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A couple of young nats and young labourites have created an online NZ Politics simulation game. It officially starts on the 3rd of October, but you can sign up now at www.politicsnz.com. It looks like it could be fun, but while I’ll play initially, my addictive personality means I might not want to get too involved.

Here’s the game overview from the site:

In PoliticsNZ, you are the politician. You make the decisions, and you get the rewards or the consequences. There are many sides to the life of a politician, and we try and simulate as many as possible for a game with real variety. So what might you end up doing as an MP on PoliticsNZ?

Ask questions in Question Time
Create masterful press releases which leave your opposition running for cover
Help your party negotiate coalition deals
Work within your party and with other parties to pass legislation
Stand for Party Leadership, Chief Whip, or President
Push through your major financial or social reforms
Give media interviews and speeches
Become an Opposition Spokesperson, and hassle the Gov’t night and day
Become a Minister of the Crown, and run a Government Department
Become Minister of Finance, and run the Budget
Become Prime Minister, and run the country

…almost anything which a politician does in real life is possible in the game.

14 comments on “PoliticsNZ – New role playing game”

  1. Ianmac 1

    I’ll wait and see.
    By the way my name comes up in blue on each ofd my posts. Any special reason? (I don’t mind- just asking.)

    • rocky 1.1

      If you leave the URL field blank when you make a post (or if you’re logged in, change your profile so your website is blank) then it won’t link your name, and your name will then stay black.

  2. I want to play a dwarf with an axe.

  3. Joel 3

    Hey Guys,

    I am one of the Young Labourites! We are determined to make this thing work and ANY help would be appreciated, but the best way to help is to sign up and boost activity! There will be real life political discussions and you even get the chance to fight elections!

  4. BLiP 4

    Couldn’t resist.

  5. willaspish 5

    Hang on The Standard, wasn’t there a post just a couple of weeks ago reminding me that politics wasn’t a game — http://www.thestandard.org.nz/it-isnt-a-game/ ?
    I’m getting a mixed message right now (just like I always get with the main stream media) and I’m begining to feel a bit… well… “annoyed”.

    • rocky 5.1

      Well firstly, this post was put up by me and the other one wasn’t. I don’t know the author of the other post, so you can’t really expect us to have the same views on everything.

      Secondly, the two posts are not incompatible. The first is saying real politics should not be treated like a game. This post is talking about an actual game.

  6. Cal 6

    Why must I discover these things when my workload is at its peak? Brilliant idea by the way!

  7. side show bob 7

    Cool, can I be the waste master general?

  8. The Baron 8

    Joel – are you guys the same bunch that was behind the UGov simulation earlier this year?

    If so, how will politics nz be different from last time?

    – Will there still be way too many Star Trek references?
    – Will we change bulletin board software two weeks into the game, which drives half the players away?
    – Will you actually have admins that turn up and run the game?
    – Will the game actually start before all the players leave due to boredom and frustration?

    If you aren’t from the same crew as UGov, then please feel free to answer anyway. The last polsim bunch left a very bitter taste in my mouth!

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