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John Key said on National Radio this morning “The war in Iraq is over”.

Apparently that’s why no mention of it’s made in their lightweight foreign policy document.

I’ll post on this later but in the meantime the audio of Phil Goff and Key is here.

6 comments on “Staggering”

  1. Daveo 1

    I also heard John Key saying National’s surrender on foreign policy was only possible because Labour had moved to a more ‘mainstream’ position.

    What utterly desperate spin. Or does Key not remember it was National, not Labour, that caved in on nukes, ANZUS, Iraq and the strike wing?

  2. Sam Dixon 2 who knew Locke had a sense of humour?

    And honestly how naive is Key on foreign affairs? I mean, there’s ‘I don’t want this guy in charge because I don’t agree with his polices’ and ‘I don’t want this guy in charge because he’s incompetent’, Key now definitely ticks both boxes.

  3. never cross a picket line 3

    He also supported the USA invasion of Iraq because at the time they thought they WMD
    Fuck he would be in a small minority then

  4. Conor Roberts 4

    The only thing that could top Key’s new foreign policy gaff would be if he declared ‘Mission Accomplished’ on the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln.

  5. ak 5

    Its over? Damn – must have missed it while I was down the road at the cheaper doctor

  6. never cross a picket line 6

    war is over if you want it war is over la la la la
    Not JK JL

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