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Own our future

Written By: - Date published: 8:48 am, October 6th, 2022 - 43 comments
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This year’s Local Government election is reaching a critical stage.

And it is vital to get the right people elected.

Conservative cost cutting mayors will cause mayhem.  At a time when we need to prepare Aotearoa for climate change and accelerate investment in walkways and cycleways and public transport anyone advocating for anything but this is doing our grandchildren a great disservice.

The science is settled.  Thanks to global warming we are facing decades of carnage.  All we can hope for is that enough people throughout the world adjust their lifestyles and enough governments and councils throughout the world change the way they run their countries and their cities.

Then we hang on.  And hope.  And prey.

If right wing mayors and councillors and MPs get elected then we continue a debate that was frankly settled by the science some time ago.

They will adjust their language.  It will now be about sensible spending and consulting with road users when Council wants to make cycling safer and more attractive and why can’t we reduce rates and prepare for the climate change cataclysm at the same time?

Unfortunately we can’t do both.  Either Councils prepare for the future or they ignore it and become part of the problem.

There are only a few days before the local elections close.  And can I suggest that you make sure that friends and whanau and aiga and anyone who wants a better world votes?

If you want my personal recommendations for the mayoral races in the four major cities here they are:

  1. Dunedin Otepoti – Aaron Hawkins is great.  Give him another chance.
  2. Christchurch Ōtautahi David Meates.  He wants to make Christchurch a climate leader.  Let’s give him that chance.
  3. Wellington Te Whanganui-a-Tara – Tory Whanau.  I am afraid that Paul Eagle lost me with his comments about cycleways.
  4. Auckland Tamaki Makaurau – this is easy.  Efeso Collins who has placed climate change at the centre of his campaign and will make it the centre of his mayoralty if he wins.

And remember to vote for progressive councillors and local board members.  In Auckland there are some tight council seat races.  In particular can I recommend Kerrin Leoni for Whau, Pippa Coom for Waitemata, Julie Fairey for Albert Eden and Richard Hills for the North Shore.  And any Labour, City Vision, Green or Future West candidate.

It is too late to post your ballots in.  But they can be dropped off at libraries, Council service centres and some Countdown supermarkets.

But please vote.  Your kids and your grandkids futures depend on it.

43 comments on “Own our future ”

  1. Ad 1


    Hope you make it Efeso.

    All power to every progressive who took the time and money out of their lives to stand for civic life.

  2. Roy cartland 2

    Then we hang on. And hope. And prey.

    Hope it doesn't come to that! Jokes; good article and couldn't be more relevant. Vote!!

  3. bwaghorn 3

    Took my stab in the dark yesterday,with a special vote .never received voting papers , they sent a letter to my old address acknowledging my change of address,but no voting papers arrived at either.??

    I don't get local rags as nz post has sold local run to slack barstard whoo only delivers when feels like it,so couldn't read up,

    Was short on time so only picked a couple on each category that a was vaguely aware of ,while trying to work out if they are vff loons or not.

    Democracy 2023!

    • lprent 3.1

      That is terrible. It was ok in Auckland.

      I eliminated most candates by what was in the wee booklet that came with the voting papers.

      Then I looked up the Auckland city vouncil site that had fuller statements from each candidate – and eliminated based on internal policy coherence (vague hand waving at salaries, stopping rate rises and more services 🤔), local body experience (like mayoral candidates who have never been even on a local board), and idiots who don't know basic law (sacking CCO boards as mayor or counciler just indicated that they have never read the legislation).

      Basically I applied the scammer test. If it sounds too good to be true, then look for a suitable branch for a rope.

      • bwaghorn 3.1.1

        A couple of the wealthy old fallas I know where keen on a youngish Maori fulla by the last name of Pue for mayor so went for him ,over a business man, a recycled ex mayor or a lady that looks like she'd be into crystals and incence.

      • weka 3.1.2

        I went with anyone who said something coherent about climate (not vague greenwashing type things)

        • bwaghorn

          Was in a rush and only has a quick scan of booklet, but picked one lady for district council that I've been informed by a local cockie has some funny green ideas, ! That'd make me a class traitor around here ,and awhile I don't entirely trust the green movement a bit of stirring is good.

        • lprent

          Like Mickey I tend to count that under the "coherent" category. Obvious delusional unrealism and simple self-wishing insanity isn’t coherent.

          Anyone who thinks that the climate isn't rapidly changing from our effects on it is right up there on the self-delusional pedestal with Bishop Usher. Those who think that it won't make a real difference need to learn to learn some paleo-climatology of the Jurassic and the stress limits on human food production systems.

          Not to mention the physiological limits of a humans and human ancestral species who evolved during entirely within the current 45 million year old ice age with its frequent glacial periods.

          • weka

            it's the ones who say they believe in CC and that we should do something about it, but then go on to promote BAU that worry me.

