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The server has moved (finally).

Written By: - Date published: 3:16 am, April 3rd, 2009 - 20 comments
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The Standard has moved the server to an off-shore site. There are many reasons for this.

I can get equivalent or better service offshore for about a tenth of the local price. To be precise, I paid for a year of hosting on a better system, it cost slightly more than I was paying for a month here. This was important as I was starting to hit CPU/memory constraints again, and the next upgrade step gets beyond giving up smoking.

The transfer network latency went up. But because the server is better, the overall performance improved. The performance and cost difference was simply too great. Server farms are largely automated mainly with purchased software purchased from offshore and a low labour content. This points to some serious price gouging and profit taking by the owners or local hosts. There is no reason why I should be paying 10x the price for equivalent virtual hosting in NZ. Local hosting and virtual server providers should take note.

It also increases the complexity of litigating against this site. I’m sure that we’re going to irritate someone enough to want to consider suing me or trying to get an injunction or playing copyright games this term.

Now I’m sure that any action like that is going to be vexatious rather than having any substance. Our numerous writers are quite good at restraining themselves to fair and in the public interest commentary. But the obvious immediate benefit to the litigant is to force the site down via complaints to the hosting or domain name. This makes it harder, and with a lower cost I can run more backup systems.

The dispute about S92A started me thinking this way. But it made sense even after that was out of the way.

Besides this will give the wingnuts something to whine about. They have been looking a bit lackluster recently. I can imagine the teeth-gnashing now and take a great deal of pleasure in it now.

The first attempt got aborted because I didn’t check the DNS expiry which was set to 24 hours. Had to set that to lower timeout to ensure a better transition.

Lynn Prentice.

20 comments on “The server has moved (finally). ”

  1. ripp0 1

    Hi Lynn,

    new world stuff, aye? hope all goes as you’d wish.. and a tenth the price..

    this kind of action can sort overzealous property owners.. who, in recessions are prone to take from the keen as those less so fold..

    couple of points.. you did mean to say ‘increases’ – not decreases – ‘the complexity’..? and in the final par the DNS messager (at the old server I guess) kept telling me I had sluggish connectivity. I also guess that when they made that message up there was no such thing as rss aggregators etc. Twas the ‘your’ accusation I objected to when accuracy dictated another..

    then if it’s okay with you I’ll note the profits thingies for future reference..

    • ripp0 1.1

      Lynn P – a small addendum.. tonight I had a ami come through from aussie with a recommend I try the onliner for certain types of output. It looks okay, with some useful facs you wouldn’t get at the price elsewhere if at all. Blog inputs are said to be possible – looks API ready tho I cannae see much more on this since outta time.

      If you get a minute or so would you mind taking a peek and saying what’s likely incompatible with the standard… thanks in advance..

  2. LP

    It’s a very interesting point about the cost of web hosting and web related services in NZ including for example the cost of registering a domain which is at least double the cost of registering a dot com.

    For those reasons, I tend to do all my hosting off shore. As your rightly point out, you get more and pay less.

    I suspect the answer may be similar to why restaurants in smaller areas often charge more than the cities – less competition AND smaller customer base which results in higher margins – conversely, bigger businesses can get bigger profits through more customers albeit with a loser margin.

    Anyway, it’s great to see the Standard sharing in the benefits of globalisation 😉

    As always, congrats on doing a great job of running the site and also on opening up the mysteries of web administration to the great unwashed.

  3. Stan 3

    Hey Linda
    Am I still banned?
    Even the speaker of the house lets unruly dissenters back in again!
    In your post above you comment on the lack of right wing whining??
    your rhetoric, ….the reason youre not getting any is because you banned them all.
    This is Democracy labour style and the precise reason you guys got voted out
    in a landslide.
    NB will post this on Whaleoil.
    NB 2 ; Note Fill .G cancelled a luncheon chamber of Commerce meeting in Rotorua
    because only 3 people indicated they would attend by RSVP.
    Fill could hold a meeting in a telephone box and they would be room for Audrey Young and TVNZ.

    [lprent: You aren’t banned. However you are in auto-moderation because of your habit of link-whoring, so I want to check your comments for it. However you do write mindless comments.]


  4. infused 4

    Try doing webhosting in NZ. It is hugely expensive to by bandwidth. I know, I’ve done it.; Yes, it is much easier getting it from overseas. Don’t be fooled, it’s not price gouging when you are paying $600 a month for 1mbit on international pipe. $800 a month for a full duplex 100/100 wix connection etc.

    We don’t have the amount of customers on our farms as the us etc do either.

    • vidiot 4.1

      If the Alexa stat’s are to be believed 17.5% of the traffic to this site is International – http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/thestandard.org.nz

      And yes, there are plenty of good local sitehosts in NZ that will give you great service & support.

      I wonder if Lprent realises by moving this site offshore he’s adding additional $$$’s to Telecom NZ’s bottom line. Int. traffic for ISP’s aint cheap, SXC (part owned by TCNZ) is a lovely monopoly.

      • lprent 4.1.1

        Don’t believe Alexa. Same issue is showing up on all of the major blogs (by volume).

        I’m not quite sure exactly where it is picking up its numbers from. I suspect that someone in NZ has been using numbers purchased from offshore. But there is probably about 2% to 5% overseas on any one day and they are overwhelmingly from aussie, the UK and the US.

        This shows in the figures that we get for the billing of the old site. Local traffic was free. Overseas traffic had a cap, so there was monitoring of the overseas and where it came from. Far more accurate than Alexa.

        good local sitehosts in NZ that will give you great service & support.

