Talk like Sarah Palin

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Turns out that the AI required to simulate Sarah Palin is pretty simple. Give the Palin-o-matic a try!

11 comments on “Talk like Sarah Palin”

  1. Nck 1

    It’s just so sad how a person so BAT SHIT CRAZY…. is allowed to get up in front of the world….. Just simply unbelievable

  2. Gristle 2

    Sarah Palin appears to be politically insignificant and IMO her endorsement of Trump is an attempt to increase her relevancy in the Tea Party faction.

  3. Pat 3

    oh dear…is that link a verbatim section of her speech?

  4. Mrs Brillo 4

    Fun link.

    But the prospect of either of these two leading the US is when fun turns to scary.

  5. Incognito 5

    Didn’t she kill a bear once just by opening her mouth and reciting from one of her recent political speeches? The bear tried to flee in agony but got butchered. When you watch the clip, or any clip with Sarah for that matter, mute the sound or you might die a most horrible death as it is worse, much worse than Vogon poetry.

  6. vto 6

    It’s not dissimilar to John Key speak

    • Murray Simmonds 6.1

      Touche, vto – that’ pretty much it.

      Way back in the 70’s or perhaps it was even earlier, about the time that CHOMSKY was first putting together his ideas on human language, linguistics and cognition, there was an AI (“artificial intelligence”) language simulator called “Eliza”. it generated speech-like rubbish much like that exhibited in this post, At the core of the process was a random number generator.

      At the time, just for fun, and partly as a teaching exercise. I modified it to produce “random horoscopes.” In all modesty, it worked surprisingly well. The point being that horoscopes are essentially based on vagueness of expression and pretty much a total absence of fact.

      Nice to see something come full circle forty years or more later:

      Eliza – Palin – Key.

      Fitting tributes to an age in which disinformation, obfuscation, vacuousness (not to mention sheer stupidity) have become the norm in politics.

  7. Reddelusion 7

    To be fair Palin is simply the looney right, just the opposite spectrum to many who participate on this site, the loony left, remove left and right and you have complete convergence

    • McFlock 7.1

      I’m not sure someone with “delusion” in their handle should be so liberal with the term “loony” 🙂

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