Say goodbye to Nanny State

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Stepfather State’s taken over.

Our new parent likes to keep his distance…he usually comes home after work at the office…but only for a quick bite to eat…he ignores the kids, yells at the Mrs and kicks the dog on the way out to the club to meet his business mates for a few bevvies…most nights he gets to ogle/grope the pole dancer…and then drives home a “bit p!ssed” (it’s his right you know)…then a quick grope with either the Mrs or himself and a zzzzzz…

Life’s good when you haven’t got any responsibilities.

[comment by Fin on Colin Espiner’s blog]

13 comments on “Say goodbye to Nanny State”

  1. Doug 1

    Sounds very much like a Labour voter.

  2. vto 2

    Yep Doug, in the same way those who berate capitalism tend to be the biggest capitalists out. Hence the reference to chardonnay socialists who own some rental houses and vote labour.

    But I’m not quite sure what this pathetic post is getting at. Or how it gets its information. Perhaps it is a reflection of the author more than anything else (do you play with yourself do you?). Or maybe it, like all else partisan, is simply based on prejudices, bigotry, sexism, racism and the usual raw generalisations.

    What an absolutely pathetic wank of a poster.

    Go back to kiwiblog.

  3. vto 3

    Or a bit like the smaller step-brother, the maori party..

    “Our new bro likes to get in your face he has no work but comes home pissed but only for some eggs he ignores the bitch, yells at the other bitch and kicks the kids on the way back to the pub to meet his mates still more bevvies and some P most nights he gets to ogle/grope the fat slag behind the bar and then smashes some innocent person walking home, gets picked up by the pigs and ends up with his mates in the klink no gropes of his missus now so has to play with himself, which comes naturally to him being a labour voter”

    • r0b 3.1

      Is it nice weather in your corner of NZ vto? Perhaps you should go take a little walk in the fresh air. Clear your head a bit.

  4. Doug 4

    The poster of this article should go take a long walk in the fresh air, Clear His or Her head a bit.

  5. infused 5

    Retarded post… What the hell is with all these stupid posts on here lately? I must admit, there is a lot of intelligence on this site, but the last few days have shown otherwise.

  6. Doug 6

    The Left has totally lost direction with the loss of Clarke and Cullen, and it shows with most posts recently. If you carry on like this you deserve to loose Mt Albert. If the General public could read your posts you would suffer a landslide loss.

    • r0b 6.1

      The Left has totally lost direction with the loss of Clarke and Cullen

      Oi! First recorded sighting of this new meme? Pity you can’t spell though. Anyway, no fear of the left losing direction eh. Labour and Greens still develop policy bottom up from member’s remits at conference. This the Nats gave up years ago, for them policy is handed down from the top (as purchased by the highest bidder?).

  7. In my view the National daddy state has always been the drunken father who comes home late from the pub to beat the wife and yell at the children. He then vomits all over the floor and goes off to bed leaving the wife to cleanup.

  8. Chuck 8

    You all missed the point so badly. The post is a clear piss-take of the whole idea of the “nanny state”. It seems like its the left’s chance to make up a ridiculous, incredulous statement – meaningless to anyone from either side of the political divide with half a brain – and repeat it so many times that people start to think its real.

    Man it sucks when the tables turn and you suddenly realise how stupid you were.

    • Kevin Welsh 8.1

      Spot on Chuck.

      Throwing stones at others is fun for those on the right. But when you run out of stones and the left starts throwing them back, then suddenly its all unfair.

      It’s time for a change… it’s time for a change… it’s time for a change…

  9. Anita 9

    There are some awesome stepfathers out there, is reinforcing this particularly ugly and unfair stereotype really “humour”?

    I doubt it would’ve been posted if the stereotype it plays on was this overtly anti-women, and perhaps that is the core of my criticism of “political correctness” people learn the rules of whom they may not make fun, but don’t actually become any more thoughtful or kind and the damaging stereotypes are propagated just the same.

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