            • AB

              Yep – the latest and to date most sophisticated stage of denialism, i.e. governments should get the incentives right and then step back so the market can innovate to come up with solutions and so move to a new equilibrium. The mechanism which created the problem will also solve it – the way forward is the way back.

            • mickysavage

              Yep and I deal with them every day. They don't seem to understand that climate change needs radical adjustment not business as usual. Any candidate who says the right things about climate change but rails against a cycleway deserves contempt. Hence my dissing of Paul Eagle.

      • Incognito 3.1.3

        Easiest Local Election ever! No DHB candidates this time certainly helped and I only had to vote for three different sub-elections instead of the five in the past.

  4. Poission 4

    Conservative cost cutting mayors will cause mayhem

    You don't own your future,the credit markets do.Auckland city council in hock for 11.5b,with large debt awaiting such as CRL ( at least >3 b) plus accumulated debt rolling into a higher interest burden as investment markets say nah.

    • Ad 4.1

      Auckland Council's next mayor has very, very little room to move aside of selling more assets off, and have lost over 1/3 of their asset base from water.

  5. Tiger Mountain 5

    Political participation needs a shake up. Central Govt. is not a big fan of Local Govt. as history shows. Online voting and or paid time off on a voting day needs to happen.

    Voting in my Far North area only reached the low 20% mark two days ago, with the codger vote on the more white/Tauiwi East Coast trending higher. So veteran Wayne Brown and John Carter suck up, Deputy Mayor Ann Court, who has done virtually no campaigning could quite likely be FNDC Mayor.

    With the low turnout it is in reality a lottery. My pick, young Moko Tepania, a guy who fought back against Carter and got a Māori Ward via a special Council Meeting with hundreds of people in attendance, before the legislation changed, has shown his form and has campaigned in the tiniest communities. So we wait…Tai Tokerau needs its first Māori Mayor.

  6. mosa 6

    " But please vote. Your kids and your grandkids futures depend on it "

    That sounds like the Greens election campaign slogan some years back and like " build back better " they are just that slogans.

    Neo liberal Labour and its members are good at those including " a brighter future " and we all know how that turned out.

    The “No Confidence” vote in local body elections could be as high as 60 per cent by the end of this week


    ” In Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin, and Invercargill, for instance, it’s not clear who will win ”

    Well here in Christchurch one of the candidates Mr Maugher believes he had already won three weeks ago and began having meetings with ” like minded ” councillors and candidates about what they were going to do when he had won. That is refreshing arrogance !

    For the first time in 36 years I tore up my ballot paper and I don’t regret joining many thousands of others who won’t be casting a vote because every three years its the same. I promise to listen , I promise to act , I will get things done , I am independent but you will never know which way I will vote until after they have cast a vote , I am going to support ” modest rates rises ” we need action to repair earthquake damage ten years after the event and so on and this area has been ignored by council.

    All I see in Christchurch is neglect , blocked drains , weeds and unkempt areas , graffiti , rubbish everywhere , broken dangerous foot paths , vacant land that is left to the vandals the litter and the weeds , many flooded areas particularly in the east of the city.

    Christchurch has had for the last three terms one of Mickey's progressives and the result has been a huge drop in confidence and satisfaction with the council , in other words they have failed and Mickey wants to reward that failure over again by voting to " own our future " I am sorry but when was that ever going to happen ? this is part of the problem. Its just not reality , read Chris Trotters post on local government.

    I think most of these things get neglected because to fix any of it does not return a profit which reflects how this country is run in other words no profit won’t get done !

    I know this is how the council operates because I know people who work in administration for the council and how inefficient they are with the billions of dollars they collect in rates.

    Local government is more about squeezing hard pressed ratepayers by adding on ridiculous costs to do anything and suffocating bureaucracy. They are legalised gangsters and they want to be re elected every three years to continue acting like a dictatorship.

    Chris Trotter got it right.


  7. James Simpson 7

    The four major cities? Are you talking about the 1980 election?

    Tauranga and Hamilton are much bigger than Dunedin by population, are growing much quicker, and are much more important to the National GDP.

    The golden triangle region makes up 50% of New Zealand’s population and generates most of New Zealand’s GDP, and the New Zealand Government forecasts 35% population growth over the next 25 years.

    Although for the purposes of your post there is no election in Tauranga for some bizzare reason. So I can guess you can ignore them

    • Ad 7.1

      So Mickey was right to ignore Tauranga since there isn't an election there.

    • lprent 7.2

      I was down in Hamilton yesterday and realised that I had absolutely no idea of any idea about any of the names on billboards there.

      As an Aucklander I know way more about Dunedin local politics than I do about Hamiltons. I even know more about Southland and invercargill politics than that of Hamilton and the Waikato.

      I will bet that MS is in the same boat.

