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I was listening to Parliament on the wireless this afternoon.

First. Question Time. Bennett was asked how many jobs the Jobs Summit has saved. Proudly, she announced ‘223’. But wait! A few minutes later she corrected that to, wait for it, 303!

After all that 223 303 jobs saved. A $65,000 talkfest of our mortal gods, the leaders of business, and all they can come up with is a watered down version of the unions’ 9 day fortnight. Four months later and more jobs have been cut from her ministry than Bennet has managed to save.

Second. Budget debate. Todd McClay, one of the Tories’ new airheads, was speaking.

The dude got 30 seconds in before running out of argument. Looked down at his notes and just started reading out the key messages someone had written for him – ” blah blah health, education, front-line blah blah”.

He went on to praise English for practicing “physical responsiblity”.

Glad to hear someone in National is.

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  1. guess 1

    Deleted for breach of policy.

  2. RedLogix 2

    Key stuffed up with the ‘Job Summit’. It was only ever going to be an ineffectual bit of window dressing, fiddling at the margins with a symptom of the problem… while ignoring completely the root cause. All those important white male suits gathered in that conference room reminded me of nothing more than a bunch of pack-rapists sitting around trying to figure out what to do about the ‘whining women’ problem.

    The root of the problem lay with a neo-liberal economic theory that glorified greed, de-regulated credit creation, and over-stimulated the global economy of a glut of easy money … like an addict cranked up on P. All those ‘masters of the universe’, the brokers, analysts, CEO’s and hordes of camp-followers who had gotten bloated on easy pickings were but deluded incompetents. When the debt-binge bubble popped their flabby nakedness was laid bare for anyone with eyes to see.

    But that room full of suits Key cobbled up had no stomach for admitting to their own guilty participation in the raping of the global economy… much less ANY real idea what to do about it. That was always going to be a step too far for any of them.

    In months to come though, the media and the people will look back through lenses sharpened by bad times… and recall the utter hubris of it all.

  3. guess 3

    is that to imply that i was right? Hot damn, it was as the name suggests just a . . .

    No, it simply means you breached policy. Next time a permanent IP ban will follow.

    [lprent: Read the policy. It isn’t extreme. It just distills what we have found makes the comment stream here work without descending into childish flamewars and personal abuse. ]

  4. Zetetic 4

    Oh I missed it.

    Don’t get yourself banned guess.

    Looks like you’ll be a fun troll to play with.

  5. guess 5

    i dont often come out from under my bridge.

  6. doc whose asking 6


    point of interest – McClay — is this correct spelling… there’s a Todd McClea(y) or something like that I understand.. and yes, distinction could be significant..

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