Owen Glenn’s secret shame

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As Robinsod notes below in his insightful review of Wishart’s Absolute Power it’s abundantly clear that the author specialises in a particular brand of “idiocy, madness and paranoia”.

I was particularly intrigued by the sensationalist chapter accusing Owen Glenn of Mafia connections. The basis for this defamation? ‘Some of his associates allegedly have names like “Guido”, “Luigi” or “Tony”‘. Intrigued, I decided to do a little digging of my own. I’m delighted to be able to report that to these names we can also add “Mario”.

My investigations eventually turned up the security photo below. Sorry to rain on your parade Ian but Owen Glenn’s association with moustachioed Italian gentlemen turns out to be no more sinister than a penchant for a little Super Mario Kart. Embarrassing? Yes. Sensational? No.

Note to Wishart: might be best to lay off the ‘shrooms for a bit…


28 comments on “Owen Glenn’s secret shame”

  1. Absolute Power 1

    Owen Glenn was prosecuted for fraud and still the Labour Party accept huge sums of money from such a shady character.

  2. BeShakey 2

    Wishharts real problem is that he is so often so full of shit, that if he manages to dig up something really controversial and interesting, hardly anyone will believe him. Might be worth explaining to him that that is one of the reasons journalists have ‘journalistic standards’.

  3. Owen Glenn was prosecuted for fraud

    But was he convicted? Y’know I’m starting to think you are Wishart, AP, as you seem to have exactly his capacity for the transparent lie.

  4. Luke 4

    read the book Robinsod….

  5. Matthew Pilott 5

    I think there might be something suspect about this actually – it explains why Glenn set up a secret trust so he could secretly donate all that money to the Labour Party without anyone knowing where it came from…

  6. r0b 6

    Owen Glenn was prosecuted for fraud

    Was he?

    Were any National Party donors prosecuted or indeed convicted of fraud? Oh that’s right – we don’t know – because we don’t know who they are. The National Party evaded the intent of the law and hid their identities behind anonymous shell trusts.



  7. Stephen 7

    Matthew, *what* secret trust?? It was NOT a secret donation! http://www.elections.org.nz/parties/donations_summary.html

    Or are you talking about something else??

  8. Stephen 8

    I think I may have been caught out…piss take anyone…

  9. Stephen 9

    Captcha: probably quite naive and gullible

  10. Matthew Pilott 10

    Yes sorry, was sarcastically contrasting Glenn’s donation with those of the various trusts used by National party donors – I’ll let you off (isn’t there a law out there that someone won’t catch sarcasm on a blog unless you use a smiley?) 🙂 I’m sure someone mentioned it here a few days back…

  11. Benodic 11

    Wishart: Public laughing stock.

  12. Steve Pierson 12

    I love the pics a_y_b manages to find – look at that dude with the funny hair cut beside Luigi.

    [update: i’m informed that is a_y_b]

  13. all_your_base 13

    It’s me alright Steve, but rest assured, I’m in disguise – even the thumb’s a fake.

  14. Ted 14

    Is Wishart alleging Owen Glenn has some kind of connections to Tony Ryall?

  15. Absolute Power 15


  16. I’m just curious. If you guys regard Wishart as a rabid drooling loony with the journalistic skill of a constipated dachsund then why are you spending so much time and energy on this?

    Ignoring him takes less energy and could possibly be a lot more satisfying.

  17. ‘Cos it’s so f**kin funny.

  18. Robinsod

    “Cos it’s so f**kin funny.”

    You betcha,………….read the book. It’s so funny , it makes you cry!

  19. Ted 19

    I won’t link to the post I put it in out of decency but this put the thought of a piranha plant (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Mario_series_enemies#Piranha_Plant) Wishart for those who played Super Mario. The whole get up seems hugely appropriate for Wishart.


  20. Absolute Power 20

    Peter Maxwell Dickson was a criminal friend of Owen Glenn.

  21. Oh it made me cry alright – I’ve not read such eye-wateringly bad prose for a long long time.

  22. AncientGeek 22

    AP: so it is guilt by association?

    I know a number of vegans. So therefore I must be one as well? Obviously I can’t be eating this salami and cheese sandwich. I’m sitting on a call to vodaphone to find out why I can’t dial out, when my account says I’m in credit. Obviously I’m an incompetent manager of accounts because a supplier is.

    Tell me have you looked at the Bill Of Rights Act recently. Something about freedom of association comes to mind.

    And of course I’m sitting here answering you, so does that make me an idiot?

  23. Phil 23

    Come on AG, you know full well that guilt-by-association has bought down politicians, corporates, civil and religious leaders, etc. It’s a favourite of your-friend-and-mine; Nicky Hagar, as well as Wishart.

    Theres an old saying which goes something along the lines of “Sleep with dogs, and you’re going to get flea’s”

  24. Luke 24

    whats up with all my comments disappearing?

  25. Tane 25

    You’re probably misentering the captcha, it’s quite common. Try saving your comment before pressing submit, or else click the ‘get a new challenge’ button if it looks like it might be hard.

    Rest assured, we’re not deleting your comments.

  26. Luke 26

    I enter the captcha right and the comments show up when i come back in and then disappear ten minutes later.

    [lprent: It uses javascript to display on the screen, but didn’t get to the database. But it will be recaptcha. Use the circled arrow to get a writeable text before entering. Some of the text they use has things like dashes that are a pain.]

  27. Absolute Power 27

    WHY are my comments not appearing?

  28. Tane 28

    Read the last few comments AP.

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