The Nats on KiwiSaver

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Here’s the footage of the Nats’ accidental commitment to employer contributions under KiwiSaver.

The first video is of TV3’s 6pm coverage, the second is extra footage of Mallard and Cullen discussing National’s accidental revelation.


13 comments on “The Nats on KiwiSaver”

  1. ferdinand 1

    I signed up to Kiwisaver based on the 4% employer contribution being rolled out. If National cap that at 1% then I’m out of pocket by about $75,000 in contributions alone. I haven’t made an interest calculation (and I don’t really want to think about it). I need to know what they plan to do. This is my bloody retirement they’re messing with!

  2. SweeetD 2

    AYB, yes it was big yesterday, but today, its all yesterdays’s news. The herald has a bit on the middle pages. I think you might be getting a bit too worked up over this one. Front page news today is the badly spent monies for housing NZ and their team building exercise. Sorry, this story (nats kiwi saver) only lasted one day, no legs on this one.

    [lprent: I’m sure I don’t have to remind you that the posters make up their own mind about what to write about, and when.

    If you want a news site, then go and find one – this site has the opinions of the posters as blogs.

    If you want to control the content, then start your own blog.

    Don’t do it again.]

  3. SweeetD. May I suggest that if you want to decide the content of a blog on any given day, you set up your own one and do it there?

    We don’t take the layout of the Herald as a guide on what to write and we’ve covered the NZHousing beatup.

  4. Tane 4

    “Nothing to see here, move along” says SweeetD. For the 650,000 NZers signed up to Kiwisaver this is a big deal, and it’s not one that’s going to go away in a hurry. Nice try though.

    Oh and dude, if you’re going to misdirect at least get the basic facts right. You owe it to yourself.

  5. SweeetD 5

    Which facts did I get wrong Tane?

  6. Tane 6

    You’ve provided no evidence that the money was “badly spent” – if anything it was incredibly well spent; it was well within the usual budget for a conference and by the looks of the resort was excellent value for money. Whether it was politically wise is another story, but that is an issue of perception, not reality.

    You’ve also lied by dismissing it as a “team building exercise”, when you know (or at least I expect you should know) that this conference was about delivering better results for state housing tenants.

  7. Matthew Pilott 7

    Well Tane, among the 19 or so seminars, several presentations and other events I believe there was a 45 minute team building exercise in there.

    If you can quantify truth, SweeetD is telling 0.03% based upon minutes of team building to other stuff.

  8. SweeetD 8

    It was reported last night on 3 news it was a team building exercise.

    As for money well spent, that is a very debatable point, hardly a fact.

  9. Tane 9

    There’s your first mistake SD – relying on the TV news for factual information.

  10. gobsmacked 10

    SweetD: “Sorry, this story (nats kiwi saver) only lasted one day, no legs on this one.”

    You have inadvertently summed up what is wrong with National’s approach to policy, and their election strategy.

    Issues that matter are those that affect
    ordinary voters. For over 600,000 New Zealanders, Kiwisaver matters. That fact doesn’t change, whether or not it’s on today’s front page.

    You could try to persuade the public that an easy populist headline matters more than their retirement savings. Or you might take a moment to ask yourself why National keep losing elections. If you want to know more, Nicky Hager has written a book to help you …

  11. SweeetD 11

    Sorry godsmacked, it was dealt with in one day, that is why it has no legs. It may have escaped your attention, by National are not the government yet. They don’t, as much as you would like, have to release their policy till the actual election starts.

  12. gobsmacked 12

    No, they don’t have to. They can carry on as they are, and see how even their own supporters react:

    It hasn’t gone away, and it’s not going to, for 600,000 reasons.

  13. Paul Robeson 13

    Surely this is worth a post on its own. From the Granny Herald editorial above, remembering that the Nats are unreliable short term thinking smucks with too many chiefs.

    “In 1975, a National Government, on being elected to power, cancelled a funded public superannuation savings plan that had existed for only a short time. The country has been wrestling with the issue ever since.”

    The National party doesn’t like the country to be forced to be wealthy. Vote National: The freedom to be disempowered and poor under foreign ownership! ok ok too much coffee, but there it is.

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