jon Duffy​ said supermarkets took more than $1 million in excess profits every day.

    “These profits are twice what they should be. We need more competition to drive down prices and give New Zealanders a fairer price at the checkout.

    And…I found this…interesting. Brad Olsen of Infometrics. A kind of "go-to" for Economic news and supermarket soundbites.

    Connection with Foodstuffs.

    Neutral? IMO

    The supermarket duopolists have major skin in the desperately want to retain their duopoly. To any and all extent

    Supermarkets shaping the food price story

  6. Jack 6

    Labour has set the bar so incredibly low but even their most competent MP can’t get over it.

    • alwyn 6.1

      Whatever happened to Eddie? He had great fun when Coleman did the same thing in 2010. I'm sure he would be able to come up with some views on how useless Allan is to not even realise what she was doing.
      lprent may want to reuse the thumbnail he put up then for Kiri.

      • Jilly Bee 6.1.1

        And of course it was until recently one of the main headlines on Granny Herald's website – slightly demoted now but still there. I can't see any mention of it on other news outlets LOL. I see you mentioned that Jonathan Coleman did it too back in the day – of those two MPs I much prefer Kiri Allan – she is definitely not useless in my book, whereas I certainly can't say the same for Jonathan Coleman when he was Minister of Health. Some of us have relatively long memories.

    • bobo 6.2

      What about the legislation they are passing.

      Soon to be unlawful to have a camp toilet which you use, but if you have a 'fixed' toilet and crap on the roadside that is perfectly ok?

      Over anything else the Government refuses to yield to calls to change the defense criteria in Section 32 of the Summary Offenses Act. So at the very least public defecation remains easily legally defendable 🙁

  7. Anker 7

    Anyone have a link to Kathleen Stocks speech at the Oxford Union, i.e. her actually speaking?

    I saw an extremist non binary sex denialist glued her hand to the floor as the debate was taking place.

  8. tWiggle 8

    Taxpayers Union road show exposes their role in 3 Waters

    And have further plans along anti-Māori themes in regional resource management…

    Clips posted from 'The Taxpayers' Union "Hands off our homes" roadshow at their first stop in Otautahi. The TPU speaker [in the first clip] is Callum Purvis.'

    Scroll down through the tweets, with conspiracy dogwhistles, galore World Economic Form, UN, with tacit agreement from National MP.

    Talking about global conspiracies, the NZ TPU is part of the global Atlas alliance (guessing it refers to Atlas Shrugged). A sister organisation in Australia is funding and organising anti-Voice propaganda.

    Who's behind anti-Voice messaging?

    • Anker 8.1

      Any response to my comment poointing out to you that its possible you have accused Stephen Schwartz from Atomic Analyst to be a paedophile went he may not be?

      As I mentioned in a comment on that thread I did some research on Stephen Schwartz child sex offences and found there were two people of that name who have been charged over child porn, One was a teacher and one was a surgeon.

      It is possible that the Stephen Schwartz from Atomic Analyst (seems he is anti nuclear weapons) is also a paedophile. But given that it is a serious accusation, I think you need to provide evidence that this is the case. Unless you posted the wrong reference to the wrong Stephen Schwartz?

      • Incognito 8.1.1

        As I mentioned in a comment on that thread […]

        Which comment and what thread? It always helps to link to what you’re talking about instead of people having to guess and/or do a search.

        Secondly, you’re barking up the wrong tree, as you have the wrong commenter in your crosshairs.

        You’ll never receive the answers this way …

        • tWiggle

          Hey Incognito ergo summa laude, how does one link to a previous TS post? It would save me a lot of typing.

        • Anker
          • Thanks Incognito.
        • Anker

          I will leave it up to you Incognito as to whether you want to follow up or take down a comment that is potentially libelous i.e. it is possible someone on this site has accused someone of being a sex offender, when in my very casual look I could only find evidence that the two people who shared his name were convicted of sex offences. Up to you.

          • Incognito

            When you make accusations of this kind and want Mods to take action, then please include a link and a clear explanation of what the issue is.

            • Anker

              fair enough

            • Anker


              This is from Joe 90. I googled Stephen Schwartz sex offending and got two different SS from the Atomic Analyst. One was a teacher, the other a surgeon and they had different middle initials. I googled the Atomic Analyst and could not find any references to sex offending (I am certainly not saying that it isn't the case). In the first instance my suggestion would be to ask Joe 90 for evidence, but of course that is up to you

              Your welcome

              29 May 2023 at 5:23 pm


              Stephen Schwartz


              This is not an interview. It's a colonoscopy




              Mark Levin kicked off his interview of Trump tonight with the kind of tough question that I have been waiting for all year. Now THIS is journalism.


              • joe90

                ask Joe 90 for evidence,

                Evidence of what?

                Gold was a reference to the description of Levin's servile interview of tRump as a colonoscopy.

              • Incognito

                I still have no idea what you see as the problem here.

  9. Drowsy M. Kram 9

    When downsizing means destroying our universities [31 May 2023]

    Maybe it's time to reconsider the case for a 'University of Aotearoa New Zealand', or perhaps a lesser merger. But would our competitive university business sector wear it?

    Te Pūkenga issues new style guide advising against using words like 'merger' and 'student' [15 March 2023]

    • tWiggle 9.1

      '[Otago] university has known for years that it was heading for borrowing, due to its planned capital expenditure on buildings. In late 2018, the university lodged an application to the Tertiary Education Commission to more than double its "borrowing consent" to $405million — from a prior limit of $170million.'

