Social media disasters – Paula Bennett tweets

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The first of what may be an ongoing occasional series of posts where social media interaction by Politicians ends in disaster.

27 comments on “Social media disasters – Paula Bennett tweets”

  1. Richard Christie 1

    TV3 you said?

    I won’t be watching.

  2. tracey 2

    Is Paula saying she and her government are helping detainee’s victims by ensuring their perpetrators come to NZ so they can live safely in Australia? Cos that’s not what Key said, he said ” we want to help New Zealanders!” Did he mean Australians?

    • Brendon Harre -Left wing Liberal 2.1

      It is all a nonsense argument by National. The only logic is the dead cat aspect.

  3. Ffloyd 3

    Maybe someone should start by talking to the victims of *the prominent NZ’er* who has been gifted blanket suppression and who is not due to be in Court again until April 2016 I believe. The alleged charges against him are shocking to say the least but he seems to have protection from low people in high places. Maybe our new Saviour of the People of NZ should start with protecting the victims of this vile New Zealander. Maybe it’s time we heard their story. Whadda ya think SWEETIE?

    • Ross 3.1

      I’m sure Paula Bennett and John Key know exactly who this prominent person is and have worked with him. I sincerely hope they haven’t supported him in any way because that would be hypocrisy like we’ve never seen before…assuming he’s guilty of course.

      • Leftie 3.1.1


        Why was there a by election in Northland? (that National lost).

      • rawshark-yeshe 3.1.2

        Ross .. are you attempting sarcasm or irony or are you just
        really completely out of touch ?

        Anyone who can add 2+2 knows exactly who this male person is, they both worked with him, and he has been protected through two elections in spite of hideous charges. Innocent or guilty doesn’t arise in this instance. It’s the worst political thuggery possible.

        Grrrr. Haven’t posted for a while, but this subject makes me so angry. I wonder if justice ever will be done for these victims.

        And no, he’s not an All Black, just in case you want to muddle the waters. ( Yes, I meant to write ‘muddle’.)

        • ianmac

          Davis asked today in QT if Key had protected any one who had committed crimes? (Alluding to you know who without naming anyone.) The Speaker would not permit the question. Davis said “The point has been made.”

    • whateva next? 3.2

      really helpful and supportive for his “victims” to have wait this long, and no doubt lawyers will be able to pull apart memories and say there are “discrepancies” which is inevitable after such an extended period.

  4. Leftie 4

    See what Andrew Little said in a no holds barred account in General debate part 1. Shows what he really thinks of Paula Bennett who should be very much ashamed of herself.


  5. ilicit 5

    Don’t panic Ffloyd, Poor La Benefit will soon get caught in Jonkeys bed. She can’t stop herself !!

  6. les 6

    the barrel represents everything that is wrong with human nature,as she trys to conform her presentation to her importance all you see is a fraud.

    • Tracey 6.1

      WARNING- keep away from the appearance stuff, there’s plenty to criticise her for without getting into how she does or does not conform to a particular body shape

  7. Tracey 7

    The media are half way there with this headlineon

    “John Key has “no clue..” sadly they then refine it to the one event involving one of his former bodyguards… but it’s a start.

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