So trickledown does work!

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fountain.jpgApparently when the senior members of the National Party are having a tough time, they take it out on their workers.

How else to explain today’s meltdown by National Party blogger and HQ staff member, David Farrar?

DPF isn’t his usual chirpy self at all and one can’t help but think that it might have something to do with the policy trainwreck that has enveloped the Nats in the last week or so.

When politely asked for his opinion on the National Party foreign policy David went apoplectic:

I resent the hell out of wankers who suggest I ignore something because I don’t want to talk about it. I will happily ban people who do that. First of all no-one but me decides what topics get discussed here. I am not going to have anon cowards dictate to me what I blog on. Secondly I have a well documented history of covering bad and good news. If you can’t see this, then you are blind. I blogged today on the Hollow Men play for example.

The reason I have not yet blogged the foreign policy is because it will take a lot longer to blog than the other posts. I need to read the full policy, look through the various coverage, and then summarise it plus add my commentary. I am currently working between 5 am and 1 am most days and nothing puts me in a more foul mood than someone like you demanding or sneering that I must cover this topic by 7 am or by 9 pm or whatever. When I actually can find a couple of free hours I will blog on it. At the moment there are many issues I fund it hard to find the time to cover. It is called being busy. You whining and sneering about an issue will not convince me to cover it. If anything it will delay the time until I cover it so you do not delude yourself that you had any impact.

The irony is that it is not only you who wants me to blog on the policy. In fact a National MP called me to ask if I was going to cover it, because he thought there was some good stuff in there not picked up by the media. That is the way you bring things to my attention – an e-mail or phone call suggesting I cover something. Not sneering comments.

Looks like David no longer has time for us little people.

(Hat tip: Kiwiblogblog)

5 comments on “So trickledown does work!”

  1. Oh it is nice to be linked/liked…

  2. Robinson 2

    I honestly think DPF is losing it – today’s thread was a strange combination of Farrar defending himself, random busting of National party spin in the comments section and some insane mudslinging. Coupled with the “ramshackle PR fiasco” of the kill the bill website it really looks like Farrar is losing his mojo.

    My question is if Farrar’s site continues to be a liability to the National party then what happens to him? Oh, and I’m still waiting for Robinsod to get his ups on blogblog…

  3. There’s obviously a bit of a blind panic going on in HQ. What a disastrous couple of weeks (snigger). Still, long time until the election. Let’s see if the Nats can cohere into something credible. Hubris is something they’ve being doing well for sometime. It’s important we don’t fall for the same weakness.

    Farrar’s involvement with that Neanderthal who goes by the handle WhaleOil is just a spectacular mis-judgment.

    But it gets worse. Farrar’s flailing at the Crown Law Office and Val Sim was amazing. I expect this from the ever-vile McCully but Farrar tries to effect a more reasonable persona. The mask is obviously slipping.

    Robinsod, we love you on kiwiblogblog! And thanks to The Standard for its props and links. We’re loving you people!

  4. unaha-closp 4

    Cool a Labour orientated blog, excellent. One polite question. Where is the commentary on the EFB? Cannot seem to find it in the posts.

    The Human Rights Commission and the Law Society say it violates New Zealands Bill of Rights. Why this speech restricting, but lenient on secret campaign donations?

  5. Tane 5

    unaha – if you have a look at the left-hand side of the blog, there’s a whole category marked ‘election funding’. We haven’t been around too long, but there are already eight posts in there. Feel free to have a look around.

    As for your question, my post at answers the part about the HRC. As for anonymous donations, you’ll have to ask each contributor individually. Personally, I don’t like them and would like to see them banned. But again, that’s just me.

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