        And I’ve looked at them. The best cost wise that I got to was about 4 times the bluehost prices. None of them compared with the online services (I avoid people services unless I have to).

        Sure this is helping cause the deficit on the Southern Cross cable and cause issues with the GNP. However the price signals in the market are telling me that this is the way to go.

        vidiot – are you suggesting I should ignore the market. Or are you suggesting I should leave myself open to avoidable litigation. Both would seem to be at odds with your usual positions??????

  5. BLiP 5

    Thank you for your efforts, Lynn. As a bunny blogger who sort of knows where the on/off switch on the PC is, I greatly appreciate the work of you techno whizz kids and the esoteric world of servers, domains and the like. Thanks also to the many contributors who make The Standard such a great blog.


  6. Observer 6

    When Telecom moved some IT work to India, wasn’t there a host of protesters blogging here about how terrible it was that jobs were being lost in NZ and given to low paid workers overseas?

    I guess when it’s a socialist’s own money it’s different eh!

    • ripp0 6.1

      Hi there Ob,

      I guess when it’s a socialist’s own money it’s different eh!

      In the famous rebuke of Elizabeth Bennet’s aunt: “Careful, those words smack of bitterness.”

      Should you further seek enlightenment the economist Robert Reich is very good at presenting both sides of the two-sided coin (one of which you mentioned). What that does is to say socialist’s reward greater productivity, whereas non-socialists seek greater margin/s with low paid and automated work..

      Spelled out here you understand to offer another reason for one to be careful. Left in your words, Observer, the very strong impression is one of kiwis are less productive than low-paid offshore entities.. hardly endearing you to anyone here, or there, or wherever… yeah even Indians in India.

    • lprent 6.2

      There are probably no jobs that are affected by this. In fact this probably has little to do with wages or jobs.

      Please read my post and contemplate what the word “automated” means. You obviously picked you name as a form of self-satire. An Observer you are not.

      So what I wind up with is more resources to use on tasks other then The Standard. I was thinking that a site dedicated to auckland and its governance….

      • I work IT, we have several servers with a number of clients. As with many companies (and that includes Telecom) we have a number of revenue streams. Even if half of our web clients decided to ditch us tomorrow there wouldn’t be a single job loss. The servers behind the scenes (apache, bind, sendmail etc) are entirely automated and will quite happily run for months, even years without ever needing to be touched.

        Yes I know lprent has already said this but seriously, there are some right wingers in here who seem incapable of absorbing anything through their thick skulls.

  7. Ahh yes, you know when Capitalism has succeeded when even the left embrace it in a warm hug and then defend themselves for doing so 🙂

    • Pascal's bookie 7.1

      So what you know about the state of capitalism when a GOP Pres buys a bunch of wall st banks?

    • lprent 7.2

      Don’t be daft. I didn’t get an MBA for political philosophy. I got it so I got better at business. Once you look past the short-term, the right are lousy at fostering business long-term

      I suspect that you have a romantic viewpoint on what the “left” is. They’re the ones that don’t think that the ‘right’ objective in pursuing more toys guarantees happiness. They also think that walking over other people in that pursuit is counter-productive over time because it develops a nice revolutionary system that business cannot thrive in. On the way the right have a pious mantra that makes it all the walked upon peoples fault – that is hypocritical.

      Periodically unconstrained capitalism goes too far and like now starts acting like a beggar to hold up businesses.

      Overall business is better served by the ‘left’ than the ‘right’. The ‘right’ has an inability to think forward for more than a few years and beyond themselves – it is all about egos and quick profits. The ‘left’ does provide the environment for businesses to thrive in long-term – because they concentrate on the things that produce societies that businesses can rely on.

      • ripp0 7.2.1

        The ‘right’ has an inability to think forward for more than a few years and beyond themselves – it is all about egos and quick profits.

        Added to which – and according to the philosophic theatrical might present on RNZ’s Saturday show today — “monsters” in metaphors..

        gosh did I laugh when the near Dubliner came out with that one..

      • Dean 7.2.2

        “Overall business is better served by the ‘left’ than the ‘right’. The ‘right’ has an inability to think forward for more than a few years and beyond themselves – it is all about egos and quick profits. The ‘left’ does provide the environment for businesses to thrive in long-term – because they concentrate on the things that produce societies that businesses can rely on.”

        You actually really believe this don’t you?

        I don’t blame you for switching your hosting – in fact I would have thought you’d have done it a long time ago – but anyone who says what you’ve just said while being a member of a party who appointed Rick Barker as the minister for small business has to be either:

        a: blind
        b: have their fingers in their ears and saying “la la la, I can’t hear you”
        c: a + b

        You may have noticed the IRD being much more friendly and understanding of cashflow situations since the change of government, but I don’t expect you’ll let that little nugget of information get in the way of your doublethink.

  8. ripp0 8

    Taken at its best we can presume that CH’s comment above relates to Capitalism—the producer of capital..

    And not, folks, the impressionistic capitalism of which CH has oft rendered (albeit unbeknown to himself) somewhat insanely.

  9. donkey 9

    Re: “Besides this will give the wingnuts something to whine about. They have been looking a bit lackluster recently. I can imagine the teeth-gnashing now and take a great deal of pleasure in it now.”

    Essentially thats (“They have been looking a bit lackluster recently”) because you are boring.

    [lprent: another troll]

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