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shoulda, a website “created for the express purpose of openly mocking the citizen’s initiated referendum aimed at The Crimes (Substituted Section 59) Amendment Act 2007, popularly known as the Anti-smacking Amendment”. Awesome.

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  1. Peter Johns - bigoted troll in jerkoff mode 1

    Yes it should, but that is not the question though is it? Once again lefties trying to show normal thinking people how to raise their own children. I still smack my kids, the law is an ass.

    • Draco T Bastard 1.1

      Yes, that is actually the question. You’re just too stupid to realise that.

    • roger nome 1.2

      Why can’t you just leave your child’s arse alone then? Or to you think anal violation should be considered a normal part of good loving parenting? (you are being satirical right?)

      [lprent: amusing in the context ]

  2. toad 2

    Love it. But nothing appears in their gallery page at the moment, and nothing appears on their contact page so can’t work out how to let them know this.

  3. George D 3

    Text, so this avoids the spam queue…

  4. outofbed 7

    Should you beating your child till you turn orange and your hands fall off
    be part of a criminal offence in New Zealand?

  5. George D 9

    Not mine, but pretty good.

  6. jarbury 10

    Here’s mine:

    “Should leading questions as part of stupid referendums be a criminal offence in New Zealand?”

    I vote YES!

  7. Maynard J 12

    In the spirit of ridiculosity:

  8. Pascal's bookie 13

    In the spirit of spirits:

  9. ianmac 14

    I think I got this right:

  10. How about “Should holding a completely unjustified smug sense of moral superiority be a criminal offence in New Zealand?” I’d still vote no, but fuck that yes vote would be tempting…

    • Ari 16.1

      You’re getting dangerously close to “First thing I’ll do is kill all the lawyers” territory here. If there’s no “moral smugness” as you call it, then how do people feel good about doing the right thing?

    • roger nome 16.2

      psych – why can’t you just leave the child’s arse alone?

  11. Lew 18

    PM, go on, make it into a billboard.


  12. The Voice of Reason 19

    In the spirit of ad reductio absurdem my effort was:

    “Should a hidden cellar as part of good parental correction be a criminal offence in NZ?”

    Anybody know where I can get the Tshirt printed?

  13. Rex Widerstrom 20

    …yet every attempt to get comedy on NZ TV turns out as flat and dead as possum under an 18-wheeler.

    Alright, admittedly inspired by Psycho Milt’s reference to “moral smugness” and in no way hoping to compete with the sheer brilliance of much of that above (and with a glass raised in salutation to Pb), here’s mine:

    • Maynard J 20.1

      I would vote Yes, Rex, because you have forgotten to keep in the ‘Good’. It should be ‘as part of good reporting’ or similar.

      Your one makes a very emphatic point though – it is a question you can vote on easily.

      How on earth was ‘good’ allowed in the real question? Honestly, get rid of that word and you have a great referendum question. Aussiming you think parental correction is parents doing the correction, not being corrected, that is.

  14. jason 21

    Should a loving hug, as part of good parental correction, be a criminal offence anywhere in the world.

  15. burt 22

    Shoud the will of 300,000 people be scoffed at because Labour lost their politicqal compass in their last term of govt?

    Should the referendum have been held with the election to save millions rather than delayed in a desperate attempt to sideline the issue and help Labour’s chances of re-election?

    • roger nome 22.1

      Should “lots of people do it, so it’s ok” be considered a stupid argument in New Zealand”? hmmm …..

    • Maynard J 22.2

      Burt is trying to illustrate the problems with asking stupid questions and doing it well I must say.

  16. toad 23

    This one from stevedore @ is pretty good…

  17. gbruno 24

    should inadequate server capacity as part of a user feedback web site be a criminal offense in NZ?


  18. moz 27

    I prefer this:
    It’s all peaceful and lovin’-like, no nasty words or violence.

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