Protecting criminal cops

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Detective Inspector Grant Wormald and his Organised and Financial Crime Agency appear to be a rogue police unit that thinks it’s above the law. They acted illegally in the Dotcom raid, they had GSCB illegally spy on Dotcom, Wormald appears to have committed perjury by failing to disclose the GCSB’s involvement in court, and, now, there’s the illegal fake prosecution that has led to 21 accused criminals going free. What’s the Minister going to do? What’s the Police Commissioner doing?

So far, nothing. They’re protecting these criminal cops. So is Greg O’Connor but he’s a proto-fascist, we all know what to expect from him.

All Tolley can manage to say is that she has “no doubts that OFCANZ are doing their best to fulfill their duties”.

The Police are reviewing how they carry out undercover investigations but there’s no suggestion they will investigate and prosecute these criminal cops – even though the judge helpfully pointed out which sections of the Crimes Act the fake prosecution breached.

It is not good enough. New Zealanders deserve to know that when Police break the law they will be held to account just like anyone else, in fact the checks should be even greater. And the many good cops deserve to know that their bosses aren’t covering up for criminals in their ranks who are tarnishing the image of them all.

14 comments on “Protecting criminal cops”

  1. I made this comment in Open Mike.

    A thought about the recent disclosure of the police committing forgery, making a false declaration and conspiring to pervert the course of justice.

    I wonder if consideration is being given to the enactment of urgent legislation to permit that which has been ruled illegal? 

  2. Red Rosa 2

    Well said. Another National Disgrace. Seem Kris Faafoi is Labour’s man on this.

    But he will need to take some deep breaths and do some deep thinking. He’s playing in the big leagues here. A real test, good luck to him.

    A raft of comments already from the legal eagles who would be sure to back him.

    Apparently the real NZ cops reckon this so-called ‘elite’ outfit is really “Occasionally Finding Criminals Around NZ’….

    • Draco T Bastard 2.1

      Quoting article:

      Both Mr Key and Police Minister Anne Tolley have defended the agency, saying it operates under difficult circumstances.

      Yep, they do operate under trying circumstances – doesn’t give them the right to break the law.

    • RJL 2.2

      Apparently the real NZ cops reckon this so-called ‘elite’ outfit is really “Occasionally Finding Criminals Around NZ’….

      Or, “Only F’kingUp Cases Around NZ”.

      This press release is fantastic in hindsight!
      Here, OFCANZ is warning about Nigerian scammers fraudulently claiming to be OFCANZ, and only a few years later OFCANZ is itself in trouble for creating forgeries of search warrants.

  3. Wychbych 3

    They’re NZ’s biggest gang. What they do, they do with complete impunity, because there’s one law for us, and then there’s them. Such a sad state of affairs, when the people meant to be protecting us have carte blanche (or act like they do) and can do what they like.

    No repercussions. Ever.

    • aerobubble 3.1

      I disagree. Fundamentally one side of a case in court cannot lie to the judge. That
      at its core Police thinking has become to much like gang thinking, without impunity.
      When we become our enemy. But its worse than that for all concerned, not only
      does it make Police look bad, it makes the government looks bad when it uses the
      same impunity arguments, and our nation look bad because it does harm the economy
      if the very basic highest level debates assume power is strength, not subtly, power is
      crushing ones enemy by any means, not with high principle (law). NZ looks cheap today,
      but then its economic thinking, base resource exporting (even people now) is cheap thinking.

      Its also bad for gangs, as people will fear that smoking a bit of illegal will only give
      more power to gangs in their community, as they can operate without concern as
      the Police have lost the fight against them (otherwise why would Police have needed
      to lie to the courts).

      Okay, I don’t disagree, NZ govt, NZ police, are just other gangs.

  4. One Tāne Huna 4

    Time for another private prosecution?

    • aerobubble 4.1

      Remember how Hide sat on information about Garrant? past, about his illegal use of a graveyard child identity to obtain a passport.

      Well is Key doing something similar? I heard the GG was the head of the spy agencies at the time of the dotcom fiasco? and the fact that Key won’t allow a fully independent investigation just increases my suspicions (which is all they are) even more.

  5. “All Tolley can manage to say is that she has “no doubts that OFCANZ are doing their best to fulfill their duties”.”


    • Pascal's bookie 5.1

      They get a gold star for participation, and a “Good try!” sticker with a picture of an elephant wearing pants on it.

  6. Pete 6

    It sounds like they’ve been watching a little too much Underbelly

  7. Tim 7

    2 or 3 weeks ago, I made a comment about Greg O’Connor being Joe Average Policeman’s worst enemy……then all this shit happened.
    I’ve been listening to the responses from the Jonky and Tolley et al.
    I’d LOVE to hear something from Chris Finlayson, or any other NAct MPs (Simon Brugiss maybe??) or others who are supposedly officers of the court.
    So far they all seem to be gutless and hiding their heads in shame.

  8. Those who MAKE the law – ADMINISTER the law and ENFORCE the law – must all be accountable to and not ‘ABOVE’ the ‘rule of law’.


    Penny Bright

    ‘Anti-corruption campaigner’

  9. Jenny 9

    National, soft on cop crime.

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