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The Herald has a headline article on John Keys “Party Central”. But their cartoon really said it all.

The question is:- How many ‘good’ ideas does it take before John Key manages to get one to actually work?

28 comments on “Cartoon says it all”

  1. Bored 1

    Where is my f****g cycleway????????

  2. MikeG 2

    Apart from Key and McCully, does anyone want a party central? It seems that everyone else is happy that the existing pubs etc. are sufficient, and not many will be willing to venture to Queens Wharf on a wet September evening.

    • Lanthanide 2.1

      What about that viaduct thingy they built for America’s Cup? Can’t they re-use that? Wasn’t that supposed to be Party Central and liven up the waterfront etc?

      Edit: just saw Kerry’s post below. Great minds think alike?

  3. Ron 3

    The words piss-up & brewery come to mind.

  4. kerry 4

    Not that I know Auckland particularly well, but I thought the Viaduct Basin was set up as a party central? Or can you not party at the same place for two different events?

  5. Maybe he can hold National’s election night do there as a warm-up.

  6. Why can’t Auckland take a leaf out of Berlin’s example for a change? The World Cup has several large screens along the main thoroughfare through Tiergarten, and that could easily be replicated in Queen Street.

  7. ianmac 7

    As a non-Aucklander I wonder why build Party Central at all? I always thought of it as yet another ill-founded blurt from John Key, like National Standards, Cycle ways and…. Blurt an idea then leave the troops to try and action it.
    I was in Auckland for part of the America’s Cup and it looked great to see the scatter of venues. Be better to properly plan a magnificent Public Long term space and shift the Cruise ship Terminal South.

    • lprent 7.1

      As an Aucklander I really can’t see the point myself. But then again my reaction to the rugby world cup will mostly be figuring out how to avoid it. If I’m not doing a sport then I’m uninterested in being a spectator. My rugby and league playing days are long over.

      • Draco T Bastard 7.1.1

        The only time I’m interested in a sport is when I’m actually playing it and I’ve never played rugby or league.

  8. I bet Key would actually try and build a plan on marketing vuvzelas

    • Mac1 8.1

      Come to New Zealand and drink like Kiwis- we’re using vuvuzelas in South Africa, I hear, as unbreakable yard glasses. The Chinese have made another million of them.

    • Bored 8.2

      Mounted as horns on cycles (again wheres my cycleway…I pay my taxes, keep all the undeserving fed and housed) sob sob sob. Beginning to sound like Burt!

  9. coolas 9

    What a mess

    Even if they started construction today I can’t see any of the proposals being completed on time. We simply can’t build that fast in NZ.

    Remember how Mallard’s offer/proposal to build a new stadium instead of the Eden Park upgrade was scuttled before the 2008 election.

    See McCully has threatened to withdraw Govt support if he doesn’t get his way. Here’s a great opportunity to wind that little shit up and see how nasty he can be.

  10. tc 10

    Another farce created and fueled by Sideshow John shooting his mouth off without engaging his brain.

    Viaduct/newmarket/ponsonby/takapuna/mission bay etc already complete with venues and business’s looking forward to a RWC payday…….shows how much he knows about his own city of residence and the concept of rewarding existing businesses who pay rates/taxes etc

    • Draco T Bastard 10.1

      Jonkey has a brain?

      • yeshe 10.1.1

        I’m reminded of the Canadian or US comic on TV3’s Seven Days a couple of weeks back — he said John Key was something you asked for at a gas station when you needed to use the bathroom ! Still chuckling over it ….

  11. walter 11

    Everyone is already booked to come, so whatever the venue it won’t affect visitor numbers.
    There’s plenty of existing places for a beer and a meal, so no one will go hungry or thirsty.

    So why bother? Will they spend more at party central?

    Am I too cynical in thinking that someone wants a temporary location to make a big killing off the visitors, at the expense of the existing businesses?

    Or is it purely that some wanker wants to feel he’s hosting a big international party?

    • Draco T Bastard 11.1

      In answer to your last two questions: Someone wants to make lots of money at the existing businesses expense and feel like they’re hosting a big international party.

  12. I would be surprised if party central was open to all anyway. Would Key and his millionaire mates really allow Joe, Hone & Tevita Public along to share with them. Thought not!

  13. marsman 13

    Perhaps somebody’s chums want to build apartments on Queens Wharf, it’s prime real estate, so what better way than for the taxpayer to foot the bill for the demolition of the sheds. The temporary party central venue is taxpayer funded window dressing “we’re doing it as a pubic good”. As soon as the Super City Scam goes into operation it’ll be sold off cheap.

  14. tc 14

    Yes Draco, a very calculating and self serving brain that has one intsruction set:
    IF good for me/business mates THEN Yes ELSE Smile and wave and do some PR stuff.

    In the quiet moments the brain would be going : geez Sir Doug never mentioned about all this responsibility stuff….I’ll just ignore that.

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