Post truth politics – White man behind a desk

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12 comments on “Post truth politics – White man behind a desk”

  1. ianmac 1

    Welcome back indeed.

  2. Manuka AOR 2

    Kittens was good 🙂

  3. rhinocrates 3

    A few resources:

    The Grauniad, “How Technology Disrupted The Truth”

    The Economist, “Yes, I’d Lie to You”

    Vladislav Surkov (who Hooton wants to be if he was as smart as he thinks he is and twice as smart as he really is):

  4. Little Kiwi 4

    How interesting that you post this today. I’ve had some of my Facebook posts concerning worker’s rights removed. I’ve noticed lately, several ads for accomodation in lieu of wages in Queenstown. Some people are paying well under minimum wage. They go in the local papers and mostly on various groups on Facebook. I’ve worked there without a contract and have also been bullied during a trial period. When you have been through all that it just makes you want to leave town. On the surface it all looks good but there is a percentage of workers being exploited there and no one looks out for them. The same employers do this year after year. It occurs all over the country but it is so blatant in a small town. The media only reports from an employer’s perspective.

    • Peter 4.1

      Join a fucking union

      • Little Kiwi 4.1.1

        Unions can make a difference but leaving town or becoming self employed is easier. It’s just frustrating to have several bad employers in a row and to watch others treated the same way.

  5. FYI, you spoonerised the acronym in the description, it should be WMBAD, not WBMAD.

  6. Little Kiwi 6

    I just thought I’d come back and post a reference since I wouldn’t want to hurt any kittens:

    Given that there are only about 2 labour inspectorates covering the lower south island (none in Queenstown?) and that they are slightly freaked out about confronting bad employers, it dawned on me that the only way to deal with this situation is to report the employers, but that would make me a squealer. I might just let the market sort this one out in the meantime, get over the learned helplessness and go self employed.

  7. Jan Rivers 7

    I’m so impressed with this. WMBAD and his co-creators – some very smart women – are very talented and there’s a lot of research behind what they do – presented very lightly. More More!

    I’ve recently done a much more earnest thing – an article to cover the same topic of truth and truthiness by way of reference to John Strachey who was one of the founders of the UK Left Book Club which was publishing in the 1930’s and 40s in the UK. He wrote during the Blitz of ‘ a faith to fight for ‘ which for him consisted of a commitment to the truth to be an essential part of any life worth living.

    • Smilin 7.1

      love that truth and truthiness, sort like having teeth and not having any teeth ,or will, or brains to see thru the Crosby Textor 6 guns deception of actually how powerful and effective a one party majority can be with the right lies and and ability to keep its leader in everyones face without him actually doing anything to reduce the burden he has placed on its citizens to keep working to pay for his fuckups and then go and ego bolster himself and stand on the head of the former PM at the UN supposedly adding much needed support for her bid at the job
      But we cant get him to reduce the national debt that his sort owe
      And we have to PAY FOR IT
      Truthiness defined

      • Jan Rivers 7.1.1

        Yes, but also the positive side. I can’t help thinking the growing cynicism is starting to formulate itself into something much more useful. Informed, immune to spin and exploratory – people keen to discover on their own terms what will be good for themselves, the environment, the country and the world and its not what we have had for the last many years. The excitement and exploration at events like the recent OS//OS or Festival for the Future and the creativity of WMBAD and others are examples of this.

  8. Vaughanm 8

    When White Man Behind A Desk makes an appearance, you know the day can only get better ~ more clarity & less subterfuge! XOXOXXX

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