      And I did uni in Hamilton, work for an office in Hamilton and have quite a few relatives there.

      • tc 7.2.1

        V8's, events centres, flogged assets from previous leaves little room. Trons grown heaps without matching it in infrastructure thanks to consistent political alignment in that town. Blue as which will continue.

      • Temp O'Rary 7.2.2


        This site collects articles about candidates across the country. Hamilton only has two results about 3 mayoral candidates to be aware of :

        Donna Pokere-Phillips​ is amongst three Hamilton City Council candidates using their social media platforms to disperse misinformation about vaccinations and anti-government conspiracies.

        She is a deputy leader of the Freedom and Outdoors Party…

        Rudi Du Plooy is a member of a four-strong Team Integrity group seeking election to Hamilton City Council… Du Plooy has been part of the New Conservative party as well as the Hamilton Residents and Ratepayers Association…

        Roger Stratford was an early adopter when it comes to an anti-vaccine stance, but says he’s changed his tune now… In long, rambling posts, Stratford also linked the “illegal vaccine mandate” to 5G contamination and the closure of the Marsden Point refinery – with the prime minister responsible for all.


      • Jilly Bee 7.2.3

        The three candidates vying for the mayoralty in Matamata Piako DC are all of the farming variety, one (female) is already a councillor, the other two being vehemently opposed to Three Waters. One of the candidates is an ex NZ First candidate and a little bird told me that apparently he offered to settle a difference of opinion with a heckler outside the hall after a 'meet the candidates' meeting. I do fear that he is going to be our next Mayor. I have voted for the sitting councillor as I guess she has the experience of being in the council tent for the past three years.

    • Poission 7.3

      Although for the purposes of your post there is no election in Tauranga for some bizzare reason.

      Of course not,the rating agency had voiced concerns.

      “The Crown commissioners outlined a baseline for the council's operating and capex requirements,as well as its funding strategy. We believe there are risks to the council achieving the objectives of the 2021-2031 LTP, particularly as the council transitions back to elected councilors in October 2022. This is because elected officials may refrain from imposing the significant rate increases proposed beyond fiscal 2023 (ending June 30, 2023) for political purposes. Tauranga prepares an annual plan yearly and a long-term plan every three years.”


  8. adam 8

    A few things.

    Lack of special voting papers in Northland.

    Myself and quite a few others, have just fallen off the role. Got no papers, so went and checked the role myself. Talked about this on facebook and other social media. Have found, I'm far from being the only one in Northland to be no longer on the roll.

    So much for doing it Online if it just removes you.

    Last and Most Disturbing

    Hearing today that Māori ward candidates have been harassed in their homes by far right nut bars. And that their addresses are being made public.

    • mickysavage 8.1

      Yep after the election we need to review closely what happened. There have been too many examples of lost voting papers. Basically our postal system is stuffed and all Councils need to find a different system.

  9. Just filled out my papers (I prefer to wait until close to the end – just to make sure nothing breaks which would change my vote) – ready to trot down to the library tomorrow and hand them in.

    Astounded that there were actually 23 names on the ballot for mayor (Auckland)!

    This kind of potential confusion does no favours to the politically unaware (apparently a lot of Aucklanders – Wayne who? Efeso – come again?).

    How many people would look at the list, and the booklet, and think – I can't be bothered reading 23 sales pitches.

    Yes. You could argue that those people deserve the local government they get. But if you want to engage people, and increase the voter participation – then eliminating candidates who have no background or experience in any form of local or regional government – from the mayoralty election – would be a good way to start.

    TBH – the hardest choice is at the community board level – where I actually have personal knowledge of many of the (extremely hard-working) incumbents. And have to decide who to vote back in, and which of the newbies deserve a chance.

  10. Mat Simpson 10

    " How many people would look at the list, and the booklet, and think – I can't be bothered reading 23 sales pitches "

    Then that is not an informed vote. It won't make any difference read the following but its probably to late.


    • Belladonna 10.1

      So how many votes really are 'informed'!
      Very few, I'd say.

      There's lots of research around the fact that people at the top of the voting paper have an advantage over those lower down; that 'name recognition' (just being a minor celebrity for some completely irrelevant reason) gives candidates an advantage; I even recall one that said names that were shorter and easy to pronounce gave people an advantage.

      If being ‘informed’ is a requirement to exercise the franchise – we’d better admit that we’re aiming for 10% of the electorate – at the very best!

      And, yes, I agree with the lived reality that none of the elected representatives (certainly at the local level) have any capacity to shift the Council bureaucracy. The active contempt that AT have shown our local community board is …. I would say 'unbelievable'; but, sadly, it's all too believable.

      I vote because of civic duty – not because I actually believe it will make a difference.

      • Mat Simpson 10.1.1

        " I vote because of civic duty – not because I actually believe it will make a difference.

