Stewart interviews some guy called Obama

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It’s a strange world we live in when comedians step out of the box and become the best political interviewers that America has to offer. But so it goes! Here is Jon Stewart interviewing President Obama.

Actually, damned if I can get video embedding to work. You’ll have to go to this page to watch the clips (sorry!).

It will be interesting to see how the Stewart / Colbert Rally to Restore Sanity goes this weekend…

14 comments on “Stewart interviews some guy called Obama”

  1. Zorr 1

    I thought that this interview was quite amazing. Obama is one of the best politicians the US has had in years and it was good to see Jon Stewart calling him on a lot of the shit that has infuriated the left that voted him in.

    • Zaphod Beeblebrox 1.1

      Obama gave as good as he got. His ridicule of Stewart’s characterisation of the Health Care Reform as timid was fantastic.

      The problem is not Obama but the f—–d up Senate and Congress they have. Its rules and dependence upon special interests like oil companies, health care interests and the gun lobby was beautifully summed up by Obama.

      • Ari 1.1.1

        Umm, it WAS timid. The reason it was timid, however, had nothing to do with the end result- the issue was that there wasn’t really an attempt to go to bat for an ideal system. It’s possible the end result would have been better if they had done that, but more importantly, it would energise the liberal base in the USA to see their president fight for a public healthcare option, for instance.

        I don’t mind if he ends up with compromises or half-achievements, so long as he actually tries first. The issue is that negotiations seem to start just left-of-centre and no effort is made to support genuine progressives in his own party.

    • Colonial Viper 1.2

      The performance of the Senate and Congress has been dismal. Finger prints of corporate interests and corporate money everywhere. Just frakin awful. Glad it doesn’t happen in NZ.

      Oh wait.

      One thing which was fully in Obama’s control – the White House and related staff. Geithner, Summer and Bernanke? FFS what was he thinking. These guys were all partially responsible for the GFC, and they let bankers walk away with all the huge bonuses they had collected over the last couple of years while huge sums of taxpayers funds were used to rescue the burning sinking hulks they left behind. Privatisation of profits and socialisation of losses on a gargantuan scale.

      Oh need I remind eveyone that KEY was an inner circle player in this investment banking and federal reserve banking crowd.

      At least in Switzerland the Swiss govt made UBS execs pay some of their bonuses back in order to prevent future generations of bankers think that they can get away and personally profit from kamikaze leadership.

      • M 1.2.1

        CV, like you I was most disappointed Bernanke et al did not escape scalping – almost like going in to have cancer removed but missing a bit that starts the rot all over again.

        I thought Stewart could have put the thumb screws on harder and named the others apart from Summer as well as asking why the Wall Street thieves got to keep their bonuses and summer houses in the Hamptons – you can almost hear them chuckling about the dumb saps of taxpayers who got left holding the bag.

        • Zorr

          Thing is, you can always go harder. You can always try and put the thumbscrews on and go for gold. For someone whose main role is as court jester though, Jon Stewart showed the “big ol’ city journalists” how they should be doing their job.

          There was a clip I watched the other night that I got from Crooks and Liars with Jon Stewart on Larry King Live ( He is more and more becoming the voice of the disillusioned left.

          • Colonial Viper

            Damnit where is our NZ Jon Stewart.

            • ghostwhowalksnz

              Maybe the new format channel FOUR will create a home for left wing views.

              Or do the advertisers have much more say than we think?

        • QoT

          I’m reminded of Stewart’s amaaaaazing appearance on Crossfire – yes, he could totally lay into his interviewees, but Daily Show is on Comedy Central and bookended by Colbert Report and puppets making crank calls. The horrible tragedy is that even when he pretty much sticks to comedy with a few tough questions, he’s leagues ahead of any other “journalist” on US tv.

  2. BLiP 2

    Yes we can . . . but

    • Zorr 2.1

      “You’re going to throw a suprise party? … filled with jobs and health care and… ?”

  3. Pascal's bookie 3

    TPM has got lot’s of photo’s from the rallies. Look’s like a good day out.

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