So what’s the plan again?

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Labour got a fair amount of mileage during the election campaign out of harassing National about its lack of distinct policy. I guess that’s kind of forgivable of National in some ways, for reasons we won’t go in to again. But now National are in Government I still can’t help thinking their policy direction is kind of like this Badger Song.

Quite catchy, simple effective choreography with mesmerizing repetition, obscure aspirations and lurking anxieties, lots of moving but going nowhere – and otherwise totally vacuous.

Maybe this month we’ll be lucky enough get some useful idea of their plan, although at this stage I can’t help but wonder if it won’t be something like this.

15 comments on “So what’s the plan again?”

  1. Daveski 1

    I can excuse the lack of National policy but not your incorrect use of the apostrophe in “it’s”.

    I think it is truly the one thing that SP and I can agree on 🙂

    [sprout: same, thanks for the correction]

  2. Redbaiter 2

    Well, that’s kind of what happens when you don’t have a master plan. Like the left have.

  3. Felix 3

    Thanks Sprout, that’s firmly stuck in my brain now.

    Nice one.

  4. Felix 4


    You’re no good at this. I haven’t seen you bait anyone, but I see you taking the bait and choking on it daily.

    Maybe you should change your name to something more appropriate. I suggest “Ineffectiverambler” or “Datawaster”.

  5. Daveski 5

    Don’t worry sprout – I won’t get too sanctimonious … I misspelt Tandor … Nandor … that Green MP who retired 🙂

    I note that the SST reports that Birmingham in UK has officially dropped apostrophes from street signage. Mind you, in a recession, think of the savings!!

  6. Redbaiter 6

    Felix, what makes you think I give a damn about your vacuous and subjective views on Redbaiter?? Anything to say on the issues, or is it some kind of unhealthy obsession we’re seeing here??

  7. Felix 7

    what makes you think I give a damn

    Because you always take the bait, Datawaster.

    Hey Daveski, I reckon tandoor nachos would be delicious.

  8. Redbaiter 8

    “Because you always take the bait, Datawaster.”

    One day you’ll provide some bait, and then we’ll know for sure won’t we, you worthy foe [epithet editted for civility. SP]

  9. Redbaiter 9

    Moderated again. That’s it. Fuck this place. What a yawn. Run by nanny state control freaks. Typical socialist fuck up. No matter how piffling the circumstances, they always have to seat themselves upon the throne of power.

    [your comments are automatically held in moderation until someone choose to release them because you’re a troll, RB. You never contribute anything. I’ve never known you to express any substantive idea. GO and see if I care. We don’t need you polluting the otherwise robust and usually debate between Left and Right in our threads. SP]

  10. Daveski 10

    Hey Felix … and the left could provide some Naany State bread 🙂

    [sprout: bhajia, bhajia, bhajia]

  11. Lew 11

    RB: Private property rights win! You violated yourself again, to recycle Mr Pilott’s wonderful phrase.

    Incidentally, and this story rambles a bit so bear with me: the whole badgerbadgerbadger thing broke while I was teaching in Asia. Our students came to class saying that their main school had told them they weren’t to watch it because it contained encoded satanic messages, that the principal had called a special assembly just to warn them. We native English speakers were sorry to have to inform them that it wasn’t so, but that if one listened with the ear just cocked right, you can hear the little guy saying `magicmagicmagicmagicmushrooms’, and that it wasn’t coincidence because of the following key facts about Stonehenge (which I haven’t verified, but have on good authority):
    1. There is a curiously high population of grass snakes there.
    2. There is also a curiously large population of badgers, who are undermining the stones by digging their setts in the soft, loose soil upon which they rest.
    3. At certain times of the year, those in the know might be found snooping around the stones in the early morning looking for magic mushrooms, of which a curiously large local population exists.

    True story.


  12. Peter Burns 12

    Moderation again , why do I bother.!! The game plan over here is obvious eh reid or should I say Lew.

  13. Felix 13

    The stonehenge correlations are fascinating, Lew.

    Also, it does sound like there’s some backwards-tomfoolery going on in the “snake” part, but after playing it in reverse I can report that there are no audible backwards messages.

    I think the evil of it is self-evident though.

    Daveski, nice 🙂

  14. Joseph 14

    Been lurking here a while, and the comments moderation has always made me uncomfortable. It should be made clear that I agree with the political slant this site has, but the amount of moderation that goes down in odd.

    [lprent: No choice really. If you go back to November 2007 in the archives for instance, pick a post with a high number of comments and read the comments from the bottom up. You will be able to see what the alternative is. The idiocy of the comments ensured that anyone you could only really read the comments if you’d had a partial lobotomy.

    Since I wanted to read the comments that were worth reading without dredging through a mountain of trash I resurrected an old personality role. The BOFH was specifically design to remove the mindless hordes whose sole purpose in life seemed to be trash the site. It worked.

    There is still a degree of mindlessness on occasion (like this thread). However the comments section is usually worth reading. We just removed the people who didn’t have anything to say and were saying it loudly. They offended my eyes with their vacuousness. They didn’t even say anything with any flair.

    RB always seems to be surprised here that he isn’t banned. But that is because while he is a bit of a troll a lot of the time, he is a troll with style. He often tends to hit my auto-moderation whenever he descends to stock phrases. The ‘sod never uses stock phrases but does get banned periodically to remind him that the objective is to attack peoples ideas – not people. If you want to read people that we have banned and their views, you can always go to kiwiblog comments section for the likes of big bruv.

    Don’t expect a change in policy. In fact in the view of the BOFH it is a bit wimpy. I like banning people – I think of it as evolution in action – improves socialisation.]

  15. randal 15

    I think there must be something wrong with the the programme they bought from right
    its got a few glitches and it doesn’t work properly
    never no mind
    National will be just another one term government after the electorate comes to its senses

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