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Aren’t our MPs, and ex-MPs, a rich and diverse bunch of people? I find it endlessly fascinating, the sorts of issues on which they choose to spend their time and energy.

Take ex ACT MP David Garrett. (Far away – take him – please!) Apparently he comments every now and then on Kiwiblog, and today was there with an unusual complaint (ht: you know who you are). He commented about telling off an Asian-but-I’m-not-racist woman in the supermarket for sniffing fruit. Apparently it’s just not done here. A long and typically “illuminating” KB discussion followed.

Well, just for David, and for any others who share his particular obsession, I thought this little archival piece might be of interest. The making of the rapidly tarnishing “Brand Key” in it’s early stages. Feast your senses on the most famous produce sniffer in all the land…

21 comments on “Sniffing produce”

  1. Kevin Welsh 1

    Ahhh, comedy gold 🙂

    This was obviously before Key had his “good kiwi bloke who is one of us” training.

    PS: Good to see Garrett is still batshit crazy, but why would he want to remind us?

  2. Colonial Viper 2

    Haha its an art form to pick good fresh produce…I spoke to a lady once who worked at a fish mart – lots of tricks there 🙂

  3. bobo 3

    One of the best Key clips 🙂 like a conehead trying to fit in with humans..

  4. neoleftie 4

    shoot i sniff fruit – maybe i should return to my homeland…no wait this is my homeland.
    The difference between spitting and sniffing fruit is miles apart. surely we live in a multi / bi cultural society where some universal standard of behaviours are now accepted

  5. feijoa 5

    It’s standard practice in The USA to sniff a rockmelon to see if it’s ripe

  6. O2B 6

    Maybe he did actually learn something from his many hours of tireless work in Helensville?

  7. Todd 7

    And I thought Donkeys only ate carrots.

  8. come get some 8

    As a chef I sniff almost everything I buy/cook/eat. There is absoloutly nothing wrong with it. Food is something that should be enjoyed by every sense possible, taste, touch and smell all play a massive part. When you cannot taste a peice of fruit when buying it touch and smell are the best ways of identifying whether it is ripe or not.

    This is rediculous

  9. joe90 9

    Go for your life and sniff away and I’ll put up with you having your stickies all over the produce too but FFS, don’t squeeze the tomatoes!.

  10. Pascal's bookie 10

    Pot calls kettle a pot.

    Daffy Garrote misses the limelight, thinks Hone gives a shit what he thinks.

  11. Chris73 11

    Was that woman at 1:30 wearing boxing gloves?

  12. hellonearthis 12

    I am a sniffer it’s the best way to tell if Bananas are sweet or not.
    I think being a sniffer is better than being a squeezer and David Garrett is just being a raciest fuddie duddie, I beet he would have not nutted out at some little old white lady for sniffing.

  13. andy (the other one) 13

    only way to tell if a pineapple is ripe, sniff sniff!

    Rather have a fruit sniffer than a person that steals dead babies identities.

  14. M 14

    David Garrett, you are a plonker.

  15. burt 15


    Do you even think about the things you say and the things you do ?

    A few days ago you posted this: Hello TV3 – can you count? which had a headline of;

    Is Duncan Garner just recycling headlines from last year?

    Then today you post this video, which was last seen on this blog back in September 2007…
    (see: John Key’s Porirua market adventure )

    So you’re just recycling headlines from a few years ago yourself. What a knob.

    • Marty G 15.1

      you’re a day late and trying to make a point that is completely stupid.

      • lprent 15.1.1

        It is pretty damn stupid alright. But I suspect that the effort in explaining the difference in relevance to him would be wasted effort. I don’t think he can make his mind any more flexible than he already has – totally rigid.

        • Armchair Critic

          It’s quite consistent with burt’s dislike of anything retrospective. I’m surprised he didn’t manage to fit the word into his comment a couple of times.

          • lprent

            Ah… Excellent point. Both of these cases had retrospective elements. And burt likes marching boldly forward into the future whilst only ever looking backwards. It s a trait that always seemed potentially painful to me. But I digress.

            I guess he can only differentiate the retrospective part, and can’t see any other factors. Quite obsessional is burt – just like his namesake from sesame street.

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