        That is why we go around pretending we live in a democratic country because people like you make themselves feel better because they did their civic duty but admit it won't make any difference when their vote gets counted.

        That is why this country is continually shafted by elected corrupt political parties.

  11. Muttonbird 11

    Voted today for myself and my wife who simply doesn't care.

    Two more votes for Efeso Collins and associated Labour council candidates.

  12. Barfly 12

    Well it was easy for me …voted for the brown guy rather than the Brown guy. Also voted for the City Vision Candidates I guess I was lucky in it being so easy smiley Oh and 2 years without alcohol ..any suggestions how to celebrate? Lol.

    • PsyclingLeft.Always 12.1

      Onya Matey : ) And also re the alcohol ? Great stuff! I could say…the Feel Good from having made your personal voting choice, and followed your moral compass is also something to be proud of : ) ?

      Maybe climb some cool hill? Or Bike somewhere nice ( if you bike?) Or walk somewhere also nice? Feeling great about making that choice. For you. And for a better place.

      Even meet up some fellow Like Minds….Alike : )

  13. Mike the Lefty 13

    Stuff posted a story today claiming that nationally at least 200 local body election candidates had links to anti-vaccination conspiracy groups, the so-called "Voices for Freedom", Q-Anon and other similar groups.

    But true to form Stuff didn't actually provide a list, which would have been helpful if you want to avoid accidentally voting for nutters but provided a series of links to old stories which (after a lot of scrolling) you could find a few names but not the 200 claimed.

    Not very good for a news service that always tells you how great they are and begs for donations every time you go onto their web page. Also one of the story writers was Andrea Vance and I would have expected such a senior journalist to do a better job than that.

  14. Ad 14

    Really popular late voting in Dunedin this morning.

    Hundreds of Specials coming in.

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  • Progress on firearms register and safety authority
    The launch today of a new firearms regulator to ensure the legitimate possession and use of firearms, and an online portal to apply for licences, marks a significant step towards modernisation and improvements in gun safety, Police Minister Chris Hipkins says.     Police is moving from being an administrator of ...
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    5 days ago
  • Government sets out next steps for on-farm sequestration strategy
    Government to work with primary sector on developing a sequestration strategy Government confirms today it will bring all scientifically robust forms of sequestration into the Emissions Trading Scheme, starting from 2025. This will be done at full value, rather than at a discount, so farmers can realise the true potential ...
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    5 days ago
  • Prime Minister concludes bilateral talks with Finnish PM
    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin have concluded their first in person bilateral meeting in Auckland this morning. The Prime Ministers reiterated how their respective countries shared similar values and reflected on ways to further strengthen the relationship between New Zealand and Finland. “New Zealand and Finland ...
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    5 days ago
  • Plan to boost value & lift sustainability of NZ forestry sector
    Sector ITP to grow domestic processing and low-carbon wood products Grow the wood processing sector by 3.5 million cubic metres (25%) by 2030 Grow export earnings from value-added wood products by $600 million by 2040 Increase the use of domestic timber in construction by 25% by 2030 The Forestry and ...
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    5 days ago
  • Government supports more energy-saving projects to help more Kiwis save money
    17 community energy-saving education projects share $1.7 million Builds on success of previous Government projects that have supported more than 13,000 households and 440 energy education events with more than 80,000 LEDs distributed Helping households to reduce their energy bills and make their homes warmer and more energy-efficient, is the ...
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    5 days ago
  • Govt funds new 80-bed mental health unit for Canterbury
    The Government has granted final approval for a new 80-bed acute mental health facility at the Hillmorton Hospital campus, Health Minister Andrew Little says. “This is the second stage of Hillmorton’s major infrastructure redevelopment programme and is one of the largest investments ever made in New Zealand’s mental health infrastructure ...
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    5 days ago
  • Māori education momentum rolls on with new wharekura
    A new Year 1-13 wharekura will extend Māori Medium Education into Porirua West from 2027, Associate Education Minister Kelvin Davis announced today. “The establishment of Te Kākā Kura o Ngāti Toa Rangatira will over time provide a local option for up to 200 tamariki and rangatahi on the western side ...
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    6 days ago
  • Easing administrative burden on farmers through new integrated farm planning projects
    37 new investments to simplify planning and reduce paperwork for farmers and growers Targeted projects for Northland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Taranaki, Gisborne, Hawke’s Bay, Manawatū-Whanganui, West Coast, Canterbury, and Otago Resources, a digital wallet and template tools to help farmers develop and integrate their farm planning. The Government is ...
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    6 days ago
  • New Commerce Commission Chair appointed
    Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister Dr David Clark has today announced the appointment of Dr John Small as the new Chair of the Commerce Commission. “Dr Small has made a valuable contribution to a broad range of the Commission’s work in his roles as associate member and member, which he ...
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