      Apparently OU has not borrowed (lived beyond its means to upgrade or expand) in the previous 30 years. Oops, planning on low interest rates and upswing in enrolment; then covid, loss of the postgrad-to-citizen pipeline and interest rate rises derailed management plans.

      As it runs out of operating budget in Sept this year, Otago appear to be targetting staffing numbers, rather than shutting down works programmes, after the planned 5% increase in student numbers didn't eventuate this year. OU management also hid the extent of the problems in previous years from staff unions and others; 'the university produces long-range financial forecasts, but has not been able to direct the ODT to a financial plan managing its risks.' Bad, bad OU bigwigs.

      ODT in depth debt coverage

  10. Tony Veitch 10

    Good heavens, Chippy just totally destroyed Luxon in QT in the House today!

    Bring on the election debates!

    • Tony Veitch 10.1

      And Grant just did the same to Nicola!

      I thought there was a law against massacres!

      • Red Blooded One 10.1.1

        That was self inflicted wounds from Willis and Luxon. If they're truly that thick no wonder they're scared of reading Bilingual Road Signs.

      • Mac1 10.1.2

        And ACT and National questioners insist on asking a question that is part of a larger quote and therefore misleading. Ginny Anderson pointed that out today during QT in the House, naming some half dozen different recent dates on which the same question was the lead off to be answered by the same response quoting the full statement.

        Waste of opposition's time and effort really, unless they are attempting to propagate misinformation by repetition which is one of the ploys of propaganda and misinformation.

      • rod 10.1.3

        I wonder if we will see any of it on TVNZ1 news this evening ? I won't holding my breath.

  11. Red Blooded One 11

    ACT swipes former NAT

    A little Chaos in Pakuranga?

    • Mac1 11.1

      No wonder why National are having to expend so much energy and adopt more extreme right wing positions to defend their right flank.

      Are their recent retractions of policy part of this strategy?

  12. observer 12

    Nicola Willis has obviously planted a mole in Luxon's office.

    "Hey Christopher, go out and get another headline, with the dumbest thing you can say to millions of voters … "

    And he has.

    • Patricia Bremner 13.1

      They have not changed!! What is worrying is the pull to the right. Brash once said "My wife is Asian you know" (Soon was Ex-wife!!)

      The dog whistles about race, road signs being bi-lingual, contraceptive charges for women, guns, and now housing accord flip flop is National trying to stop Act nibbling it's right flank!!

      Comments on are hardly flattering fordevil the right.

  13. Jilly Bee 14

    For my sins I duly confess to subscribing to the Herald on line – it manages to give me a reason to laugh out loud or become a screaming wreck all in a very short time, reading the comments from the Nact/Act faithful who obviously flock to their shrine each day. Today's offering from one Richard Prebble is grist for their mill – with the headline 'Hipkins v Luxon – the voters' choice is clear'. I won't post the link (unless I'm advised to by the Mods) as it is paywalled – 'PREMIUM'! Of course Chris Luxon is considered almost the second coming (and I say that, being a one time parishioner of St Paul's in Symonds Street, when Richard's father – Archdeacon Kenneth Prebble was vicar) and his son was the Labour MP for Auckland Central), whereas Chris Hipkins is the anti-christ! His op ed was a sickening read as usual, but the commentors flocked to hear what he had to say and were salivating over his every word and madly belittling any dissenters.

  14. Mike the Lefty 15

    Have a listen to "The Detail" on RNZ tonight.

    It is about how National are going to use Artificial Intelligence to lie to electors and the scariest thing is that the tech experts seem to think that there is nothing wrong with that.

    I think we will see dirty politics from National the likes we have never seen before.

  15. rod 16

    Thats a job for Hosk and Hoots.

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    Jobseeker beneficiaries who have work obligations must now meet with MSD within two weeks of their benefit starting to determine their next step towards finding a job, Social Development and Employment Minister Louise Upston says. “A key part of the coalition Government’s plan to have 50,000 fewer people on Jobseeker ...
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  • Accelerating Social Investment
    A new standalone Social Investment Agency will power-up the social investment approach, driving positive change for our most vulnerable New Zealanders, Social Investment Minister Nicola Willis says.  “Despite the Government currently investing more than $70 billion every year into social services, we are not seeing the outcomes we want for ...
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    Check against delivery Good morning. It is a pleasure to be with you to outline the Coalition Government’s approach to our first Budget. Thank you Mark Skelly, President of the Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce, together with  your Board and team, for hosting me.   I’d like to acknowledge His Worship ...
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    Your Excellency Ambassador Meredith,   Members of the Diplomatic Corps and Ambassadors from European Union Member States,   Ministerial colleagues, Members of Parliament, and other distinguished guests, Thank you everyone for joining us.   Ladies and gentlemen -    In diplomacy, we often speak of ‘close’ and ‘long-standing’ relations.   ...
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  • Therapeutic Products Act to be repealed
    The Therapeutic Products Act (TPA) will be repealed this year so that a better regime can be put in place to provide New Zealanders safe and timely access to medicines, medical devices and health products, Associate Health Minister Casey Costello announced today. “The medicines and products we are talking about ...
    2 weeks ago

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