Petrol prices score political points

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It seems that NZers are not the only ones interested in petrol prices. From The Guardian:

Barack Obama, facing increasingly close primary contests today in Indiana and North Carolina, fought off a populist push by Hillary Clinton to capitalise on American unease at rising petrol prices.

The BBC has this on the unrelenting politics:

To Senator Obama, his rival must be starting to seem like one of those nightmare characters in a horror movie who takes bullet after bullet and just keeps on coming, inexorable, indestructible and terrifying.

We’ll have to wait for the outcome of the primaries to see whether Hillary is truly indestructible. But at the very least it’s giving Obama some experience of the hustings if he should be the one who ends up fighting MCain.

And the strange spectre of “petrol cost” politics is spreading to the corporate world as well, with Chrysler promoting a pre-paid card to set a cap on petrol prices for three years (or the first 12,000 miles). When big business starts to use an issue as a marketing tool you know that it’s a hot topic for us all!

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  1. insider 1

    That Chrysler type promo has been round for years for new car buyers. There was a lot of controversy because they were aimed at hummer and similar SUV buyers effectively rewarding consumption

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