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It matters not who owns a thing, what really matters is “who controls it” .

We have been watching our house being burgled for to long haven’t we?

I can’t move, I feel like I am paralyzed, I shout out but know-one can hear me, I’m helpless my country is being stolen.

We seem to forget we are still in control of this country, and we the people need to get back that control, the control of our parliament, that belongs to us! Then decree that these companies and corporations that are stealing our future will only be able to operate, in our country New Zealand, in the best interests of New Zealand, they will have to play “fair”, Fair a word we seem to have forgotten.

Some will laugh & mock, many will say thats against the law, No, the Law is our friend, we are the Law and the Law is sick of the sham and the lies and the deceit that goes on every day, they the Lawyers, who swore an oath to uphold the Law, I would call on them to say enough is enough, I believe they are sick and tired of seeing their Law being made a mockery of.

These people are our friends and we should trust them, they are our Law, we need them to understand that we/them the people are running the country and we will be telling the corporations and companies that if there is not enough competition or if they indulge in cartel behavior we will be breathing down there necks and they will be paying us to do just that, get some competition or pay us to watch you like a two year old child, that should be the message from our government, the more competition, the less we will charge to watch you!

kia kaha (be strong)


6 comments on “Take control”

  1. ZeeBop 1

    Farmers spent money and took on debt. Taxpayers didn’t, government had no
    debts when National came to power. National shifts the burden of income
    taxes onto lower and middle NZ, and now to *also* pay for tax cuts its
    cutting taxpayer services, kiwisaver, etc.

    National say its to keep government spending
    down, and so inflation. Inflation is up due to the GST hike, inflation is
    up because of tax cuts to upper NZ, inflation is up because of high private
    debt. So tax payers are paying in borrowing, cuts and sell offs, to keep
    private debtors from having to pay higher interest rates! Now, even if
    you agree we need to keep farmers from going bankrupt, surely
    taxpayers should fairs fair, even in a legal sense, that the ease to which,
    and the incentive for farmers to take on debt, should be addressed.
    Capital farming not only stimulated the urban property sector, but the
    rural agricultural land price.

    So how did we get here. My theory is that kiwis don’t understand
    science. Science says that you first admit ignorance, come up
    with a theory to explain the facts, test the facts, and postulate
    new theories that better explain the facts more simply. Now the
    non-scientist, lets call them the lawyers, decide they want to
    sound scientific so they naturally find the flawed interpretation
    of the scientific method to exploit thinking in general, and science.
    The flaw is all you need to do is refute the current model/theory without
    offering a better model/theory to replace it with, that is open to testing.
    Basically all a lawyer needs to do is find a negative, a detriment,
    to anything and it can be refuted. This disrupts science and democracy
    since now the heckler lawyer does not need to come up with a better
    solution, in fact they take up the platform and keep the old thinking
    around but under huge suspicion.

    Weakened and ineffective… …like the NZ economy.

    Its gotten to the point where the lawyers will keep asking the
    same question over and over until they hit a false positive
    in the minds of society and government so their client can win,
    because their target is always a negative, never a positive
    outcome (a better model, theory or outcome).

    Their client being themselves and their excessive need for
    attention and seeming powerfulness has paid their bills
    for so long its all they need to do. And why where their
    wallets being padded, well because growth was assured
    by oil getting cheaper and cheaper in real terms… …until
    peak oil hit. So in the language of evolution, we have
    evolved a niche elite who at best do-nothing while looking weak
    and ineffective, or look strong by being hugely destructive
    and negative of the structure binding our society.

    Or to put is simply, a better model we have two gears
    neutral or reverse, no stopping allowed, no turning
    to avoid calamity, no accelerating except backwards.

  2. Bored 2

    I can’t move, I feel like I am paralyzed, I shout out but know-one can hear me, I’m helpless my country is being stolen.

    You are the Briton under the domain of Rome, the Indian in the Raj, the Maori watching ships arrive, this is an old old story. You will hear “resisance is futile” from the imperialist (in our case mobile capital palys that role), but fear not. You are not helpless. All Empires overshoot and collapse. Corporates will with the end of our current “business as usual” cycle. Oil ends, so do they.

  3. prism 3

    A good analogy for your view of the whole country is the plight of hotel owner in Christchurch prevented by authorities from staying near his property to limit his losses from the earthquake or even having talks with a site controller as to the possibility of making visits to keep an eye on it.
    Now it has been found that looters cleared the guests’ rooms.

    The authorities couldn’t conserve and control the business and personal resources of those affected in the red zones and wouldn’t allow the owners to be involved who were virtually paralysed. Same as what is happening to this country. The pollies ‘know what they are doing’, don’t respond to reasonable requests from the citizens, undermine the country by stripping us of major assets and send us on a giant leap backwards chopping services to the young and working people who keep the country ‘going forward’ and at present are passing legislation under urgency avoiding submissions to the select committees.

  4. Here is a way of taking control
    Get the tax man off everyone’s back


    I don’t agree with everything on this site, but this tax system looks ‘fair’ and a way of taking a lot of stress away from the people, which should be something every good leader aims for.
    But as we know ‘they’ like to have control over us, and tax is one of the ways they keep people compliant, and fearful. ie what is the govt going to take from me this year? how much will they raise this or that tax, it is all control.

    • weka 4.1

      They don’t say who they are, which is a bit odd for people taking memberships and donations.

  5. Jim Nald 5

    Is “partial sale” like being partially pregnant ?

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