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With the wit we’ve come to expect, 08wire has Key up on his many lies during the Tuesday debate.

To my surprise, TV One didn’t bother doing fact checking even during their tedious hour-long run-down after the debate, whereas we were fact checking live on The Standard. I wish TV One would be our CNN of the South Seas but, if it ain’t going to happen, The Standard will step into the breach with live fact checking of the next two leaders’ debates as well.

9 comments on “Telling lies”

  1. Whaleoil 1

    I thought “The Standard” was a collection of programmes and hardware and could possibly do things like have an opinion or fact check. This is the second post in as many days that is letting your mask slip.

    [lprent: Correct. Nice to see that you understand that – that didn’t take long to penetrate – 9 months?

    However if you’d followed the discussion on the previous post, you’d have found out that SP was using the phrase in his post as a joke on the sites name.

    However I’m sure that you are even now writing another rant ignoring what people actually say. It is after all your forte to be both puerile and clueless.]

  2. randal 2

    TV1 needs a good clean out. none of its jobs are ever advertised and they keep foisting manques upon an unsuspecting public. these people believe their own publicity when they are just shills like anyone else with no substance except when it comes to themselves.

  3. rosa 3

    Great viedo- I would to see it on primetimeTV

  4. Whaleoil.

    “we were fact checking live on The Standard” is true. The phrasing does not give agency to The Standard – it is the writers doing the fact-checking.

    “The Standard will step into the breach” I put that in to get gits like you in a lather. What it means, of course, is that people can come here to get what they don’t from TV One

  5. Ianmac 5

    The point is that the “facts” should and must be checked. If a would-be PM can say what he likes, what happens if he becomes the PM? The best that Righties come up with about Helen is Paintergate???, Speedergate???and Ummm. Wasn’t part of the Students brief to check the promises of the candidates on ……….Prime?

  6. randal 6

    why doesn’t whalemeat actually address a question?

  7. KK 7

    Unfortunately, my wee tab below reads “Telling lies at the Standard…”

    Very well put though Stevo: if TVNZ ain’t going to provide quality analysis (e.g fact cheking) then the Standard will. A direct and well-justified confrontation.

    Who could argue

  8. lprent 8

    KK: Damn – that was one hack that I should have kept…. I had that set to
    “The Standard: Telling lies” (which would have only been marginally better).

    Oh well, just means we’ll get some puerile posts on other blogs until I get time to change it…

  9. SP, The Standard will step into the breach with live fact checking of the next two leaders’ debates as well.


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